Month: October 2016

Daily Inspiration 10-31-16

“There is such a thing 
as a life without fear.” 

— Michael A. Singer 

Perhaps my teacher, Tony Robbins, was the one who opened my mind on the idea of choosing a different and more helpful and even healthy perspective rather than accepting fear, despair, and the practicing of denial. He used a few simple questions to do this. Here’s two of them:

1. What is great about this problem? 
2. If there could be something great about this problem, what might they be? 

Number two is after the typical denial that there isn’t anything great about the problem. He calls these Problem Solving Questions, and they are on page 201 of his great book, Awaken the Giant Within. The book was published in 1991 and ever since reading it way back when and I am faced with a situation that is commonly responded to with pity, or feeling sorry for myself, or fear, I would remember that I don’t have to follow the norm of how the majority might respond to one of these events. No, I can choose to respond differently. I cannot express with enough enthusiasm how empowering this has been for me. 

Death is the biggest fear in life for most everyone, and when someone close to you dies, you’re supposed to mourn and feel sadness, cry, seek the sympathy of close friends, and more. That’s what we’re taught; albeit, mostly by copying what we see of our parents or on TV, etc. But, there are so many other choices than this.

The same is true with any major life event, such as a diagnosis of a major disease, or so-called incurable disease. As the one getting this news, we could choose the typical responses we’ve seen on TV or in our family, or we could choose something else entirely. There is no requirement to be sad. Equally, there is no requirement to be happy. We get to choose how we will feel in any situation. We can go with what we’ve learned, or go on auto-pilot with the norm, or we can begin a celebration instead.

Michael A. Singer said it this way: “The natural ups and downs of life can either generate personal growth or create personal fears. Which of these dominates is completely dependent upon how we view change. Change can be viewed as either exciting or frightening, but regardless of how we view it, we must all face the fact that change is the very nature of life.” 

The more I learn about life, the more fascinated I become. It seems to me that there are things I can control, and things that I cannot, but there is one thing I can always control, and that is my perspective, how I view an event, situation, person, or thing. In this way, my feelings become a guide to know what my thoughts are meaning to me.

We all get to choose our perspective. Choosing the norm is fine. Being sad is fine. Being upset is fine. It is all fine. As well, choosing to think and feel different than the norm is fine too. They are all real. And, the best part of that reality is that we all get to choose as we will.

One of the best questions that I think we could ask is this: If I were given six months to live, how would I choose to think and feel about this? What would I choose to do? How would I live the rest of my life?

What if I got excited? What if this caused me to realize what is really important in my life? What if what I’ve been doing was not nearly so important as I thought? What if I changed? When you have six months to live, would you spend that time in fear and despair? Wouldn’t it be so much better to get excited?

Sometimes Getting Excited IS The Cure. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by falling in love with yourself and your life. What a glorious day that will be!

Daily Inspiration 10-30-16

“Who are you? 
Who, who. . . Who, who?” 

— Pete Townshend 

After almost 40 years now, I still love the chorus of that song, Who Are You? by The Who, released in 1978. Plus, it is among the greatest questions we could ever ask of ourselves and others. Who Am I? Who Are You?

Most people would answer the question by stating something about themselves, such as, their name, what they do for a living, something they have done to make a name for themselves, and more. But, none of that would be them. We are all so far beyond all of that trivia. In truth, we simply are.

I want to share an insight of the many insights I gleaned from Michael A. Singer’s powerful book, The Untethered Soul. In this book, he gets to the simple depth of answering who am I, and in a very short book, explains so much about understanding ourselves, and aims to help encourage a much more satisfying journey for each of us in our lives.

To simplify who we are after we let go of all the layers of labels we have for ourselves, he says, “Eventually you will get to a point within yourself where you realize that you, the experiencer, have a certain quality. And that quality is awareness, consciousness, an intuitive sense of existence. You know that you’re in there. You don’t have to think about it; you just know.” 

And here’s the part that I want most to share this morning. He says:

“To make this more experiential, let’s try a consciousness experiment. Notice that with a single glance at a room, or out a window, you instantaneously see the full detail of everything that’s in front of you. You are effortlessly aware of all the objects that are within the scope of your vision, both near and far away. Without moving your head or eyes, you perceive all the intricate detail of what you immediately see. Look at all the colors, the variations of light, the grain of wood furniture, the architecture of buildings, and the variations of bark and leaves on trees. Notice that you take all this in at once, without having to think about it. No thoughts are necessary; you just see it. Now try to use thoughts to isolate, label, and describe all the intricate detail of what you see. How long would it take your mental voice to describe all that detail to you, versus the instantaneous snapshot of consciousness just seeing? When you just look without creating thoughts, your consciousness is effortlessly aware of, and fully comprehends, all that it sees.”  

I was fascinated with this paragraph–fascinated because it resonated within me. Right after I read that, and ever since I read it, I often just look and pay attention to see, hear, feel, smell, and yes, even taste all that I am aware of in that moment, or as I string moments together into larger blocks of time. It is a glorious, mind-opening sense of awareness that is bordering on magical.

It doesn’t matter if I am in or near nature, or I am in my truck, or at an event, or our doing errands, or sitting here typing. There is so much around me wherever I am, and now I notice it all without thinking about it or trying to explain it. It simply is. Certain things get more of my awareness or attention, but even without turning my head, moving my eyes, I sense this grand awareness of being.

Try it for yourself. Look without thinking and sense the depth of your own awareness of all the intricate detail all around you. I’ll bet that you too will sense it all in that moment without needing to describe anything. It just is. I’ll also bet that this will change the way you look at things, and especially expand your wonder and delight, as it absolutely has for me.

“Behind It All, There You Are.” — Michael A. Singer 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing your awareness to help you find joy where you only saw issues and problems before.

Daily Inspiration 10-29-16

“Example is not the main thing 
in influencing others. 
It is the only thing.” 

— Albert Schweitzer 

Perhaps you’ve had an experience as I have recently where a place you’ve been doing business with for quite some time has a manager change, and then the entire feel of the place is off from what it was. It is said that as goes the leader, so goes the pack.

I go into my bank at least ten times per month and sometimes more. It is a small branch with a manager and typically three tellers. Earlier this year the branch manager moved to another location and one of the tellers was groomed for that position and it was given them. He was a very happy man, always smiling or laughing, had great banter, had a unique way about him and it seemed that the whole place was in that flow with him. He was also a wandering leader in that he was not holed up in his office most of the time.

I was happy for the person who moved up, and at first there wasn’t much of a change, but then it came to feel quite different.

Because I am a happy man, I bring that into the bank with me. I aim to be bright, cheery, and have an enthusiastic, yet calm manner. One of the tellers used to be very light and happy and now has a busy, serious look. I used to love to go to her window, but now she’s always busy and I have to go to the others. They are all great, so that is fine.

Yesterday, my ego was saying to me, “did I say or do something to offend her? Her demeanor has changed significantly.” So I let it rant just a little. I wondered if I should say something to the new manager or the old manager even. I wondered for the first time, what they might be saying or thinking about me after I left. Then I quickly put my ego back in his cell where he belongs and asked, “what is my best role here?”

Here’s what came of that. My role is to be the best authentic me that I can be. My role is to be happy. My role is to send love to all of them, lifting them up in my mind. That’s pretty much it. Simple. 

Here’s why: First, it is none of my business what anyone else thinks or says about me. I cannot control that, and if I ever tried, it would only mess it up. I have no power there. Second, I can’t control how anyone else acts, or how they do their job, or how they choose to respond to the demands of their job, or how they choose to feel. I have no power there. 

Where I do have power is here: I can only control myself. I can only control my own thinking. I can only control my own actions. I can only control my demeanor. I alone choose how I will feel in any situation. 

So what’s my best role? To be me. To love. Without conditions. To not try to change others for my benefit. To keep my ego on a short leash and not let him rule because he is a chaotic leader. Love is a better leader. I learned this long ago being a manager since I was twenty-five. Love is the best leader. It never fails.

We Can Be So Much More Valuable By Focusing On The Power We Do Have Rather Than The Power We Don’t Have. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting love be your leader.

Daily Inspiration 10-28-16

“Words are but the vague shadows 
of the volumes we mean. 
Little audible links, they are, 
chaining together 
great inaudible feelings 
and purposes.” 

— Theodore Dreiser 

Long ago, I read that you can count your intimate friends, those with whom you can speak your heart without fear of embarrassment or other concerns, on just one hand. I now understand this more completely.

I attended an annual event yesterday where I know of a lot of the people there, and many I have also worked with, and some are active clients in my business.

I have almost always been a quiet type of person, uncomfortable in social situations. I used to see these gatherings as a sort of competitive environment of who’s doing well, growing, becoming more, and who is not, who is popular with the many and who is not and so on.

I can make small speak and listen to small talk, and yet it satisfies me not a bit. So, when I am not being engaged, I’ve done something new. I look at each person in the room and feel love for them. Some of them I hug and feel deep love for, and others I may only have just met, or didn’t even get around to meeting them, and I love them already.

If you’ve been reading any of these Daily Inspirations for a while, you know that this idea has been coming on me and in practice for quite some time, but when you realize that you are actually doing it without even thinking about practicing it, well, this is a whole new feeling, and yesterday, this feeling came alive in me.

I think the change within me that has caused all of this to come to pass in all its glory to me is that of those that I can count on one hand, the number one is my inner sense of connection with God, or All-That-Is, or the Universe. From this one connection which I find any time I desire by simply relaxing, letting go of resistance, dropping the rope, I feel somehow connected to all, each in their different body suits, and manners. It is a strangely mystical and absolutely delightful feeling.

That feeling goes beyond being intimate with anyone, sharing inner feelings or secrets, to the point that there is no need for any of that because that is at a somewhat lower level.

I love Theodore Dreiser’s quote above because it speaks to me of how I used to feel at these kind of events, seeing people once a year, or with even more space in between sightings. And, even though mostly those inaudible feelings and purposes go typically unexpressed, I find a way to express some of those feelings and thoughts with one or two or three regardless. But, even that doesn’t really matter because they already knew.

There Is A Far Deeper Connection With Each Other In All Of Us. Relax In It’s Glory. 

Spread Some Joy Today–OK. Let’s call today, Joy Day 1. Tomorrow will be Joy Day 2. String a few more of those together and you’ve got a Joy Month, then a Joy Year, then a Joyous Life.

Daily Inspiration 10-27-16

“There ought to be a law!” 

— a common misconception 

Consider this succinct insight from Abraham, Esther Hicks:

“Every law that you have on your books today, whether it’s a religious or secular law, has come about because you’re trying to get somebody else to do something that will make you feel better.” 

We Should Be Feeling Really Good By Now. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by turning from the stone you’re trying to move out of your way. Feels better already, don’t you think?

Daily Inspiration 10-26-16

“Seemingly all of a sudden 
I realized that I had the capacity 
to love every person and thing.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

More practical Spirituality, which I now realize is what I’ve been sharing all along.

Compassion. It’s a word that is bandied about with ease. And my understanding of the word is different than the definition in the dictionary that I just read: “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.” That’s like saying, “I feel sorry for you and your affliction(s), here’s my ten-step method for curing your ills and releasing your suffering.” Silly.

Compassion to me, is a grand word, filled with practical and powerful selfless love without any agenda on repair. What a radical difference.

I have to share this beautiful and insightful quote by one of my favorite old “new age” thinkers, Albert Einstein.

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” 

I take issue with only one short phrase: “Our task must be to. . .” There really aren’t any rules, and any observant person of the world around us can see that not so many are accepting this task, regardless of the stature of the person suggesting it. No, it’s not a must. It’s a potential choice. I say potential because we can choose yes and we can choose to ignore it completely.

I have been on this journey of learning to make use of what Abraham, Esther Hicks calls the Art of Allowing. This art or activity is the essence of compassion to me. As I allow others to be what they choose for themselves, and as I don’t insist that they be a certain way on my behalf, I am loving them without condition. There is no better way to define the Art of Allowing to me. 

I’ve been practicing for a long time, but it is only in the most recent years that I have taken off the training wheels so to speak. In releasing myself to practice my own version of compassion in the Art of Allowing, and in expressing and feeling unconditional love, I have come so much closer to the person I truly want to be inside and out.

I’m not 100%. Even so-called Saints have an ego that sometimes pretends to influence. There is no end to the journey as in reaching the destination, but there is greater and greater allowing, becoming, expanding. I would even say that in just the last year, there has been substantial expansion in me. It is ongoing, and I am in love with the process.

So where’s the practicality in this? Let’s say you’re a salesperson, and do you suppose there would be value in loving your prospect that is in front of you, allowing them to be who they are as you do for yourself? As you are choosing love, the other cannot help but to feel it in some way. This helps bring you together in purpose as co-creators of the event called the sale. I know a lot of salespeople look at the transaction with the prospect as overcoming objections, using manipulative words and phrases, with self-focused motives.

Let’s say you work on a team, and something comes up that isn’t your job and yet you have the opportunity to serve the team or not. What does love do? It serves. Easy choice from a certain perspective. These are just a couple of ways your Spirituality can be made practical.

What about homeless people? Criminals? Terrorists? Heads of State? The neighbor who refuses to take care of his lawn? The potholes in the streets? The flat tire you notice as you’re in a hurry to get to an appointment? The guy driving slow in front of you? Friday afternoon traffic? A mistake on your paycheck? A leaky roof? A power outage? Can you love them? Love those things and events? You can if you choose to. Some may be a bit easier than others, but all doable.

Whatever is going on in and around our lives, we always have and always will have the choice of our perspective on them. We can exercise compassion, love, acceptance, allowing, appreciation, or we can choose fear, disgust, hatred, violence, irritation. I have chosen them all and many more. I now practice my definition of compassion. In doing so, I am changed and have released myself from my own prison. The vision of that is like after a week of rain, the sun is shining in all its glory with the clearest deep blue sky, and that sweet smell of that change.

“One Man Practicing Kindness In The Wilderness Is Worth All The Temples This World Pulls.” — Jack Kerouac 

Spread Some Joy Today–by turning your love light on high beam.

Daily Inspiration 10-25-16

“Words do not teach. 
It is only life experience that teaches.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

For words to not teach, there sure is a plethora of words in all their forms around this planet, but I think what Abraham means is that we can read, hear, absorb information in many forms, yet it is making our own decisions about that information that teaches, or is accepted within us.

Abraham Maslow says it this way: “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” It’s another way to make up our own mind, and the most basic sense is our awareness. Our awareness is essentially our consciousness, or we could say our connectedness with that which we truly are within, deeper even than our thoughts.

I was thinking, how does prejudice remain after thousands of years of evolution? Parents and peers demonstrate it, and it is copied as real, becoming the child’s own awareness. And in the close environment of the family regardless of its intimacy, the child knows nothing else. Living in this small world, they are sheltered from other points of view, as well any other points of view are often set up as attackers on their truth. So it is passed on and on and on, generation to generation. Until. Until a child allows information to contradict their history, accept the new premise and practice it in their life.

As this grown child creates offspring, they may choose a more benevolent environment for independent thought, and rather than controlling, control is released.

So there are always those holding on to previous prejudice and those who are releasing it. There is room on the vast planet for all versions as people choose. The key here though is that there is always that choice. 

Life is always more simple than it is often made to be. As an example, to end war is simple. Stop going to war. Of course it is deeper than this, but still simple. Stop thinking of others as enemies. Choose something different. Choose to love them and celebrate their differences. Well, it is obvious that this is very difficult in our world and we’ve complicated it so much, and so war will always be with us until we change our awareness of ourselves and our world one by one.

At the same time, and in a similar way as in war, pushing against something or an idea is counterproductive. It actually creates more instead of less because we get what we focus on. So, pushing against prejudice creates more of it generally. As in the idea that we can have peace at the end of a war and especially because we won it, we have no peace because we are pushing against peace. War is not a way to peace, but peace is the way to peace. The way is to let go of it rather than giving it more energy by pushing against it.

We push against so many things and make them more prevalent. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and a thousand other dis-eases. We push against bullying, Cyber-bullying, and a thousand other ‘wrongs’ against others and ourselves. We push against crime and drugs and on and on it goes and where it ends nobody knows. It cannot end by pushing against it, giving it attention, giving it energy. It can only grow. 

To bring this back and temporarily close this message, words don’t teach, but they can inspire us to make our own decisions instead of following previous ‘norms,’ to then act in a way that feels right for us. In the simplest term, we are moving toward love, toward our Spirit, toward that which we often call God, or we are moving away. We know which direction we are going by how it feels. The simplicity continues because it feels good to move toward, to accept, allow, create, love and enjoy, and it feels bad, tense, tight, painful, disempowered, and depressing to move away.

Words Do Not Teach, But Life Choices (Our Experience) Does. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by relaxing in it. Move toward your joy.

Daily Inspiration 10-24-16

“Keep a light, hopeful heart. 
But expect the worst.” 

— Joyce Carol Oates 

Continuing with the idea of practical Spirituality.

I love the quote above because it is so silly, but I don’t think she was laughing when she wrote it. Sure, “keep a light, hopeful heart,” is a grand platitude, but then to negate it with, “but expect the worst,” is bizarre, and yet, it is how many of us live in the world today.

It is said that we get what we expect, and so to expect the worst is to attract it to us, and then how long do you suppose a light, hopeful heart will last? Until you turn on the news? Pick up the newspaper?

Does it even occur to us that to expect the worst and then try to keep a light, hopeful heart is so much work? It’s got to be tiring, stressful to contradict ourselves all day long. A house divided cannot stand?

We think, ‘well, this is life. This is how it is. This is my lot. I can’t imagine how I could _________. There’s no use in ____________ because ________ is ________.’ And, all of this is trying so desperately to have a light, hopeful heart while expecting the worst, isn’t it?

That’s when people say, ‘all that Spiritual stuff sounds good, but it isn’t real, and it isn’t practical. All that philosophical stuff is bunk.’ They agree with Amit Kalantri when he says, “lovers tend to be philosophical, achievers are practical.” We want practical. It’s like Tony Blair, when he said, “What matters is what works.” 

So one of those Spiritual, philosophical things is that Law of Attraction idea: What is like unto itself is drawn. Yeah, so why isn’t the money in my bank account yet? Why hasn’t my life changed for the better? I’ve been thinking positive thoughts. . . well, sort of. . . I mean when I think about it I do. . . when I have time to set aside to think. . . but I’m so busy. . . I got so much to do. . . I gotta pay the rent. . . I don’t have time for this crap. . . I want results! Now!

Perfect. Results is what the Law of Attraction is all about. It always, unerringly, unfailingly produces results. You think thoughts, and more thoughts like that are drawn, and the more focus or attention is given to a thought to the point that emotion is felt, the more like it are drawn. You could think of that as the gas pedal in a car. The more you press the gas pedal, or the stronger the thought, the faster the car goes, or the faster and more powerful are the like things drawn. 

A strong thought doesn’t just draw another like thought, but it also begins acting on the strength of the thought by helping to create opportunities, ideas, circumstances. In other words, those thoughts now become things and those things that match the strong thought become new circumstances, meeting people with similar goals, opening doors that we didn’t even know existed.

However, as we work so hard to keep a light, hopeful heart, but expect the worst, we immediately negate the idea of improvement. Instead, the more powerful thought, which in this case has to be to expect the worst, the Law of Attraction goes to work on that, or best case is that we simple stand still and nothing much happens to change. We desire to change, and then we expect to not change, if that makes more sense.

Simplicity is the way the Universe works. Simplicity rules. So to keep it really simple, as we focus on what we want, more of that is drawn, and as we focus on what we don’t want, more of that is drawn. We can go back and forth, back and forth at will. We can wonder why these bad things keep happening to us when that is not what we want, and wonder why our positive thoughts don’t seem to help. But, that doesn’t change the fact that the simplicity and consistency of the Law of Attraction is at work 24/7/365.

Realizing this is always working on our behalf is all that is needed to understand what we are getting. If we are not getting what we want, follow the trail to our thoughts and expectations. Expectations are only thoughts that have more power, and that is why we get more of what we expect than what we think. 

Practicality and the Spiritual Law of Attraction are one in the same. It is eminently practical, and it is also completely Spiritual. Make use of it or ignore it as one might wish. It doesn’t care. Use it to benefit yourself or bring more and more hardship. It doesn’t care. It is completely and exquisitely neutral.

Your Wish Is Its Command. Wish For. Wish Against. Your Choice. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by making the simple choices. I recommend the ones that feel good.

Daily Inspiration 10-23-16

“Many think Spirituality 
is a buzz word 
for that mystical unknowable 
 which is beyond 
that which we live, 
but Spirituality without practicality 
is impotent.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

When I think of Spirituality, I think not so much of some idea to attempt to explain the depth of our being, or even the connection of all beings, or even the eternity of life, but I like to see how I can have it relate to my actual living day to day on this blue planet called Earth spinning in space in the middle of nowhere.

In other words, how does considering Spirituality help me in my daily life? So, as I study this thing called Spirituality, I seek to use that knowledge in my life to improve, grow, expand, understand. As well, when I write my thoughts out here, I always try to say it in a way that can be useful right here, right now to help us live life more fully. And, last, it has to be simple to be practical, otherwise it will remain esoteric, or only for those who are enlightened and have risen above the practicality of the life most of us live.

The only prerequisite is to realize and accept that there is something more than we. I didn’t create me that I am aware of, nor did I create you, nor any other, so there is something going on beyond us. 

Regardless of our age, if we but allow, we can sense within us that there is some kind of connection to something more than we are. Some call it a soul, some Christ Consciousness, others call it Spirit, the Universe, All-That-Is, God, and hundreds of other choices. What we call it is not important, only that we recognize that there is some sort of connection however mysterious that may be to us or not fully understanding it. We all know it is there.

As well, in realizing this connection, we sense without a doubt that it is benevolent and that it is like love, even a very deep love, as we allow ourselves to feel more of the intensity of our inner Spirit.

So here’s the simple practicality in its simplest form to consciously connect that mysterious Spirit with our practical mind and body: It is our guide. It doesn’t control. It is not like an auto-pilot, or a dictator, however benevolent. All it does is give us advice via our feelings of what might work for us rather than against us. A guidance system so to speak.

Wayne Dyer in his book, Living An Inspired Life, says it this way: “It’s important to understand that each and every one of us represents God or Spirit revealing Itself here on our planet.” He then demonstrates the practicality by asking, “In what direction are you moving? Being in-Spirit is a direction we take, rather than a destination to be reached. . . It’s imperative for all who seek an inspired life to assess the direction of their thoughts and behaviors in terms of going toward, or away from, Spirit.” 

Abraham, Esther Hicks uses the analogy of being in alignment with or out of alignment with our Inner Being, or our Inner Guidance System. I love both Wayne Dyer and Abraham’s visual explanations, and I have come to use them both in my daily life, every single day now.

Love is a perfect example of being in alignment, and fear being out of alignment. As well, love is moving toward Spirit and fear moving away. Appreciation is in alignment, while complaining is out of alignment. Peace is moving toward Spirit and feeling despair or unworthiness is moving away. 

This is not religion. There are so many religious beliefs. My experience with religion is that more often than not, the Spirit is lost in the dogma, although religion can be helpful for many, and Spirit is within all because Spirit is within us all. Each of us will know whether the rules, laws, and dogma are helping us connect within to our Spiritual connection, or not by how we feel. Feeling good is connecting, feeling off is disconnecting.

So the key or the communication aspect of our inner Spirit is our feelings. As we feel good, relief, improvement, we are moving toward Spirit, or coming into alignment with our Spirit, and as we feel not good labeled in so many ways, we are moving away from our Spirit, or out of alignment.

The simple practicality of Spirit is paying attention to how we feel when we say something, do something, think something. How do we feel when we complain? How do we feel when we dis somebody, put them down, talk behind their back? How do we feel when we appreciate someone, something someone did or created? How do we feel when we are saying yes to love and no to hate? How do we feel when we are afraid? How do we feel when we are at peace? Moment by moment, we know where we are in relation, in conjunction, in partnership with our physical mind and body, and our Soul, Inner Spirit, Immanuel or God within as we accept this very simple understanding of practical Spirituality. 

“Out Of Clutter, Find Simplicity. From Discord, Find Harmony.” — Albert Einstein 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing that joyful connection to All-That-Is within yourself. You only have to let go and breathe.

Daily Inspiration 10-22-16

“Inspiration has nothing to do 
whether we win or lose.” 

— Wayne Dyer 

In his wonderful book, Living An Inspired Life, Wayne adds, “Attempting to do something, even if it doesn’t succeed is inspiring because we don’t tend to regret what we do, we regret what we didn’t do. Even following a futile attempt, we’re inspired because we know that we gave it a shot. It’s wondering whether we should or shouldn’t try something that leaves us feeling stressed and incomplete.” 

Who won the World Series in 1935? Who lost it in 1947? Does it matter? Does it really even matter who made it to the World Series, or the Super Bowl? What really matters is that people showed up, and came together to do, to be a part of doing.

What does it mean to be number one? It means nothing after the contest is over. What does it matter if you got into the Hall of Fame? After you got there, it doesn’t. It really doesn’t matter what we did, but only matters what we are doing. I have, as all others have, a long list of things we have done. We have judged them while doing and after they were done. Sometimes we hold on to them and carry them like baggage for long periods. Some feel good, some don’t. And, none of that really matters because it is over. Done. Used to be. Was. Not today. Not now. History.

What matters only is now. What are we doing now? Are we bringing the fullness of ourselves to what we are doing right now? The more we let go of what was, and what may be, the more fullness we can bring to what is. 

When we connect with the fullness of who we are in the moment of now, we cannot help but be inspiring to others. What is important in the now moment? Pure experience. Learning. Loving. Being. Caring. Respecting. Sharing. Giving full attention to others. Injoying. Whatever the tasks in front of us, they are no bigger, nor any more important than can fit in the moment. There is no stress because stress is a reflection of the past, and a projection of the future. Stress cannot exist in the present moment.

What is interesting to me about the present moment is that it contains all of time. It is as if time is vertical rather than horizontal. It is as if there is no such thing as time. There is only experience, awareness, and as we are in this physical body, there is doing, and the only time that we can do anything is the present moment. I cannot do anything in the past. I cannot do anything in the future. I can only do right here, right now.

This is the value of inspiration. It is being in the present moment as much as possible. To practice it, to live it. The future which doesn’t really exist, will take care of itself. It will do that in the present moment. The past which is sort of an illusion–a memory will be what it was when we release our hold on it. The only time we can do that is right now.

There is nothing but now. Now is the place we live. If we are actually present in the now moment, we are inspired, and we are inspiring. As we drag around the past and project the future, we are cloudy, uninspiring, out of sync, and we miss the fullness of ourselves and the fullness of the present experience.

What will people remember most about you after you’re gone? They will remember when you were present with them in the moment, and the more of those moments you were present with them, the grander the memory. Will they care if you were number one in your job? Will they care how hard you worked, and how many hours you put into it? No. They will remember when you were fully present with them.

The Only Real Value Of Living Is To Be Here Now As Freely And Fully As Possible. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by paying attention to your moments as they are here now.

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