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Taking Charge

“The power you give others
belongs to you.
Take it back
and take yourself
where you would go.”

— Alan Cohen

Here’s where we let go of our power. All of this is some sort of fear. It is often trained beliefs that come from home, religion, or elsewhere. And in all, we are giving our rightful power to them, to it, whatever it may or they may be.

We come cable-ready with our own internal guidance system. When we accept the power that we naturally have rather than delegating it to others or things outside of ourselves, there is no need to fear. We can discern anything within ourselves. We will know that it is in vibrational proximity of our inner knowing, or not. We are the ultimate discerning station, and it is perfectly accurate for us every single time that we hold on to our own power to use for ourselves.

Spread Some Joy Today–as you find it within yourself.

Freedom, Growth, Joy

“You were all born
with a triad of intentions pulsing within you:
freedom, growth, and joy.

Freedom is the basis of that which you are
because everything that comes to you
comes in response to the thoughts that you think–
and no one has control over
the thoughts that you think other than you.

When joy is your dominant quest
so that you gently train your thoughts into alignment
with who-you-really-are, all resistance subsides,
and you then allow the expansion or growth
that your life experience has inspired within you.”

— Abraham, Esther Hicks

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