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I Will Never Look At Another Person The Same Again

At breakfast one day with a dear friend, I told him how much I was enjoying the audiobook, A Natural Woman, the autobiography of Carole King, and then said something I didn't plan on. I said, “You know, I just realized that listening to this book and the autobiography of John Fogerty has caused me to appreciate every other person on this planet more.”

I have always loved biographies and autobiographies. Some are so fascinating that it is almost sad to get to the end. And yet, at best, each one is a few snippets out of a much, much longer life full of experiences.

Part of what fascinated me is that Carole, John, and all the others who wrote autobiographies took the time (lots of it) and the energy (lots of that too) to stop what they were doing in life and focus on writing down their stories. That is a powerful gift.

The other thing that I said at breakfast was, “Every person on this planet has interesting stories about their lives, and I would love to hear all of them.”

Some say that God experiences life through all of his Creation. Can you imagine the fascination with that? Wow!

After these realizations, I don't think I will ever look at any other person the same again. I will now realize that each and every individual has wonderful and fascinating stories inside them. How delightful it would be to take the time to get to know them more.

We have this tendency to deal with the immediate, talk in superficial language that is meant to be light and remain unattached, yet beneath that in every single life on this planet is so much depth and so many experiences. I could learn from them. I would love to learn from them. I would love to read or listen to the autobiography of everyone.

In The Practice Of It

I think that I've finally taken the affirmation from Abraham, Esther Hicks to heart. It says, “Today, no matter where I'm going and no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to see that which I am wanting to see.” And so, that is true. I am seeing what I want to see.

I want to see every single person as a beautiful person, to compliment something about them mentally, to appreciate one or more things about them when I see them, to smile and enjoy their eyes as they see my smile, and they turn on their smile. And, because that is what I want, that is what I see more and more of every day.

And, so I am in the practice of this.

Thoughts Control Our Reality

Spread Some Joy Today by finding those thoughts
within you that causes you to feel good.
As you feel good,
you will find more things to feel good about,
until you've got a good thing going.

Happiness Is The Way

“As you cannot do what you want,
want what you can do.” 

— Leonardo da Vinci 

So, some may be thinking that if I don’t want what I have, and I don’t have what I want, how can I get what I want? An interesting dilemma. If I want what I don’t have, I feel lousy, and if I don’t like what I have or what I’m doing now, I feel lousy, so no matter what, I feel lousy, and that sucks!

When I am feeling lousy about my job or my situation, can’t wait to change it because I want something else that I don’t currently have, I’m stuck where I am. I’m stuck because I am getting more of what I am feeling.

So, the way out of what I don’t want, or not liking, is to find ways to like it, love it, and want more of it. The feeling good feelings will draw more opportunities to feel good, which will draw more opportunities for feeling better, and this is what leads us to what we want. Feeling crappy, I’m stuck and feeling good, I am free to move about the cabin.

I can have what I want by loving what I have.

It Is Impossible To Fail At Life

“One of the best things
that I have learned about life
is that it is impossible to fail at it.
Whatever life we are living,
that is a successful living.”

— Terry Minion

Some live to be over 100, but not many in comparison. Some live very short lives in comparison, and most of us are somewhere in between. It doesn't matter. It's all living. Heredity, schlemedity, malady, melody, 220 or 221–whatever. What it is, it is. What it can be, it will be, as the choice to change in any direction is available to us all.

We get to feel good or not by our own design. We get to wallow in mud or ski barefoot across the glassy lake. We can give and we receive. We can share and we can hide. We can speak and we can listen. We can think and we can write. We can delight and we can scowl. We can hold grudges, and we can release resistance. We can accept responsibility or we can lay it elsewhere.

Whether we accept our choices and our own design, or whether we say that it is all happening to us from the outside without our permission, it is what it is. It is living. It is life. Whether we believe that we can change it at will, or remain a victim with no hope of parole, it is what it is, and it is living. It is life. It is our life. And, it is a successful life. We cannot fail. Even in death, we cannot fail. Is this all there is? We can believe this is or there is more. Either way, it is what it is. We can have one dimension or many dimensions. We can have one side or many sides. We can await a life in Heaven, or Heaven can live every day in us. And, it is all, and in all, successful.

Life is. I am. We are. It is what it is. We are powerful creators! 

How I Feel Leads My Life

“Nothing tastes as good
as looking good feels.” 

— Anthony Robbins 

A short time ago, I saw this magical quote above. It settled into my brain and has so far yet to leave. I think that for anyone who loves food and is also not liking their weight or shape, this quote might help. It is helping me.

It is helping me to think of how I look differently. Actually, it is more about how I feel about how I look, and really, that is the whole of it in a nutshell–how I feel versus how I want to feel.

I also know, that when how I want to feel becomes the dominant theme in my thoughts, how I feel will change without effort. When you don’t care, it doesn’t matter. When you care, it matters.

Caring more about how I feel leads me to positive change because how I feel leads my life.

Playing The Game

“It’s not whether you win or lose,
but how you play the game.”  

— Grantland Rice

I might even modify Grantland Rice’s quote to say instead of it’s how you play the game, to it’s why you play the game that matters. 

Winning and losing is fun and no fun, but to just play to have fun, to feel good, that is the best. 

I was reading a quote by Abraham, Esther Hicks that said, “Wherever you are, is just fine. . . You can get to wherever you want to be from wherever you are. . . It’s time to stop measuring where you are in relationship to where anybody else is. The only factor that has anything to do with you is where you are in relationship with where you want to be.” 

Chill. Enjoy. It just doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be anything more than helping you feel good. Happiness is a fine goal. And it is so much easier to get there without all that baggage that just doesn’t matter. 

Celebrating Your Life

“I believe a leaf of grass is no less
than the journey-work of the stars.” 

— Walt Whitman 

We all come from the same Source. We are all as much a miracle as anyone who has ever lived or ever will live. Celebrate yourself as a miracle, as someone with a grand history; albeit, a unique one, and that alone makes your history special in the same way that your uniqueness makes you special–not more special than anyone else–equally special in the heart of the Creator.

You are living the perfect life right now. Change it as you will, and it yet remains perfect right now.  

Spread Some Joy Today–in celebration. Celebrate your life. Enjoy your history. When you are celebrating your history you are doing it not in the past, but in the present.

Awareness Is The Best Tool In My Toolbox

“Resentment means
to feel again.” 

— Tara Brach

Resentment. Isn’t that fascinating to read that resentment means to feel again. Can’t you just see yourself resenting someone, or something, or a situation, and you are re-feeling it again, and again, and again? 

Resentment is also related to anger, blame, rage. Previously, I’ve talked about the value of anger. The only real value I can sense is to create movement in letting go of a bad feeling place to move toward a better feeling place–to make a transition, to awaken us to our inner power to change, to make a different choice, to get off the merry-go-round of some of those spinning emotions like despair, powerlessness, and more. And, resentment to me, is one of those merry-go-round emotions. Holding a grudge, reliving over and over a scenario whether actual or imagined, being stuck in a negative spiral of self-defeat.

Once in our awareness, we can see these emotions and the thinking that creates them and use that as a welcome tool to help us choose a better feeling place. Who really wants anger or resentment when joy and appreciation are only awaiting our choosing.

Ahhh. To feel good again! And again! And again!

Imagine yourself feeling joyful. Your body responds to your imagination as easily as what we consider reality. Imagine going to the sink with a pitcher, turning on the faucet, and filling that pitcher with joy. It feels good just to be near it. Now, pour it over your head. Let it run all over your body. It won’t go on the floor, so don’t worry. Your skin will absorb it all in a glowing response to delight.

Turning Off The Auto-Pilot

“It’s just business.
Don’t take it personally.” 

— Lame and care-less phrase 

I think it is pretty much impossible to not take it personally if we are experiencing something. Of course, that doesn’t mean we need to stay in that place for very long. Becoming upset is a normal, natural, and generally automatic occurrence, but staying upset is purely a choice.

I know this from experience; however, it is my desire to stop the automatic response as well as choose my thoughts and thereby my feelings in every interaction. It’s not that the auto-response is bad, it is simply that I prefer to not have that happening in my life. Yet, it does, and I am playing with it, having some fun with it, toward being as perfect an allower and lover that I can be.

The whole essence comes down to our giving power to the other person by valuing what they say and how they say it as more important than we think about ourselves. All of my life, my nemesis has been criticism. Someone is critical, disappointed, angry, or disagrees with me, and I feel embarrassed, crappy, dejected, unloved, cast off. You could say, and rightly so, that I have been working on letting that go all my life too. My ears turn red, my face turns red, and my emotions are not only inside, but obvious on the outside.

We all want to be loved, approved of, supported, appreciated, and valued. When things turn against us, or at least our perception of them being against us, we want to run away and hide like a little dog hiding under a bed. We don’t want that. We want love.

But, I am part of the problem too. It is my need to be right, to have the other value my opinion or contribution, to be leading, to be in the limelight maybe. When I am this way, it is so much easier for others to find fault, criticize, and generally shun me. You could say that I’m deserving in this scenario. It’s just that in the earlier days of my life, my ego was so much more in charge because I just didn’t know any better.

Now I know better. I realize when my ego is in the forefront, and now knowing that I am in charge and not my auto-response ego, I have far more control generally. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel the criticism, it’s just that it is nowhere near as strong as in years past. Now, I would like to have total control, and I’m playing and having fun with that.

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