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“Resentment means
to feel again." 

— Tara Brach

Resentment. Isn’t that fascinating to read that resentment means to feel again. Can’t you just see yourself resenting someone, or something, or a situation, and you are re-feeling it again, and again, and again? 

Resentment is also related to anger, blame, rage. Previously, I’ve talked about the value of anger. The only real value I can sense is to create movement in letting go of a bad feeling place to move toward a better feeling place–to make a transition, to awaken us to our inner power to change, to make a different choice, to get off the merry-go-round of some of those spinning emotions like despair, powerlessness, and more. And, resentment to me, is one of those merry-go-round emotions. Holding a grudge, reliving over and over a scenario whether actual or imagined, being stuck in a negative spiral of self-defeat.

Once in our awareness, we can see these emotions and the thinking that creates them and use that as a welcome tool to help us choose a better feeling place. Who really wants anger or resentment when joy and appreciation are only awaiting our choosing.

Ahhh. To feel good again! And again! And again!

Imagine yourself feeling joyful. Your body responds to your imagination as easily as what we consider reality. Imagine going to the sink with a pitcher, turning on the faucet, and filling that pitcher with joy. It feels good just to be near it. Now, pour it over your head. Let it run all over your body. It won’t go on the floor, so don’t worry. Your skin will absorb it all in a glowing response to delight.

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