Daily Inspiration 1-10-14

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“Doing nothing
 is a higher form of mastery 
than doing everything.”

 — Alan Cohen 

Since my wife’s passing in August, I’ve been learning to live a new life. Much of this time I have been alone, but I am not practicing to be a hermit. Instead, I am practicing solitude. Solitude is always something I have enjoyed as much as I enjoy being with other people. For me, it takes some practice to be good at it.

One real advantage of solitude is that I can sometimes do nothing. But, I have found that doing nothing is often a challenge. I’m not very good at doing nothing. I’ve got to pace and think, seek ideas, think about what to write, do some actual work in my business, do some chores, and much more. Those I can do well. But doing nothing, such as spending time meditating is not easy for me. However, I am determined to learn and also determined to enjoy it.

It’s pretty quiet here lately, and I remember much younger days when the music was always going, things were happening, the kids needed attention, there was always something going on from waking up to going to bed in the evening, and often those evenings were late.

I think I have looked forward to a time when I could experience what I am right now, so I don’t want to run away or fight it. I want to enjoy it as much as I have now learned to enjoy each and every day in many ways every day. Of course, that is a great strategy even when you’re in the fast lane. I just didn’t know it then.

I Could Be Master Of Nothing. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–Enjoy yourself. Treat yourself. Love yourself. Picture yourself perfect in your own eyes. Others will want a piece of that action too.

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