Allowing And Letting Go

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“I cannot always control 
what goes on outside. 
But I can always control 
what goes on inside." 
— Wayne Dyer 

[Classic post from 2-2-16]

How easily are we upset? Stuff happens sometimes that can inconvenience us, and so we might get upset, angry, frustrated about it. For what? How is upset helping that stuff that is happening? Is it helping it go away? Probably it is merely helping us to feel crappy when we could be feeling something much more enjoyable.

I run an Internet business and use the Internet almost constantly for many different things, including these Daily Inspiration writings. My Internet went down around midnight last night and it was almost 13 hours before it was live again. This would be a good enough reason to be upset, be grumbling, even express anger for my inconvenience. And that would have been so true not long ago, but I wasn't upset in the least.

It is these kinds of things that help tell us how we've grown. I've been learning for so many years and wanting to get to the place where virtually nothing upsets me, and I am thrilled that I'm so much closer to that than I was realizing. What a blessing to just do something different that doesn't require the Internet, than to be fuming about it not serving me as I had expected.

Being at peace with events and situations is helping me to love more, and to appreciate that events and situations are not personal attacks on me, and at the same time use them to be at peace by allowing things to be as they are and be okay with all of it. It feels so great to be in this place.

Allowing And Letting Go Works Wonders. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by relaxing into it.

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