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Creating Out Of Love

“When you decide something in consciousness, you have to become very aware of the aspect of the self that you are choosing to create from…You can ask this question any day:

Am I creating out of love, out of the light, or am I creating out of a fear-based reaction to something in my world?

When you understand where you are creating from, you become aware of everything in your world that has been created out of fear.

I am choosing to stand in my awareness as the Creative Source that brings about the change that is required in my life… as I begin to identify myself through my choices as the one empowered to create change.”

— Paul Selig
The Book of Love and Creation

On The Way

“Everything is on the way, not in the way;
everything is instructive, not obstructive.”

— John Demartini

I read many books on a subject partly to know more about the subject, and partly to have better ways to explain things. That is the case with this wonderful quote from Dr. John Demartini. It is perfect! I’ve never heard it said better in all my travels.

I used to love that it’s not the destination, but the journey that is important and I agree with that, but we all know those things that just seem to get in our way and to say that “everything is on the way, not in the way,” is so much more enlightening. Doesn’t it hit you that way too? Powerful.

A Fresh New Day

“We must learn to reawaken
and keep ourselves awake,
not by mechanical aid,
but by an infinite expectation
of the dawn.”

— Henry David Thoreau

I so love this quote from Thoreau. It excites me just to read it. It is covered lavishly in optimism and anticipation of something new and wonderful along with an excellent opportunity to begin, to begin again, let go of the past and enjoy the bright morning of a new day. It is just one sentence, but it is so inspiring and uplifting. This is a great quote to print out and paste it around where you will see it often. It makes me feel good and I trust it does for you as well.

There Is Nothing So Sweet As A Fresh New Day!

Your Divine Worth

The Jeweler

If a naive and desperate man
Brings a precious stone
To the only jeweler in town,
Wanting to sell it,

The jeweler’s eyes
Will begin to play a game,
Like most eyes in the world when they look at you.

The jeweler’s face will stay calm.
He will not want to reveal the stone’s true value,
But to hold the man captive to fear and greed
While he calculates
The value of the transaction.

But one moment with me, my dear,
Will show you
That there is nothing,
Hafiz wants from you.

When you sit before a Master like me,
Even if you are a drooling mess,
My eyes sing with Excitement–

They see your Divine Worth.

— Hafiz

As we are willing to see through the eyes of Love, of the Divine, we see the Divine in all of life, all of Creation, When we see so differently from our training in this way, we don’t focus on the ills, but celebrate them for what it truly is. In contrast, there is guidance as we are open to it.

Einstein said that “in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” The desperate man in the middle of his difficulties always has opportunities. The jeweler with all of his or her calculating strategies has fresh opportunities. As we focus on the difficulty, it makes it more challenging to see the opportunity, but it is always there, and we are the ones who choose what to look at and see. Contrast creates opportunities. Without it, there would be no opportunities. Celebrate the contrast as we see it for the value it holds to guide us to what we would prefer.

Discernment is our celebration in action. Focus is our choice. We can walk into a room full of light and turn on the dark switch, or walk into a dark room and shine the light that is us in our Divine Worth.

Meant To Be

“How did we come up with the notion
that life is not okay just the way it is,
or that it won’t be okay the way it will be?

Who said that the way life
naturally unfolds is not all right?

The answer is, fear says so.

Everything will be okay
as soon as you are okay with everything.
And that’s the only time everything will be okay.”

— Michael A. Singer

I’ve heard people say, “it was meant to be,” and I’ve also heard them say, “it was not meant to be,” as if we are not in control of our own lives and our own environment. I was thinking a bit about this and wrote down these notes:

If it was not meant to be, it would not have happened. Sometimes we ask why? This is not the best question. A better question would be, what can I learn from this? or what is this here to teach me?

And here’s something even better. It is. And now that it is, it is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to see what we can learn. It is an opportunity to learn how to flow with life. It is an opportunity to change our perspective. It is an opportunity to love and let go of fear. It is an opportunity to allow us to experience more joy.

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