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You Are Loved And Adored!

“That's how love works.
It can't be forced, manipulated, or coerced.
It always leaves room for the other to decide.”

— Rob Bell

It is impossible to not be loved. However, it is certainly possible to feel unloved. Feeling unloved has nothing to do with actually being loved. It has to do with fear, ego, habitual thinking, or learned patterns of thinking. Rest assured that you are loved. I love you. Anyone who knows me knows this to be true, and what is even greater, God loves you. In fact, God adores you. This is unconditional love. It cannot be forced. It cannot be manipulated. It cannot be coerced. This is because it is given without any thought of getting anything back. I know this to be true because only God is the ultimate allower. We are given free will. Have you ever really thought about this free will? Free will is the ultimate definition of unconditional love. Indeed, there could be no such thing as free will without it. They are the same thing, not two different things.

I hope that you don't have one, but if you do, next time you have an unloved feeling, close your eyes and open yourself to the depth of the love that God has for you. Pretend you're in a rowboat and the stream is moving smoothly downstream and you have been rowing and rowing and rowing trying to get upstream to where you think you want or need to go. Now, trust me on this, put the oars in the boat and relax and trust. Feel what that feels like to trust and to feel that you are going with the flow and all is well. Feel the boat being guided without any effort or thought on your part. You are being cared for and guided with the greatest skill and all that lay ahead is given freely and lovingly to you. All you need to do is release any resistance. That is all. That is what trust is–a releasing of resistance. Allow the joy of this experience to wash over you.

When you know truly how loved and adored you are, there is only one thing that you can do to show your delight and gratitude for this radiant light. You simply share this love until you are that love. Enjoy your journey!

Seeking Harmony In All Things

“Three Rules of Work:
Out of clutter find simplicity. 
From discord find harmony. 
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” 
— Albert Einstein 

[Classic post from 7-29-16]

These three rules could just as easily be about any aspect of life, whether it be our life at home, with our family, our friends, where we work every day, in any relationship, in any group we happen to be a part of, and even within our own minds as we consider our own inner dialog, and our thoughts about ourselves, and that world that is outside of ourselves.

Out of clutter find simplicity. It seems to be human nature to complicate rather than simplify, but once we realize what we are doing, we can choose to clarify, and in so doing find the simplicity. Everything is simpler than we make it, and when we can simplify things, clutter doesn’t have much of a chance. Neither does the drama.

From discord find harmony. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship it might be, whether intimate or global, discord is easily achieved, but in all cases, it is harmony that is the holy grail. It doesn’t even need to apply only to relationships with people, but is perfectly appropriate in our relationship to things, to nature, to our world, our environment. Having harmony as our fundamental goal puts discord in its place by having it only be a reminder that harmony is our real objective.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. As with the idea of clutter, and the idea of discord, the idea of difficulty is best thought of as a reminder to look not at the thing that is vying for our attention; the clutter, discord, and difficulty, or we could look at that also as ‘what-is,’ or the ‘problem,’ but to look toward the solution which is not this. The solution is found in simplicity. The solution is found in harmony. The solution is found in seeing opportunity.

What a great message to write down and give it some of our energy. Another great sign for my wall, except I, will change it to the Three Rules of Life.

Simplicity. Harmony. Opportunity. Love. Peace. Joy. 

Spread Some Joy Today–because it’s Friday. Any excuse is a good one.

The Power Of Belief

“Ask, and it shall be given you.” 
— Matthew 7:7, The Bible 

[Classic post from 7-20-16]

Is it hard to have trust and confidence in this Bible promise? Is it hard to believe it is true? Is it hard to have faith in its fulfillment? Are we there yet? Why is it not here yet? When is it going to come? I’m tired of waiting. I have no patience for this. I’ll do it myself! What do you trust in to have the accomplishments that you want?

Decision is one of the most powerful of vibrational acts. Equal to it, and in full partnership, is visualization. The two combine to rule the world. They say that “seeing is believing”, but that isn’t as true as “believing is seeing”.

Abraham, Esther Hicks has some clarity to add in a couple of statements:

“Law of Attraction says, “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” Vibrations are always matched. So, as you experience the contrast which inspires the new desire, this new desire, whether it is a strong one or a soft one, is summoning unto itself proportionately. And as it summons, it is always answered. It is the basis of our Universe: When it is asked, it is always given. Humans think they are asking with their words, or even with their action – and sometimes you are – but the Universe is not responding to your words or your action. The Universe is responding to your vibrational calling.” 

And the other:

“There are two surefire ways to understand what your vibrational offering is: Notice what is happening in your experience (for what you are focused upon and what is manifesting are always a vibrational match), and notice how you feel (because your emotions are giving you constant feedback about your vibrational offering and your point of attraction).” 

Based on all of this, we have two jobs in life. One, to ask. Whatever we want. We ask. Our other job is to line up with our desire. To become that which we want. To vibrate as if it were already done. We can have confidence, trust, and faith because the other part in between our two parts is that it is given. We ask, which is our part. It is given, which is not our part. And, we receive, accept, become a vibrational match to the asking, which is our part.

The Bible clarified that in this way from Matthew 21:22: “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” There it is. Step one, ask (our job). Step two is a given (God’s job). Step three, receive by lining up with it, by believing it is done as it was said. It requires our participation only in steps one and three. The rest, as it is said, is done.

I guess that’s why wishes really are for fishes. . .

Trust. Belief. Confidence. Vibrational Match. Sweet! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by trusting in your true self that lives in constant joy.

Making A Difference Week. Day 5 of 7

Making A Difference Week
“Two roads diverged in a wood and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.”
— Robert Frost
[Classic post from 12-8-11]
I’ve been writing this week about making a difference and how many people can do that for their lives and in the effect on others. Robert Frost’s excerpt above made me think about how making a difference is achieved by our decisions. Whether we travel the road more traveled or less traveled is simply a choice, but the choice will always have far-reaching aspects that have an accumulated effect on us and others.
Here’s another way to look at the aspect of decision by a quote from Heidi Wills, “we can choose to be affected by the world or we can choose to affect the world.” This speaks to me of making a difference by choosing to do so on purpose through decision.
“There’s A Difference Between A Philosophy And A Bumper Sticker.” — Charles M Schulz
Spread Some Joy Today–Get excited about your power of decision. Choose.

What Problems? I Don’t See Any Problems From Here.

“As we move without,
or advance deep within,
what we see now as an issue
becomes infinitely thin.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

When a problem or an issue has our attention. It can be a real treat to let go of it if even for a few minutes, to see that problem, or problems, or issues from a different perspective. When we come back to them, as we will inevitably do, they may be so much easier to deal with than before. Mentally move out into space for a few moments and see the Earth as beautiful. See the harmony of the Universe in action.

The Power Of Imagination

“Reality can be beaten 
with enough imagination.” 
— Mark Twain 

[Classic post from 7-13-16]

It made me laugh when I saw this perfectly delightful quote because I could relate to it on many levels, and the main level that it resonated with me on was the knowledge that my imagination can always use more time and more inspiration.

It's not that reality and imagination are opposing ideas, although in some ways that might seem true. It is that imagination has infinitely more power, and yet I, for one, love that idea and yet focus less there than would be beneficial in my life.

I also love this quote from the master, Mark Twain: “You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” 

The power of imagination is right up there with the power of love. We are creators. We create our lives. And though we may do much of our creating with what we see around us, our better power of creation is that that is invisible, or in the ether.

The best thing about imagination, I think, is that it is always an option for us. I would even go so far as to say it is a miracle because I believe this is where miracles actually come from.

When we imagine what we want, how we want to feel, to be, to become, we generate power that when exercised in increasing clarity, comes to pass. We've all done it unknowingly. It's a power that is universal; that is, it is in every single person. It is also Universal, in that all the power that is in the Universe is at our disposal as we see fit. It is also the focusing of that power where the creator best creates.

If there is anything such as work involved, it is focus and clarity which are essentially the same thing. But, there is one thing that greases the wheel so to speak, and it is the joy of the imagining. Imagining what we want and feeling good at the same time is loaded with power. At the same time, and from the same authority, imagining what we don't want and feeling fearful, angry, or generally bad is also loaded with all the power needed to create that which is imagined.

We Cannot Not Choose. We Always Get To Choose. Choice Is A Given Or A Taken.

Spread Some Joy Today–by remembering to imagine joy in your life today.

Your Opinion Counts?

“I respect your opinion 
of my work.” 
— Scott Ginsberg 

[Classic post from 6-8-16]

There it is. It has been on the deposit receipt for years, and this morning as three of these are on the top of my desk waiting to be filed, I see it: “Your opinion counts.” Below that, in a much smaller type is a request to give the bank feedback in an online survey. So, my mind sort of took off with that bit of dribble. . .

“Hello, I registered my opinion online, but I don’t see the results of it anywhere. Can you direct me so that I can actually see that my opinion matters and that, as you say, “my opinion counts”? After all, I took the time to give it to you, and the least you can do is to show me how it counts, don’t you think?”

On the other end, I hear what sounds like a recorded voice saying, “I’m sorry, sir, but your opinion has expired. We appreciated your opinion, but it is no longer valid. The time has run out. Please feel free to share your opinion with us again, because, as we always say, your opinion counts.”

What? My opinion has expired? My opinion timed out? My opinion is no longer valid? What’s up with that?

So, you can see how my mind works sometimes. It just goes off and has a bit of fun here and there, and I get to go along for the ride. Then, it hit me! What an interesting concept: Opinions that expire, time out, and are no longer valid. How interesting is that to contemplate. Well, maybe just for me. . . 

Go with me for just a little longer if you’ve got nothing else to do. Besides, it’s Wednesday. Hump day. It’s downhill to the weekend, and it’s in our sight. . .

You have an opinion. You share it with someone in some sort of way. They accept it. The opinion has landed. Perhaps, you are volleying with another, who gives you their opinion. You take it. Hmmm. You consider it. There it is. Which causes you to share another opinion about their opinion. After all, there are the finer points to be considered. Back and forth. Back and forth the opinions go. Served and returned.

Then the other says, “I’m sorry, but your previous opinion has expired and is no longer valid.” And you go, “what do you mean? My opinion can’t expire. It’s been served and I thought it was a very good opinion. How can it no longer be valid, unless I take it back? You have no authority to invalidate my opinion! Only I have the authority to invalidate my opinion. Just as you can only invalidate your opinion. What would you think if I arbitrarily invalidated your opinion? You’d be pissed, to say the least. Now take it back. Take back your arbitrary invalidation of my opinion!”

I’ve had this quote by Scott Ginsberg above on my desk for a few weeks, “I respect your opinion of my work.” The context that he gave this was around the idea of people being critical of us and this was a grand response. It works well. But, I think it says so much more in a broader sense. Let’s use it this way: I respect your opinion. I mean, after all, we all have them–even millions of them. And, it seems to be a given to respect our own opinion. We serve, and then we serve and then we serve and, well, it’s out there. But, many times, we kind of let the opinions of others expire. We may even invalidate them. Dis them. But, if we mean to have anyone else respect our opinion, it is only fair and honorable that we respect theirs. It is a loving thing to do.

Your Opinion Counts. I Respect Your Opinion. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing others to have their say while allowing yourself to have yours. There is joy in there somewhere, and it is worth sharing.

In Joying Today, Right Now

“Nothing is worth more than this day.” 
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

[Classic post from 5-13-16]

Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not plans. Not regrets. Nothing is worth more than this day. This day is all there is. Where we are living with this attitude toward time, we are living in the present. The present is all there is. The past and the future are merely illusions, fantasies, memories, projections. Now–the present is all there is, so if you're alive, then nothing–no thing–is worth more than this day.

I Hope And Pray That You Enjoy It To Its Fullest. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by being here. Now.

Choosing Freedom

“Freedom is not given 
to us by anyone; 
we have to cultivate it ourselves. 
It is a daily practice.” 
— Thich Nhat Hanh 

[Classic post from 7-4-16]

Freedom is simply a choice. It is a choice to accept one’s own power to choose. Our ultimate power is to choose our own thoughts. That means that our ultimate freedom is within. It is not something we need to fight for, escape from, or mold to a certain way of living. It is simply, exquisitely, brightly, and magnificently our individual power of choice, and it is not a thing, but an idea, and it doesn’t come from the physical, it comes from the non-physical.

Freedom is not something to get or to gain. It is something we allow and accept. Because it always was, is, and will be a choice of our own choosing, no one can take it away from us. No one can think for us. Our ultimate power is the ability to choose our own thoughts in any circumstance. That freedom is always within us, yet may not be recognized and accepted. Just as we can choose right or left, up or down, in or out, we can choose freedom or bondage. Both of those ideas originate and are cultivated in the mind.

Some good questions to ask ourselves from time to time might be, what is freedom to me? How do I experience freedom? What is bondage, or lack of freedom to me? How and in what ways do I, or have I experienced bondage or lack of freedom? How do I feel free? How can I cultivate more freedom in my life? Am I blaming others for any of my perceived lack of freedom? If so, why would my lack of freedom be their fault?

In the United States, today is the celebration of a choice of action in claiming political independence from Britain. It was a thought that became a shared thought that became an action, and then a group action. That could have played in any number of ways, and the ways that were chosen involved massive violence and pain. Our choices then were habitual and learned from the past. They remain that today.

We have had, do, and always will have the power of choice, our ultimate freedom, to choose otherwise–if and when we realize that freedom is a choice of thought, not a choice of action. It is allowing. It is love. All those actions that have been, are still, and could possibly be in the future, are not freedom. They are something else entirely. For freedom is the same as appreciation. It is the same as empowerment. It is the same as joy. It is the same vibration as love. And in love, there is no ill.

Though I Have Certain Thoughts About Freedom, We All Choose Our Thoughts Independently. Let Us Celebrate That Independence. Happy Independence Day! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing so.

Large Talk. Larger Listening.

“Loneliness does not come 
from having no people around you, 
but from being unable to communicate 
the things that seem important to you.” 
— Carl Jung 

[Classic post from 2-16-16]

Many times I’ve been in a large room full of people and have felt alone. People are mingling, shooting the breeze, and to me, more often than not, they are saying nothing of significance. I detest small talk. It is so unsatisfying and so impersonal. Consequently, I avoid situations like that in my life now.

Yet, I love to talk to people and to listen to people when significant things are being shared. It is a sharing of a bit of who we are inside and being increasingly fearless enough to share deeper tidbits that we all carry within.

I can readily think of some people that I could listen to for days. I might say only a handful of words or questions that keep them sharing their knowledge and insights and passions. It is a special thing indeed. Listening to someone who is sharing like that is far better than me talking about my thoughts, ideas, and feelings. I enjoy it so much that it would be great to do only that, though it is also good to be able to share.

Then also, there are a number of ways for me to share. I’m sharing in these Daily Inspirations. And occasionally, I get to share in person with someone who has enough interest to allow that to happen. Still, I don’t learn as much from myself talking and learn a great deal more from others.

This would happen more often if people were more willing to risk. The best way to encourage them to risk is to ask questions. This is true in regular conversations and it is true in sales situations. In sales, we learn almost nothing by telling them what we have to offer, so the best sales situation is asking questions and getting people to open up. It’s amazing how many customers then turn out to be good friends because we allowed them to share themselves with us in the process.

This kind of communication probably doesn’t happen often enough in romantic relationships and marriages too. Long ago, I remember going to a Marriage Encounter Weekend, and the thing that stuck with me from that was each of us writing out our most pure thoughts and reading them without judgment. I think the thing that holds us all back is the fear of judgment. If we can let that go, the roadblocks are gone.

I hope that you allow great conversations to take place, sharing things of great significance, and even enjoying listening more than talking.

There Is Magic In That. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing yourself the freedom to express your joy.

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