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Daily Inspiration 2-28-17

“I rate enthusiasm 
even above professional skill.”

— Edward Appleton

[Today and for the next few days I’m re-sharing some classic posts that relate to enthusiasm, its meaning and its value in our lives. This post is from 5-30-12]

Enthusiasm is a interesting word–no, not just interesting, but fascinating! I used to think it was like jumping up and down with energy, sort of like when you’ve rested your body really well and had something you wanted to do and you bound out of bed and bound down the road and exude joy in your movement. It can be that, and I’ve felt that, but it isn’t very reliable. In fact, it is hard to come by.

Looking enthusiasm up in the dictionary provides some of the fascination to the word. It’s origin is approximately 1570-80 according to and means essentially equivalent to God within or inspired by God. It also means absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit; lively interest. And, to be enthusiastic is to be full of or characterized by enthusiasm.

That’s a bit complicated, but I get the concept. To make it easier, I think it means to be in love with what you do, regardless of what that is; to live alive and on purpose; and to feel the presence of God or the God force or whatever you may choose to call that connection that we all know is within us. Esther Hicks would call it an alignment with all that we have become and who we really are. Eckhart Tolle would call it the power of NOW, or being present now. The great management master, John C Maxwell might call it being in joy. And they would all be right. That wasn’t really making it easier, was it?

Okay, here’s easy: Loving Life This Moment and Loving Your Life This Moment. I like to string moments together and so it can last for days. It has lasted all day today, and yesterday. I might as well keep going. Yet, it’s not about making it last longer, it is just enjoying, or rather, injoying it this moment. Injoying the moment. In the moment.

So, how is that done reliably? By being willing to let go and let God within, by letting go of what was and what may be and only considering what is. Where ever you find yourself, be there. In every single instance that I do this, I am enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm Is An Outward Expression Of InJoy.

Spread Some Joy Today–Injoy your day. You’ll know it when it happens.

Daily Inspiration 2-27-17

“For though my faith is not yours 
and your faith is not mine, 
if we each are free to light our own flame, 
together we can banish 
some of the darkness of the world.” 

— Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks 

There is one thing that I have finally learned well that took most of a lifetime to settle into that now guides my life in assurance. That thing is this: I cannot think for another, and therefore, I cannot change another by anything that I might say or do. 

When it comes to change in human beings, I only and very strictly have the power to change myself because only I can think for myself. No one, regardless of title or authority can think for me. Period. 

One can attempt to change the behavior of another, and there can be what might appear to be success, but it is strictly an illusion. If they change under duress, it is not really change but compliance. 

Whether it is a carrot or a stick, it is still manipulation. In the management game, they call that motivation, but if you’ve been a manager as long as I have, you realized some time back that there is no such thing as motivating another. They may motivate themselves and we may be an influence in one way or another, but if it doesn’t come from within them, there are none of the intended results. 

The carrot always works better, but the thing that works the best is example and the best way to be an example is to operate from the State of Appreciation, and Love. 

If we are each free to light our own flame, and we certainly are–that is part of our natural authority by being alive–we may shine our light and the darkness will flee. As we shine our light, we give permission (though they don’t require any such thing) to all others to relight their inherent flame and shine their light and more darkness flees.

But, here’s the interesting part of that. We are not attacking the darkness. The darkness is simply the absence of light. We are lighting our flames and expressing our true selves guiding not only ourselves on our journey and in our learning, but being of the most assistance we can be to all others we encounter at whatever distance they may be from us physically.

Here is a catalyst to speed this process of accepting and living this example. We call ourselves many things. Someone asks, “who are you?” and we may answer, “I am a sales manager.” Or, “I am a mother of three.” Or, “I am Jennifer Caplan, or Jeff Brown.” Or, “I am the President of the United States.” We claim many titles and names and they change with time, but that is not who we are. 

Who are we? We are a divine part of Source Energy, All-That-Is, God, The Universe, which as you can see also has many names, but that is only so we can communicate our thoughts. We are so much more than we say we are.

As we realize that we all know deep inside this is absolutely true, we allow ourselves to light that flame, shine our light, and give permission via our own example of encouragement and love to become their own beacon of light. It is not darkness that we are after, it is the light, and the light is within us all. 

You ARE The Light. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by basking in the glow of the love of the Universe.

Daily Inspiration 2-26-17

“Any and everything
can be justified. 
Our egos do that 
all day long.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

I was reading comments from a Facebook post of a controversial image from the past.

One comment was that it was hard to be a Christian in times like these. This is the one who shared the negative controversial image. I thought that was fascinating and it caused me to consider what it is to be a Christian or anything else for that matter.

So, here’s some questions to ponder:

As a Christian, it is my duty to _______________________.
I am a Christian because ____________________________.
I think that to be a Christian is to _____________________.

Now to expand by changing the word Christian to:

Any other religious sect
Business Owner
Human Being
Divine part of All-That-Is.

Hmmmmm. I happen to think that the word love would be appropriate in each of the blanks in all of the things we call ourselves from time to time.

But That’s Just Me. Choose As You Will, Because You Do. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by following your heart instead of the ego.

Daily Inspiration 2-25-17

“An awake heart 
is like a sky that pours light.” 

— Hafez 

More and more I am simply in love with life and people and all that I see in my world. This has been growing in me for many years, and there are days that come where I am so wide awake to the joy and exuberance that I feel like I am walking on air. Yesterday was one of those peak days, and as I accumulate the experience of days, I find my practice becomes mastery much like a concert pianist grew from chopsticks.

I was up early for an 80 mile trip to Yuba City CA to see two great clients, and in the process I talked with a number of people I’ve never met, enjoyed every view my eyes could see. I enjoyed many hugs from people I’ve known for a long time and only see once or twice a year. I dearly love and respect all of these fine men and it is such a delight to see them and spend a little time listening to them.

There was an event at the dealership of one of my long time clients and friend, Paul, and the event was a great success. I shot some video with a more recent client down the road. I stopped at a favorite shop to pick up some unique items, and another store too. In these side jaunts, I saw some beautiful people with uniquely colored hair. I complimented one woman who had yellow and green hair with buzz-cut sides with a pony tail and long bangs too. It was so much fun to see, and she loved that I spoke with her.

Later, at the event I complimented a guy on his facial tattoo. He told me the story of what it means and the stages of its completion.

You know, I have to stop here and say that in the past I would laugh at people with tattoos because I thought it was wrong or silly or some other judgmental view. The strange colored hair is quite popular right now and I used to love laughing at those bold enough to go there. But no more. I’ve flipped a U-turn with the Queen Mary so to speak. Now I see it all as expressions of their personality, a way to show more of their personality, or their uniqueness. I didn’t even notice this changed in me until recently.

I had a great day in Yuba City and then came home and stopped briefly at Wal-Mart to get a few things. Here I saw a woman that I only met about a month ago and didn’t recognize at first, but she gave me a delightful hug and, well, I love getting hugs, and especially from beautiful women.

The rest of the evening was equally delightful, so I spent the entire day from early in the morning to the end of the evening loving everyone I saw, loving all of the scenery, the autobiography of Andrew Carnegie audiobook while driving to and from, the wonderful junk food dinner I savored (a very rare treat!). I cannot remember a day I’ve enjoyed as much and so fully, and the best part is that this is expanding in frequency of occurrence. How magical is that?!

It stands true that the more I practice appreciation and love and allow myself to experience the joy of that, the more I find to appreciate and love and experience. Even if I’m not out and about, I seem to find joy wherever I am now–even standing still with my eyes closed.

The Road Diverged And I Took The Road Less Traveled. To See With These New Eyes Is To See Love Everywhere I Look. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by sharing your lovely day(s).

Daily Inspiration 2-24-17

“I am worthy because I AM.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

You are worthy because you ARE. They are worthy because they ARE. We are all worthy because we ARE. Simply by being, we are worthy. In all of us is this God-given, God-blessed worthiness. There is no need for any justification. There is no need to earn it. The only thing we have ever needed to do is to accept our worthiness.

Celebrate, Celebrate, Dance To The Music. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–by accepting your God-given gift of worthiness. Now that is pure joy!

Daily Inspiration 2-23-17

“You cannot be less than you are now. 
You cannot achieve a vibration 
that is less than the vibration 
that you have achieved.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

The knowledge that we have accumulated is where we are now. We can move forward accumulating more knowledge and experience, but it doesn’t leak out standing still, nor is it like a tire that has a small leak in it where it has to be refilled in order to stay at the proper pressure. So, the good news–and I think it is really good news to get excited about–is that we cannot go backward, or become less somehow than what we have attained in our learning and growth.

But, though we are always moving and cannot remain still, we can stay on the same plane as we choose to do so.

While more growth, expansion and higher and higher vibration is always available to us as we choose it, sometimes we may decide to let go of the enthusiasm that is born in saying yes to that journey, by giving our attention to where we are and what is in our current field.

I like the example where once I am no longer ignorant of how fear tends to capture my attention, and those of the world around me, I cannot unknow or unlearn it. I certainly can pay attention to the fear spoken, written, and viewed, and in that attention, I see it grow in my experience.

Yes, I can stay on the plane I am on at the moment. But, no matter that I am distracted, I can no longer blame others for my attention in that way. I now must know that I know that I know. Yes, I know that what I give my attention to grows, and I know as I focus on fear-based propaganda I am encouraging more fear. And, I also know that I am in charge of my focus and no one else. It isn’t the news. It isn’t the video. It isn’t the comments on Facebook or other social media. It is me. I am allowing–even more powerfully, I am choosing to give my attention to this.

At the same time, I know that I have all the power to turn my focus elsewhere and have a different view, experience and result.

I Am In My Knowing. I Am In My Choosing. I Am In Control. All Ways. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing joy over fear. Or not. It is up to each of us as we see fit.

Daily Inspiration 2-22-17

“Compromise is one solution; 
albeit, rarely a joyful one.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

I re-watched Women, a favorite movie last night, and after I was done, I wrote this down: “What do I want? versus What do we want?”

The movie is all about relationships, friendship, love, and challenges. One marriage broke apart from the affair of the husband, which was just the perfect situation to cause the wife to take a real look at her life, and after the initial trauma, to ask herself what she really wanted instead of all the expectations of all the others in her life from her father, to business, her daughter, and her long marriage and relationship with her husband. Throw in some drama from her band of girlfriends, and it went from seemingly happy and successful to dysfunctional to say the least.

Many of us have probably navigated similar waters, and from my current vantage point, I can see how things happen that seem to be disconnected, but they are really fully connected and yet we often are unaware that one thing actually causes the other. Into every life some drama must fall I suppose, and some much more than others. But, this is a good thing if you know how to view it.

Standing back and getting the look of the bigger picture is certainly a valuable viewpoint. From here one can see a lot of movement and how much of that movement is under our direct control, whether consciously, or unconsciously. Growth is in there somewhere, I’m sure.

The part that stood out for me and caused me to write that dual question was that so often whether we realize it or not we are living a life with many compromises. We know it doesn’t feel good, but we do it for the misused word harmony. Compromise is rarely harmonious. It more often comes from the lack of joy in continuing to fight. It is one, both, or all parties relinquishing our own desires, territory, or position for the sake of the cessation on outward conflict. I don’t think it does anything at all about the continuing inner conflict. We just stuff our feelings and move on to the next issue. But, over time, those stuffed feelings must escape from their turmoil within. Enter the antagonist, whether a person, thing, or situation. Something has to give.

But, compromise is only one solution and generally it is not so effective. It is ineffective because it is win-lose, lose-lose, lose-win. It is rarely if ever win-win, and that is the solution that really works, as it did at the end of this movie. She won by finally deciding to follow her passion, her dream, her creativity. He won by realizing what he gave up because now that she has chosen what she wants, he can respect that, appreciate her more, and the unspoken tensions are released into a place of more open communication. The unhappy daughter realized the same thing. All are in a state of appreciation, which is my favorite state of all.

One could say, “well, this is just a movie and this can happen in movies, but it isn’t reality.” I so tire of that kind of line. Reality is what you make it and everyone has their own reality. As we can appreciate the reality of the other, respect and admiration prevail, and that is expressed outwardly. We can’t make a decision that works, but I can, and you can. As we can appreciate the underlying desires and need for the decision, we can gain understanding and find joy. It isn’t a compromise to share in the decision of another, it is to decide on your own what is right for you within the decision of the other. Or, to decide otherwise. Courage and risk are always involved, but this is where life is really alive.

This applies in all relationships whether business, political, or like-thinking groups, or personal. I used to be told that marriage is all about compromise. That’s not accurate for me. That causes a lot of distress on both sides. What does work is deciding what I want. Then, let us share our thoughts and feelings and come to an understanding rather than a compromise.

Joy Is In Following Our Heart Which Always Leads In Love. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing your own joy to be expressed in all your relationships. Where there is joy, there is love.

Daily Inspiration 2-21-17

“The promises of this world are, 
for the most part, vain phantoms; 
and to confide in one’s self, 
and become something of worth and value 
is the best and safest course.” 

— Michelangelo 

“The value of a man 
should be seen in what he gives 
and not in what he is able to receive.” 

— Albert Einstein 

I’m going to share a dream from early this morning. It was so powerful that I woke up and had to write part of it down.

I was friends with a man named Bob Mopi, who was such a special friend. I remember reading a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh the other day which matches this man’s love and friendship perfectly: “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” I felt completely and totally loved and free whenever I even thought of Bob Mopi, and I did nothing to hold him from being equally loved and free.

Bob was an expert at numbers, investing, and managing money. He was in the highest demand, and yet he chose as he chose not paying any attention to the grandness of the offers. He was his own man and did as he pleased; did what pleased him the most.

I was friends with several board members of a mid-sized company and they really needed a treasurer, but more like a CFO; someone who could guide the company financially out of the chaos that it had landed in, but they couldn’t pay the big bucks and so they were wondering where this magic person would come from.

I said, “what about Bob?” I didn’t even say his last name, and they all knew exactly who I was talking about. They all instantly said, Bob Mopi. Yes, that’s who we want. But, will he be available to us? That’s the question. I said that I would speak to him.

Now this board was made up of the finest men and women one could know. They were smart and full of integrity, and yet, they found themselves in need of some financial help. Well, a lot of financial help.

I talked with Bob and he instantly agreed to do it, not even asking about any compensation. The only thing he stipulated is that he must have the freedom to not be tied to this job. He must be able to get the work done in whatever little time it might take and then have the freedom to do other things in the meantime. It was agreed.

Afterward, back in the big office with that board, everyone was chatting it up and I spoke out (and this is what I wrote down early this morning): “I know what is so special about Bob. He doesn’t not like anyone. Everyone is important to him. He doesn’t know how people he interacts with will be of value to him or he to them, but he knows there is value in all relationships, however brief or exalted.”

I thought, wow! If someone were to say that about me, that would be the greatest compliment I could ever be paid. It is love. It is love as a noun, and also a verb. It is love in action. It is unconditional love. It doesn’t matter how the other is expressed physically, Bob loves them as they are inside–as they truly are, and he loves them with such freedom that the other feels no ties that bind, with no expectations, with no requirements.

Imagine The Possibilities Of This In Your Life And Your World. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeing beyond the surface to see that in which we all are the same in love and freedom.

Daily Inspiration 2-20-17

“We’re not held back 
by the love we didn’t receive in the past, 
but by the love,
we’re not extending in the present.” 

— Marianne Williamson 

I read this quote. Then put it down. Then picked it up again and again. In a short time, I became mesmerized by it. There was a wash of thoughts that came through as if this quote opened a floodgate of sorts.

Yesterday I received an email where a reader expressed some thoughts about yesterday’s post about enlightenment and found it hard to let go because there is still a strong urge to seek approval from others. I love when people write to me, and I gave a response that came to me that I thought might be helpful.

I shared something I learned early in my study of sales that I learned from someone else about having an air of indifference. Not indifference, but just an air of it. It’s sort of a self-protection device to take a ‘no’ as a choice and not as a personal attack. Having an air of indifference as if I won’t die if they say ‘no’ allows me to keep my wits about me and my personal feelings from running amok.

Then this quote came to me this morning and opened that approval idea wide. All that love we didn’t receive in the past that we live over and over again, even as the past is long gone. It is something we hold onto though it is not necessary to continue to do so. But to paraphrase Marianne’s quote, “we’re not held back by what was, but only what is.” In other words, it is the present moment that is all there really is. We can live in the memory or the moment.

Thich Nhat Hanh said, “to be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” I delight in this statement. At the same time, I can so relate to the reader because the majority of my life I craved approval, sought it all day every day, and I would be unhappy if my attempts to manipulate the approval of others failed, which they did all the time. Yet I persisted in my quest.

Then, I found a book that put me on a path toward change from this quest. It is a short book that is so profound. I have read it so many times over the years and have given away hundreds of copies, especially to young people. The title is, Love Is Letting Go of Fear, by Gerald Jampolsky. This book gave me permission to accept myself, to approve of myself, and not have such a need to have others approving or loving me. It was the first book I ever read about loving myself enough to awaken me to the choices I always have had available to me and yet previously ignored.

No, we’re not held back by the love or the approval or anything else we think we were lacking in the past. . . unless we keep living it over and over again in the present. What really matters right now is what we are thinking and doing right now. That letting go book encouraged me to make different choices and to let the past be–to let go of it, release it, accept it for what it was–a part of the journey to here and now. For it is in the here and now that all my power resides. Here is where I decide to let go or reach out.

It is not the ______ we didn’t receive in the past, but the _____ we’re not extending in the present. We choose every moment of every part of our lives. If we begin by accepting ourselves, our past, our family, our entire history, and our inherent power to choose, we can let go as we choose, and extend all that we are today in as much joy as we will allow.

We Are All Enough. Exactly As We Are. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by laying down the rope of the need to have others approve of us. We are the deciders and we cannot make others do anything. By letting go, we release ourselves to our own freedom.

Daily Inspiration 2-19-17

“There is no enlightenment 
outside of daily life.” 

— Thich Nhat Hanh 

This quote speaks volumes in one short sentence. Here is what I thought when I first read this quote this morning.

There is no peace without peace being within us. There is no love without love being within us, expressed by us, delightfully received by us. There is no such thing as business ethics. There is no compartmentalization, no private closets, or privacy on the Internet. We cannot step out with one foot while the other is bound to the floor. We cannot reach out while holding onto our place.

If we are not who and what we are then we are only who and what we are not.

But the real value of our life is being who we truly are. It is sharing who we really are. It is living that which we essentially are in our daily life.

We have been trained by others to wear masks and to attempt to hide who we are. Enlightenment, I think, is merely letting go of all the masks, the training, the proper etiquette, the private closets, the business ethics, the chains that bind us.

Enlightenment then is release. It is not something we find, but something we know deep within. We simply uncover it. We allow it. Within that, we find grace, peace, joy, unconditional love, compassion, freedom, and as we express our real selves, we share these qualities with all others, while at the same time giving permission to all to choose the same, or as they will.

This Then Becomes The Life We Came Here To Live, To Share, To Be. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing your essence to be your dominance.

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