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“One comes to believe 
whatever one repeats 
to oneself sufficiently often, 
whether the statement be true or false. 
It comes to be 
the dominating thought in one’s mind.”

— Robert Collier

I’ve had a few people tell me that affirmations don’t work and are a waste of time. Indeed, they say that just repeating happy phrases won’t change anything; that it is delusional. I’ve even been told that I am being brainwashed by all that self-help, positive attitude stuff and that I’m just lining the pockets of the perpetrators of the pump-me-up products.

Thank God!

Albert Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” He also said, “we can’t solve problems using the same kind of thinking that created them.” When you’re finally ready for a change, you have to be ready to change. I’ve been ready.

Back to affirmations. Of course affirmations work. Robert Colliers says that we “come to believe anything that we repeat to ourselves sufficiently often.” Brainwashing is exactly right. Tell a kid he’s no good often enough and it is likely he will believe it and act accordingly. Tell a kid they are the greatest, smartest kid ever often enough and the opposite will most likely be the result. Of course they work.

The only question is, what are the things that we are repeating to ourselves? Whatever it is, that is an affirmation. Do we go over and over our mistakes beating ourselves up for making a “stupid” decision? That is another affirmation affirming something and it is something we really don’t want. We can be our own worst enemy sometimes.

How about “reality?” Maybe finances are in a negative spiral and there are many words blaming or reviewing the circumstances, worrying about the future, lamenting past foolish decisions, wishing it were different than it is, and on and on. Perhaps it is being said to you and you are repeating it to yourself, either agreeing or self analyzing. All affirmations.

So, sure. I want positive, pump-me-up stuff and frankly, I’m happy as heck to pay the people who took the trouble to produce the product. I get plenty of negative stuff everywhere I look, so the more positive stuff I can accumulate, the better. How else do you change where you’re at? It certainly isn’t the same thinking that got you there and it for sure isn’t repeating the problem over and over again.

Time for some better affirmations. Maybe it’s time to repeat them all day long for however long it takes. See it the way you want it and state it as if it is there now. It isn’t necessarily easy to change, but it certainly is available to those who will simply reach out for it.

Join the club! I’ve joined and it is awesome!

I Am Smart, Handsome, Healthy, Successful and Happy!

Spread Some Joy Today–“I am” is probably the most powerful statement you can make. Fill in the blank the way you want it for everything in your life.

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