Month: January 2019

Daily Inspiration 1-31-19

“If the only prayer
you ever say in your entire life
is “Thank You,”
it will be enough.”
— Meister Eckhart

[Classic post from 10-18-17]

What a wonderful quote! Although the more I learn as my life unfolds, I have come to the conclusion that “Thank You,” is the only prayer ever needed. The less my opinion has to do about anything, the more I see the value and reason to say, Thank You!

Now I Think That Thank You! Is The Ultimate Prayer. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by finding the gratitude within that is your expression in prayer.

Daily Inspiration 1-30-19

“It is not what we choose
that is important;
it is the reason we choose it.”
— Carolyn Myss

[Classic post from 10-16-17]

No matter what is chosen, it is the why in our choosing that matters so much more. Why is the big driver. Why is the expansive device. Why is the fuel that runs the engine of accomplishment.

What is important. Yes. We choose. It is our power of choice. And yet, why we want what we choose makes the what seem almost insignificant in comparison.

Next time you choose something, take some quality time with all the reasons you are wanting it.

You’ll Be So Glad You Did. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by simply choosing joy. Why you want joy is more fun, though.

Daily Inspiration 1-29-19

“The most pleasant 
and useful persons
are those who leave
some of the problems 
of the universe
for God to worry about.”
— Don Marquis

[Classic post from 10-15-17]

Some years ago, I remember that at our church on New Year’s Eve the pastor would drag out a wooden four-foot high cross made of 4×4 post material. He would then suggest that we take a pen and piece of paper and write down something that we want to give to God to deal with so that we can let go of it and trust that the Lord would follow through. So everyone would write one or more things down and then take the hammer and a nail and nail the paper to the cross.

Everyone was relieved for at least a few minutes. The festivities of the New Year celebration perhaps had their attention for a while, but soon enough on the first day of the new year, one by one, people were taking their issues back and trying to figure out for themselves how it would be solved.

Trust is a malleable thing.

Recently, I was reminded of this past event and so wrote down on separate pieces of paper and laid them down at a makeshift altar feeling relief for minutes that it was no longer in my control. Minutes. Yes. No, I didn’t count how many. . .

I’ve written about my sign on my wall that has now been there at least 8 years that says, “What is MY job and How is GOD’S job.” It reminds me of Mike Dooley’s insistence that we avoid the cursed how’s at all times. How is the way we mess things up more than not, but what is always our job. Always.

I’ve written often about letting go of the rope of resistance too. Whenever we are in worry, dealing with how’s when they are truly none of our business is picking up that rope and pulling hard like in the old tug-o-war game.

Then, I looked at my sign and started laughing out loud. I opened my hands and visualized rope burns from my constant struggle in resistance even though I so recently gave all those self-perceived problems to God. Now, every time I feel tense, I look at the sign, look at the palms of my hands and laugh out loud at my silly insistence that I can control things better than God can. Seriously? Yes. Then I laugh some more.

Trust is a malleable thing.

And, practice is beneficial in trusting. Feeling tense? Let go of the rope. Look at your hands. See the rope burns that you are giving yourself. Picture you trying to take God’s job away by thinking that you have more resources. Total silliness, right?

I spend a good deal of my day letting go of the rope. The more I let go, the better things turn out.

Trust Is A Malleable Thing. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting God handle some of that load you’re carrying around. Breathe a little. Feel the peace in that. Pay attention to when you’re picking that rope back up. And don’t forget the ointment and gauze. . .

Daily Inspiration 1-28-19

“We do not need magic
to transform the world.
We carry all the power we need
inside ourselves already.”
— J. K. Rowling

[Classic post from 10-4-17]

Today, I want to share some inspirational words from Abraham, Esther Hicks that mirrors the quote above by J. K. Rowling:

“What “moving thought forward” is, is about being a nucleus that attracts different components of thought so that when they actualize around you – it is different than it has ever been before!

“As I stand in my focused, human, leading-edge experience, and I choose this combination of thoughts and feelings, I am offering a signal that has never been offered before. And so, the Universe must uniquely yield to me, which causes me to offer a vibration that maybe someone somewhere else is matching. If they are, they will certainly come into my experience for the time that we are matching it.” That is the way you affect the world.

Most think in terms of thought affecting the world: You think about transmitting outward: “I’m going to affect the world from my outgoing signal.” That isn’t the way it works. You affect the world by achieving the vibration that brings the signals to you. You create a nucleus that Universe has to respond around. That is how you are the creator.”

As Within, So Without. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing your way to joy.

Daily Inspiration 1-27-19

“Things are bigger
than we think they are,
and they are smaller
than we can imagine.”
— Albert K. Strong

[Classic post from 10-3-17]

I saw in the news that Tom Petty died yesterday and on the page from about that there was a slideshow showing 143 stars that have died this year. I scrolled through about one-third of the images and I only recognized some of them. They were stars in someone’s eyes and heart.

Then, I wondered how many people die in a year? On where there is running totals constantly in flux, as of 6am PST this morning, 43,982,594 people have died around the world. This caused me to imagine that each and every single one of them was a star to someone, if only in God’s eyes and heart. 143 stars didn’t die this year, 43.98 million have. It is estimated that the current entire state of California’s population is about 39 million, so in the world, more than the whole state of California died this year so far. Wow. That’s a lot of stars!

This caused me to wonder how many new stars were born, that will be playing on the stage of this planet. This year so far, 106,188,823 or 106.2 million stars were born this year so far. That’s a net growth or expansion of stardom of 62.2 million. Wow.

There certainly is a lot of star power on this planet even as we speak. This same website states there were 7.57 billion stars alive as of 6am this morning. I wonder what some of those stars will create, collaborate on and improve upon. I wonder what magnificent relationships they may experience. I wonder how many others each of them may touch whether it is only one or a vast collaboration of co-creators.

In some ways, our lives are infinitely small, and in other ways, we affect the entire planet. There is every kind of perspectives that we think we can imagine, but I think it is way bigger than that.

Celebrate all the stars in your life. Those near and far, here and gone, intimate and superficial. Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate that star that sees and experiences all the other stars: YOU!

We All Have A Starring Role To Play. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling the magic energy that is vibrating all around you.

Daily Inspiration 1-26-19

“Every moment of the day
you are standing in your choice. . .
As you choose love, 
as you operate from love,
you move upwards.
Reprimand, we will say,
is an opposite choice. . .
Think of how the word feels 
as it is spoken.
It implies a cutoff. 
It implies a negative reaction.
To be in reprimand 
is to stop the flow of love.”
— Paul Selig
The Book of Love and Creation

[Classic post from 9-25-17]

I’m going to continue my theme that began on Friday. It’s interesting how current events can demonstrate what I’ve written about, such as, the President chastising the NFL and the NFL rebelling against that criticism. Then, there are all these posts on Facebook and other places where people are spreading fear and anger toward all manner of things they see as wrong.

Fine. I agree that they have the right to do that and to express how they feel. I saw a post on Facebook about the Dallas Cowboys owner stating that all players will stand, hand over heart, in deep respect, or they will be fired. Fine. His way or the highway. Make your choices. They are your God-given power. For yourself. We are each given the power to ourselves. Our choices. But we are not given the power to choose for others. That is not allowed.

But, of course, it is done all the time, isn’t it? And, this is my point. As we think that we have the right to choose for another or others, we step out of our own power and attempt to be God. We have all manner of justifications, reasons, history, whatever. And, that is my point as well. It hasn’t changed in thousands of years. All of this same thing has gone on for all of recorded history, causing all manner of violence, anger, and distrust.

It all comes back to the first point from Friday. As we accept and honor that we are an aspect of God, we can accept and honor that another and that all others are aspects of God, all standing in an equal sharing of the love of God. As we honor this, we are in love. As we dishonor this, ignore it, disbelieve it, don’t give a damn about it, we are in reprimand and being in reprimand is being in judgment.

If we get all upset about tiny things like how we can honor symbols like a flag, standing or not, and tie ourselves to these kinds of agreements with others, how can we deal with the really important things like not dehumanizing and killing others?

To keep it as simple as possible, as we go through our day, minute by minute, hour by hour, we can choose to be in love or choose otherwise. We can choose to realize that we are aspects of God and so is every other person on this planet, or not. We can see past the petty differences that we historically latch on to so that we can be upset, or we can choose to see past them, to see the real person through the mirage of distractions, no matter how we may justify the importance of those distractions.

When someone is choosing something that is not our choice, it is simply that–not our choice. It is not an attack on us, and our attempt to force our current beliefs on them to set them straight only separates us further. Separation comes from reprimand. It comes out of not believing that we are all aspects of the Creator with an equal share of the love of that Creator. That’s all separation is.

Choose As You Will. You Have That Power. I Choose Love. 

Spread Some Joy Today–as you make your choices all day long.

Daily Inspiration 1-25-19

“You will never reach the place
where you will not need to be diligent
about your choice of thought.
Because you live in a world that is determined
to show you every pocket of despair.
So you must diligently choose.
But it gets easier and easier and easier to do so.”
— Abraham, Esther Hicks

[Classic post from 9-24-17]

For the last several days I’ve been writing about changing the world and that the only way to do that is to change ourselves first. Waiting on the world to change, especially when it comes to things that seem big, or global doesn’t really get it done. The main reason is that we are not changing.

Raising our consciousness is tantamount to choosing the higher road, higher thoughts, and our consequent vibration. We want the world to do that, but it must begin here within. But, we say, these things like global warming, warring countries, terrorism, and such are too big for me to deal with. We need our governments to come together. And, they will when we come together first within our own hearts and minds, and then within our close community of those we see on a daily basis.

As we do so, as we change, we give silent permission to others to consider a similar change, then another, another, and pretty soon we can raise the consciousness of a family, a neighborhood, a town, and so on. Will everyone change? Whether they do or not is not our affair. If it were, we would be waiting on the world to change. No, we must choose the thought, change our habitual thinking patterns, and move around at a higher vibration.

Want to change the company you work for? This is how it is done. First, we change. Will the company eventually change? That is not our affair. We cannot choose for another, we can only choose for ourselves, then we can demonstrate in our presence (our consciousness, our vibration) who we now are. Will this have an effect? Absolutely. It always has a positive effect as we raise our own consciousness.

Our lower consciousness or vibration has been clearly displayed throughout time as far back as events have been recorded. Thousands of years of fighting, bickering, posturing, forcing others to think like us and so much more. It hasn’t worked in all that time. And, here we are in 2017, with world leaders threatening nuclear war and calling each other schoolyard names. We can go back to anywhere in recorded history and see and hear this same insanity. It didn’t work then, and it cannot work now.

As we are in our low vibration, we attract low vibration. For things to change, we must rise above that to a higher vibration where we attract the like in that. This is where love, kindness, mutual respect are.

This is the place where we realize that we are all aspects of the Creator of all things. This is where we see through the childish and violent rhetoric to see the aspect of the Creator that each person is deep within. As we honor that in ourselves, we honor that in another. It is not about agreement, believing the same things, or sovereign cultures. It is about mutual respect for who each of us is, for that within ourselves and for that which created all things–All-That-Is.

This is when things change. So, do we give away all of our awesome power to wait on the world to change? Or do we accept our power as the power given us by our Creator to change our own thoughts, and consequently, our vibration and our entire lives. As we accept and make use of this power, just by our very presence, we gift the same opportunity to others from this higher vibrational stance.

So what can we do as individuals? We can see through events and exchanges of other people and see them first as people, as aspects of the Creator as we are, and honor that in them as we honor it in ourselves. As we do this, we raise the vibration, and as we stay the way we have been for thousands of years, we continue in the low vibration that leads to destruction, distrust, anger, fear, dehumanization, and more.

I’ve come to this place of raising my vibration by realizing that I am an aspect of the Creator and honoring that in myself, realizing and honoring that same aspect in every other human being on this planet, and sending love instead of fear. This is what I finally realized that I can do. I have been given that power. I have not used it much in the past because I accepted the history and kept repeating it. Now, I have changed. I see that it has not worked in all the history of the world. To continue to repeat it is beyond senseless now.

I Diligently Choose To Ignore History And Change It Within Me. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing yourself to vibrate at a higher level and see the view from there.

Daily Inspiration 1-24-19

“I want world peace.”
— Common beauty pageant answer

[Classic post from 9-23-17]

Sounds good. Sounds far-reaching. Sounds big. Rings false.

Saying that I want world peace is like waiting on the world to change. Thinking that peace is something that is won is to misunderstand what peace really is. What we really mean when we say we want world peace is that we want to world to create world peace, we want the magic wand of that long-bearded man in the sky that we call God who looks a lot like that painting on the ceiling in some far off place.

It wasn’t him, but that infinitely more powerful entity that is virtually indescribable that is the real Creator gave us each the power to do as we choose, consequences and all, peace, love, war, hate, whatever. We choose it all. It is not chosen for us.

Want world peace? Really? It begins inside of each of us and without this, there can never be anything remotely like world peace. Without individual peace, there is no global peace. Everything begins within ourselves whether we actively seek change for the better, or sit and watch from the sidelines.

We often think that we cannot do these big things, but we can. We have far more power than we imagine. In fact, we have the ultimate power when it comes to the world we see, the individual we see, what we think, how we feel, everything is our choice as we choose or fail to choose, it is all chosen.

Peace begins within. Let’s take all this inflamed rhetoric about North Korea as the evil poster child of the moment. The more inflamed the talk, the more we see evil and good at odds with one another. They are really never at odds, but we play that game with our egoic mind.

I remember after graduating high school in 1967, a fellow graduate had joined the Army and he said he couldn’t wait to go kill some gooks. In reality, he was referring to human beings. But by killing the gooks, forcing them to surrender, we could win that war and create some peace. Yet, peace cannot, can never be created out of violence, killing, or forcing people to surrender to our values.

We have this conflict going on because we see one better than another, one right and one wrong, one evil and one good, and though we are all aspects of the same Creator who loves us beyond our knowing, we choose to see each other as enemies. We all want the same thing. We all want to be loved. We all want to thrive. We all, every single person on this planet want to live in joy.

A question popped into my head just the other day which was an amazing question as I considered it. The question was, why are we still thinking this way when we know that it hasn’t worked yet? Why are we still seeing one as good and one as evil? Why? The answer is far too obvious: We keep choosing that.

Habit is just a thought that we continue to think. War is just an act that we continue to see as a solution to problems. For things to change, we must change. Or not, but either way, we are in choice. Always. In all ways. We choose personal peace or not. We choose to accept the propaganda that demeans others, or not. We choose to hire leaders who stir the pot or not. We choose. We always choose.

Want world peace? It is easy. Begin with peace within ourselves. Choose peace within. There is no way to peace. Peace is the way. How can we choose this? As a first step, as in yesterday’s post, we realize once and for all that we are all, each and every single one of us, aspects of God, or the Universe, or Allah, or All-That-Is. The name of what I like to call the Creator is not the least bit important. The only important thing is to realize our connection to that and to feel the love that emanates from that Source that is equal to all. Yes, all. From Hitler to Mother Teresa. All.

Anything Else Is Purely Choice Of Misalignment. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing your power of choice and how powerful it really is. You are so powerful that you can choose world peace. And mean it. And demonstrate it. By living it.

Daily Inspiration 1-23-19

“It’s hard to beat the system
when we’re standing at a distance,
so we keep waiting,
waiting on the world to change.”
— John Mayer

[Classic post from 9-22-17]

Today, I want to inspire you in your core values. Deep inside, we are so much more than we show in our physical presence. In our higher self, our higher vibration, we are aligned to all that we know is true and are in alignment with our Creator, our Source, God, the Universe, All-That-Is.

We don’t pay much attention to that because we have so much going on around us, influencing our attention, along with our constant ego communication, or what we often call our self-talk. But, we can rise above all of that, and I have found out how to do that recently.

First and foremost, realize that you are an aspect of the Creator in physical form. This is true of me. It is true of every person on the planet, and everything on the planet. When we can learn to open up to the reality that this is true deep within us, this will guide us.

Second, realize your own power. We have all been ordained with great power. Our greatest power is the power of choice. It is equally placed and social status or financial prowess has no effect at our core. It is only on the surface, or the egoic self that we believe that to be true. The power of choice is our ultimate tool and our ultimate power.

The third is to be willing to come into alignment using these two very basic and all-powerful ideas to realize our core values and to honor them.

That’s it. First, we are all aspects of God. Yes, we are all aspects of God. As we honor ourselves as aspects of our Creator, we must honor all others, for to fail to honor another is to fail to honor ourselves, is to fail to honor the Creator and all of creation.

As we honor this, we no longer belittle people, nor do we dehumanize them. We honor them as we honor ourselves. No, we don’t let people walk on us, but we honor them for who they truly are deep within, as we honor ourselves in the same exact way. We are no better, they are no better, we are all honored equally by the Creator.

As we honor each other as ourselves and as equal in the love of God, we will not war. We will not cheat. We will not lie about one another. We will honor them.

Our power of choice allows us to choose as we will. When we are aligned–and this is why it is number one–we make different choices than when we are not aligned with our inner core values, our connection to God within. Only in ignoring this can we make choices that do harm, create disharmony, put one person or group above another. It is obvious then that much of the world has not realized that they are aspects of the Creator.

To make use of our power of choice and our deep connection to all that is, we must become willing to change, to do, to act. These three things are all that is necessary to change the world because the only way to change the world is to first change to what we want to see in the world within ourselves.

To keep this short, I will continue more tomorrow, but I want to leave you with this question to consider in your own lives: Today, what choices can you make and what actions can you take that would be even a small step toward coming into alignment with your highest values?

Simple Is Not Necessarily Easy; However, It Is Fully Within Our Own Power. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling your own connection to All-That-Is. It is joy on steroids.

Daily Inspiration 1-22-19

“Help me to be less fearful
of the measure of time,
and more fully alive
in the time that simply is.
Help me to live time,
not just to simply use it;
to breathe it in, and return it 
in acts of love and presence.”
— Avis Crowe

[Classic post from 9-13-17]

Aren’t reminders a wonderful thing? Day to day stuff with phone calls, text messages, emails, in-person encounters of the strange kind, or the work-related kind can be like a cloud that temporarily covers the real reality that life is good and that even the things we think are not good, somehow work for the good in the strangest ways.

The further away from the minutia of things going on in our lives we can get, the clearer it is how everything is always working perfectly all the time, and that there is no judgment in that place, there is only our presence; being.

Take A Moment. Close Your Eyes. Think Of Nothing Except Peace. Even 5 To 10 Seconds Will Refresh You. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by coming into presence as often as you can. As you are there, you give others permission to do the same.

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