As We Are What We Think, Think Abundance!

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 “Bless a thing and it will bless you. Curse it and it will
curse you. . . If you bless a situation, it has no power
to hurt you, and even if it is troublesome for a time,
it will gradually fade out if you sincerely bless it."
— Emmet Fox
[Classic post from 4-18-11]
Having an attitude of gratitude for ourselves is one thing, but to have one for what others have is another. For example, I and a lot of people I know would talk about wanting wealth and then put down in some way the people they know that have it as if they got it by a trick of luck, or looseness of morals, and such. They have it and we don't, so we want it and are upset they have it and we don't.
What needs to take place for abundance to be able to come into our lives is for us to bless it where ever we see it. We see the guy with the multi-million dollar mega-yacht and love the boat and think the guy is just stupid lucky. That won't work. We need to bless the guy, the wealth, his good fortune, his skills, his desires, everything about that.
I think that to look at wealth and want it and be negative about the person who has it is the very definition of coveting. Desire is wonderful, coveting is dangerous.
As we change our attitude toward abundance, whether it is wealth or any other type of abundance, then abundance has an opportunity to come to us. As we bless those who we see who have abundance, we acknowledge that it is not only desirable but that it is doable.
I think we are all eligible for abundance. Indeed, I think we all have abundance in some areas of our lives already. Blessing that and acknowledging that is very beneficial.
I have noticed my thinking changing by the simple act of blessing abundance where ever I see it now. I just started doing that very recently and I can see how different I feel about seeing those with abundance. I am also acknowledging the abundance that I know I have in my life now and realizing that I am already wealthy in many ways. I even feel that I am wealthy in money, though it has not yet been deposited in my bank account; however, I sense very clearly that it is on its way there. It is an interesting change.
Experience joy for those that you see with abundance. Feel joy for them, bless them, enjoy their abundance with them. It will begin to turn your attitude and belief into an alignment that will be entirely beneficial for all concerned.
Since We Are What We Think, Why Think Lack? Think Abundance. It's Much More Lucrative.
Spread Some Joy Today–Analyze the abundances that you already possess. Joy is a natural result.
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