Month: July 2019

Daily Inspiration 7-31-19

“The first point of wisdom 
is to discern that which is false; 
the second, to know that which is true.” 
— Lactantius 

“Follow the light of your intuition, 
and keep away from
the darkness of convention.” 
— Michael Bassey Johnson

[Classic post from 2-13-15]

I have come to believe that if we are to live our lives in abundance, love, feeling good, joy, empowerment, that we are first willing and second to learn to discern.

I would change the top quote by Lactantius to “The first point of empowerment in your life is to discern how you are feeling at any given time, seeing clearly what you do not want, and second to have that contrast to help you discern what it is that you want in this moment, and then move toward that.”

In the second quote, “the darkness of convention” is that contrast, and it is all around us all the time as we move through the day. By paying attention to how we are feeling, we will notice how that darkness feels, then “the light of our intuition”, or our own inner knowing, which is creating that feeling helps us guide us toward better feeling thoughts, as we discern by paying attention, then by allowing it.

Today, I had a discussion of the idea of ‘facing our fears,’ as an attempt to overcome them, wrestle them to the ground, erase them from our psyche, or at the very least to disempower them or control them. To me, that is fighting it. It is like facing a bully, facing the enemy, or even facing the facts. 

None of this really accomplishes the objective because whatever we focus on grows or expands. The way through is to change the thought to a better feeling thought, and the more we do this, the more those thoughts become dominant in our lives, causing the fears and other negative emotions to lose their power naturally. We cannot go back and fix the past because it is gone. What we can do is to choose different thoughts today.

This applies in every area of our lives, in business, in relationships, in families, and within our own minds. Wherever we choose to place our focus, will attract more of that which we are paying attention to. So, logically, if we pay attention to better feeling things, we will feel better. Yet so often, we are not paying attention or willing to pay attention because of the “darkness of convention” and all the “wisdom” of all those around us.

I recently saw it written that people are very particular about the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the food they eat, and yet so many are not even paying attention to nor discerning what they are thinking. They have a negative thought and feel those negative feelings and blame external things for that, including circumstances, events, other people and more.

Let’s take an example of a salesperson who is feeling poorly because they are unsure, do not have confidence, knowledge, or don’t have the tools they perceive they need. Or maybe they are focusing on their lack of success or production. They are far less likely to succeed in this endeavor until they can learn to pay attention to their feelings, then begin the process of choosing better feeling thoughts. Yesterday, I mentioned to a salesperson that he needed to focus on what is good, what is right, what the dealership is doing well, and to focus on himself doing the best that he can do with whatever he has at his disposal.

The single most important thing he (or any of us in every facet of life) has at his or her disposal is paying attention to how we feel, and finding ways to feel better and better until he or she is feeling confident, empowered, joyful, loving, excited, anticipating positive responses and more.

What drives us then, is one, to discern how we are feeling, then to notice that whenever we are not feeling good, this will cause us to know what we want. Often though, people will even do this but then focus on the lack of what they want instead of what they really want. In other words, they carry pessimism with them cancelling out what they want.

All we need do is perceive through discernment what we are feeling, realize that is not what we want, which causes us to notice what we do want, then turning toward that and finding better feeling thoughts until we arrive at a better feeling place. It’s not rocket science. Instead, it is easy enough if we make a couple of decisions: One, that we want to feel good, do good, be successful, enjoy our lives. And, two, to pay attention to how we are feeling at any given time and if it is not to our liking, then turn and choose better feeling thoughts until we arrive.

No More Victims Of Circumstance. Choose To Be A Deliberate Creator Of The Life You Want. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing thoughts that cause that feeling.

Daily Inspiration 7-30-19

“People often move 
 from job to job, 
profession to profession, 
employer to employer, 
only to find the next place 
no better than the last– 
and the reason for that is, 
they take themselves 
everywhere they go.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 2-12-15]

Abraham & Esther Hicks continues, “When you go to a new place and you continue to complain about what was wrong with your last position in order to explain why you came to the new position, the same vibrational mix of resistance goes with you and continues to prevent the thing you want from coming to you.

The best way to accomplish an improved work environment is to focus upon the best things about where you currently are until you flood your own vibrational patterns of thought with appreciation, and in that changed vibration, you can then allow the new-and-improved conditions and circumstances to come into your experience.

Some worry that if they follow our encouragement to look for good things about where they are, it will only hold them longer in the unwanted place, but the opposite is really true: In your state of appreciation, you lift all self-imposed limitations (and all limitations are self-imposed) and you free yourself for the receiving of wonderful things.”

Today I was talking with a salesman who was complaining to me about what the dealership is not doing that he thinks will make a dramatic difference and he is amazed that they have not done it. He was new to this dealership and I asked if I could give him a bit of advice. I told him to “stop complaining, especially since you’re new and to focus only on the positive things about the dealership, what they are doing well, and to focus on what you can do with what you have to work with.” He said, “I’m not complaining, it’s just that. . .” I stopped him abruptly and said that he was indeed complaining and it won’t help in the least.

It’s interesting how people complain and yet deny they are complaining. Somehow they think they are pointing out the facts and that should be accepted that way, but it has nothing to do with facts because they are slippery things. It was complaining.

The best thing to do here is to begin appreciating, create a book of positive aspects and write the many appreciations down on paper and keep adding to it regularly. That is the solution to the issue. Focus on what is right and good and ignore the rest.

In the mid-1970s, I hired an experienced salesman, then within a few days, I overheard him complaining about the dealership to several of the other salespeople. I called him into my office and fired him on the spot. He was cancer in the organization, and I wanted him to take his crap somewhere else.

Whatever we complain about, we create more of. Whatever we appreciate, we create more of. Whatever we focus on, we create more of.

“The Secret To All Success Is Keeping Yourself Happy.” — Abraham, Esther Hicks 

Spread Some Joy Today–by appreciating anything and everything that you can.

Daily Inspiration 7-29-19

“The problem is not
that there are problems. 
The problem is expecting otherwise 
and thinking that having problems 
is a problem.” 
— Theodore Rubin 

[Classic post from 2-11-15]

I used such a wonderful and truthful quote the other day by John Muir: “When we tug at a single thing in nature, we find it attached to the rest of the world.” It’s interesting to look at things that way, including our lives, and in business, interactions with others and more.

As an example, I was talking with someone the other day and he said that a body shop was not doing well at the moment and they’ve been in business for a very long time. Then it came to me that it has been such a mild and warm winter with very little rain, and it then reminded me that body shops probably generally thrive in the average winter because of slick roads, lots of rain, poor visibility, being in a hurry and all manner of causes to give body shops a lot of business.

This year has had very little rain, very infrequently, and all of it warm. In fact, in California, there has been a long, multi-year drought and there’s no indication that that is changing as of today. The drought or lack of rain is more than just rain, it is the snowpack in the Sierra’s that means more than just rain. And the rain has benefits and then it also has what many will call problems. But, are they really?

When it rains several days and there is a significant amount of rain, it is of benefit to the landscaping, plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, and more. At the same time, it can cause the ground to soften, then trees to fall with even small amounts of wind, knockdown power lines, crash into roofs, and more. And yet there are more benefits to the tree service companies taking care of the removal of the tree, the landscaping companies to replace the tree, the power people to repair the line, the construction people to fix the house, the roofing people to replace the section of roof, and maybe even get a job to replace the entire roof because it was getting old anyway, the painting company to redo the paint and trim, the telephone people to fix the wiring, the electrician to redo that wiring, or even upgrade service, the insurance company who helps with all of that, the new choices the homeowner gets to make since they have this new opportunity, and on and on it goes with the benefits.

Everything is perception. Calling it a problem is generally thought of as a negative, yet it can also be shown to be a huge positive as I demonstrated in the last paragraph. It all depends on your point of view, and every single thing that occurs on this planet has its pluses and minuses similar to what I have shown here.

What I find interesting in how I’ve changed since 2007 is that I see all of these things and prior to that, a problem was a problem and a benefit was a benefit. Now I see them both in everything that happens. I might have a reaction for a very short time, and then I will remember that there is no problem without a benefit, if not many benefits. At the same time, the opposite is true. However, the perspective that I have now is such a blessing to be able to not be upset about things because I know full well that there is always a silver lining. I even get excited about events to see what the benefits are going to be.

Seek And Ye Shall Find. Open Your Eyes And Your Mind To New Possibilities, New Ways Of Looking At Things. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by focusing on the benefits, seeking your own joyful perspective, and sharing it by just being yourself.

Daily Inspiration 7-28-19

“Writing something down onto paper 
is your strongest point of focus.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 2-10-15]

I don’t know about you, but when I am writing something down, it is far more beneficial to me than just thinking the thought. I’ve known this for many years, and I’ve written several thousand pages of things down through my life. The act has a way of clarifying things, and it helps things that are just pieces of thoughts to be assembled into a larger picture. It helps me to grow and learn and expand.

Based on this, you might say that these Daily Inspirations are purely selfish in nature because they help me to collect and expand my thinking, and at the same time, offers a way of sending that out as a message for any who are wanting to receive it. And in turn, it seems that many find some benefit in that, perhaps even helping them clarify, grow and expand, which helps them to share, thereby benefiting others, and so it has now all around the world. And, it is all because it was written down. 

Have you ever sat down with pen and paper, or on your electronic paper, and write out what you want? Have you ever tried to write it as storytelling it with you as the leading character, and telling it the way you want things to be in your life? There is great value in this.

Have you ever sat down and written out your goals? Short term, mid and long term goals? A bucket list? Just a list of things you want to do someday? All of those are desires or wants. The more you want them, the more you will focus on them and the faster they will come about. The main thing about anything on any of these lists is to pay attention to how you feel when you think about them, focus on them, write them down. Because they are wants, you should have a good feeling when you write them out. In some cases, there are things you want more, so you will feel an even stronger positive emotion about them.

At the same time, if you are writing down something you want, and you are not sure you deserve it, or you have no idea how it will come, or you’re sick and tired of it not coming yet, or you think you will never have the money to do it, and any number of negative thoughts, you are working against your own desires and canceling them out before they even have a chance to come into manifestation.

One easy word that gives you a strong clue is the word ‘but.’ When you state something and then say, but. . . and fill in that blank, whatever you wanted is effectively canceled. More important than the canceling would be the fact that now you have set in motion the act of bringing more of that ‘but’ thinking and ‘but’ manifestations. “I want that, but I cannot afford it.” This is a common statement. What you wanted is immediately canceled, and you get more of the ‘but I cannot afford it’ in your life. Now there will be more things that you cannot afford, maybe even less money than you had before. You have to get your but out.

Also when you are writing these wants down, if there is a but in your thinking, you will be feeling negative emotion if you are paying attention. It might only start as discomfort, and it will often grow into disappointment, frustration, anger, powerlessness. The negative emotion is your Emotional Guidance System working on your behalf to let you know that you are helping grow more of what you do not want.

It’s time to change this. It’s time to change this NOW.

Start by writing what you want and if you feel but negatives going on, stop immediately and pivot by saying, ‘Well, I am seeing an issue here. What is causing this negative thought? That was how I used to think, and now I think differently. Today, I focus my energy and thoughts on what I WANT. I refuse to give any more energy to what I DO NOT WANT.

If you still have any issue, cross it off, erase it for now and move on, all the while realizing that you have just made massive progress by paying attention to how you feel, pivoting and focusing on what you DO WANT and what DOES cause you to feel good, and as you focus there, these things are on their way to you.

One Easy Way To Get The ‘But’ Out Is To Put The ‘And’ In. Using That One Word Automatically Causes You To Expand On The Want Rather Than Canceling It. 

Spread Some Joy Today–and feel how that feels to you. There is nothing like it.

Daily Inspiration 7-27-19

“Expectations are a form 
of first-class truth: 
If people believe it, 
it’s true.” 
— Bill Gates 

[Classic post from 2-9-15]

Based on looking at quite a number of quotes about expectation, most seem to follow one by Michael Landon: “I don’t have expectations. Expectations in your life just lead to giant disappointments.” Eric Hoffer said, “Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy–the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation.”

It seems that of the ones I went through, the vast majority of that expectation is negative. I had a salesperson tell me a long time ago that they could not set goals because of the potential for disappointment. In other words, they are expecting things to not work out.

Yet every subject is two subjects according to Abraham-Hicks. They say that each subject is like picking up a stick that has two ends and it just depends what end of the stick you have hold of. Earl Nightingale says it very well when he said, “Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.”

The other end of the stick is positive expectations. Norman Vincent Peale said, “If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal.” Sam Walton put it a bit differently by saying, “High expectations are the key to everything.” 

From a workshop in 2003, Abraham said this and it really got my attention: “The majority have been programmed from their past experiences to expect ________. And while it is something they don’t want, they are programmed to expect it. And so, they’re going to get what they expect. It’s not that what they expect is the reality that everyone lives, but that everyone lives the reality of what they expect.”

The blank that I inserted, in the quote actually was two words: physical decline. But, I like it better where you fill in the blank because that quote can stand firm and accurate with a thousand situations or ideas. We could insert, “less money after retirement and less freedom,” or “to become larger as they get older,” or “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” or “to make less money because I’m a woman,” or “to expect low paying jobs,” or “that the cards are stacked against me,” or, “those people are just a bunch of terrorists,” or a thousand other things that we have come to believe about the world.

So what can we do with this idea of expectations, especially when they are not serving me? Start by wanting to be aware of your own Emotional Guidance System and pay attention to how you feel when you think about these subjects. If you are not feeling good, that is a clear indication that it isn’t serving you. It can be reprogrammed by seeking better feeling thoughts, or by pivoting which I discussed yesterday.

There is simply and only one requirement. You have to want to change. It will never happen on its own, and in fact, it will only get worse by the Law of Attraction adding more thoughts, circumstances, people, and events to strengthen what you are expecting by your focus on it. The opposite is equally true. By changing directions and moving toward that which you want and what feels good when you think about it, you are thereby reprogramming yourself by programming yourself for feeling good and changing from expecting the worst to expecting the best.

You Get What You Expect. What Are You Expecting? What Are Your Expectations? How Does That Make You Feel? 

Spread Some Joy Today–because it is just like shining a light into a dark room.

Daily Inspiration 7-26-19

“What if you could?” 
— Alan Cohen 

[Classic post from 2-8-15]

Sometimes in sharing ideas when I think people may be ready to hear, someone will object stating that it is hard and unrealistic to be positive all the time. I actually agree with that because contrast, or a thing that we do not want, or do not like, cause us to feel negative emotion. In the newspapers, radio and TV news, the Internet and via friends and coworkers, there is plenty of contrast that can cause us to feel that negative emotion. So yes, staying positive all the time cannot be if we are to grow and expand.

The only issue is how long we stay in that place.

Abraham and Esther Hicks point out, “Many around you want to point out “reality” to you. They say, “Face the facts. Look at what-is.” And we say to you if you are able to see only what-is–then, by Law of Attraction, you will create only more of what-is. . . You must be able to put your thoughts beyond what-is in order to attract something different or something more.

Facts are stubborn things. They are not easy to ignore. But, as Albert Einstein so aptly pointed out, “the definition of insanity is doing the same things, and expecting a different result.” Or, more appropriately, thinking the same things and expecting a different result cannot work.

It might be a while. . . Change can take time, but the better the focus, the less time is needed. But one thing is certain. Without the change, things will remain the same or so similar that you cannot tell them apart.

My own previous tendency toward negative thinking is simply that I would think the worst more times than of the best outcome. I would misplace my keys, wallet, or something else and immediately start thinking that someone took it, moved it without my knowledge, and a long list of other silliness. It hardly ever turned out to be true, but it was my first thought. It’s a challenge to change that kind of momentum, but it can be done when we decide we want to.

Enter one of the best tools for positive change I have found called Pivoting. I shared it briefly before, and it is so powerful and easy. Now, when I have a negative thought or scenario about a negative outcome, I pay attention to what I am feeling. When I have thoughts like that, I tense up inside, feel bad (worry, blame, discouragement, disappointment, etc.) and I am paying attention, I can immediately stop the thought, and make a statement to myself, or even aloud sometimes. I will say, “That is what I don’t want. What is it that I do want?”

This is one powerful statement and question that changes my focus immediately in search of what it is that I do want. Before I was only seeing “reality” or imagining something that I did not want, and now I have pivoted and gone a different direction, choosing different thoughts, feeling better thoughts.

If you have ever had a tendency like I did, I think that this process will help you move from being negative, which is more in our self-talk than anything, to thinking more positively, and from that better perspective, or vantage point, you will find more joy and better results. It is only the desire to change, and this pivoting process will help add energy and focus to that desire for change, that will help change to something better rather than changing to more of the same.

I love how Abraham puts it from the book, Ask and It Is Given and based on this, one might even decide to get excited about negative emotion:

“When you are feeling negative emotion, you are in a very good position to identify what you want. Because never are you more clear about what you do want than when you are experiencing what you do not want. And so, if you will stop in that moment and say, Something is important here, otherwise I would not be feeling this negative emotion; I need to focus on what I want, and then turn your attention to what it is that you want–in the moment of the turning of your attention, the negative emotion and the negative attraction will stop. And in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin. And your feelings will change from not feeling good to feeling good. That is the process of Pivoting.”

100% Positive May Not Be Possible, But How About 90-95%? How Would That Feel? 

Spread Some Joy Today–In your own expansion and positive change, and in celebrating your decision to change, joy is the immediate result. It will not go unnoticed, I assure you.

Daily Inspiration 7-25-19

“It is not in the stars 
to hold our destiny 
but in ourselves.” 
— William Shakespeare 

[Classic post from 2-7-15]

To experience a better life–and by better, I mean happier, with more joy, where things are going the way I want them to go, and that I am in charge of my own destiny rather than looking for someone or something outside of me to do that for me. That wouldn’t be destiny so much as fate. When it is fate, I cannot even imagine the purpose of it all.

As it has all of my life, as it is today, and will be tomorrow, it is all in my choices. My life is experienced in my choices of people to be around, choices of things I decide to do, choices on where to live, what to eat, and such. Yet, I have found that at the head of all of that is my choices of thought. It might be said better this way: thinking on purpose with purpose rather than just thinking.

Lao Tzu said, “Stop thinking and end your problems.” I’m certain what he meant by that is that all of our problems are in our thought first, and experience later, and they are only a problem as we think that and feel that. I’m sure what he meant to say was choose a different thought, or align with the Tao Te Ching within by choice–on purpose.

Christians today might say to adopt a Christ Consciousness by aligning with the God within. the New Age crowd might say to align with the Universe or All-That-Is. And, I don’t care what the words are we choose to use in this, the important part is that we are part of all of creation and that we are creators ourselves and we have guidance and ultimate knowledge within any time we choose to align with that to help us make better choices and then to experience a better life, or more fulfilling life. 

Yogi Berra in his ultimate wisdom said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up somewhere else.” That somewhere else is often what people complain about. How did I get here? How can I enjoy my life more?

From the book, Ask and It Is Given, by Esther & Jerry Hicks, Abraham says, “Even though a clear desire has emanated from you as a result of the contrast you have considered, you often, rather than giving your attention purely to the desire itself, focus back on the contrasting situation that gave birth to the desire. And in doing so, your vibration is more about the reason you have launched the desire than it is about the desire itself. . . As long as you are more aware of what you do not want regarding this situation, what you do want cannot come to you.”

And how do we know where we are in that? By the way, we feel as we are thinking. If we are not feeling good, we are focused on the rearview mirror. When we feel good, we are focused on where we are, and seeing more clearly than ever out of the windshield.

Abraham adds, “It is not possible for you to consistently feel positive emotion about something and have it turn out badly, just as it is not possible for you to consistently feel bad about something and have it turn out well–for the way you feel will tell you if you are allowing your natural Well-Being or not.”

I’m not writing this to anyone else as much as to myself. I have studied this for some time now, and I still need more practice. If there is anything called “work” involved in this, it would be to focus. That requires a decision and some small bit of willpower, but it isn’t really work. Still, it is easier to just go along with the busyness of my life, including the rehashing of old memories, seeing what I don’t want in today’s world, noticing what I am missing, wondering why it hasn’t come yet, and so on. It’s easier because I’ve had a lifetime of practice at that.

However, I am making good progress now by writing more in my Book of Positive Aspects, my inconsistent, yet moving toward consistent Meditation, Wouldn’t It Be Nice notes, Pivoting, Having occasional Rampages of Appreciation, just to name a few of the games or processes in this book. I notice the difference, and I pivot more easily, more frequently. I beat myself up less. I choose more often what I want rather than what I do not want.

The whole idea here is to choose what I want deliberately, then to focus on that as exclusively as possible, pay attention to how I feel, knowing that I have decided that I want to feel good. I choose more thoughts that feel good more often, and I am claiming success at this moment, resting gently in my obviously improved experience, while eagerly anticipating a joyful future that will knock my socks off.

The Only Thing Stopping Me From All That I Want Is My Choice Of Thought. I Am Now Choosing Those Thoughts That Feel Good When I Think Them. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Boy, that gets easier too. Who doesn’t want more joy in their lives?

Daily Inspiration 7-24-19

“Real generosity is 
generosity of the spirit.” 
— Alan Cohen 

[Classic post from 1-31-16]

Alan Cohen in his latest book, A Course in Miracles Made Easy, shares some thoughts about generosity and gifts. He mentions that in his life coaching work, he coaches people who want to help others but who feel that their lack of money is holding them back. He tells them that there are a number of ways to give without any money at all. Some of them include giving “time, talent, attention, listening, compassion, service, space, wisdom, or skill.”

Then he compares gifts of the world with the gifts of God. He says, “You can distinguish between the gifts of the world and gifts of God by one simple test: When you give a gift of the world, you have less and someone else has more. When you give a gift of God, both giver, and receiver gain. The gifts of the world are physical commodities. The gifts of God are energetic experiences.” 

He goes on to say, “When you give love, kindness, patience, or forgiveness, you gain the experience of the gift you are giving, in the moment you give it, so you are as blessed as the receiver.” 

I love that line, “The gifts of God are energetic experiences.” And, I especially love the method of telling if a gift is of the world or of God or of our Spirit, or our Source: “When you give a gift of the world, you have less and someone else has more.” This is particularly true of money. “When you give a gift of God, both giver, and receiver gain.” What a blessing it is to see that difference now so clearly from his brief explanation.

The Gift Of Energetic Experience. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–Joy is not a result. It is a choice.

Daily Inspiration 7-23-19

“Flawed Premise #12: 

There is a finite container of resources
that we are all dipping into with our requests. 
Therefore, when I satisfy my request for something, 
I deprive others of that resource. 
All of the abundance, resources, 
and solutions already exist, 
merely waiting to be discovered; 
and if someone else gets there first,
then the rest of us 
will be deprived of that discovery.” 
 — Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 2-6-15]

I deal with so many businesses and most of them, if not all, seem to believe so much in competition. Many see being number one on Google as the holy grail of Internet effectiveness, and other such things. It’s not that these things aren’t of value, but the attitude toward it. They get so disappointed that others are on page one and they are not, and much more. It’s all about competing for the limited amount of business out there so that they can get their fair share of it, or better yet, a superior share of it.

Market share drives many large companies. They analyze that to death and a movement of even one point of market share is said to be worth millions. It’s all about the market being a limited resource and getting more, or a higher percentage of that limited resource and beating the competition. They perceive that everyone is vying for the same thing and so they work even harder to move the needle because it is so important in a limited world.

These are very common views of the business world. They are also common views of finding a mate, and a large variety of relational endeavors including sports. In fact, sports is one of those things that continues to perpetuate the idea that winning is everything, and being number one is the only goal.

When I read more about the quote above of the flawed premise #12, I loved it immediately and it spoke to me with such enthusiasm and joy. This is from the book, The Vortex – Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Here is just a portion of their explanation of this:

“What many are regarding as the “discovery” of abundance or resources or solutions, we want you to understand is actually the “creation” of abundance, resources, and solutions. When the living of your life causes you to desire an improvement–your Vibrational request for that improvement sets forth the process of the attraction and actualization of that improvement. In living your Leading Edge lives, you are not merely discovering improved benefits. You are creating them.”

“Many people deprive themselves of much that they desire because of their misunderstanding of the ever-evolving, ever-expanding, ever-created pool of resources. . . This misunderstanding is at the heart of the feeling of competition. You did not come here to compete for the resources of your planet. You came as creators. If your time-space reality has the wherewithal to inspire a desire within you, it is our absolute promise to you that your time-space reality has the ability to deliver, in full-manifested form, the reality of the desire it has inspired. . . And so, you are not in competition with the others who share your planet. They could never deprive you of something by taking it for themselves. In fact, their existence enhances your ability to receive, for, in your interaction with them, your own desires are inspired.”

What fascinates me about this in particular, was the idea that we create our own resources and solutions–indeed, our own abundance. We do not need to compete, for the whole idea of competition is a belief in lack; that there is only so much to go around and if I am to get some, I’d better get going. It isn’t an aggressive stance, but a creative stance. It isn’t a make it happen thing, but a focused drawing of it toward me. Competing is always about lack, limited resources, limited availability, and yet the world is truly abundant when we look in that direction. And, after reading and understanding that I also create that abundance, I feel free and even more alive.

The Existence Of And Interaction With Others Enhances Our Own Ability To Receive! 

Spread Some Joy Today–with your own inner glow.

Daily Inspiration 7-22-19

“After a time, you may find that ‘having’
is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as ‘wanting.’

It is not logical, but it is often true.”
– Mr. Spock,
Star Trek

[Classic post from 10-31-09]

When I read this quote, I related to it immediately. It is often very true for me.

Some recent (last few years) examples: I wanted a very special and very rare electric guitar. I found one, bought it. Then I never played it and sold it. I wanted a treadmill, bought it and I have used it about 5 times in three years. Mostly it takes up space by owning it. I could probably list almost every possession I have and it would be that way, though most of them are just here or in storage, again not being used.

I’ve thought about this often and it feels kind of weird to want things, finally get them and then not care about them anymore. I think Spock is right: “It is not logical, but it is often true.” Of course, I also have things I love and use and continue to take pleasure in.

The thing for me to reconcile is that it is natural and okay to want things. It is also okay to get them. And, if I no longer really want them, or they no longer hold that value I thought they would have, it is okay to let them go again. Sort of like catch and release fishing. It’s that things are just not that important, but the desire is.

This made me think of advertising by P.G. & E., our local electric and gas provider. They advertise that they encourage people to conserve power as if that is critical. The government encourages the same and I’m sure that P.G. & E. does this mostly due to government encouragement. But conservation is not the answer.

I see a lot of ads by Shell Oil and Chevron about conservation, using less fuel and how good a thing this is for everyone. That’s like a car dealer saying don’t buy so many cars. It’s so stupid to hear them say that when this is diametrically opposed to what they do as a business. Conservation is not the answer.

The answer is not conservation, it is desire and expansion. The energy solution is new types of energy, and especially cheaper and renewable energy, instead of doing the same things and expecting a different result (insanity). A desire for something new creates expansion until something new arrives.

The same is true for us. We are desire-driven creatures. Desire is good. Holding it down and beating it up is not good. Expansion is good. Believing that abundance exists is good. Creating shortages and promoting that concept is not good.

Play with your desires: I ran across this from Bob Proctor and others. It is big fun and quite rewarding. Take out a few sheets of paper or a notebook. Now, write everything you want until to have at least 101 things. Trips, places you want to go, things you want to do, people you want to meet, situations you want to happen, businesses you want, anything you want regardless of its size or cost. Pay no attention to any of the ‘how’ part, just focus on what pleases you when you think of it. Pay attention only to ‘what’ you want, as if the ‘how’ did not really matter at all.

This will be a powerful thing for you to read again and again and watch what gets crossed off. It is satisfying and fun and you will be amazed how many get crossed off in a relatively short period of time. We are desire-driven. You are in charge!

I Will Get My. . . Satisfaction. I Will Get My. . .

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