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In yesterday’s post, I referred to a notebook I’ve been carrying for a lot of years that I call My Book of Positive Aspects. I mentioned that I got the idea from Abraham, Esther Hicks and I shared two lists that were in this book.

The main reason for the book is to expand my awareness of all the wonderful things and people in my life and to find greater appreciation and love for the people and for the events and situations in my life.

I had several pages of what I saw as positive aspects of my wife, my business partner, special friends. One of the best sections to have is celebrating and recognizing the positive aspects of ourselves.

As I said, it is fascinating to see things you write down 5, 10, 15 years or more later. I found that when I made these notes and added to them from time to time that I would see things in other people, and even those very close to me, that I perhaps wouldn’t have thought of without this little exercise. It helps expand our view, our love, our appreciation.

Here are a few I wrote about my business partner, Ryan, who is 30 years younger than I am and we have been in business together for 13 years:

Ryan makes me laugh. He is very funny. I feel much younger around him.

Ryan is smart and quick with very intelligent ideas and views.

Ryan can see the pieces to the puzzle.

Ryan is a bundle of enthusiasm.

Here are a few that I wrote about myself:

I love people everywhere I go. That is the true and clear message of Jesus. As I release more resistance each day, I love more each day.

I love looking at how things are made–especially buildings. I have a large appreciation of architecture and design.

I have the courage to try things, to step out, and do.

I think I have a great way of looking at things, especially globally.

The book contains other topics as well. One list is “I want… I would love to…" In looking at this list, I’ve crossed off all but about five that I had listed as completed since I wrote the list. That’s fascinating.

One of the best things about the Book of Positive Aspects is to find things to appreciate in people or things that you may not have cared for or perhaps even disliked intensely. Nothing is ever only negative, or positive for that matter, but a mix. Allowing ourselves to see beyond the mask so to speak can really help us to learn to appreciate everyone and everything. We don’t need to appreciate everything about them or that thing, but finding things we can appreciate is a very powerful and empowering exercise.

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