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 “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending."
— Maria Robinson
“To change what you get,
you must change who you are."
— Vernon Howard
[Classic post from 4-29-11]
You've probably heard that phrase, “what is, is." It's one of those things people say about “reality." Or, maybe you heard it this way, with a bit of resignation in the voice, “it is what it is." Then, I used to hear this stuff when I was a kid: “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer," “only the good die young," “they're nickel and dime-ing us to death," and other such dreary reality statements.
Of course, when you look at all of them in a paragraph, they look like things that when people talk about them, you want to move away. But, I heard it enough that I used to believe it. And, the good news in that is that it is never too late to say, “Hey! Wait a minute! I want something better than that!"
Now, going back to the beginning is a waste of valuable time, but we can all begin today to create a better end result, along with a better and more enjoyable and fulfilling life from today forward (or whatever day we decide). That's the good news.
The other news is that it is totally up to us to do the changing, and the way for things to change is not for things to change, but for us to change. Remember the wisdom in the first paragraph: “what is, is." So, the only way for what is to change is to have different eyes looking at it, and that would be us.
Of course, they are correct in saying what is, is, because it is. It's just that what is, is different looking depending on who is looking, so we just change who and it's all good!
Sometimes I talk with people and they begin with their ailments, reasons they can't or didn't, etc. I don't even politely listen to that dribble anymore. I just excuse myself and move away. Well, I might swim upstream a stroke or two, just to make sure that they are committed to their story. They usually are, so I stop swimming immediately and move away, because it ain't no good until they are ready to change their view of what is, and I can see what is, is, so I want to make sure they watch it without me.
Some people think that is being harsh. I think it is loving.
That's What Was. Now, What Is, Is Way Better.
Spread Some Joy Today–Talking about problems, ailments, and what others are doing to us is a 1,000 lb anchor keeping us tied to them. If someone is listening, they cannot be helping. Help yourself. Love yourself enough. Spread joy instead.
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