Daily Inspiration 1-10-13

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“Courtesies of a small and trivial character

are the ones which strike deepest

in the grateful and appreciating heart.”

— Henry Clay

I was out and about and paying some bills today. Sometimes, paying bills might seem like a task that we would rather not do because it seems to deplete our cash resources, but I’m having a whole other way of looking at it in recent years.

Today I had the common privilege of paying my garbage bill. It was $35 and change. Whenever I pay that bill I just want to go to the nearest mountain top and scream and yell how excited I am to pay such a stupid small amount of money for such an awesome service. I mean, think about it, they come to my house and pick up my trimmings, my recyclables, my garbage every single week, 52 times a year, and it costs me only $35 and change. Is that a ridiculous bargain, or what?

Then I paid the cable bill. I’m old enough to remember when TV was free. You could put up a coat hanger and make it work, rabbit ears (anyone remember that phrase) made it better, and an antenna on the roof made it great for those with a little bit of money, and once it was installed, the cost was zero dollars every month. Now, my bill is $75 per month and I know so many people over a hundred, but it is with great joy that I pay that bill because of the value it brings into my home. Again, I pay the bill and they send me stuff 24/7 and then I get to choose from a hundred or so channels instead of the old days when there were about 5. What a stupid bargain when you look at what comes in for what little goes out. I mean that isn’t even a tank of gas, is it?

Then there’s electricity and gas. Last month it was $160. What a crazy low number for what value it brings. And then, water and sewer. Can you imagine not having sewer service? And water–I don’t have to go to some well or creek, I turn the tap on the sink and it comes out. I turn the shower on and it comes out and it even comes out hot or cold and I can adjust anywhere in between.

All of these things are no brainer bargains. I want to give them all a tip!

Next Time You Pay That Bill, Write A Note Saying That It Is With Great Joy That I Pay You For This Service!

Spread Some Joy Today–Pass this on to a few friends . . .

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