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 “Any person who recognizes this greatest power…
power to choose…
Begins to realize that he is the one
that is doing the choosing,
and that friends, although they 
mean well,
cannot do his choosing for him,
nor can his 
Consequently, he develops real self-confidence
based upon his own ability,
upon his own action,
and upon his own initiative."
— J Martin Kohe
“You will live your life secure
in that, you are no longer
by what other people want you to do 
and be,
but are directed by your own inner desires."
— H Stanley Judd
[Classic post from 2-10-11]
Once making this choice to choose for yourself, to seek the wisdom within and to have confidence in your own choices, it is a wonderful feeling of freedom and peace, with joy. The key will be to hang on to that feeling, for it may seem, at least in the near term, that the rest of the world is conspiring against your success. They may even bring it up from time to time how self-centered you are and other such demeaning labels. It may very well be those closest to you.
But, one cannot un-grow, un-become, un-expand. Once expanded, there is no return. This I know and I rejoice in it. Fear not! Remain confident! You may have to ignore outcries and smile off harassment. Success is yours by acceptance.
Spread Some Joy Today–the joy of the thought is ours each moment we decide.
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