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Practical Spirituality – Part 2

“Keep a light, hopeful heart. 
But expect the worst.” 
— Joyce Carol Oates 

[Classic post from 10-24-16]

Continuing with the idea of practical Spirituality.

I love the quote above because it is so silly, but I don’t think she was laughing when she wrote it. Sure, “keep a light, hopeful heart,” is a grand platitude, but then to negate it with, “but expect the worst,” is bizarre, and yet, it is how many of us live in the world today.

It is said that we get what we expect, and so to expect the worst is to attract it to us, and then how long do you suppose a light, hopeful heart will last? Until you turn on the news? Pick up the newspaper?

Does it even occur to us that to expect the worst and then try to keep a light, hopeful heart is so much work? It’s got to be tiring, stressful to contradict ourselves all day long. A house divided cannot stand?

We think, ‘well, this is life. This is how it is. This is my lot. I can’t imagine how I could _________. There’s no use in ____________ because ________ is ________.’ And, all of this is trying so desperately to have a light, hopeful heart while expecting the worst, isn’t it?

That’s when people say, ‘all that Spiritual stuff sounds good, but it isn’t real, and it isn’t practical. All that philosophical stuff is bunk.’ They agree with Amit Kalantri when he says, “lovers tend to be philosophical, achievers are practical.” We want practical. It’s like Tony Blair, when he said, “What matters is what works.” 

So one of those Spiritual, philosophical things is that Law of Attraction idea: What is like unto itself is drawn. Yeah, so why isn’t the money in my bank account yet? Why hasn’t my life changed for the better? I’ve been thinking positive thoughts. . . well, sort of. . . I mean when I think about it I do. . . when I have time to set aside to think. . . but I’m so busy. . . I got so much to do. . . I gotta pay the rent. . . I don’t have time for this crap. . . I want results! Now!

Perfect. Results are what the Law of Attraction is all about. It always, unerringly, unfailingly produces results. You think thoughts, and more thoughts like that are drawn, and the more focus or attention is given to a thought to the point that emotion is felt, the more like it are drawn. You could think of that as the gas pedal in a car. The more you press the gas pedal, or the stronger the thought, the faster the car goes, or the faster and more powerful are the like things drawn. 

A strong thought doesn’t just draw another like thought, but it also begins acting on the strength of the thought by helping to create opportunities, ideas, circumstances. In other words, those thoughts now become things and those things that match the strong thought become new circumstances, meeting people with similar goals, opening doors that we didn’t even know existed.

However, as we work so hard to keep a light, hopeful heart, but expect the worst, we immediately negate the idea of improvement. Instead, the more powerful thought, which in this case has to be to expect the worst, the Law of Attraction goes to work on that, or the best case is that we simply stand still and nothing much happens to change. We desire to change, and then we expect to not change if that makes more sense.

Simplicity is the way the Universe works. Simplicity rules. So to keep it really simple, as we focus on what we want, more of that is drawn, and as we focus on what we don’t want, more of that is drawn. We can go back and forth, back and forth at will. We can wonder why these bad things keep happening to us when that is not what we want and wonder why our positive thoughts don’t seem to help. But, that doesn’t change the fact that the simplicity and consistency of the Law of Attraction are at work 24/7/365.

Realizing this is always working on our behalf is all that is needed to understand what we are getting. If we are not getting what we want, follow the trail to our thoughts and expectations. Expectations are only thoughts that have more power, and that is why we get more of what we expect than what we think. 

Practicality and the Spiritual Law of Attraction are one and the same. It is eminently practical, and it is also completely Spiritual. Make use of it or ignore it as one might wish. It doesn’t care. Use it to benefit yourself or bring more and more hardship. It doesn’t care. It is completely and exquisitely neutral.

Your Wish Is Its Command. Wish For. Wish Against. Your Choice. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by making the simple choices. I recommend the ones that feel good.

Freedom Is A Choice, Not A Demand

“When I had nothing to lose, 
I had everything.” 
— Paulo Coelho 
[Classic post from 2-13-16]
Tony Robbins has often said that there are only two motivations in the world: Desire for gain, and fear of loss. And it has also often been revealed that the stronger motivation of these two by far is fear of loss.

Here's a good question to answer truthfully: What are we afraid to lose? Maybe even make a list. Those are the things that dictate where we are and what we do and what we are willing to do and what we are not willing to do.

To some, it might be losing their job. For others, the divorce of a spouse or losing a family member, savings evaporating, stock market crash, and, well, this list could go on to infinity.

Here's another good question to consider: What if we feared nothing? What if we decided that it would be okay with or without–to be unattached to anything?

Paulo Coelho says that when we are unattached–more commonly stated, having nothing to lose, we are free.

When I think about the things, responsibilities, commitments, and other attachments, I can easily see how freeing it would be to be, as is commonly stated, out from under them. Though we might feel they are necessary, we may also feel them as a burden we must carry. It is not so much a physical burden as it is a mental burden. It's not the things or the responsibilities, commitments, and other attachments, it is the way we feel about them. They can have so much weight that they break us down, or they can be light as a feather.

It comes down to how attached we are. If we allow ourselves to let go of the aspect of the attachment, we can be free in our current life and current situation. We don't have to be attached to these things. We can still enjoy them, but we don't have to own them. Though many might be looking forward to a place called retirement or something like that to escape from the burdens of their attachments, we need not wait for anything. Just release the attachments now.

How about this? It is what it is for as long or short as it is and I am okay with all of that. I choose to enjoy my time and my interactions with people, places, and things. I choose to worry no more–to fear no more. I choose to love myself by releasing these attachments so that I may love more. In the process, all those around me are also benefited.

Freedom Is Not Something that Is Won. It Is Chosen By Releasing Our Attachment To Fear. Real Freedom Is The Absence Of Fear. — Albert K. Strong

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing your joy to flow. Only you can choose that.

The Values Of Doing A Thing

“Nothing stops 
 without something else beginning.” 
— Alan Cohen 

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[Classic post from 7-11-15]

Somewhere along our travels, most of us have picked up expectations of how things should work. For example, how long should a marriage last? Until death do you part, right? Well, for sure for some and surely not for others. A better answer to the question might be until we choose otherwise.

Once I start my business, how long should it stay in business? Forever? Answer: Until is doesn't any longer. I grew up thinking Macy's was a forever store, then they went out of business. Well, let's say it is still there but it ain't the same.

I opened a musical instrument store and had it for a year and a half. Does that mean it failed? That could certainly be an assumption, but that would not be the truth. It didn't fail. I no longer had the desire for it. I had a desire for something different. So, I stopped one and started another. As far as I was and am concerned, it was a huge success. If nothing else, it was a grand educational experience which is useful in my life and that of others 35 years after the fact.

We have all manner of expectations that have been handed down to us, but you know, the only thing that really matters is our own experience and how we choose to view that experience. So, what might be some of the values of a short-lived enterprise or relationship?

  • Creation. We take nothing more (which is really everything) than an idea and then take that thought and breathe life into it (it was already alive there) and cause it to be created in our reality. In other words, it went from the non-physical into the physical.
  • Co-Creation. We did it with others. It was not a single person's creation, but all who participated helped shape the outcome.
  • The economy moved. Money changed hands. Funds were raised, expended.
  • Education. We learned. There is much to learn every single day.
  • Change. We changed. Others changed. Nothing is static.
  • Difference. We made a difference. What we did mattered. What kind of difference may not be measurable from our own perspective. We cannot do anything and not make a difference.
  • Improvement. We made some improvements. However small or large they may be, improvements are a given.
  • Benefit. We provided a benefit, or many benefits to the community, to others, to the world.
  • Friends. We find new friends. Maybe even lifetime friends.
  • Passion. Beginnings are so often about passion.
  • Love. We get to share our love. We get to expand and enrich our own love. 

This is just a shortlist, and this process of thinking about things in this way is very helpful. Everything we do is a choice. We choose here, choose that, choose an idea, choose participants, convince others, promote our ideas, all choices. We choose to begin, to continue for a time, and then we choose to let go. If it continues to float on its own for a time, so be it, and if it doesn't, it is done for now, and on to another choice.

The most important choice we have is how we want to feel about our experiences. It is as easy to feel joy in having done something as it is to feel sad that it is no longer. Time is such a poor concept on the judgment of our experiences, and time is only an idea. Our living is always this moment, this moment, this moment. How we choose to feel is this moment, this moment, this moment.

I have found from a lifetime of study that to find ways to appreciate, love, and celebrate enhances our experience immeasurably. We all get to choose that or choose otherwise.

“In A Gentle Way, You Can Shake The World.” — Mahatma Gandhi 

Spread Some Joy Today–by making it your choice to do so.

Today, I Will Look For Reasons To Feel Good

“There is so much more that is 
going right in your world than wrong.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

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[Classic post from 6-21-15]

A really great way to live my life is to think that I am living in my dream. I get to choose what is in my dream. I get to choose what I focus on or ignore. Crime isn't in my world, it is in the world of other people. War and strife are not in my world. Unhappiness is not in my world. My world is at peace.

Here's a magical way to start each day from Abraham, Esther Hicks. Let's not call it an affirmation. Let's call it a blueprint. All buildings are built from a blueprint. Maybe write it down, print this out, and paste it where you can see it every morning and then read along. The magic begins the very first day:

“Today, I will look for reasons to feel good. Nothing is more important than that I feel good. Nothing is more important than that I choose thoughts that attract other thoughts that attract other thoughts that raise my vibrational frequency to the place where I can resonate with the positive aspects of the Universe.”

If that's too long, feel free to shorten it to this:

“Today, I will look for reasons to feel good. Nothing is more important than that I feel good.”

That will do just fine. The magic begins on day one and continues with each day. Expect magic.

This bit really jumped off the page at me on Friday, June 19th from that day's message in the Ask and It Is Given perpetual calendar: “Once you are in control of the way you feel, you will enjoy it all: You will enjoy your exposure to the variety and contrast that helps you identify your desire–and you will enjoy the sensation of your own desire that is being launched from your own valuable perspective and is flowing from you.”

This is the part that jumped off the page at me:  “Once you are in control of the way you feel, you will enjoy it all.” And I'm still thinking about it today. It is so true.

In years past, and I've mentioned it several times in these Daily Inspirations, I often felt like a ball in a pinball machine emotionally. I was bouncing off this issue, that statement, getting flipped here and there, sinking to new lows, all the while trying to be so positive during the day at work. People would piss me off and I'd be in a funk about it. Things would go on in the world that I hated with a passion. My boss was an idiot more often than I cared for, and of course, it was never me. It was never my thinking. It was always what they did that caused problems with me. I was innocent. I was the victim.

That was a whole bunch of feeling sorry for myself and thinking I was not in charge of circumstances in my life, let alone the feelings I had about things. Sad, but true.

I have learned from much joyful study that I am in control of my world. What happens in my world is in my sole control. Anything that happens that I don't like is simply contrast that guides me to what my new desire is. I now control my emotions. I control how I choose to feel. If I feel a negative emotion, I can get excited because that is my guidance system at work, and it reminds me that in my world, I am in charge and I can change what I think and how I feel any time I so desire. And, in fact, that contrast creates that new desire which makes it so easy.

“Once you are in control of the way you feel, you will enjoy it all.” That line is the ultimate guidance to me. It is where I have wanted to be and it is where I am because I know that I control my world, and every other person controls their own world. We come together in co-creation as we choose, yet ultimately, and delightfully, we are the final decision maker of our own way. We each can choose this or ignore it as we wish. I spent a lifetime looking for it (I could say it is the holy grail for me), and I relish that choice.

It is all choice, and the magic of beginning with this: “Today, I will look for reasons to feel good. Nothing is more important than that I feel good,” which leads to the holy grail of, “Once you are in control of the way you feel, you will enjoy it all.”

May The Choice Be With You. 

Spread Some Joy Today–because it simply cannot be helped.

Joyful Participation And Acceptance

“Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.
We cannot cure the world of sorrows,
but we can choose to live in joy.”

 — Joseph Campbell

[Classic post from 6-21-13]

I would not have understood this quote just a few short years ago, maybe not even two years ago, but I embrace it today.

I have come to believe that we are all perfect creators and that we create our lives, often by default, or without clear intention. To think that someone would create disease instead of ease is hard to understand sometimes, yet I am convinced it is done nonetheless. We don’t like to imagine that we create many things, preferring to think them created upon us by bad luck, wrong place, genetics, accidental acts, crime, germs, and such. Though we often take credit for creating the positive attributes and circumstances, we abhor the idea of creating the other.

Once I walked through this door of acceptance, I can no longer see what I used to see. I think that the thing that has set me free more than anything else is accepting that I am a creator and accepting whatever it is that I have created without pushing it off on others. Certainly, I have co-creators at work with me, but accepting all of it is incredibly empowering.

Now, I might ask myself why in the world I created that scenario or situation. I might wonder at it, but I will accept it as my creation. I often create on purpose, and sometimes without intention, but I am always creating my own world. What is most empowering about this is the lack of blame. Blame has no more purpose. It used to be my favorite tool and explanation. It was always some kind of justification and always intended to exonerate me from responsibility.

Now I accept the responsibility for my thinking, actions, decisions, including those made without paying attention, along with the results in circumstance and manifestation. This allows me to find joy in living my life, laughing at the interesting choices I’ve made from time to time, and find joy with others in the same way.

Participate Joyfully In All Creation.

Spread Some Joy Today–Allow others to choose to be or do as they will, loving them as creators, and joyful in all they are while accepting yourself in the same exact way.

I Choose It All

“You Choose It All.” 

— Terry Minion 

[Classic post from 5-18-16]

I awoke this morning with the phrase above–you choose it all–in my being. It wasn't just in my head but seemed to permeate all of me. It was as if I was saying it and a benevolent deity was saying it at the same time. So, I knew what I would write this morning before I even stood up.

I will change the voice from third person to first as a way of accepting responsibility for it and to allow those who choose to do so, to see themselves in it.

I choose it all. I chose to come here. I chose this body. I chose this life. Everything that I experience is of my own choosing. I may not have always been aware that I am the chooser, but now I know for certain that I am and always have been the chooser.

I came to experience this experience–my experience. I came to live. I came to learn and become and unfold in my experience. Every single choice that I have made from the moment I arrived, and whether fully consciously or unconsciously, I chose them.

I chose what thoughts to think, how long to think them, thought by thought by thought. I chose how I would feel because I chose all of my thoughts and my thoughts created my emotion as a response to my thoughts as compared to my desires and to that of my Inner Being, or my always-connected-connection with All-That-Is.

The Universe, All-That-Is, God, the Oneness, or whatever name you might enjoy using to describe that which you know as well as I, is always wanting the best for me; always sees the best in me; always has my back; is always wanting that which I truly want.

When I move away from that which my Inner Being wants for me, and what I truly want for myself to remain whole, I feel negative emotion. It is better to say that I am out of alignment, or not a vibrational match to what I truly want. When I am feeling positive emotion, I am in alignment. It is the simplest and easiest way to know how to live an enjoyable life.

All I need in the way of guidance is within me. I need not look elsewhere. I am my own best guide in my own life experience.

It's okay that I have chosen misalignment from time to time. I get to choose. I got to experience how that felt. I got to experience that. I learned from that. It always held value for me. There was always a payoff for me. And, I have chosen it hundreds and hundreds of times throughout my life.

It's equally okay to choose alignment. I get to choose. I got to experience how that felt. I got to experience that. I learned from that. It always held value for me. There was always a payoff for me. And, I have chosen it hundreds and hundreds of times throughout my life.

There was a time in my life when sometimes I believed that choosing misalignment was better than choosing alignment. Somehow I felt that the payoff or the value was better, more meaningful. Often it may have come from the philosophy of others that influenced me until I chose otherwise.

I began choosing differently. I began liking alignment better than misalignment. They are both valid and perfectly acceptable choices, but I began to really appreciate feeling good.

I chose relationships with other people. Sometimes when I would meet someone, I had the distinct feeling that I have known them for all time. Some that I chose were of a very temporary nature and time, but I even felt that I knew them on a much deeper level.

I learned a lot from relationships with others. I learned that I didn't just choose them, but that they were choosing me. It was a co-creation. The more important thing that I learned about relationships with others is that because it was a co-creation, I could only choose for myself, and I could not choose for another. Believe me, I've tried very long and hard to change others or to have them do as I wanted when I wanted, but I can only choose for myself, and I cannot choose for them.

Of all the things that I have learned in my life experience, learning that I cannot choose for another was of immense importance for me to understand. I choose all for me, but only me. I certainly can influence the choices of others, but ultimately, their choices are their own.

The more I understood this as I was learning this, the better the relationships I had because I was allowing them to be as they chose for themselves, while I chose for myself, and however and in whatever way we were co-creating was good and perfect, and in the ways, we may have not been in alignment with each other, that was perfect as well.

The best way to a great relationship is, to honor equally in each other, the capacity and authority to choose for ourselves.

I have come to accept every single choice I have ever made, whether consciously or unconsciously. I accept everything that has come in my unfolding life. I accept all that seemingly was 'done' to me as if I didn't really choose it, because I did choose it; albeit, I may not have been paying attention to my choices.

Nothing happens to me without my permission. If it is in my life, then I chose it. I accept full responsibility for all of it–the so-called 'bad' along with all the so-called 'good.' I accept responsibility for any pain I attempted to spread to others, as well as any joy I've tried to spread. In fact, in the end, it is all good. Each road chosen exposes the scenery of that road, and each road chosen is ultimately experience.

And now, I come back to the beginning: I choose it all. Besides understanding this at a deep level, which I now do, the real value to me of this understanding is that I can appreciate what I've done with my life thus far. I now appreciate every choice that I've made and the results that came from those choices. I have no regrets. In fact, I celebrate my choices and whatever the outcome because I got to choose. Then, I got to choose again. Many times, I chose differently. Many times, I simply chose again.

All In All, I've Chosen It All. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by accepting your capacity for joy and allowing the expression of it in yourself when you're all alone, and sharing it lavishly with others regardless of how they choose to accept it or reject it. It's all good.

Love Is A Direct Connection To The Divine

“Love is not a feeling.
Love is frequency.
The feeling of love
that you might think is a feeling
is actually the expression
of love through you.”

— Paul Selig,
The Book of Love and Creation

[Classic post from 10-1-17]

I've heard and read and thought about so many ways to define love, to understand what that thing called love is for me, for us. And, I have found one that is pretty interesting and which rings true for me from The Book of Love and Creation, A Channeled Text by Paul Selig. I stated yesterday how powerful this book has been for me. It is one in a series of books, five of which have been published so far, with a sixth due out next year. This was the second of the series. I highly recommend them if you're ready.

Back to the definition, or rather, explanation of love from page 39 of the text:

“When you are experiencing love, the frequency of love is you. . . Love overrides feelings because it is an expression, an active expression of the divine operating as and through you. So as you align to the frequency of love, you call to you love.”

People have used all manner of phrases to express this alignment. Some say, “coming into resonance,” or a “feeling way beyond feeling,” or “rising to a higher level,” or “coming into tune, becoming attuned,” or “in alignment with All-That-Is,” and many more. As I think about that which we call the feeling of love, I sense that it is this connection that goes way beyond feeling. It seems to me more of a knowing, a knowing of a connection that is deep within me.

The text continues to enlighten:

“When you become love, you forget who you were without love. This is important. You forget who you were in fear.” 

Wow. Forgetting who I was in fear. Forgetting who I was without love. These words helped me understand how love is a deep connection and not a feeling.

There's more:

“And, consequently, when you are love, you are not fear. And when you are in the frequency of love you don't remember the frequency of fear because it cannot align, it cannot exist in this way. You have transformed. You have become love. And in love, there is only love, and all that is called to it co-resonates with love or is seeking to be in resonance with love. That is why you call to you those who need what you have. And you will frequency-wise support them in their transformation, either through choice or through unconscious frequency exchange. Both are fine.”

Love Is A Direct Connection To The Divine. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by thinking of those people and situations that you love. As you are loving them again, you are reconnected to your Source that quickly. As we are aligned to love, we are Love, and since God is Love, we are one in that alignment.

Disciplined Spontaneity

“Thinking is difficult,
that's why most people judge.” 

— Carl Jung 

[Classic post from 2-8-16]

Until I saw this quote, I had never thought about judging in this way, and it seems true to me that almost all my judging comes without any thinking. It is a more spontaneous response. Given the time and effort to really think about it, I might not have responded so quickly, and most likely not with such quick negative judgment.

My mother taught me at a very young age that when something makes you upset, count to ten before responding. I think she got it from her mother, and so on. Not a bad choice. Any delay can be helpful.

Spontaneity can be beneficial in some respects, but in anger and frustration, I think not. I like how Alan Watts says it: “He has very disciplined spontaneity.” That's a good thing under the circumstances, don't you agree?

When it comes to anger caused response, having a disciplined spontaneity will serve us all very well.

Let Us Give That Idea Some Thought. . . It Might Help. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by looking for the blessings all around you today.

Opening Toward Empowering Communication

“Can we care enough
to say what we're thinking?

Can we expand that conversation
until we have more clarity?

Can we take down the protective walls
and be brave enough and open enough
to trust each other for a while?”

— Albert K. Strong

[Classic post from 4-5-15]

I watched a movie last night (no surprise there!) that touched a profound chord in me. It's a young people's movie you would think on the surface. It was released in 2014 and it is called Two Night Stand. It's a love story with an interesting twist and its message was so powerful that I think every single couple in the world could benefit from watching this one or more times.

And yet, this flick is not just about couples. I think it applies in all of our relationships all through our lives, and so the power of the message that I received from this movie became that profound chord.

Here's the synopsis from the DVD sleeve: “After an ill-considered one-night stand, two young New Yorkers are obliged to extend their time together when a paralyzing snowstorm strikes the city, confining the pair to a small cramped apartment.”

Here's my synopsis: “Two young seeking people are brought together to satisfy a temporary itch, then through strange circumstances, they are stuck in a small apartment and after a lot of bantering, they finally decide to speak their mind, share their feelings, and open themselves to a different and better world.”

To me, this film is all about being open to communicating. I might have used the word honesty in the past, but I don't use that word much anymore because it doesn't mean what I thought it did. Honesty indicates that there is a right way and dishonesty would be the wrong way, but in relationships, it is never about honesty. It is about a willingness to communicate, to speak our minds, to withhold judgment, and to trust a better outcome, with each party growing in the process.

In the movie, it was mainly about sex. That's a place we've all had a lot of experience probably, and how they opened up and talked to each other about what pleased them and what didn't please them, and how they were willing to learn from each other in this way, enhanced both of them to expand to new levels of joy and confidence. That is why I think it was so good for couples. Maybe you are the exception, but I know in my life, I would have loved to do more of this. It's so easy to make assumptions, and at best those are 50/50 in results.

So this was a powerful sex movie, and it was powerful because of the opportunity for them to communicate with one another and learn from one another and grow in the process. It is a powerful relationship movie because unless we are a confirmed hermit, we are in relationships wherever we go. We are in relationships at work with co-workers, supervisors, bosses, and others. We are in relationships as business owners or doing business with others. We are in relationships whenever there is another person and we have the opportunity to communicate.

In all of those relationships, I think most people have walls around them often raised to protect, and we let out only what we feel is required for the situation. This works fine for many relationships because they are superficial. When it comes to relationships where we are working together, trying to accomplish something together in co-creation, that is not superficial and the willingness to communicate with each other makes it work or not according to how open we can be to learn from each other, how much we can trust each other to speak freely, how much we care about each other in that there be no winner and loser. Both parties or all parties must win.

Sometimes we are so afraid to hurt someone's feelings. That is our own fear, and fear begets more fear as we should already know. It's not about truth or honesty because there is no such thing as that, or if there were, it would be only our own. It is simply about caring enough (loving enough) to want to communicate what we want, what we do not want, what we are thinking, how we are feeling. Of course, this needs to be mutual with the other or others. This doesn't happen on its own in the union, so someone may need to step forth and get the conversation going.

Once it is going, growth is assured. Learning is assured. Better results are assured. More love and respect for each other or others is assured. And, when it comes to sex and business too, more joy is assured.

If You Care Enough, Take A Chance To Be Free.

Spread Some Joy Today–by speaking and sharing your joy. It's wonderful to feel it yourself, and by spreading it, you get to see it grow into so much more.

Therefore, I AM

“If God is love,
then therefore
I am love.” 

— Terry Minion 

[Classic post from 11-6-16]

As I was finishing yesterday's post about unconditional love and how Anita Moorjani gave such a great explanation of what it is, I had a life revelation.

You know how people will say that they were born to do this or that, or that they have found their life's purpose, or rather their life's focus, or that there is something that we have all come here to do, be, create their own experience? I've so often wondered what that grand purpose was for me–that thing that I came here to do. And, then this morning, as I glanced backward only for a few moments, it became crystal clear for me, like all of a sudden the blurry picture came into focus.

I now realize what my life purpose was, is, and will be. I am here to learn about, experience, and teach love–and especially the concept of unconditional love. 

Until I read and took to heart Wayne Dyer's definition of unconditional love, I don't even remember when, but I expect in the last 15 years give or take, I didn't realize that this was the idea I was searching to understand and practice. His definition was this: “Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.” And yet, as powerful a definition as this is, it is lacking. What about those that you don't care for as an example?

So, I began redefining it, such as, “love is the ability and willingness to allow all others to be what they choose for themselves, without any insistence that they satisfy me.” This makes it universal, or all-inclusive. The first one is easier than the second one, don't you think? In fact, the first one is sort of another definition of a less conditioned, yet still slightly conditioned love. But, in all fairness, I'm certain that Wayne was saying that in reference to a situation where he was interacting with people he cared for, such as family. I'm certain that he practiced the second definition in his life as fully as he could, and that is evident from his books and other teachings.

I could take it a step further and include inanimate objects, things, situations, events, or in other words, all of life. This would be in my estimation the love of God, demonstrating that love is a state of being and not an emotion as Anita described in her book, What If This Is Heaven? And, yet another excellent way to say what unconditional love is would be to say that it is being without any resistance at all. 

As I glance backward, I can see so many stepping stones on my journey, sometimes called learning experiences, where I learned of the disappointment and problems associated with conditional love. I saw it in two divorces before I was 16, as well, I saw it all around me, on screens and off screens. Each of these caused me to ask more strongly for something better, something not so temporal. 

Then I began practicing. Even in my own divorce after 16 challenging years, I set into motion my own practice of unconditional love. There were many challenges to my desire for love to be love and not change into something else, and through them all, I have persevered. As well, I began expanding this to my work environment, and all of my life. I missed the mark so many times allowing my tainted thinking to prevail for a time, but in the end, I let go of the resistance in relief, as I turned back toward love. As I turn back toward love every time, I turn faster each time as I have practiced the art of allowing more fully and universally. It is now becoming a habit so that I don't even have to think much about it, I just turn.

I wrote so many songs and sang them in church expressing this theme better with each attempt. It is strange that I was even led to become a 'worship leader,' which was way out of my comfort zone, and to write songs of love, but I wasn't hearing much love in the sermons, but a lot of bowing to and looking up to, as well as shame and berating sinful behavior, but not so much practicing love with each other. I felt there was a need and that I was led to do it, and while it lasted, I rose to the occasion and expanded within myself as well as touching those I was meant to touch. 

Then a bit later, I began this Daily Inspiration project to share my thoughts and those of others on inspiration, appreciation, releasing resistance and a whole lot of love. My oh my, I cannot even express how much I have expanded and grown in this monumental and joyful endeavor.

And so, I have now realized that I really am fulfilling my life purpose as I write, as I speak, as I share love in every way I can. As I become more proficient in my practice of unconditional love, or as Abraham, Esther Hicks says, the Art of Allowing, I feel the expansion within me. As I love, I am healed, and as I love, I heal the world in a tiny, yet powerful way, although in this love I know it is not broken. All of the things I have gone through on this learning and practicing journey have led me to this place right here and now. Last but not least, I want to thank you for being a part of this journey on your own trail. I expect that you too are sharing the love that is shared.

We Each Have Something Special To Share

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing yourself to love others by allowing them to be what and who they are, and by loving yourself in exactly the same way.

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