Daily Inspiration 1-12-12

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“The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread
and coming out with only a loaf of bread
are three billion to one.”
— Erma Bombeck
Murphy’s Law-isms. They’re pretty funny and at the same time insightful and interesting. Recently, I became aware of a new Murphy’s Law that I call the Murphy’s Law of Shopping Carts. It goes like this: Wherever you stop your cart to look at something several feet away, someone will immediately come along who needs something your cart is blocking.
I noticed this phenomenon about a year ago and since I do a lot of the grocery shopping, I have found it fascinating to watch this law take place in a very high majority of the times I park my cart, no matter how carefully I try to find a place that would be safe. It almost always takes place in a minute or less even when there is no one visible in the aisle when I park. Now it is really interesting and funny to watch it happen, and as I go back to the cart, I smile at them with quiet laughter inside at how they succeeded in making the law true.
Murphy’s Shopping Car Law. See how it works next time you’re in the store. Park your cart on purpose and walk several feet away to look at something else. Just for the fun of it.
“A Bargain Is Something You Can’t Use At A Price You Can’t Resist.” — Franklin P Jones
Spread Some Joy Today–Make sure to keep humor close at hand and in large supply.
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