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Daily Inspiration 9-30-17

“The coin says:
‘In God We Trust.’
Whether we actually do or not
tells much of our stories.”
— Albert K. Strong

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There’s a tingling sensation when we trust in God, our higher vibration, knowing that what we think we know is a teaspoon out of the ocean of knowledge and allowing Source Energy to be our ultimate guide. It is magical. It is release. It is worry-free. And, it is empowering.

While we might think that the word empowering shouldn’t be in that last sentence because letting go is often thought of as releasing our power, it belongs there. We are empowered in our trust in our Creator, and trust in our inherent Well-Being. We are most often disempowered as we think it is we who are in control in our just do it and make-it-happen mindset.

Then, early this morning, I received my Abraham, Esther Hicks daily message and I have been renewed again in my trust, and in such a delightful way:

“Some things you’re not letting happen right now because the timing isn’t perfect for you. Some you’re not letting happen because you are very aware of where you are. But all things, as they are happening, are happening in perfect order. And if you will relax and begin saying, “Everything in its perfect time. Everything is unfolding. And I’m enjoying where I am now, in relationship to where I’m going. Content where I am, and eager for more,” that is the perfect vibrational stance.”

Injoy Your Unfolding! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing yourself to be cared for. Close your eyes and feel that love. It is like a warm bucket of love pouring over your entire body head to foot. Feel the tingle. Feel the warmth. See the glow. You can wear it all day.

Daily Inspiration 9-29-17

“You are not getting in there to fix anything.
And to be honest with you,
it is not your job to fix anything.”
— Paul Selig,
The Book of Love and Creation

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The book that the quote above came from is easily one of the most powerful and enlightening books I’ve ever read in my entire life so far. The quote is fascinating to me, but I need to add the remainder of the paragraph this was gleaned from to help me in the reason for today’s post.

To continue from the quote above: “We have spoken about fixing earlier, and fixing and transforming are two very different things. To bring an organ back into its perfect state of functioning is not necessarily fixing it. It has been damaged, and putting a patch on something that is damaged may make it work a little longer, but that is not the same as transforming and healing, which is bringing the higher frequency to do the work consciously to realign the energy field in the way that is required.”

This paragraph speaks volumes, and I would like to point out some the wisdom and insight that it spoke to me. First, we often think that we can fix things with our actions. Abraham, Esther Hicks talks about that all the time in that it is not our actions that create, it is our vibration or a simpler way to say that is our thought, and a truer way to say it is via our alignment with our Source. Once the alignment takes place, the action is perfected, and as we are out of alignment, it is patching at best.

Do we really want to fix it, whatever it may be, anyway? Probably not. What we really want is to transform it, heal it, realign it, if you will. War is an attempt to fix, but it is completely out of alignment, so at best it can have a very limited effect in repair, and yet a major effect in damage.

Another insight is in the last sentence. It is not our effort, action, doing that does the work, it is our higher frequency, which is the same as being in alignment because that is how we attain a higher frequency. It is in the lower frequency that our problems exist, and it is there that we try to fix them. We have tried for thousands of years to do that with no healing, only patching. It is not our action that heals, it is our alignment or our higher vibration.

From our higher frequency, we see everything differently, our actions move toward healing and transformation, not fixing. In the beginning, he said, “And, to be honest with you, it is not your job to fix anything.” That is why we mess it up all the time as we think it is our job to fix it, or that our actions will fix it. At best they are patches. Healing takes place from a higher viewpoint, and always, always, always, in alignment.

Want to heal a marriage? Come into alignment first. We are all aspects of the Divine, and as aspects of the Divine, we knowingly align to that, as we think we can fix things, we fail to heal whether it is a marriage, a customer interaction, interactions with neighbors or neighboring countries, it is all the same. As we align to who we really are, the power to heal comes through.

There Is No Effort Or Work Necessary In Alignment. It Is The Alignment That Does The Work. 

Spread Some Joy Today–as you align, align, align throughout your day. Then look back at your day and see how smoothly it ran without any real effort. It’s amazing how that works!

Daily Inspiration 9-28-17

“When we release expectation
and experience appreciation,
all the moments of our lives
become openings and opportunities.”
— Kristi Nelson

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Woo-hoo! Today’s post is number 2,921 and marks the 8th anniversary of the beginning of these CTS Daily Inspirations. The first published post was on September 29th, 2009. What a fascinating journey this has been through these little expressions of intended upliftment. This has always been the intent.

After all, it is titled, Daily Inspiration, and what is magical about this is that it has kept me on track of doing the best I could at the time to be as inspiring as I could. Many times I might have had to stop and start over because I was wandering away from the theme. As I reflected on the theme of to inspire, even a little, I would come back.

This has been a growth journey for me, expanding my own knowledge, awareness, and expertise as I found ways to express my learning and experimentation in my own life on the page.

I don’t know how long I will continue to do this every day, but I have found that committing to doing this daily has been inspiring and encouraging to me. I love getting comments and emails from some readers and I met people I had not known before as I found that they were readers. That is a wonder, really.

Of all the themes that I have written about, the quote above eludes to the most written about: appreciation. I have learned to be an appreciating person by practicing appreciation. Of course, that is true of all the themes. As I practice them, they become me. Another big one is patience. There are so many opportunities virtually every day to practice patience, and as I practice being patient, I become a patient person.

Of course, the theme that overrides them all is to love. To love ourselves. To love one another. To love what you do. To love just for the heck of it. To love. To love. To love. And, then love some more. It is absolutely the same vibrational stance as appreciation.

For however long your journey with me is or has been, I appreciate you as a traveling companion. I celebrate all that this effort has brought me, and I celebrate any little tidbit this generosity has brought you.


Spread Some Joy Today–by re-membering your love.

Daily Inspiration 9-27-17

“Whether it is a castle or a button, 
if you are using it as your object of attention, 
it is summoning Life Force. 

It is the feel of the Life Force
that life is about. 
The reason that you are summoning it 
is inconsequential.”

— Abraham, Esther Hicks

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I separated the two phrases above because the first line of the second phrase is the key idea to me: “It is (whatever we are giving our attention to that is summoning Life Force)  the feel of the Life Force that life is about.

In the last few days on social media and all over the Internet people are giving their attention to some popular things. It might be some colored cloth, a symbol shaped as a cross, a bombastic world leader, or two, or three, or four, a team of competitive teams stocked with individuals, and whenever we gather individuals, there is always some squirming going on because we like our space.

What happened to what we were giving our attention to a year ago? Or six months ago? Or last month? Weather? Economics? Elections? Holidays? But, it matters not what or who or when. It matters only that we are actively giving our attention and summoning Life Force, Life Energy, feeling our way as we wander on our Life Adventures.

You feel that you want to share your thoughts, and another wants to tell you to stuff it, and if you don’t, they will shut down their account and ignore you. Whatever we are giving our attention to is summoning.

Does this happen automatically, or without our permission? Do we have automated reactions? Of course, but they are only beliefs that we have held that are temporarily challenged. They summon as easily and effectively as choosing on purpose with careful thought. How we summon, why we summon is not nearly as important as the reality that we do summon. We are constantly summoning.

There is only one question worth asking ourselves that I can think of since no matter what we do we are summoning. That question is this: Is this what I want?

Is this what I want to summon? Is this how I want to feel? We always, always, always, and in all ways have the power and freedom of choice. We are so free that we can choose bondage as Abraham, Esther Hicks has often said. In any case, we always have the power and freedom to choose.

Instead Of Beginning With ‘I Believe,’ Try This: ‘I Want _______’, Then Fill In The Blank. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by simply and exquisitely enjoying yourself today. Be injoy as much as possible. Or not. You choose.

Daily Inspiration 9-26-17

“They say:
Use it or lose it.
And, I say:
As I choose it, I use it.
There’s a big difference
don’t you think?”

— Albert K. Strong

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You’ve got the power. I’ve got the power. We’ve all got the power. As we are choosing–and we cannot help but be constantly choosing–we are making use of our greatest power. That power is, of course, the power of choice. We choose our perspective. We choose our thoughts. We rise above and manage our lives or our ego does it for us without any effort. We choose all of that, and so much more.

As we allow ourselves to be controlled in all manner of ways, we relinquish our power to those people, ideas, laws, rules, and agreements. Many of these agreements have been agreed to for our entire lives. We were taught them from the earliest of ages, and unless we wander purposefully away from those agreements, they remain intact. And yet, we always have the power to accept, continue, or change as we make use of our power of choosing. We are always choosing, though we may be choosing the same things over and over again.

For us to change, for any change, these agreements must be examined, questioned, and tested for continued relevance.

A few days ago, I mentioned how global, or what we call big things are often seen as too hard for us to do anything about. We may wait for the world to change, expect others to take charge, push it off onto our government, or big business, or the United Nations.

One of these is the issue of global warming, which is such a soft phrase way of saying that we are destroying our protective ozone layer in many ways, and there is a lot of focus on carbon dioxide, although there are other factors that are more potent. Is this issue too big for an individual to have any affect? Absolutely not. We all have the power, or at least, so much more than we may now imagine.

I didn’t realize this power as I stated when I began this series of posts last Friday. I do now. All of a sudden, it came home to me that I’ve had it all along, but I was doing as so many of us do, waiting on the world to change. Some things I could control and so many other things seemed completely out of my control.

Then, I saw a phrase that really struck me right between the eyes that I read in a Paul Selig book where it was said, “you are not separate from your environment.” This phrase immediately permeated my entire being.

I watched a documentary on Netflix within days of reading this. It was titled, What the Health. I realized that my long, long history was now being examined by me and that if I were to live in my highest values, I had to change. I had the power to choose. I had the power to have a positive effect on global warming personally.

I chose to change my eating habits and become a vegan, leaving all meat, fish, dairy, and eggs behind, creating an immediate positive effect on the environment, and so I would find out later my own health. After 67 years of eating meat at almost every meal, being an egg lover, butter advocate, and more, I could no longer do it. I was done. It wasn’t the food issues. It was the “big” things that I could have a positive effect on. There were two big things for me: Killing animals for no need, and the environment.

If you are ready to question and examine your historical choices as I was, I highly recommend watching What the Health and the predecessor to that movie called, Cowspiracy. You will come away enlightened.

Maybe you’re not now ready to look. We each have the power and we each choose when and how we make use of it, but the main point of this piece is that we each have the power to make a difference even as an individual. We have far more power than we give ourselves credit for and now instead of waiting on the world to change, or even protesting that the world should change, we have the power within to change it in our own lives or keep it the way it is.

Power To The People! You Can’t Lose Your Power. It Is Always There. In Every Choice, You Are Using It. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing how you want to feel today. I wish joy for you, and you, of course, choose as you will.

Daily Inspiration 9-25-17

“Every moment of the day
you are standing in your choice. . .
As you choose love, 
as you operate from love,
you move upwards.
Reprimand, we will say,
is an opposite choice. . .
Think of how the word feels 
as it is spoken.
It implies a cutoff. 
It implies a negative reaction.
To be in reprimand 
is to stop the flow of love.”
— Paul Selig
The Book of Love and Creation

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I’m going to continue my theme that began on Friday. It’s interesting how current events can demonstrate what I’ve written about, such as, the President chastising the NFL and the NFL rebelling against that criticism. Then, there are all these posts on Facebook and other places where people are spreading fear and anger toward all manner of things they see as wrong.

Fine. I agree that they have the right to do that and to express how they feel. I saw a post on Facebook about the Dallas Cowboys owner stating that all players will stand, hand over heart, in deep respect, or they will be fired. Fine. His way or the highway. Make your choices. They are your God-given power. For yourself. We are each given the power to ourselves. Our choices. But we are not given the power to choose for others. That is not allowed.

But, of course, it is done all the time, isn’t it? And, this is my point. As we think that we have the right to choose for another or others, we step out of our own power and attempt to be God. We have all manner of justifications, reasons, history, whatever. And, that is my point as well. It hasn’t changed in thousands of years. All of this same thing has gone on for all of recorded history, causing all manner of violence, anger, and distrust.

It all comes back to the first point from Friday. As we accept and honor that we are an aspect of God, we can accept and honor that another and that all others are aspects of God, all standing in an equal sharing of the love of God. As we honor this, we are in love. As we dishonor this, ignore it, disbelieve it, don’t give a damn about it, we are in reprimand and being in reprimand is being in judgment.

If we get all upset about tiny things like how we can honor symbols like a flag, standing or not, and tie ourselves to these kinds of agreements with others, how can we deal with the really important things like not dehumanizing and killing others?

To keep it as simple as possible, as we go through our day, minute by minute, hour by hour, we can choose to be in love or choose otherwise. We can choose to realize that we are aspects of God and so is every other person on this planet, or not. We can see past the petty differences that we historically latch on to so that we can be upset, or we can choose to see past them, to see the real person through the mirage of distractions, no matter how we may justify the importance of those distractions.

When someone is choosing something that is not our choice, it is simply that–not our choice. It is not an attack on us, and our attempt to force our current beliefs on them to set them straight only separates us further. Separation comes from reprimand. It comes out of not believing that we are all aspects of the Creator with an equal share of the love of that Creator. That’s all separation is.

Choose As You Will. You Have That Power. I Choose Love. 

Spread Some Joy Today–as you make your choices all day long.

Daily Inspiration 9-24-17

“You will never reach the place
where you will not need to be diligent
about your choice of thought.
Because you live in a world that is determined
to show you every pocket of despair.
So you must diligently choose.
But it gets easier and easier and easier to do so.”
— Abraham, Esther Hicks

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For the last several days I’ve been writing about changing the world and that the only way to do that is to change ourselves first. Waiting on the world to change, especially when it comes to things that seem big, or global doesn’t really get it done. The main reason is that we are not changing.

Raising our consciousness is tantamount to choosing the higher road, higher thoughts, and our consequent vibration. We want the world to do that, but it must begin here within. But, we say, these things like global warming, warring countries, terrorism, and such are too big for me to deal with. We need our governments to come together. And, they will when we come together first within our own hearts and minds, and then within our close community of those we see on a daily basis.

As we do so, as we change, we give silent permission to others to consider a similar change, then another, another, and pretty soon we can raise the consciousness of a family, a neighborhood, a town, and so on. Will everyone change? Whether they do or not is not our affair. If it were, we would be waiting on the world to change. No, we must choose the thought, change our habitual thinking patterns, and move around at a higher vibration.

Want to change the company you work for? This is how it is done. First, we change. Will the company eventually change? That is not our affair. We cannot choose for another, we can only choose for ourselves, then we can demonstrate in our presence (our consciousness, our vibration) who we now are. Will this have an effect? Absolutely. It always has a positive effect as we raise our own consciousness.

Our lower consciousness or vibration has been clearly displayed throughout time as far back as events have been recorded. Thousands of years of fighting, bickering, posturing, forcing others to think like us and so much more. It hasn’t worked in all that time. And, here we are in 2017, with world leaders threatening nuclear war and calling each other schoolyard names. We can go back to anywhere in recorded history and see and hear this same insanity. It didn’t work then, and it cannot work now.

As we are in our low vibration, we attract low vibration. For things to change, we must rise above that to a higher vibration where we attract the like in that. This is where love, kindness, mutual respect are.

This is the place where we realize that we are all aspects of the Creator of all things. This is where we see through the childish and violent rhetoric to see the aspect of the Creator that each person is deep within. As we honor that in ourselves, we honor that in another. It is not about agreement, believing the same things, or sovereign cultures. It is about mutual respect for who each of us is, for that within ourselves and for that which created all things–All-That-Is.

This is when things change. So, do we give away all of our awesome power to wait on the world to change? Or do we accept our power as the power given us by our Creator to change our own thoughts, and consequently, our vibration and our entire lives. As we accept and make use of this power, just by our very presence, we gift the same opportunity to others from this higher vibrational stance.

So what can we do as individuals? We can see through events and exchanges of other people and see them first as people, as aspects of the Creator as we are, and honor that in them as we honor it in ourselves. As we do this, we raise the vibration, and as we stay the way we have been for thousands of years, we continue in the low vibration that leads to destruction, distrust, anger, fear, dehumanization, and more.

I’ve come to this place of raising my vibration by realizing that I am an aspect of the Creator and honoring that in myself, realizing and honoring that same aspect in every other human being on this planet, and sending love instead of fear. This is what I finally realized that I can do. I have been given that power. I have not used it much in the past because I accepted the history and kept repeating it. Now, I have changed. I see that it has not worked in all the history of the world. To continue to repeat it is beyond senseless now.

I Diligently Choose To Ignore History And Change It Within Me. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing yourself to vibrate at a higher level and see the view from there.

Daily Inspiration 9-23-17

“I want world peace.”
— Common beauty pageant answer

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Sounds good. Sounds far-reaching. Sounds big. Rings false.

Saying that I want world peace is like waiting on the world to change. Thinking that peace is something that is won is to misunderstand what peace really is. What we really mean when we say we want world peace is that we want to world to create world peace, we want the magic wand of that long-bearded man in the sky that we call God who looks a lot like that painting on the ceiling in some far off place.

It wasn’t him, but that infinitely more powerful entity that is virtually indescribable that is the real Creator gave us each the power to do as we choose, consequences and all, peace, love, war, hate, whatever. We choose it all. It is not chosen for us.

Want world peace? Really? It begins inside of each of us and without this, there can never be anything remotely like world peace. Without individual peace, there is no global peace. Everything begins within ourselves whether we actively seek change for the better, or sit and watch from the sidelines.

We often think that we cannot do these big things, but we can. We have far more power than we imagine. In fact, we have the ultimate power when it comes to the world we see, the individual we see, what we think, how we feel, everything is our choice as we choose or fail to choose, it is all chosen.

Peace begins within. Let’s take all this inflamed rhetoric about North Korea as the evil poster child of the moment. The more inflamed the talk, the more we see evil and good at odds with one another. They are really never at odds, but we play that game with our egoic mind.

I remember after graduating high school in 1967, a fellow graduate had joined the Army and he said he couldn’t wait to go kill some gooks. In reality, he was referring to human beings. But by killing the gooks, forcing them to surrender, we could win that war and create some peace. Yet, peace cannot, can never be created out of violence, killing, or forcing people to surrender to our values.

We have this conflict going on because we see one better than another, one right and one wrong, one evil and one good, and though we are all aspects of the same Creator who loves us beyond our knowing, we choose to see each other as enemies. We all want the same thing. We all want to be loved. We all want to thrive. We all, every single person on this planet want to live in joy.

A question popped into my head just the other day which was an amazing question as I considered it. The question was, why are we still thinking this way when we know that it hasn’t worked yet? Why are we still seeing one as good and one as evil? Why? The answer is far too obvious: We keep choosing that.

Habit is just a thought that we continue to think. War is just an act that we continue to see as a solution to problems. For things to change, we must change. Or not, but either way, we are in choice. Always. In all ways. We choose personal peace or not. We choose to accept propaganda that demeans others, or not. We choose to hire leaders who stir the pot or not. We choose. We always choose.

Want world peace? It is easy. Begin with peace within ourselves. Choose peace within. There is no way to peace. Peace is the way. How can we choose this? As a first step, as in yesterday’s post, we realize once and for all that we are all, each and every single one of us, aspects of God, or the Universe, or Allah, or All-That-Is. The name of what I like to call the Creator is not the least bit important. The only important thing is to realize our connection to that and to feel the love that emanates from that Source that is equal to all. Yes, all. From Hitler to Mother Teresa. All.

Anything Else Is Purely Choice Of Misalignment. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing your power of choice and how powerful it really is. You are so powerful that you can choose world peace. And mean it. And demonstrate it. By living it.

Daily Inspiration 9-22-17

“It’s hard to beat the system
when we’re standing at a distance,
so we keep waiting,
waiting on the world to change.”
— John Mayer

[New post]

Today, I want to inspire you in your core values. Deep inside, we are so much more than we show in our physical presence. In our higher self, our higher vibration, we are aligned to all that we know is true and are in alignment with our Creator, our Source, God, the Universe, All-That-Is.

We don’t pay much attention to that because we have so much going on around us, influencing our attention, along with our constant ego communication, or what we often call our self-talk. But, we can rise above all of that, and I have found out how to do that recently.

First and foremost, realize that you are an aspect of the Creator in physical form. This is true of me. It is true of every person on the planet, and everything on the planet. When we can learn to open up to the reality that this is true deep within us, this will guide us.

Second, realize your own power. We have all been ordained with great power. Our greatest power is the power of choice. It is equally placed and social status or financial prowess has no effect at our core. It is only on the surface, or the egoic self that we believe that to be true. The power of choice is our ultimate tool and our ultimate power.

The third is to be willing to come into alignment using these two very basic and all-powerful ideas to realize our core values and to honor them.

That’s it. First, we are all aspects of God. Yes, we are all aspects of God. As we honor ourselves as aspects of our Creator, we must honor all others, for to fail to honor another is to fail to honor ourselves, is to fail to honor the Creator and all of creation.

As we honor this, we no longer belittle people, nor do we dehumanize them. We honor them as we honor ourselves. No, we don’t let people walk on us, but we honor them for who they truly are deep within, as we honor ourselves in the same exact way. We are no better, they are no better, we are all honored equally by the Creator.

As we honor each other as ourselves and as equal in the love of God, we will not war. We will not cheat. We will not lie about one another. We will honor them.

Our power of choice allows us to choose as we will. When we are aligned–and this is why it is number one–we make different choices than when we are not aligned with our inner core values, our connection to God within. Only in ignoring this can we make choices that do harm, create disharmony, put one person or group above another. It is obvious then that much of the world has not realized that they are aspects of the Creator.

To make use of our power of choice and our deep connection to all that is, we must become willing to change, to do, to act. These three things are all that is necessary to change the world because the only way to change the world is to first change to what we want to see in the world within ourselves.

To keep this short, I will continue more tomorrow, but I want to leave you with this question to consider in your own lives: Today, what choices can you make and what actions can you take that would be even a small step toward coming into alignment with your highest values?

Simple Is Not Necessarily Easy; However, It Is Fully Within Our Own Power. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling your own connection to All-That-Is. It is joy on steroids.

Daily Inspriation 9-21-17

“Having a place on the Internet
is about having something to say.

The questions to consider are these:

What do you want to say?
How do you want to say it?
And of equal importance,
how do you want people to receive it.”
— Terry Minion

[New post]

I’ve learned so much about the Internet by choosing to own an Internet business, Upward Trend, beginning in January 2008. In a couple of months, it will have been in existence for 10 years. Amazing to say the least, especially if you knew the back end stories.

The reason I mention this is the theme of this Daily Inspiration is how we decide what to show others on the Internet. It’s telling in many ways.

The questions above are perfect to ask a potential client. Basically, what do they want to achieve by having a website, social media, etc.? Everyone wants to be number one on Google, of course, but they don’t understand how that comes to be. I get emails from people offering to get me to number one on Google all the time. Really, it is easy. Open your wallet and part with a lot of money. Yet, that isn’t really what works on the Internet in the end. That is just a carrot that is held out there for fun and games.

I was looking at a commercial truck company’s website this morning. I’m asking myself what they are trying to say. They have a lot to say, but it is as if it is a machine talking to a machine. There are no people. Well, I take it back there is one video of a person talking, but no other people.

It is people who do business with people in most businesses, but somehow so many were sold a bill of goods that they can be like Amazon. If you were to talk about how much experience your company had and how long the employees have been there, how much you care about giving great service, how vast your empire of parts and inventory is, and not have any people on the site, what is that saying?

What do you want to say? How do you want to say it? And, how do you want it received?

Take social media, for example. What do you want to say and to whom? How do you want to say it? Do you want to be divisive or inclusive? Promote fear or love? How do you want it to be received? Want people to be uplifted or dejected?

All of this is life. The Internet is simply a tool for communication. How would you talk to someone in person? That’s a good way to talk on your website then. Are you trying to make a connection? Then show some people to connect to and not a form. Want to tell people about your company, put up some great short videos of a person talking to a person (the viewer).

Sales, service, building a business, marriage, all relationships all come down to the most basic thing whether on the Internet or in person. It is communication. How am I communicating? What do I want to say? How do I want to say it? How do I want the other to receive it?

First Be A Real Person Sharing With Another Real Person. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by sharing your heart. By sharing who you really are.

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