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“I suspend 
my belief in opposites 
by seeing myself in all.” 

— Essence of the Tao Te Ching, 10th verse
by Wayne Dyer 

Alan Watts says it very simply: “Saints need sinners.” After all, if you think about that amazing statement, it is so true. What would a saint be without sinners? In fact, what would sinners be without saints? What would hot be without cold? Long without short? Night without day? Positive without negative? True without false? What we want without what we don’t want?

As humans living in societies, we have this tendency to put people on pedestals and also to throw others in the pit, and those tendencies change with the current tide of popular affairs.

So, here’s a powerfully wonderful New Year’s resolution for your consideration as I adopt it for myself:

This year, I will pay closer attention to anything that is not to my liking, or not what I think I want, and make better use of that valuable information. I will know that this is happening because I will be paying attention to how I am feeling. If I am feeling off, or bad, or down, I will know that there is valuable information I need to pay close attention to that is my internal guidance helping me understand in each such situation what it is that I don’t want, and that automatically helps me understand what I do want, or what I would rather have, or how I would rather feel. From this awareness and enlightenment, I will pivot and focus on what I do want, all the while paying attention to how I am feeling about that. As I focus on what I want to see, what I want to do, what I would rather be, I will feel better and better. 

My goal, if it can be named as such, is to have joy, to love others and myself, to delight in the vast knowledge that I have within, to feel free and to feel empowered, to be passionate, and compassionate. If I experience anger, or frustration, or worry, these emotions will be welcomed as warning bells that I am currently off course of my objective, and this awareness and realization will allow me to use this information to pivot and focus on what I would rather experience, thereby putting me back on the path of my desire. 

In all of my travels this year, I intend to find things to appreciate, people to appreciate, situations to appreciate. I intend to be an uplifter, a joy giver, and a knowledge sharer. I intend to fully enjoy myself. I intend to love myself more, and to love my life more, and to love others more, and to love the world more. I am a creator, and I fully intend to create. I intend to create my world, to my liking, on every level for me, and by virtue of that, for others as co-creators with me, and for themselves. I am love, and I intend to love more fully and openly. 

Everything that I have experienced has led me to this place, and this new year will shine as the accumulation of all that has been molded into all that will be to come. I look on this new year with eager anticipation of all that I will now become. 

As New Year’s resolutions go, this one will empower me very effectively into this new year and beyond.

Whatever Your Plans, I Wish You A HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Spread Some Joy Today–Today is a new beginning of new joy.

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