Choosing To Be Thankful

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“If we take the time, 
no matter how crazy and troubled we feel, 
we can find something to be thankful for." 
— Terry Lynn Taylor 

[Classic post from 3-22-16]

How much time? A few seconds maybe. Or perhaps a minute or two. Or a half-hour. And does it really matter how long it takes? We don’t have to worry that our troubles and craziness won’t be there when we get back. Or do we? If we were inclined to worry about something, I think that worrying whether or not our troubles will be there when we return if we left them for a while is worth worrying about. So, maybe we should just stay where we are. Troubles and crazy are comforting by now. It feels like home. It’s normal. There’s plenty to complain about. We like complaining. There’s plenty to be upset about because the world is getting worse every day. We enjoy our comfortable upsetting view of the world. It’s normal. It’s real. It’s the way it is.


It is a choice.

Question: Do you like joy? Do you like the way that feels? Do you enjoy passion? Do you like the way that feels? Do you like enthusiasm? Do you like the way that feels? How about empowerment, eagerness, appreciation? Do you like the way they feel? Of course, you do. But sometimes you think they are reserved for the few who deserve it. Not. You deserve it as much as anyone on the planet. And, whether you are the biggest billionaire on the planet or the lowliest tramp on the street, in each and every case, without exception, feeling these things is a choice of what we choose to think.

Yup. It is purely a thought. That is all it is, and that is enough. Troubles is just a thought. Crazy is just a thought. Depression is just a thought. Worry is just a thought. And so, love is just a thought, as well, joy, enthusiasm, empowerment, passion, eagerness, and appreciation are just a thought.

Time? You can take the time to think whatever you like because you are and you will continue to. Take the time to worry, mull over your troubles, spy on your failures, complain about where you are and why you’re not on the greener side of the fence, express your anger at this and that and that and this. Express your concerns about the world, the government, the neighbors, the church, the school, the mayor, the in-laws. They all take time. It seems that in a few cases, a lot of time.

Whatever time there is, is being spent in whatever way we choose to spend it. How we feel is a direct reflection of whether we are in alignment with our inner being, so realizing how we feel is as important as it gets. It is our guiding light so to speak. Like feeling shitty? No problem. Like feeling joy? No problem. They are equal in one thing: each is a choice of thought and each choice of thought creates a corresponding emotional response.

Now back to the quote at the beginning. Finding something to be thankful for–anything at all–will open the tiniest hole in the wall to allow more light in, and then more light, and more light, until, the room is full of light and the shadows and darkness are no longer visible. They have left the building.

Make The Choice That Lights Your Fire. Oh, You Already Are! How Does That Feel? 

Spread Some Joy Today–because joy is not only worth spreading, it is worth rolling around in, splashing, doing cannonballs into, sliding down the slippery slope with, rocketing to space with, and enjoying private moments by the fire on a cold night with.

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