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“I say there is no darkness but ignorance." 
— William Shakespeare 

[Classic post from 4-21-16]

Yesterday, I saw some comments about how music should be free to all. Once music became available in a digital format as opposed to analog, it made it easy to download and share via the Internet, data CDs, and more. The fact that it is now easy to download and transport doesn’t make it free. It is ignorance that wants it to be free.

Some think that health care should be universally free. Maybe when hospitals, doctor’s offices, all the machines that are used therein, along with the property, electricity, all the employees are free, that might work, but generally, it is ignorance that wants it to be free.

There’s a number of other things that some people think should be free, such as, the written word regardless of who wrote them, all photographs on the Internet because they are now digital as music is. In fact, anything on the Internet should be free to many.

But, you and I who have jobs, careers, our own businesses don’t work for free. That would be silly. How would we pay the electric bill, buy food? Of course, if everything were free then we wouldn’t need money, but there also wouldn’t be much of anything available either. Creativity and inspiration come from desire.

Ignorance is looking at things that are created by others and expecting that they are free of cost. There is always cost in some way or another. Movement requires exertion of muscles and limbs, which requires fuel, and all of that has a cost. Musicians deserve to earn money from their creations as much as anyone who works and expects remuneration. Photographers too. Moviemakers as well. Health care workers, for sure.

Yet ignorance is simply ignoring one thing and focusing on another. There are a zillion things that are not free and it would be silly to think they could ever be free, but there are many things that are universally free and will always be free. Here’s a shortlist:

Passion. Enthusiasm. Love. Kindness. Joy, Happiness. Optimism. Patience. Peace. Stillness. Connection to God, The Universe, All-That-Is. Focus. Choice. Thoughts. Thinking. Spirit. Laughter. Breathing. Inspiration. Positive expectation. A smile. Creativity. Appreciation. Delight. Glee. Ecstasy. Gladness. Adoration. Beauty. Taste. Smell. Enchantment. Wonder. Awe. Fun.

If What You Are Focusing On Isn’t Helping You To Feel Good, It Might Be Time For A Change Of Focus. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing how free joy is and freeing it is as well.

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