Daily Inspiration 1-11-14

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“There are two ways to find contentment: 
1. Do what you believe will make you content, and 
2. Choose contentment right where you stand. 
The latter is quicker and lasts longer.” 

 — Alan Cohen 

Having studied all kinds of things about life and living from a myriad of authors, I have always believed and have also found that truth is very simple and very old. It is not complicated. True enough, there are lots of directions from which to view it, but it is the same regardless of the viewing direction. When someone says there are 10 things, that is too many. It isn’t that hard. It is easy and it is supposed to be easy so anyone who chooses to can get it, understand it and make use of it.

How do you find contentment? Choose it now. No long list of ways. No 300-page book on the subject. Just choose it. Where ever you find yourself, in whatever circumstance you are in, you still ultimately have the choices in your court. Just choose it.

This applies to happiness. It applies to peace and peace of mind. Whatever it is you want, just choose it. Now.

It Will Look Good On You! 

Spread Some Joy Today–It is always and always has been your choice. Want to spread joy? Choose it now. Choose to be joyful and the spreading of it will happen automatically.

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