Month: July 2017

Daily Inspiration 7-31-17

“There is nothing like getting started 
to bring a task down in size.” 

 — Albert K Strong 

[Classic post from 2-19-14]

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have these tasks that seem monumental when I look at them, and ever grander as I procrastinate all the more. My thinking is usually that I don’t want to get started until I’m ready to complete the task. I find all sorts of reasons to avoid getting started. I got a lot to do, it’s too big a project, and the list is long, yet every last one holds no real value. Then, I beat myself a bit about it and well, it’s not a pleasant sight.

Yet lately, I’ve tried a new tact. I begin. Yes, that is it. I begin. Once begun, the size of the project seems to get smaller, and the longer I work on it, obviously, it gets smaller still. Sometimes you just have to dive in, get started, begin, and miraculously, the project not only seems doable but potentially a success.

I just had two of these in the last week. Yes, they took time to complete; however, I decided that I would begin, and then I would do what I could and then tomorrow, I would begin again, do what I had time and energy for and then tomorrow, again, and just keep doing that until it was done.

Strangely, it took less time than I had imagined as I was in the starring role of Procrastinator. Yes, it was a big project, but in bite-size chunks, it got done with ease. If I got tired, or some other thing stole my attention, I would just come back later. And, success on both accounts was the end result.

The Big, The Bold, And The Piecemeal. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Plan for joy today. Plan for joy every day. Don’t let anything get in your way today. Joy is yours.

Daily Inspiration 7-30-17

“The more we look without,
the more we go without.”

— Albert K Strong

[Classic post from 5-31-13]

This one is interesting and seems so true in my own life. The more we look without; that is, outside of ourselves, the more we go without because it is those things that we accept and rejoice in that are real. Everything else is potential.

The other thing is that by looking outside of ourselves, we are essentially claiming lack. We are saying, ‘this is missing from my life, and I want it and I want to find it, and it is out there. Either they have it, or God has it, or I’m destined to find it someday, or I wish I had it. And, it doesn’t matter what ‘it’ is. It could be love, a partner, a child, a job, a home, money, fame, or a million and one other things.

I think we have to look within, not without. To find strength, we need to look within. It was here all the time, we just misplaced it. To find love, that is all around inside us just waiting to be acknowledged and shared. To find God, we won’t find Him by looking in church or anywhere else outside. He is inside and always available every nanosecond of every millennium.

Even if something is not fully manifested and visualized by our human eyes, if we cannot find it within us, it cannot be found outside of us.

Here are a few great words from a favorite author and teacher, Alan Cohen: “You just need to know the truth about your power. Belief is the vehicle through which power manifests. The word “believe” comes from two original words: “leave be.” What we are willing to leave be, or let be, becomes real. We do not have to create good in our lives, for all our good has already been created, and it is waiting for us to claim it.”

“The Easiest Goal To Attain Is To Claim What You Already Are” — Alan Cohen

Spread Some Joy Today–Celebrate all that you are and all that you have today.

Daily Inspiration 7-29-17

“No rules exist, and examples are simply lifesavers answering the
appeals of rules making vain attempts to exist.”

— Andre Breton

“We started off trying to set up a small anarchist community,
but people wouldn’t obey the rules.”

— Alan Bennett

“No tendency is quite so strong in human nature
as the desire to lay down rules of conduct for other people.”

— William Howard Taft

[Classic post from 8-30-10]

There are rules and then there are rules . . . Think about it. Add up the number of rules that you have in your life right now. How about all the rules at work, the rules of etiquette, rules of taste and rules of conduct. Then there’s the rules of law and the rules of the road and rules of right and wrong (conscience). OMG, they go on forever, don’t they?

How many do you break? How often? Who cares?
Breaking a rule and not getting caught–is that like the sound of the tree in the forest when no one is there to hear it? Heck, I break the speed limit rules virtually every day of my life to one degree or five or six. You know, the safe zone. I’ve broken so many rules throughout my entire life that it would be scary to list them all.
Who cares? I know I don’t care much. I suppose if I did, I would be more careful to not break them. Who made the rules, anyway? What is the meaning of all that?
The rules I break more often than any other rules are the most predominate rules on the planet: those made for my conduct by other people. I mean, really! What’s with that!? Heck, I usually break those on purpose! It’s like they deserve to be broken. Know what I mean? Where do they get off directing my conduct or thought?
So, my philosophy is that rules are a fluid concept. Maybe yes, maybe not. It depends.
Most Rules Are Meant To Be Flogged And Abused.
Spread Some Joy Today–Do you have any rules holding you back. How about any rules of your conduct written by others for your benefit? Laughable, right? Make your own rules. Heck, don’t have any rules.

Daily Inspiration 7-28-17

“Dignity is not in possessing honors,

but in 
deserving them.”

— Aristotle

This has got to be one of the most delightful and empowering quotes I’ve ever read. It’s magical.

For the last few weeks, I’ve written many posts on the subject of honoring ourselves, and this quote caps that off nicely. How do you honor yourself? I think the best answer is an awareness that you deserve the honor.

You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to not do anything. In fact, it is simply and exquisitely given to all of us by virtue of our existence. And, as we acknowledge this fact, and this privilege, we have the power–all the power needed–to honor ourselves in our reality. As we honor ourselves, we are changed. As we are changed, we cannot help but change all of those that we see as being not us.

There is no need to compete for love or honor or peace. It comes from the most natural place within us without any effort whatsoever. As we become aware of all that is within us–as we honor that, honor our Source, and honor ourselves, we honor all of life. In this awareness, as we see those that seem to be separate from ourselves, we instead see us. We are everywhere at the same time.

This Place IS Love.

Spread Some Joy Today–Happy Friday! Thank God! Everyday. Constantly.

Daily Inspiration 7-27-17

is the keen awareness
of the interdependence
of all things.”
— Thomas Merton

This Tuesday, a movie was just released on DVD titled, Absolutely Anything, and I watched it last evening. It continually amazes me the things that I see in movies that are inspiring. And funny.

What’s also interesting is that the movie was released in 2015 and according to what I’ve seen to very poor reviews. People said it wasn’t funny. I laughed quite a lot through it and laughed wildly in some parts, and so the only reason I can think of that it wasn’t funny to them is that they were taking it seriously. It is not even close to a serious movie; however, it has beautiful and helpful inspirations and observations. In my opinion, of course.

It’s a silly story of so-called superior beings who enjoy destroying things. Now, that’s not really a new idea, is it? The head leader is played by John Cleese and delightfully so. They determine to destroy Earth after finding a satellite that has exited our solar system depicting the human form in a drawing. But, these destroyers have rules. Hmm. . . it’s getting more familiar with life on Earth already. . .

They randomly choose one person and give that person the power to change absolutely anything, hence the name. They want to see what this person does with that ultimate power and depending on how it is used, they will decide to destroy Earth or let it be.

The character played by Simon Pegg is chosen, who is a so-called typical human. Kate Beckinsale plays the woman Simon is drawn to that lives a floor below him. Simon lives with his dog Dennis, who is given a voice by Simon when he recognizes the powers he has been given, and that voice is none other than Robin Williams.

I very much enjoyed this silly flick, and yet here are some things that I culled from its lowly-rated dialog and concepts:

Superior Beings. An interesting concept played out throughout human history, one over the other with all manner of purported distinctions chosen by those seeing themselves as superior. At the same time, those who see themselves as less than get what they see too. There’s something for everyone there.

Power. We have far more power than we give ourselves credit for. We have so much fear that we fail to see our power and fail to make good use of it, and more often than not, we are giving that power to others over us for all manner of reasons, yet the power remains; albeit, in the closet.

Communication between humans. We make assumptions about what others may or may not be thinking or feeling about us, who we are or what we do or represent. Assumptions create so many problems that kill communication when if lifted, we would find that we can live in harmony and in joy. As we assume, and as we imagine, we cover real communication in gooey, sticky, sludge. He likes her but never says anything and instead tries all sorts of trickery. Same plan, different people, and circumstances.

What we want. Often we are not very specific about what we want. Simon wanted to be inside the bus but he landed in the engine compartment, then he rephrased and ended up on the roof, and finally, he was specific enough to get inside the bus. Silly example, but so true about our own desires. What we say we want is often not what we really want–at least not specifically. And, even then, it all works best when what we are being specific about brings us pleasure, or feels good, and when it is not, we can back off to how we want to feel and let the Universe direct the rest.

Interdependence. We are interdependent. It is said that one drop in the ocean changes the ocean. As we want so much, that is not a problem until what we want damages or negatively affects others. There is always more to be concerned about than simply ourselves, and yet as we are aligned with our inner being, our truth within, we can be self-serving and serving all others at the same time. Broad strokes often are not very considerate on minute details of unrecognized importance. Everything is important in some way because every single thing is part of the whole, and all has an effect and a role to play.

Laughing at ourselves and other things. It is said that laughter is the best medicine. Taking things too seriously is a path devoid of joy and lightheartedness. We need to see the humor in ourselves and our circumstances. We need to be like a child when it comes to laughter. It is so empowering to be able to laugh at ourselves and to enjoy our individual journeys.

These are just a few things that I gleaned from this funny movie. It brought me some lighthearted joy and some wonderful lessons as a bonus.

Great Teachers And Enjoyable Teaching Is Absolutely Everywhere. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by laughing at yourself a bit today, taking light the loads that you try to carry in your seriousness. Let it flow.

Daily Inspiration 7-26-17

“I don’t believe in being
serious about anything. 
I think life is too serious 
to be taken seriously.” 

— Ray Bradbury 

[Classic post from 5-31-14]

What a great quote. The older I get and the wiser I become, I find that this quote resonates with me more. How much of my life have I taken so seriously, and how did that help me along my path? Based on my own reflection, it didn’t. In fact, the opposite was more of the truth. We are all a bunch of serious people.

Richelle E Goodrich says to “take a step back. Draw in a deep breath. Now ask yourself, ‘So what?’ Then, after answering, ask yourself again, ‘So what?’ And a third time: ‘So what?’ Chances are you’ll come to realize that the issue at hand is not as dire, detrimental, or important as you first thought.”

Then, there is the contrary point of view by Oscar Wilde: “One must be serious about something if one wants to have any amusement in life.” How many times has that proven to be the case in my life? Many, many times. Along with Mr. Wilde, Martin Rubin is in agreement with, “the only reason to take anything seriously is to make it more fun.”

Today, I tell people that my only goal in life is simply to enjoy myself. A better way to say that might be to INjoy myself. I am rather curious about how often and how long I can be in joy so that works. And, the only way that I can enjoy and be in joy is by not taking anything very seriously. That is the opposite of the way I used to live and I am certain now which path is more fruitful.

Here’s A Great Question I Have On My Wall: Is There Joy In This? Another Sign Says: Lighten Up! Have More Fun! I Need Reminders . . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–by being injoy.

Daily Inspiration 7-25-17

“Everything in your life is there
as a vehicle for your transformation. 
Use it!” 

— Ram Dass 

[Classic post from 7-27-16]

This morning, I’m still reeling from watching the just released 2-hour first time ever documentary of the Tony Robbins event he calls, Date With Destiny. The film is on Netflix and is titled, I’m Not Your Guru!

I loved it and was filled with emotion and tears because there were some very powerful transformations going on. It was also a bit of a trip down memory lane from the live three and a half day event I experienced with Tony in 1993. My goodness, has it been that long? Can it be 23 years? Wow. I remember as if it were yesterday.

So many people come out of a powerful event like that transformed, and in some cases, it might last, but Tony says it will last if they develop renewed strategies and daily rituals that will move their lives forward in a more effective, and pleasing way.

I know in my case that I did not develop new strategies and rituals right away. In fact, I found myself back in my comfort zone pretty quickly; however, there has been a lasting positive effect in having spent that time with Tony and allowed myself to release some of my inner fear, anxieties, and limiting beliefs during the intense program. And, I believe that it helped put me on a path of accelerated learning.

We all have walls, I think. They are built to protect ourselves. Some were built at a very young age, others have been built in the interim. None of the walls are really helpful for our psyche, and coming to the conclusion that something needs to change can lead us on a path toward transformation. Once transformed, it is a little like being born again, and now if we don’t want to go back where we were, we need a new focus toward how we live in the moment and where we are going from here.

I don’t know about you, but I have had many transformations in my life. Tony Robbins used to express that as the power of decision. In fact, chapter two in his groundbreaking book, Unleash the Power Within, which is also the new name of the seminar I went to, the chapter title is Decisions: The Pathway to Power. I think we can all relate to those times when we finally got to a point where we actually decided to change, and the decision was such a powerful place to get to and experience. Those kinds of decisions are indeed transformations, like moving from a place of accumulated pain and regret, into the relieving realm of space and freedom.

There are so many ways to get there. A Tony Robbins seminar is a good way, and there are thousands more. I’ve gotten there from a particularly powerful audiobook, or book, or song, or TV show, lecture, recording, or movie, interaction with someone, or seeing interaction with others, to name only a few.

It seems that we all want change but we resist it at the same time. We want better, but we get to a point where holding on to our familiar pain has become a badge of courage, a treasured blanket, our favorite hiding place, and more. We then see change as hard. We feel that breaking down those walls is too much for us. And these are all illusions, of course. We only have to give ourselves permission to let go and to move into a more pleasant and fulfilling place. Others can help us do that by reminding us that we do have that power and then encouraging us to make use of it.

It’s interesting to write this now and realize that my life journey has been more like a series of letting go. It’s like picking up the rope here and a rope there and pretty soon I’ve got all this resistance going on in so many areas. Then I let one go, and sometime later another, and so on. Hopefully, I’m letting go of more than I am picking up, and then I realize it is just the journey. It’s all okay. I’m transformed again. I grew some more. I’m not a size 32 anymore (that was a long time ago. . .). I’m becoming, expanding, unfolding. I’m growing in love, expanding in appreciation–even for my pain, as in the film with Tony where he tries to have people be thankful for it all, rather than just the things that feel good. I’m unfolding in my spirit and enjoying that unfolding to the hilt.

I’m grateful that this documentary was made and that I saw it last night. I’m grateful that I was able to attend the one I went to. I’m grateful for all of the teachers on my journey, which number in the hundreds. I’m grateful for the transformation I made at Tony’s event in 1993 and the many transformations that have expanded me to where I am today. This morning I find myself filled with gratitude that I flow to all that might be touched by it, as I delight in it personally.

Here’s A Toast To Your Own Many Decisive And Delightful Transformations. And To Your Next One! Maybe It Will Be Today! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by spending some time in gratitude.

Daily Inspiration 7-24-17

“He is a wise man who does not grieve
for the things which he has not,
but rejoices for those which he has.”
— Epictetus
“Be thankful for what you have;
you’ll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don’t have,
you will never, ever have enough.”
— Oprah Winfrey
[Classic post from 11-26-10]
There is abundance in all things and there is no need to compete with anyone for something, for there is plenty for everyone. Everything that we want is attainable.
There is only a limited amount of things; only so much to go around, and we must compete for our fair share. It is a world of have’s and have not’s.
There is an abundance or lack of abundance as we choose to think of it. Whether how we think of it is learned from our parents in childhood, or learned from those we have associated with growing up, it makes all the difference which we believe.
We can change our beliefs. . .
When We Focus On Lack, We Attract More Lack. The Opposite Is Also True. In Any Case, It Is A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
Spread Some Joy Today–Watch as your gratitude changes you and those around you. Complainers will move to a new ground for they do not like gratitude and will begin avoiding you from now on. Of course, gratitude has not much use for complainers either. . . We could think of complainers as lack of gratitude. . .

Daily Inspiration 7-23-17

“What difference does it make?” 

— A common phrase used by teenagers 
with their parents 

[Classic post from 9-30-14]

Where have I heard that before? Probably out of my own mouth a few times long ago, or maybe not too long ago. It’s hard to remember, you know? In fact, though this is a common phrase for teenagers, I think it is pretty popular with twenty and thirty-somethings, and plenty of middle-agers too.

It is often used in frustration not understanding the value of doing something or becoming something and is a sure sign of powerlessness. Often the parents and others may argue with the powerless one to no avail because I’ve heard a lot of those arguments and they aren’t very convincing.

And, here is about the only answer that makes any sense at all to me. My answer is that everything makes a difference. We all make a difference. Every single thing we do or say or write makes a difference. Our body language makes a difference. Our indifference makes a difference. The person we become makes a difference. Our so-called failures make a difference along with so-called successes. Every life, every animal, every breath, every bit of life makes a difference. We cannot help it, and we cannot stop it. We are doomed to make a difference.

Which leaves only one single, yet potentially important question: What kind of difference? There is no single answer, nor right or wrong, or good or bad, as there are as many answers as there are people who give them. So, leave all worries behind and find joy in your difference-making.

Let’s Celebrate That We Do Indeed All Make A Difference! 

Spread Some Joy Today–Next time you’re people-watching, pay attention to how many remind you of yourself at some point in your life.

Daily Inspiration 7-22-17

“To be conscious that you are ignorant
is a great step to knowledge.”
— Benjamin Disraeli

“When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly
stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was
astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.”
— Mark Twain
[Classic post from 3-20-11]
As I glanced at the quote above from Benjamin Disraeli, I laughed thinking of myself when I was young and ignorant thinking that most adults just didn’t have a clue. It also reminded me of the Mark Twain quote. But, you know, it doesn’t change at 21, does it? I’ve been ignorant in some ways all my life and still am in some things. The big difference from being a naive youngster and now is that I am conscious of my ignorance, and even so brave as to admit it openly. Indeed, that is a big difference, isn’t it?
Today, I am very clear about the vastness of my ignorance, and at the same time, I am more confident than ever of that which I know. Interesting. . .
My Ignorance Is Such An Opportunity; However, I Have No Particular Need To Know Everything.
Spread Some Joy Today–Any time you feel love for someone today, make sure and let them know it. It might matter to both of you.
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