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 “Affirmation without discipline
is the beginning of delusion."
— Jim Rohn
[Classic post from 2-13-11]
I learned about affirmations in the early 1970s and have tried using them off and on most of my life–mostly off. I also remember in the early 1980’s hearing the above quote on a tape set by Jim Rohn. At the time he was talking about people thinking positive thoughts but never doing anything, but lately, I have a different take on this wonderful quote of Jim’s.
The way I learned affirmations was to state a goal as if it is already achieved, write them down on cards and go over them several times a day while trying to visualize the end result completed. I have used them with success but without much discipline. It is also hard to believe some goals as being achieved when you haven’t got a clue how it will happen. So, it is easy to give up on this kind of plan because if it hasn’t happened in a few weeks, discouragement sets in.
I’ve recently found a far better and easier way to achieve great results and it is something that all of us can do. I didn’t say all of us will do it, but all of us certainly can.
It starts with this most important premise: a belief is just a thought that we keep thinking. We think about it long enough and it is a belief.
Now that realization changed everything in my mind. All of a sudden when this thought sunk into my brain, I had a whole new understanding of the usefulness of affirmations. It is this: Before, I used to have these affirmations of grand results of achievement. Now I focus on something very easy to achieve and take the unbelievability out of the picture.
I’ll give you a perfect example. We talk to ourselves and we talk aloud to others and if we pay attention to what we are saying, the likelihood of much of that talk is about what is currently happening, especially negative things is very high. As an example, it is easy and common to talk about the economy being down. As we do this simple acknowledgment, we attract more of that in our lives. We hear about it more, more people refer to it in our presence, etc. So the challenge is to change that talk to something that makes more sense for where we want to go.
Here’s a perfect phrase: Everything always works out for me. It’s a simple phrase and oh, so powerful. Everything always works out for me. Everything always works out for me. Everything always works out for me.
Change those old, worn-out self-talk affirmations to some fresh, lively, and inspiring ones that are easier to believe than getting a million dollars by Friday. It will open a whole new world for you and me.
Everything always works out for me. Maybe it didn’t used to, but, no matter, now everything always works out for me. . .
There Are So Many Opportunities That I Get To Choose The Best Ones. Isn’t That Wonderful?
Spread Some Joy Today–Begin to see how everything always works out for you.
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