Daily Inspiration 1-11-15

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“Imagine that life 
is working in your favor 
even when it appears 
to be working against you.” 

— Alan Cohen 

Yesterday I was thinking about how when things that don’t initially feel good may happen whether expected or unexpected, in a few nanoseconds of time, will reveal a glimpse of their value, and if we even do just a little bit of scratching there, we will see value far beyond anything we may have imagined.

As a sales manager for most of my life, I have had several experiences of having to fire people that I really had a hard time with. I liked them, but I felt that I failed to help them get to the level they needed to in order to survive in the pack. Of course, I cannot make people do anything. They can only create in their own life. The best I can be is a good influence. If I failed it was only in not achieving this that I can control.

Yet, there is great value in firing people sometimes, because it releases them to find something they love, would excel at, and become more. It also releases me to create a better team. It is a win-win situation in every case that I can recall. And, even though it may feel crappy to begin the process, joy is on the horizon.

Of course, more people leave of their own accord. They know how it doesn’t feel right to them, and so they leave to find that which feels better and works better for them. I say, High Five to their courage to choose and wisdom to pay attention to how things feel to them.

I’ve seen people let go that have been at an organization for more than 20 years, and in every case that I can think of, they perform far better in the new position and enjoy life more.

We might see in the newspaper how people were fired, the company downsized, and a number of other scenarios that create challenge for those involved and though the newspaper loves to focus on the negative aspects, there cannot be challenge without reward. It would be a more enlightened world if the newspaper reported how so many of those people found new and far better jobs that satisfied them in more ways than they could have imagined.

I also know this from personal experience. I’ve been fired from jobs three times in my life and each and in every case, I should have sent them a thank you note for they helped change my life dramatically for the better.

Whatever is going on in our lives, we have created it in one way or another and it helps us to believe that as creators, we are finding ways, even by ignorant default, that more and better is on the horizon at all times.

Enjoy It While You Enjoy It. Allow Growth And Expansion. Don’t Worry About The Rest. It’s All Good. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling how smart and special you are. You are controlling your life more than you may have thought. And, guess what? You can choose joy as easily as anything else. I recommend choosing joy.

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