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Everything Is Thought.

For the last 20 posts, which began with the simple statement here that everything is thought, I’ve expanded with each post a little insight and explanation on a grand epiphany that I had recently where I can now see how thought rules our lives and our world.  Three words say it all very well. It is this simple and yet magnificently profound. I can even make it simpler by stating that all there is. is energy, and thought is energy.

I used to think that it was much more complicated. The complications, if I wanted to call them this, come from the third statement I wrote over and over again. It only has four words; albeit, one is unnecessary: “And, Thoughts Become Things." In other words, thought is the initiator of everything we perceive with our senses.

This answers questions such as, “how do we change the world," or, “how do I change my life?" and more. And, the answer is clear and simple: change our thoughts. I couldn’t say that this is easy or hard, but it is completely simple.

Since we control our own thoughts and have no power to control anyone else’s, how can we change the world or change another? We cannot change them; however, we are powerful, not powerless and we change the world or others by changing our thoughts about them. In other words, or rather, better words, we change ourselves. This is our greatest power. We control all of it. Others may influence and we may influence others, but no one can think for us and we cannot think for them.

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