Month: August 2017

Daily Inspiration 8-31-17

“Getting fit is a political act–
you are taking charge of your life.”
— Jane Fonda

[Classic post from 9-5-10]

What is the measure of our determination? It certainly is not a goal. I set goals all the time and reset them and ignore them and rationalize why I am deciding something different today, and the list continues.

It is not the decision. The decision is necessary to begin, but after the decision is made, there is many times this wishy-washy land of excuse and forgotten appointments and laziness and the whole general pleasure (something I want to do now) versus. . . what was that decision again? Oh yes, that one. . . well. . . you know it was 100 degrees today and. . .

The measure of our determination could be our commitment. That’s a logical choice, but it won’t hold up in court. Commitments change with decision and goals and however we happen to feel in the moment. We like to think of commitment as something really strong, but it only sounds that way.

So, what is the measure of our determination?

It is WHY.

Yes, it is just why. The bigger the why; the stronger the why; the more personal the why; the more why’s in the why, the more determination is achieved.

I’ve been thinking. . . I need to lose 30 lbs. That thought will not help because I’ve been thinking that for years and I still have the 30 lbs., although it moves around a bit. What I need to have the 30 lbs. go away is strong enough why’s. In the last two or three days, I think I have found them, and now, this will be a test of my determination, won’t it? To see if my why’s will get me to the goal.

So, I’ve made a decision. Yes, I will do it. I’ve made a goal. By Thanksgiving. I’m writing out all of my why’s and I will keep them in front of me to remind me why I’m doing this when it would be so much better to be on the couch. I’ll keep you posted. Today is September 5th. That is about 90 days in round numbers. Just a few ounces per day, right? Easy.

Of course, all of this applies to everything in our life and business. It’s not the decision or the goal or the commitment–it’s having enough strong why’s.

I Have My Reasons, And The Stronger They Are, The More I Get What I Want.

Spread Some Joy Today–Got why’s? Make a list and keep it close. You’ll need it when the going gets a bit tough.

Daily Inspiration 8-30-17

“I’m big because 
I’m connected to the universe, 
and the universe 
is connected to me.” 
— Neil DeGrasse Tyson 

[Classic post from 8-14-16]

I’m in the middle of a great new book that was just published a few days ago. It is by a favorite author, Pam Grout, who wrote the huge best-seller E-Squared. Her next book was E-Cubed, and now this book, Thank and Grow Rich. Obviously, and correctly, it is all about gratitude, being thankful, appreciating ourselves and all that is around us, as we are a part of it all.

I wrote something on a notepad a few months ago: Living a life of significance–10 steps, 14 principles, 7 actions. It was an idea for an inspirational post making a spoof about the idea that there are steps, principles, and actions required to have a life of significance. Indeed, that seems to be much of what we’re taught in our young lives and continues in our careers, and more. But, my thought was that every single person is living a life of significance because every single life is significant. We don’t have to do anything, learn anything, be anything other than who we are. Significance is a given, not a getten.

Pam Grout’s book says that same thing, in her words, of course, and that the simple, and yet so dynamically profound act of being thankful, grateful, appreciative of every single thing, every combined thing, all that is good and all that is labeled not good leads to infinite happiness. She says, being grateful for all things holds such value for a vastly improved experience, and that we don’t really have to do anything at all to be perfect the way we are. That includes not having to be grateful if we don’t feel like it. But, of course, we really do feel like it deep down because it is so much a part of our nature; in fact, we can’t help it once we let go of the static.

I woke up a tad after 3 a.m. this morning, sitting up, with eyes closed, rocking back and forth, giving praise, being thankful. I focused on one person, a significant person, but not a close person to me. I’ve known this guy since 1980. He has a local business here in Fairfield CA, and I’ve bought many thousands of dollars of products from him over the years. It’s been ten years since I’ve bought anything from him, as I’m not in need of his products anymore, but he pops into my head and I am thinking of all the transactions, his demeanor, his expertise, his fairness, and much more.

I was appreciating all of these things for quite some time. Then, at 4:30 a.m., I got up and went to my office and wrote him a 2-page typewritten thank you letter, addressed it, and put a stamp on it. I’ll take it to the Post Office later, and he will get it tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. It begins with Thank you! I Appreciate You! in big bold print, then goes on to give particulars. How do you think he will feel to receive this? I haven’t got a clue, but I’m guessing, it will make his day. But, what is more important is how it causes me to feel. I felt great thinking about it, and even better writing it out.

It’s nice to think grateful thoughts, loving thoughts, appreciative thoughts of people. A beautiful woman I had a bit of a fling with 30 years ago told me that she thought that whenever she was thinking of me, that I was thinking of her and vise versa. We never really compared notes, but that might be true. I do believe that just having positive, uplifting thoughts about others is of value to them somehow on some level.

But, there’s nothing quite so special as saying it to their face, writing them a note, sending them flowers, or whatever other physical act that takes that mental appreciation and manifests it physically. Don’t you think you would appreciate such thoughts and acts? Maybe you know someone or several someones to begin with today. How about one a week? One a day? We all have people we’re grateful for, and maybe even someone we haven’t seen in ten years.

Loving Thoughts Have Much Value, And Loving Actions Display Them. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by sharing your joy with someone who would delight in knowing how you feel.

Daily Inspiration 8-29-17

“There ought to be a law!” 
— a common misconception 

[Classic post from 10-27-16]

Consider this succinct insight from Abraham, Esther Hicks:

“Every law that you have on your books today, whether it’s a religious or secular law, has come about because you’re trying to get somebody else to do something that will make you feel better.” 

We Should Be Feeling Really Good By Now. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by turning from the stone you’re trying to move out of your way. Feels better already, don’t you think?

Daily Inspiration 8-28-17

“Love makes no comparisons.” 
— A Course in Miracles 

[Classic post from 12-26-16]

Ever heard the phrase, “I love you more?” More than what? More than whom? Does that mean that everyone gets a different amount of love as if it were a commodity that is divided among the chosen ones?

Conditional love is full of comparisons, judgment, expectation. But real love which is unconditional love–we could say it is love with a big “L”–has zero expectations, judgment, or expectations. It compares none, for there is no comparison.

Another way to see this is full acceptance. There is no wish that the other be better in any way for they are loved as they are, and as they will be, and as they have been. It matters not anything about their choices, they are simply loved.

And here’s another insight. When someone loves without condition, there is no thought of reciprocity. It is given. It requires nothing. It seeks nothing. It simply is.

How can you love someone who is so different from us or makes what we might call terrible choices, or lives a damaging lifestyle? There is only one way. We must let go of our conditions.

This is also true of the people we do like, that live a life we admire and respect, and that makes choices that are good in our opinion. Are we loving them without condition, or are we loving them until they change? When they are easy to love, they are easy to not love too. But, as we love them without condition, we open ourselves to the opportunity to love anyone as we choose.

Of course, adding people to a list is sort of conditional in its own way, but as we expand into accepting fully all human beings, and all of creation, we might have just an inkling of what the Love of God truly is.

Love Makes No Comparisons. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing all in the world choose as they will and find joy in that release.

Daily Inspiration 8-27-17

“Life is part positive and part negative. 
Suppose you went to hear a symphony orchestra
and all they played were the little, happy, high notes? 
Would you leave soon? 
Let me hear the rumble of the bass, 
the crash of the cymbals, and the minor keys.”
— Jim Rohn

[Classic post from 12-29-09]

I love this quote about the positive and the negative and using the orchestra to make the point that both are necessary and desired.

Many people call me Mr. Positive or some other less endearing names, and it might seem like a dichotomy to accept the idea of the negative mixing with the positive being a good thing. I absolutely focus on the positive whenever I can, yet what would positive be without the negative? What would solutions be without problems? What would success be without failure? I don’t think it is possible to be one and completely exclude the other. I think excluding one would automatically exclude the other, then there would be nothing.

The deal is, where do I focus my attention? I focus on uplifting and exciting! I am well aware of downgrading and boring. I have no use for them except as a contrast to what I desire. Yet, without them, what would uplifting and exciting mean? It would mean nothing. If I were to focus my attention on downgrading and boring, I would achieve a different result. I suppose a good question then is which would you choose? How would you like to feel? Choosing to focus on one is not excluding the other, but acknowledging it.

Now, here’s what I really get from this quote: My goal is to be neutral, centered. Think of it like stereophonic music where you hear different parts through the right and the left, yet you are centered and can experience them both and reap the rewards of the combination.

I absolutely love music to the degree that I can become absolutely lost in it as I experience different sounds. I can totally appreciate them together while at the same time hearing them as separate. I love a good sad song once in a while, but I find that happy, uplifting, powerfully expressed, moving beat music is my preference. The main reason is how I feel when I hear it. Or, better said, how I want to feel.

How do you want to feel? Choose your focus. Don’t exclude anything, but choose your focus and then you get to feel how you want to feel. Isn’t it so awesome that you get to choose all of that? So powerfully enabling!

I Love Music! I Love Joy! I Appreciate All!

Spread Some Joy Today–You know, there is no better way to show how you feel than a smile from knowing you are loved so deeply that it is the love of God. Smile that way today for others to see. It is incredibly powerful and yet so simple.

Daily Inspiration 8-26-17

Regarding following an ineffective leader. . .

“Your job isn’t to fix the leader; it’s to add value.
If the leader won’t change, then change your
attitude or your work address.”

“No matter what our circumstances, our greatest
limitation isn’t the leader above us–
it’s the spirit within us.”

“Your leadership is as much disposition as position.”

— John C Maxwell,
from The 360 Degree Leader

[Classic post from 11-30-10]

I’ve had several opportunities to be in the position of following an ineffective leader. In those positions, I used to complain every day, usually to my wife or some other poor unfortunate soul. I didn’t mince words either. How could the owner have hired such idiots in the first place? They were so inept and lame. It’s not that they were bad people, they were just bad at their jobs.

Of course, I was not in that league. I was good at my job. In fact, I knew their job better than they did and could probably do my job and theirs and have time left over–you know, me being perfect and all. . .

The more I complained, the more there was to complain about. Ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Duh! Was I trying to make myself feel better? Yes. Was it working? No. Was I helping my situation at all by this complaining? No. Was I hurting myself by this activity? Yes. Another self-inflicted wound!

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Recently, I’ve been reading and studying The 360 Degree Leader by John C Maxwell. It’s a wonderful book about leadership and in particular, leading from the middle of an organization. I absolutely love the first quote above: It’s not my job to fix the leader–it’s my job to ADD VALUE, then it goes on to say, if the leader won’t change (and you know they aren’t going to. . .), you have two choices: One, develop a new attitude, or a new way of looking at things, or two, get a different job.

Now, if I like my job, what I do and where I do it, I have only one choice: choose better thoughts, learn to appreciate my boss more, maybe get to know them more, seek their strengths and accentuate them–in other words, stop complaining and start praising.

You know what happens then? They seem to change almost overnight. They all of a sudden have skills you didn’t know they had, hobbies that are fascinating, and they have a knowledge you were unaware of, and a previously hidden but pleasant personality. What an amazing transformation! It’s a miracle! Who knew that people could change that quickly?

It’s an amazing thing. . .

Some Of The People I Have Come To Respect Highly Have Been Previous Bosses I Used To Complain About. . . Many After I Left. Better Late Than Never.

Spread Some Joy Today–Ever hear complaints about bosses come from your lips? How about other workers? Perhaps we all need to recheck our perfectness. . . It can only be from our own perfection that we see the flaws correctly. . .

Daily Inspiration 8-25-17

“Real generosity is 
generosity of the spirit.” 
— Alan Cohen 

[Classic post from 1-31-16]

Alan Cohen in his latest book, A Course in Miracles Made Easy, shares some thoughts about generosity and gifts. He mentions that in his life coaching work, he coaches people who want to help others but who feel that their lack of money is holding them back. He tells them that there are a number of ways to give without any money at all. Some of them include giving “time, talent, attention, listening, compassion, service, space, wisdom, or skill.”

Then he compares gifts of the world with the gifts of God. He says, “You can distinguish between the gifts of the world and gifts of God by one simple test: When you give a gift of the world, you have less and someone else has more. When you give a gift of God, both giver, and receiver gain. The gifts of the world are physical commodities. The gifts of God are energetic experiences.” 

He goes on to say, “When you give love, kindness, patience, or forgiveness, you gain the experience of the gift you are giving, in the moment you give it, so you are as blessed as the receiver.” 

I love that line, “The gifts of God are energetic experiences.” And, I especially love the method of telling if a gift is of the world or of God or of our Spirit, or our Source: “When you give a gift of the world, you have less and someone else has more.” This is particularly true of money. “When you give a gift of God, both giver, and receiver gain.” What a blessing it is to see that difference now so clearly from his brief explanation.

The Gift Of Energetic Experience. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–Joy is not a result. It is a choice.

Daily Inspiration 8-24-17

“Men build too many walls 
and not enough bridges.” 
― Joseph Fort Newton

[New post]

The Golden Calf

I think that we all have golden calves in our lives, and this has come home to me with the most recent pushing and shoving in personal choices of whose golden calf is the good calf and which is the bad calf.

In the Bible in the book of Exodus, which is a hair-raising story to read when fully conscious, there is the story of the Ten Commandments and later the development of the golden calf because the people were tired of waiting on Moses and they craved a symbol to see and so with the help of Aaron, their gold earrings and other things were gathered together and melted into a golden calf for their appeasement. Moses, when he finally came down from the mountain again, was truly upset with them because of what they chose to worship.

It’s an interesting story to read thousands of years later in the 21st century, and telling too. It really hasn’t changed much at all as I think about it. We are all still looking for things to worship and we are all choosing different things. Some are really important to us and others are semi-important until someone else takes a disliking to our choice, but in the end, we all have our golden calves and we are quite protective of them.

It doesn’t matter if it is a statue of a fallen General from the Civil War, the massive monument to the President who freed the slaves in dealing with that Civil War, a cross on the top of a church steeple, the flag of the United States of America or any other flag, the golden arches of commerce, the New York Times Bestseller List, the bull on Wall Street, and, well, this list is pretty much endless.

We have the so-called hate groups, and then we have the haters of the hate groups. How can we tell them apart? They are both in hating. They are separated by police in some cases and attacking police in another. We have the never-ending symbol of war, leading up to a war, fighting a war, cleaning up after a war. We have wars on people in other countries, and on drugs, the cartels, cancer, street-gangs, social climbers. We hold right as might and that evil needs to be eradicated. The righteous and the unrighteous. The worthy and the unworthy. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

We have beauty, the standard of thin, the physically fit, then this and that and the other. It matters not whether it is positive or negative as these are only two ends of the same magnet. Two ends of the same stick. Two ends of the same discussion.

And, to keep this as short as I can, the point I want to make here is that it is the same magnet. It is the same stick. And, it is the same discussion. Both are valid. Both are okay. Both sides have something valuable to add to the wholeness of the whole.

Back to Moses. They made the golden calf because they felt the separation of each other. They wanted something to bring them together. Since all they have known was that this came from outside, so outside is where they built the golden calf. To say that these people were wrong because Moses thinks they are is not the best point. The larger issue is that Moses felt the separation and so he looked upon the Lord of the external in much the same way. Guide us, oh Lord. Lead us!

As we allow ourselves to think we are separate from our God, our Source, Source Energy, All-That-Is, we are in separation. We want so badly to be whole, yet all we can see is partialness. All we can see and feel is the separation because that is what we are looking at. We are looking at the ends of the stick instead of the stick itself. As we look at the negative, we see more negative. As we look toward the positive, we see more positive, and yet these are only partial views. We will find wholeness in impartiality as we realize that we are not standing on the stick looking to one side or the other, but we are the stick. As we see the negative, we see that it is us. As we see the positive, it is us.

In whatever way we choose separation, we see more separation. As we will have the courage and wisdom to know ourselves and all other living things as wholly, we see the oneness of the Divine. It’s not about religion, spirituality, or any other name. It is about tuning into what we truly are within and seeing all that we see as the same. We are all Divine. We are all of the same exact Source. We are all on this time-space adventure together. And, as individual creations, we all have the individual power of choice. It matters not so much what others do, but it matters 100% what we choose to see, feel, and sense.

We Are, Each And Everyone, The Chosen Ones. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by challenging yourself to see yourself in those you do not like. See that we are all worthy of love, and in fact, in our depth, that is all we are: Love.

Daily Inspiration 8-23-17

“After a time, you may find that ‘having’
is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as ‘wanting.’

It is not logical, but it is often true.”
– Mr. Spock,
Star Trek

[Classic post from 10-31-09]

When I read this quote, I related to it immediately. It is often very true for me.

Some recent (last few years) examples: I wanted a very special and very rare electric guitar. I found one, bought it. Then I never played it and sold it. I wanted a treadmill, bought it and I have used it about 5 times in three years. Mostly it takes up space by owning it. I could probably list almost every possession I have and it would be that way, though most of them are just here or in storage, again not being used.

I’ve thought about this often and it feels kind of weird to want things, finally get them and then not care about them anymore. I think Spock is right: “It is not logical, but it is often true.” Of course, I also have things I love and use and continue to take pleasure in.

The thing for me to reconcile is that it is natural and okay to want things. It is also okay to get them. And, if I no longer really want them, or they no longer hold that value I thought they would have, it is okay to let them go again. Sort of like catch and release fishing. It’s that things are just not that important, but the desire is.

This made me think of advertising by P.G. & E., our local electric and gas provider. They advertise that they encourage people to conserve power as if that is critical. The government encourages the same and I’m sure that P.G. & E. does this mostly due to government encouragement. But conservation is not the answer.

I see a lot of ads by Shell Oil and Chevron about conservation, using less fuel and how good a thing this is for everyone. That’s like a car dealer saying don’t buy so many cars. It’s so stupid to hear them say that when this is diametrically opposed to what they do as a business. Conservation is not the answer.

The answer is not conservation, it is desire and expansion. The energy solution is new types of energy, and especially cheaper and renewable energy, instead of doing the same things and expecting a different result (insanity). A desire for something new creates expansion until something new arrives.

The same is true for us. We are desire-driven creatures. Desire is good. Holding it down and beating it up is not good. Expansion is good. Believing that abundance exists is good. Creating shortages and promoting that concept is not good.

Play with your desires: I ran across this from Bob Proctor and others. It is big fun and quite rewarding. Take out a few sheets of paper or a notebook. Now, write everything you want until to have at least 101 things. Trips, places you want to go, things you want to do, people you want to meet, situations you want to happen, businesses you want, anything you want regardless of its size or cost. Pay no attention to any of the ‘how’ part, just focus on what pleases you when you think of it. Pay attention only to ‘what’ you want, as if the ‘how’ did not really matter at all.

This will be a powerful thing for you to read again and again and watch what gets crossed off. It is satisfying and fun and you will be amazed how many get crossed off in a relatively short period of time. We are desire-driven. You are in charge!

I Will Get My. . . Satisfaction. I Will Get My. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Call One Or Two Special People And Tell Them You Love Them. Out Of The Blue Is Cool.

Daily Inspiration 8-22-17

“Pity the man who inherits a million dollars 
and isn’t a millionaire.
Here’s what would be pitiful, 
if your income grew and you didn’t.”

“Unless you change how you are,
you will always have what you’ve got.”

“Character isn’t something you were born with
and can’t change, like your fingerprints.
It’s something you weren’t born with
and must take responsibility for forming.”
— Jim Rohn

[Classic post from 12-30-09]

You’ve read about it and maybe seen some examples on television where someone won a huge lottery and within a short time, they were broke. “Pity the man who inherits a million dollars and isn’t a millionaire.” Many of us have always thought it was about money, but it isn’t really.

I’ve also heard the thought that if the country’s wealth was gathered and divided equally, it would be back in the same places in a very short period of time. Again, because it is the thinking, not the money that creates the accumulation or the spending.

Personal development is too soft a phrase to use here. A better one is growing as a person as in expansion, enlightenment and character building. Jim used to like to say, “watch what you become in pursuit of what you want.” Or he might say, “It’s not becoming a millionaire that matters as much as what you become in order to get the million.” It was expressed sort of as a warning but really was an encouragement.

I’ve been in sales management in one capacity or another for about 35 years and I’ve seen a lot of people who wanted to be the sales manager–to be in charge. Almost none of them would do what it took to get there. Those that got there without the willingness to become what you must become to do well as a sales manager, were obviously poor at it. I found as Jim said that it is more important what I became as a result of the job.

You’ve probably heard the three bricklayer story. One is laying one brick on top of the other with mortar in between. The other is building a wall so long and so high. The last is building a school where children will learn and play. You could use the word attitude. That word has taken a beating over the last 20 years or so, but it is true. Attitude is so important because it makes such a difference in what you become in pursuit of what you want.

Of course, the way of all of this is that in order to change, we have to change. Seems like such an obvious thing, but how hard it is to get to that final decision point and then move beyond it to the actual change. The really good news is that we all can do it and have the power. All we really need is the desire.

It seems like I have always been in a state of becoming. I have grown to love that state. It is a powerful thing to become, don’t you think? We’ll just keep going down the path of becoming together. I have realized as you may have that it is not a destination, but a journey. There’s actually a lot of peace and comfort in that. I hope you feel that as well.

I’m On A Journey Of Becoming!

Spread Some Joy Today–Pretend that you have a million dollars in the bank today. Feel as you would feel. Is there a smile permanently etched into your face? A joy welling up inside? Or just a calm, confidence that others can feel? Share it.

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