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Appreciation is to feel good. Having gratitude is to feel good. Being thankful is to feel good. One could also say that to feel good is to appreciate, have gratitude, and to be thankful. An even better way to say it is that if one wants to become a grateful person, to be a thankful person, to be a person who appreciates, having the desire to feel good is the most helpful aid. Since they go hand in hand, in the practice of gratitude, either way, works to get the juices flowing so to speak. It helps to realize and adopt the idea that feeling good is the goal, that feeling good is very important, and that it is most helpful to make feeling good a priority in our lives.

If one looks at the world and much of the communication within the world, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that it is more about feeling bad than good. It seems that the ideal is feeling good, but that there are so many barriers to the actual achievement of that ideal. It seems to be more about fear. What’s going to happen, what could happen, what shouldn’t happen, who’s to blame, a list of things that are wrong. The newspaper and other news media should about what is going wrong, what is not right, who’s to blame, and so much more. It is pervasive, and because of that, it is easy to believe that this is the norm.

There is not the norm. There is what you decide to pay attention to and what not to pay attention to. Pay attention to the news and it is quite a serious challenge to feel good in spite of the news. Feeling bad is not a requirement. You could live a life and never feel bad if you decided to. Just because others are choosing it on purpose or without the least thought, doesn’t mean that we need to choose it as well. It wouldn’t matter if 99% of the people were choosing that. We get to choose for ourselves when we give ourselves permission to do so. And, it is only ourselves who can give us that permission. We always choose; albeit, it may be without intention or knowing better.

Nothing is more important then, if you want to feel good, than deciding that feeling good is of high importance to you. Nothing. And, once again, it is always your choice to feel good or to not feel good.

Once the decision to feel good is made, appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness are a given. One feeds the other. When you decide to feel good, you will find ways to feel good, and when you appreciate something, you will feel good. There can be no appreciation, gratitude, or thankfulness without feeling good. There is no such things as appreciating something or someone and feeling bad as a result. It cannot be. They are not compatible vibrations. They are out of harmony with each other. They are out of alignment with your inner knowing.

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