Daily Inspiration 1-1-14

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“A good heart is better than 
all the heads in the world.” 

 — Edward Bulwer-Lytton 

I’ve heard men in business say about another, “oh, he wears his heart on his sleeve.” I take this to mean from their statement and demeanor that this guy is too sensitive and lets his heart overrule his head, and more.

It’s too bad that people think this way about people full of heart. In fact, I think the heart should lead the head and I also think it makes a far better organization. Money should not be the driving force in business. Though it is absolutely important, the heart is love and where there is love there is peace and joy. Those are great things to have in business.

Think about running a business with this question in mind: “What would love do now?” And, keep asking, “what would love do now?” It makes so much more sense than “what would fear do now?” Don’t you agree?

People would say about me that I wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s true. And, I think I am all the better for it.

What Would Love Do Now? 

Spread Some Joy Today–Begin by listening to the other person. Maybe for a good while. It is amazing how it makes another feel.

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