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What Kind Of God?

What kind of God would He be
if He did not hear the
bangles ring on
an ant’s

as they move the earth
in their sweet

And what kind of God would He be
if a leaf’s prayer was not as precious to creation
as the prayer His own son sang
from the glorious depth
of his soul–
for us.

And what kind of God would He be
if the vote of millions in this world could sway Him
to change the divine
law of

that speaks so clearly with compassion’s elegant tongue,
saying, eternally saying:

all are forgiven–moreover, dears,
no one has ever been

— Kabir

Temptation In The Garden

The thought came to me today that the snake in the Garden of Eden that tempted Eve represents our own egos. As we allow our egos to rule our thoughts, consequential emotions, and our behavior, we create a lot of drama. Seriously, a lot of drama. For so many lifetimes. Until each of us decides that it is time to change ourselves and build the life we always wanted in Love, as loved, loving all, and at peace as well as in joy with all of Creation.

Lousy At Math

Once a group of thieves stole a rare diamond
Larger than a goose egg.

Its value could have easily bought
One thousand horses

And two thousand acres
Of the most fertile land in Shiraz.

The thieves got drunk that night
To celebrate their great haul,

But during the course of the evening
The effects of the liquor
And their mistrust of each other grew to such
An extent

They decided to divide the stone into pieces.
Of course then the Priceless became lost.

Most everyone is lousy at math
And does that to God–

Dissects the Indivisible One,

By thinking, saying,
“This is my Beloved, he looks like this
And acts like that,

How could that moron over there

— Hafiz

Learning About Impatience

“Impatience is not a time issue
or a mark of selfishness.
It is a trust issue
and a statement of fear.”

— Alan Cohen

[Classic post from 9-16-12]

I downloaded a book on my Kindle a few weeks back and I got about 15% into it, and tonight I opened it back up and started reading more. The book title is Enough Already: The Power of Radical Contentment by Alan Cohen. So, as I’m back reading, he is talking about having patience and how many people he knows and coaches are type ‘A’ people who are always having to ‘do’ something, and stopping for a bit of peace is not on the agenda–in fact, it isn’t even on their radar.

That reading caused me to remember a meeting I had a couple of days ago with two men. One was very easy going and enthusiastic and quite interested. He was engaged and asked questions, and really wanted to understand the whole picture as much as he could in a relatively short meeting. The other gentleman was obvious in his impatience. He wanted different answers. In fact, I believe he just wanted a miracle to appear right in the room, and then he wouldn’t have to deal with it. Yet, he persevered in allowing the other gentleman to ask questions and receive answers.

At the end of the meeting, the curious one asked yet another question and then started into a story. As we were standing and I was listening, I couldn’t help but notice the other gentleman was looking more aggravated than impatient, so I suggested we move out of the office and end the meeting. We did.

And then, tonight, I read the quote above as part of the text in the book and I was amazed how powerfully it is stated and how true it seems to be. Impatience is not normally stated as fear, but, of course, that is exactly what it is. Yet it is even more in that the one who is impatient is not present. They are somewhere else. They are way ahead and the rest of us are holding up the way just like an impatient driver following on your tail. Indeed, they want to be somewhere else, get different answers, and more. It is resistance and not conducive to success.

Alan says in the book that “Things happen when they are ripe–not before or after. If you try to force something before it is ready, it won’t work.” So true. We still think otherwise as is often taught in that we have to ‘make things happen.’ A better route is to allow things to happen, and this requires patience.

He also quoted a Bible verse from James 1:4, which says, “And let patience have its perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, lacking in nothing.”

I am amazed in the last few months of the volume and depth of things I am learning about patience and in so doing, applying them in my business and my life and amazed again at how successful that application really is.

“Patience Is Natural To Those Who Trust”
— A Course in Miracles

Spread Some Joy Today–Find your patience. It is only for you to control.

A Fresh New Day

“We must learn to reawaken
and keep ourselves awake,
not by mechanical aid,
but by an infinite expectation
of the dawn.”

— Henry David Thoreau

I so love this quote from Thoreau. It excites me just to read it. It is covered lavishly in optimism and anticipation of something new and wonderful along with an excellent opportunity to begin, to begin again, let go of the past and enjoy the bright morning of a new day. It is just one sentence, but it is so inspiring and uplifting. This is a great quote to print out and paste it around where you will see it often. It makes me feel good and I trust it does for you as well.

There Is Nothing So Sweet As A Fresh New Day!

A Love That Frees

“The promises of this world are, 
for the most part, vain phantoms; 
and to confide in one’s self, 
and become something of worth and value 
is the best and safest course.” 

— Michelangelo 


“The value of a man 
should be seen
in what he gives 
and not in what
he is able to receive.” 

— Albert Einstein 

[Classic post from 2-21-17]

I’m going to share a dream from early this morning. It was so powerful that I woke up and had to write part of it down.

I was friends with a man named Bob Mopi, who was such a special friend. I remember reading a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh the other day which matches this man’s love and friendship perfectly: “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” I felt completely and totally loved and free whenever I even thought of Bob Mopi, and I did nothing to hold him from being equally loved and free.

Bob was an expert at numbers, investing, and managing money. He was in the highest demand, and yet he chose as he chose not paying any attention to the grandness of the offers. He was his own man and did as he pleased; did what pleased him the most.

I was friends with several board members of a mid-sized company and they really needed a treasurer, but more like a CFO; someone who could guide the company financially out of the chaos that it had landed in, but they couldn’t pay the big bucks and so they were wondering where this magic person would come from.

I said, “what about Bob?” I didn’t even say his last name, and they all knew exactly who I was talking about. They all instantly said, Bob Mopi. Yes, that’s who we want. But, will he be available to us? That’s the question. I said that I would speak to him.

Now this board was made up of the finest men and women one could know. They were smart and full of integrity, and yet, they found themselves in need of some financial help. Well, a lot of financial help.

I talked with Bob and he instantly agreed to do it, not even asking about any compensation. The only thing he stipulated is that he must have the freedom to not be tied to this job. He must be able to get the work done in whatever little time it might take and then have the freedom to do other things in the meantime. It was agreed.

Afterward, back in the big office with that board, everyone was chatting it up and I spoke out (and this is what I wrote down early this morning): “I know what is so special about Bob. He doesn’t not like anyone. Everyone is important to him. He doesn’t know how people he interacts with will be of value to him or he to them, but he knows there is value in all relationships, however brief or exalted.”

I thought, wow! If someone were to say that about me, that would be the greatest compliment I could ever be paid. It is love. It is love as a noun, and also a verb. It is love in action. It is unconditional love. It doesn’t matter how the other is expressed physically, Bob loves them as they are inside–as they truly are, and he loves them with such freedom that the other feels no ties that bind, with no expectations, with no requirements.

Imagine The Possibilities Of This In Your Life And Your World. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeing beyond the surface to see that in which we all are the same in love and freedom.

Learning To Trust

“Trust is the fruit of a relationship in which you know you are loved.”

― William P. Young

In the last few years, I have learned a good deal about trust. Abraham, Esther Hicks might call that allowing rather than trust, and that is fine with me because trust is allowing and allowing is trust. Particularly in the last three years, I have made some decisions that required me to trust the outcome and to trust in those I was dealing with. So far, everything has worked out better than I might have anticipated.

There are signs I’ve had on my wall for several years and have even moved from place to place. Actually, there are three signs, and they are shown in the image here. Things are always working out for me is great because it requires trust to have this come to pass. What is My job and How is God’s job also keeps me in trust, especially when I am willing to relinquish control (my ego) and allow myself the benefit and liberation of not needing to know the exact outcome, yet know deep down that whatever it is will always be working out for me. And the third sign, Enjoy the unfolding is also about trust and allowing and also to be present here and now and enjoy the journey which always contains learning.

It is fascinating to me that these three signs not only have been with me for a while but that I now see them as all focused on trust and allowing. It is obvious now how much I have needed to learn more about trust, trusting, and allowing without needing to know all the details. It is also important to recognize that these signs have been active reminders in steering me toward my bliss, my joy, building more confidence in the magic of trust.

Learning to trust in several big decisions and their results have also taught me to trust hundreds of smaller decisions and situations. I stand amazed at how much I have learned about trusting the decision and the outcome no matter what it is in so short a time. This brings more joy, peace, and appreciation with every act of faith.

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