Consequences? Way Too Harsh!

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What we think, say, and do all have consequences. I’m not a fan of the word consequences because it is more often thought of as negative, or even as punishment whether just or unjust, always depending on who is viewing the consequences. I prefer to use the more simple and even more accurate word results. Everything we think, say, or do, has results. Those results may seem to be either positive or negative, but I would rather think of them as neutral. They simply are. An action causes a result. A spoken word, phrase, or communication causes a result. Any and all thoughts cause a result and the more focused the thought, the more focused the result.

When we are open to looking at results as being neutral, we also avoid judgment. It is the judgment of results that can cause a lot of issues that may have to be dealt with. Whether right or wrong, good or bad, pretty or ugly, poor or rich, criminal or model citizen, and all manner of other labels including attached emotions, judgment is what names results to make them something they are not. They are simply results until those results are named and tainted by the idea of judgment and it’s corresponding activity, justice. And, to be sure, judgment and justice are simply ideas.

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