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“Enjoy the unfolding.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

It’s one thing to go away and come back and see a child has grown so much, and another to watch the unfolding day by day by day.

It’s one thing to relax and enjoy the ride, and another to keep score by constantly wondering where we are now and lamenting about why we aren’t there yet.

The world around us, and the world we play in has become so focused on instant results, or magic formulas, that we often lose the enjoyment of the journey toward that which we want next. The journey can be delicious. I think that when we enjoy the deliciousness of that unfolding adventure, while knowing where we’re heading with confidence, that this is where the joy really is in the reaching of the goal.

We can get so focused on the destination, and not appreciating the value of the path that gets us there.

Try this next time you have a goal: Pay attention to the unfolding and rather than keeping score, enjoy the change at whatever speed it comes about. Have confidence in the eventual arrival at the goal, while finding joy in the steps along the way.

After you get to your destination, your best memories will not be of arriving, but the travel along the way.

Arriving Is The Smallest Part Of The Story. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by being in joy, injoying your day, injoying your particular journey, injoying your life.

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