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“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

— William Shakespeare

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment that you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.”

— Matthew 7, The Bible

Of all the many thousands quotes I have ever seen, none is more powerful to me in my life than the one by William Shakespeare above. And I was thinking this morning of virtually every world problem that has ever existed has at the root of the matter, judgement between opposites and shading, whether good or bad; right or wrong; loving or hating; and the whole of the spectrum of comparison. It is most difficult to imagine, yet to attempt to live, a life without judgement. Yet, what a life it would be!

I have been working on this theme in earnest for several years now and I admit progress is evident, and the ideal is still desired and on the horizon. It has been difficult for me to change. It is also an exciting challenge. Indeed, the more I move toward this ideal, the more love and compassion I experience. What a concept!

It is also great fun. As I see something and my trained “reaction” is to judge the event, person, or circumstance, I catch and remind myself of “The Way.” The Way has helped me so much to learn and grow rather than react:

The Way

There is only

Your Way
My Way
Their Way

There is no only way, just a way.

As I remind myself of The Way each and every day, I get better and more humble as well. Each way is a way. If I accept this, I get along nicely. Sure, I have a way. I always have a way (my opinions, my learned skills, knowledge gathered) that I could share. Yet the most important thing I’ve needed to realize is that it is only a way, not the way.

Each way will bring a result. That is true and certain. Not judging the result is equally important. The result is just the result. A much better question than is it good or bad, right or wrong, would be to ask if the results are what is desired? If not, another way might bring the desired results, yet it doesn’t judge the way or the result as we are used to.

This takes me to blame. When I blame, I am judging. As I choose that I am “right,” I can much more easily claim another to be “wrong” and thereby blame them for their wrongness by virtue of my righteousness. Of course, many of us blame ourselves for things as well as others. My experience is that blaming others or ourselves doesn’t help anything.

Very interesting stuff. . .

Today I Will Use ‘The Way’ Throughout The Day.

Spread Some Joy Today–Share your calm confidence with everyone you interact with today. Let your heartlight be seen from a distance. Share your cheerful kindness.

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