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“The potter sits at the potting wheel, studying the formless lump of clay, waiting for inspiration. After a time, as he puts his hands into the clay, the clay begins to take shape. In working and reworking the clay, a rounded vessel takes form. As he concentrates on the new creation, making it beautiful as its symmetry and balance take form, the potter’s hands of love bring forth a unique and treasured expression of love. The potter has worked a part of his essence into the new creation.

In the same way, a piece of ordinary wood in the hands of Stradivarius became a work of art to be treasured through centuries. His violins have thrilled those who have heard them, and just as the violin strings were strummed, so were the heartstrings. Stradivarius was an intellectual genius, but his love brought forth these precious treasures.

Who am I? Who are you? We are masterpieces, created by the Master from His Love."

— Donna F. Fletcher
Reflections of the Heart

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