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Releasing Our Self-Limitations

“The wall of inability 
can only be built 
with one's mind.” 
— Edmond Mbiaka 

[Classic post from 4-7-16]

I was thinking about how we often limit ourselves without even realizing that we are doing so. We think they are external limitations, yet they are very rarely that. They are almost always internal, in our mind, based on our perceptions of our current reality, and our so-called lack of resources.

Indeed, we not only have set our own limitations, we argue for them. Richard Bach said, “Argue for your limitations, and they are yours.” Often we will argue angrily for our limitations with friends and anyone else who might listen. It is pretty easy to get an agreement with a world full of woes. Everybody has some, and they are often shared with each other with the idea of getting them off our chest, but instead, we still get to keep ours, only now they are enhanced by the input of others.

I like how Abraham, Esther Hicks says that every morning when we get up we have been reset, and the only thing keeping us where we are is thinking the same thoughts we did yesterday. Every moment is a new reset if we choose it to be. We can stop our limiting thoughts and begin thinking God-like unlimited possibility thoughts any time we want to. Chris Guillebeau says that “quitting is a valuable skill.” We need not hold on to what has been unless we choose to.

Abraham, Esther Hicks acknowledges, “Once you've decided that you want something, the opposite of it is going to be very much a part of your awareness, too.” And, so it is that we see wanted and unwanted in the same reality; however, they add, “To live in the what-is of your day, with wanted and unwanted, and to focus primarily on the wanted is the formula for a joyous life experience.”

Consider that. If there is any work involved (and it isn't really working at all), it is holding our focus, or constantly reminding ourselves to focus on what is wanted rather than what is not wanted. Somebody said, “no.” Someone beat you to the deal. The clock ran out. You had to work late and missed the opportunity. The list is endless of all the unwanted that can be within what-is our what we often call reality, but again, the work is only to turn from that and refocus on what is wanted while ignoring or letting go of what is unwanted.

We also limit ourselves by defining our goals to precision. Clarity can be good, but clarity can also point out how much more unwanted is out there.

The better way to concentrate on what is wanted and know we are there is by realizing how we feel. If we are focused on what we want, we will feel good. When we are focused on what we do not want, we are not feeling good. It's that easy to know. Our feelings are the best guide we have available to us. When we think of having no limitations, we will feel good, when we count and express our limitations, we feel crappy.

So, one could say, utilizing a popular phrase, when it feels like shit, it is. At the same time, with a different focus, one could say, when it feels like bliss, it is. When it feels like bliss it is wanted, when it feels like shit, how in the world could we want that? We don't. None of us do. Yet, that's how we feel when we are focused on our limitations, on what-is, on our reality, on all the problems and roadblocks, on our lack of resources, and more.

I am often reminded of that Indiana Jones movie where the gatekeeper says, “He chose poorly,” because it reminds me that we all get to choose our limitations or to choose unlimited.

I Want Unlimited. I Have So Many Choices Every Day. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by releasing some of those limitations we put on our joy.

Living A Half-Full Attitude Toward Fullness

“The reason things 
always work out for the best, 
is because this is actually 
the highest of all spiritual laws. 
Any apparent exceptions 
are simply evidence 
that the work is still in progress.” 
— The Universe, 
aka, Mike Dooley 

[Classic post from 4-8-16]

As with so many things that we allow to be, the message above from Notes From the Universe came at a perfect time with the perfect message for me today.

So much of life is attitude and perspective. The glass can be half full or it can be half empty and both would be correct; however, they feel very different, and each perspective leads to a different result. And, though I feel that I was brought up by my parents in a half-empty mindset, I have endeavored throughout my adult life to have that half-full attitude of my life and to live it and teach it.

One could say that the half-empty mentality is living in and moving toward lack, while the half-full mind would be in appreciation of what is already here on their way toward abundance. And so it is with all of us in how we choose to view our daily lives and activities. 

But, what if the highest spiritual law–that law that God insists we have owned from birth–is true? Then the second part of Mike’s quote above is indeed the glass half full attitude. “Any apparent exceptions. . . ” Aren’t there always exceptions? I think there are always exceptions, and it is how we see, think, and thereby feel about those exceptions that determine all for us. “Any apparent exceptions, are simply evidence, that work is still in progress.” Amen to that! It’s on its way! I asked and I received and now it is in progress! How cool is that!

It is such a powerful tool toward happiness to develop and practice the attitude that things are always working out. It is one of the perfect affirmations to state many times throughout the day, “Everything is always working out for me!” Or, “Everything is always working out for our company!” Or, “Everything is always working out in our world!”

This one is going on my wall this morning.

As I Remember To Remember This Perspective And Attitude, I Am Renewed And Regenerated. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeing your glass half full and glowing.

Perfect Faith. Perfect Trust. Perfect Comfort. Perfect Love.

“I mean, where else am I going?” 
 — Mike Dooley,
A.K.A., The Universe 

[Classic post from 3-8-16]

As I was contemplating inspiring words this morning, I had to share another one of Mike Dooley's inspiring messages that I receive every day. He is speaking from the perspective of The Universe, or God, or whatever name you choose to represent that which we are not (or at least it might seem that way!).

This morning's message was to me all about perfect faith, perfect trust, perfect comfort, and perfect love. Here it is in his few words:

“I am always there. 
I am always helping. 
I never leave you. 
I was there yesterday. 
And every day before that. 
I'm with you now, 
 and I'll be there every day 
that ever follows. 
I mean, where else am I going? 
— The Universe” 

I hope that simple, delightful, and full-of-wisdom message touches you even a tidbit of how it touched me this morning. We get so carried away with stuff in our lives that we forget that we are created of God, that we are part of God, that we can trust in that aspect of our being, and that God is as caring for us as we allow. Even if all we did was pretend that all that quote is true, that would be of sufficient force and power to make our day a grand one. Oh, and pay attention to how it feels to feel so at peace!

Thanks, Mike! Thank You, God. Thank You, Universe. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by finding something, just one thing that you can allow to bring you joy, and then simply relax and watch the flood cometh.

Allowing The Best Within Us To Shine

“To belittle, you have to be little.” 
— Kahlil Gibran 

Here’s To Being The Best That Is In Us And Helping Those Who Desire To Come Along. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Think LOVE.

Another Perspective, Please!

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. 
Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”
— Marcus Aurelius
[Classic Post  3-25-16]
I was listening to someone’s opinion of what I was doing, and I have learned in the last few years to accept that for what it is–an opinion. It made me think of people standing in a circle and as they stand there focusing on what is in front of them, it is abundantly clear that each and every one of them has a unique and different perspective. Each would then have their own truth about what they see and their interpretation of it, whereas, someone in a different position would not agree with their opinion.
I think it is slightly important (just barely. . .) to consider what others viewpoints may be, if for no other reason than being aware that there would certainly have to be differences of opinion, different views of the same object or event, and so on to acknowledge there are other perspectives and interpretations.
In the final analysis, there is only one opinion that really matters and that is our own. Each of us is similar to the captain of a ship. A large ship may have a crew and even several officers that give advice and information, but when it comes down to it, the captain carries full responsibility for the decisions. Consider a ship where the captain is not fond of making decisions, has to consult with this person and that, being unsure of what to do and always looking for another perspective to consider. That ship would have the most difficult time just getting away from the dock, let alone out of the harbor.
Each of us is the captain in charge of our own voyage. Listening to other’s viewpoints and opinions can be helpful, but in due time, if we are to move ahead, we need to rely on and trust in our own opinion.
Bon Voyage!
Spread Some Joy Today–Decision-making is always the most sought-after quality and the most highly paid too. Got decisions?

Positively Negative?

“Orlando tourism: 
No significant new cancellations now 
but future unsure.” 
— Associated Press article in 
Fairfield's Daily Republic newspaper today 

[Classic post from 6-18-16]

When was the future not unsure? For that matter, how can the future be unsure? Does that mean that the future cannot be predicted accurately? Or, maybe it means that the future lacks confidence, or the future is some mystical concept. I don't know, but it was a hilarious line to me.

Many years ago, I would be very concerned about things in the newspaper, and since I wanted to be positive more often, for years I gave up even looking at one. Now, I look to see if any of my clients are in there, and mostly to laugh at stuff like the quote above.

It is also interesting how many headlines state situations this way. It is this, but. . . and whatever comes after the but, takes away from what went before. Everything is good today, but, you never know when the other shoe will drop! It's kind of like saying the positive thing backward or saying the positive thing as a negative.

It's all point of view. To say, “I live in a rough neighborhood, but most of the time, it is quite peaceful.” That's like saying that it isn't peaceful, or at least it isn't very often. The more accurate way to have said that is, “I live in a peaceful neighborhood.” Yet, news wants to focus on the hood, not the peace. Peace doesn't sell newspapers, but trouble in the hood does.

Here's another from today: “Solano jobless rate dips below 5 percent.” We live in Solano County just to clarify that word. I was told a long, long time ago that 5 percent of the population at any given time is unemployable for quite a variety of reasons, including lack of interest. So when it gets to 5% or even near it, this means full employment, or everyone who wants a job is working. To go below 5 percent then means there are so many jobs that employers are having to dig into the unemployable to get warm bodies. Still, that dribble is inconsequential. What is more interesting is what the headline failed to say. It could have said, “Solano employment exceeds 95%. But, that wouldn't be news. Jobless is a better word for news.

How we choose to see things, what we pay attention to makes all the difference. All of it. In this world, there are always two ends to every stick, even if they are attached to each other in intricate patterns. Which end of the stick we choose to see is what we see.

Now I enjoy the newspaper because I get out-loud laughter from it every day. Certainly not every headline, but enough to fuel some enjoyment.

By the way, one of the funniest books–well, I should say THE funniest book I have ever read, is by Jay Leno. The title is Jay Leno's Headlines: Real But Ridiculous Headlines From America's Newspapers (Books I, II, & III). There are some on Amazon for .01 plus shipping, and yet it is worth thousands of dollars in laughter.

Learning To Laugh At Real Life By Seeing It With Funny Eyes. 

Spread Some Joy Today–How about we all simply enjoy ourselves today. Laugh more. Take things easier. Enjoy more. Be silly more.

Following Your Own Instincts And Dreams

“You can study gravity forever 
without learning how to fly.”
— Shawn Achor 

[Classic post from 6-13-16]

I think that often there are so many more reasons that a thing or an idea won’t work, that we may have a tendency to justify that to ourselves, and to others, for our own comfort. That could be called a success if one wanted it to be called that. I successfully didn’t do that because. . . It doesn’t make any sense because. . . and then there’s the all-time classic: If God wanted people to fly, He would have given us wings. It is just as easy to say that if God wanted me to _________, He would have given me ________. More justification, for sure, but with a much higher authority. . .

People who fly study flying. It’s not that they don’t know about gravity. They understand gravity pretty well. After all, it is prevalent in our world. But they don’t let gravity keep them down. Instead, they find ways to work with gravity, along with other things like wind.

Of course, should I consult other people about my idea of flying, most, if not all of them will remind me of gravity and that what goes up, must come down, and if God wanted us to fly, He would have given us wings.

And now, flying is commonplace.

Or, is it?

Maybe it’s not even about flying at all.

And Maybe It Is. Follow Your Own Instincts And Dreams. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go of strife today. Who needs strife anyway? Get rid of the struggle too. Just chill.

The Difference Between Compassion And Sympathy

“We only have what we give.” 
— Isabel Allende 

[Classic post from 6-15-16]

I had a thought and wrote it down the other day to contemplate it further. Here's what I wrote: What's the difference between compassion and feeling sorry for someone?

Etymologically speaking, there is little difference. Com-passion is to be with or be together in pain and suffering. The original use of passion was in reference to the suffering of Christ at the time of the crucifixion, hence the name of that massively popular Mel Gibson movie. Much later it was used to describe sexual desire, and later still, in the number one slot on, it is, “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.”

Then compassion, in the way I've come to understand it, and I have a large amount of company, is to love another unconditionally in their current situation. It's no longer about having pity for them, as in feeling sorry for them, or sorrow for them, and it is certainly not about feeling their pain or suffering directly as in sympathy. It is more like recognizing the other, seeing that they are perhaps in a situation that is not the best for them while holding them up as in prayer for their healing and well-being.

So then, feeling sorry for someone is to have pity on them and compassion is to pour love on them. Other than thought and feeling, either of these may contain action or activity; however, I would want only to receive that action that is accompanied by compassion.

The Dalai Lama XIV said it well: “A truly compassionate attitude toward others does not change even if they behave negatively or hurt you.”

I think that a feeling sorry attitude wouldn't care in the least.

“There Is No Exercise Better For The Heart Than Reaching Down And Lifting People Up.” — John Holmes 

Spread Some Joy Today–by carrying compassion with you in your heart.

To Be Christlike Is To Love Unconditionally

is like taking poison, 
and waiting 
for the other person to die.” 
— Malachy McCourt 

[Classic post from 6-7-16]

I'm guessing that the Bible has been interpreted in so many different ways as to be whatever anyone wants it to be or to say. It is also probably the most quoted book in all of history. As well, there are many facets of religions that surround and attach themselves to parts of the Bible. In addition, the Bible has been used in healing and as a weapon, as it also has brought people together, and held them apart. As well, it continues to be those things today.

I was thinking about Christianity in general, and Christians specifically, partly from some reading of late, and mostly from personal interaction and experience in the same time frame.

It is said that a Christian is a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, termed The Christ, and known with the combined first name and the job description (Messiah or Christ) as Jesus Christ. And from my limited church training, I was to understand that to be a Christian is to be a follower of Christ (Jesus) and that the ultimate objective in this is to be as “Christ-like” as possible. In other words, to become as Jesus taught–to become like Him.

In all my studies of the Bible and countless other things, it has been my interpretation that to be Christlike is to love unconditionally. To love our enemies, to love our brothers and sisters, to love our neighbors, to love the less fortunate, to love ourselves. When I think of Jesus, I think LOVE. To me, He is the embodiment of that which is love, and not just any kind of love, but agape love, or what I term as unconditional love. To love in spite of. To love in lieu of. To allow others to be as they choose for themselves, without any insistence that they satisfy me.

It's a high goal. It's challenging. We might think it is more challenging today with all that is going on in our instant communication world, but I think it has always been challenging. It requires a choice–to choose to allow, to love, and to forgo ourselves, and by forgoing ourselves, I don't mean to be selfless, because that often takes away loving ourselves. What I mean by forgoing ourselves is the last line in the last paragraph: To allow others to choose for themselves, without any insistence that they satisfy us. That IS unconditional love.

So, when I see or hear of Christians, and especially those who have claimed that for a long time, or leaders in their church, who are resentful and angry at other people, tearing down the other's buildings so theirs can be the tallest and so much more, I wonder what their definition of being a Christian is. And, of course, this doesn't just apply to Christians, but all people really.

To see brothers and sisters at odds with one another because of something as simple and yet so powerful as a thought. And when that thought is thought often enough, it becomes a belief. As it becomes a belief, it guides our actions, as all of that determines our character. It is sad to see the separation of people in this way, but it is their choices that I honor, whatever they may be.

If I could be even the tiniest influence to those that I touch, it would be my ultimate objective, passion, and desire to remind people of the depth, joy, and reverence of unconditional love. And, that to be Christlike is to be that, live that, spread that, and grow that love–practice that. Because, I really do think that when it all comes down to the basic foundation of all of life, it is love that is the energy that runs the entire show, and as we line up with the vibration of that energy, we thrive, and as we are out of harmony with it. . . well, that is the rest, isn't it? Or maybe the word is unrest. 

If Jesus Is Love, If God Is Love, Then We Are Love. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by being willing to practice allowing the joy within you to touch others today, and every day.

Joy Has Entered The Building. All Is Well.

To cause to remember. 

[Classic post from 6-10-16]

To cause to remember. Hmm. Maybe that means to put back together from where it was originally, as in re-member. So then, remind might then be to re-mind, or to put back to the mind that which was originally there. Makes sense to me.

So. . . . from my favorite Ask and It Is Given Perpetual Calendar by Abraham, Esther Hicks, from the June 8th message, I share this reminder to remember your original blessing:

Absolute alignment with 
your own Source Energy means 
that you know the following: 
You are free 
You are powerful 
You are good 
You are love 
You have value 
You have purpose 
All is well 

Maybe even read that over several times. I did. It encourages me to feel those things and to be those things and to let go of the things that are not those things. Perhaps it will do the same for you.

My Oh My That Feels Good. I Feel Loved Just Reading It. I Feel Renewed. Alignment Is The Best! 

Spread Some Joy Today–because joy is meant to be spread. And why the heck not? It is, after all, the same vibration as love and appreciation.

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