Month: August 2015

Daily Inspiration 8-31-15

“You can never change the past 
nor control the future, 
but you can change 
 the mood of the day 
touching someone’s heart 
with your smile.”
— Terry Minion 

I dislike quotes from “unknown.” Of the tens of thousands of quotes I have in my files, only a small percentage are from unknown and I never have used them. Who the heck is unknown? Is it a man or a woman? Animal or vegetable? Mineral? Does it fly? Walk? Who is that entity “unknown?”

I don’t recall ever actually using a quote from “unknown.” Some of them appear quite good, but who really cares if no one said it? How did it ever get recorded in the first place? Someone must have known “unknown,” don’t you think?

So, I made a decision this morning. Mornings are always good for clearer head decisions. The decision is that since I detest, ridicule, find disturbing, dislike, find ridiculous, quotes by no one worth mentioning, or at least no one who wants to accept responsibility for them, that I would take them for myself when I find one I like. I will step up to the plate and own them while unknown hides in the shadows.

The quote above has been commandeered, ripped, stolen from “unknown” and I have accepted responsibility for saying it. I have accepted responsibility for being “unknown” in this case. It seemed like the right thing to do. Next time you see a quote by “unknown,” you will know who it was. It was me. I am “unknown.” So, now you know. And. . .

You Can Quote Me On That. 

Spread Some Joy Today–go grab your claim to fame!

Daily Inspiration 8-30-15

“Most beliefs are formed by words– 
and they can be changed by words as well. 

Realize now the power that your words command 
if you simply choose them wisely.” 
— Tony Robbins, 
from Awaken the Giant Within 

Part of what I do with commercial truck dealers we have as clients is to shoot videos for those that are willing. And the great news for those who are is that these videos can make a grand difference in their sales and the growth of the commercial truck department. Between my business partner, Ryan, we have shot hundreds of these videos. We have both learned how to be video directors and cameramen.

Yesterday was my third video session with our local Ford store client and the commercial manager, Kent. In all the videos I have done, he is by far my best student. What makes him the best student is that beyond being willing, he follows directions and is open to doing something he’s never done before. In other words, he’s willing to do. I will talk to him about what I would like to see, give him some ideas of what to say, then let him go to it, and he does very well at it, growing with each video. I told him yesterday that I’m going to start calling him “one-take Kent.”

Just before the start of the first video, he said, “Let’s give it a try. I hope I can remember all of that.” I stopped him and said that he needs to change what he is saying. I said that he needed to say, “this will be the best video I’ve done yet!” By the end of the 90-minute shoot, he was saying that on his own. 

We don’t realize how powerful our words can be. It’s not even the words. It’s the feeling behind them. Words like, “I hope. . .” or “I’ll try. . .” or “maybe this time. . .” are expressing feelings inside that are guiding what we do. They are affirmations.

Affirmations are intentions. As we speak them aloud, they grow in their strength. We might want to ask ourselves about what is coming out of our mouth, “is this what I want? Or is this what I do NOT want?”

Often the difference in performance is in the words out of our own mouth or spoken in our head prior to the action. When we changed the affirmation to, “this will be the best video yet!” the video was better, and each one improved.

We don’t do videos to sell a particular truck as much as to sell the idea of how this truck and combination of body and chassis can be valuable. We never talk about price or terms. It is always about the product and how it can be used, including interesting features, and more. We don’t want them dated, and we don’t need to list VIN numbers, or disclosures because we aren’t really selling this truck. They are more educational. These videos get way more traffic as a result.

In these videos we were doing, I am teaching him how to sell a completely different way than he has always done it. He is picking it up like a vacuum and he is using it when he talks to clients. In fact, yesterday, there was a steel dump that was kind of unique on the lot. It was sold, but I said, let’s do a video on this. He knew pretty much nothing about steel dumps, but in a few minutes he knew a lot and he did a walk around on that truck like a pro. It was a powerful teaching and learning moment. By the way, he began the video by saying, “this will be the best video yet!.” And it was.

Affirmations Are Intentions. Be Aware Of What You Intend. It Has A Tendency To Be True. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by sharing your expertise and your joy with someone who is willing. The shared joy is worth it.

Daily Inspiration 8-29-15

“It is up to you 
to focus upon and attract 
what is wanted.”
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

We get to choose. In fact, we are totally in charge of choosing. Not only that, we create what we choose to create, so we have the ultimate power of our own experience. Knowing this is one thing, and actually acting it out moment by moment is another, yet once realized, once understood, my mind cannot go back. Once I have realized that the world is round and not flat as so many have stated, I can no longer see it as flat.

Yesterday I wrote about the feeling of being adored and finding ways to renew and replicate feelings that I like and want. Those feelings are in my memory else I would not know what they were, so I can jog my memory, and feel them again, and I can also renew and expand them using my imagination.

There was a time when I felt adored by my late wife. It was glorious. Whenever another puts that kind of attention on you, it feels magical, and it is often automatically returned. Then it stopped. Life gets in the way. The honeymoon is over. Shit happens. Things change. However, I might want to say it matters less than the fact that it stopped. Did I change? Did I become less? How can I get that glorious feeling back? I miss it. I want it. I crave it. And yet, it is gone.

I tried all kinds of things to bring those great feelings back around again. I got some here and there, but not the big one that I missed so much. I settled for what I could get, and I felt that as creative as I could get, I was not creative enough.

It wasn’t up to me. It was up to her. Or was it? Was it really up to her? In my now wisdom, I have learned that when we rely on others for how we want to feel, that it is quite a hit and miss affair. Trying to get others to do anything is all about the finesse of manipulation. It has very few rewards and is very unreliable.

I have learned that as a creator, I have the power within me to feel as I choose to feel anytime I choose to feel it. That includes the most glorious feeling of being adored and being loved unconditionally. Shit still happens, and life still gets in the way, but nowhere near as much as it used to because I realize that the world is round, and I cannot even imagine it as flat anymore. In other words, I am in control of how I feel and I can no longer go back to hoping others make me feel how I want to feel.

I have learned a lot in the last two years flying solo. I have learned so much more about the power I have within to create whatever I want. I haven’t experienced making use of that knowledge as I desire, and I know it. I don’t want to beat up on myself for any of that as it is okay to take my time at the moment. But I know that the world is round now, and I can’t go back to having it be flat. In other words, I know now that I am a creator, and I cannot go back to a world where things just happen to me and I have to find a way to deal with it. I get to choose.

My reminders on my walls and desktop are just that. Reminders that I have the power to feel however I choose to feel when I choose to feel it.

One thing I didn’t mention yesterday was that we have the power to choose to not only adore ourselves but for all others. I mention this only from this perspective: It is not to adore someone else so that it is returned. It may or may not be. It is to feel the feeling ourselves. One way to feel adored is to exercise the action of adoring.

And this too is something I practice every single day. Another word for adoration is appreciation. I find so many things to appreciate or to adore every day. I adore little Charlie more every day. I adore the people at the bank every time I walk in there. I adore the weather, whatever it may be at the moment. I look in the mirror and smile at my reflection and say how handsome I am and how I love my body, praising parts of it. I used to find faults in every view, and now I find things to praise. Regardless of the current shape. I even praise that. My body has so much flexibility and creative placement!

I am learning to feel what I want to feel. My reminders help me remember that I have that choice. I’ll listen to some great music and enjoy that. I am enjoying my life. It feels like I always wanted to enjoy my life this way, but back then I didn’t realize I had all the control within me. Now I do.

What Are Your Most Glorious Feelings? How Can You Feel Them Again And Again? You Are Totally In Control Of How You Choose To Feel. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing.

Daily Inspiration 8-28-15

“Remind yourself that you are loved. 
Not only loved but adored. 
You are loved unconditionally. 
Use sticky notes, posters, photos, 
or whatever helps to remind you. 
Just remember that you are loved. 
No matter what. 
No matter what. 
No matter what.” 
— Terry Minion 

It is amazing what a simple reminder can do to lift a person up, to feel loved, valued, wanted, and more. Some are just touching and others are equal to moving a mountain. I have reminders all over my office, on my computer, on the walls, my Abraham, Esther Hicks perpetual calendar, and more. They help. They remind me that I am loving and that I am loved.

On my computer desktop, I have the above picture on my screen when I’m not in a program. I have many that I use on my desktop but this is my favorite so far. It is my favorite because every single time I look at it, I feel adored. Not just loved. Adored. As if I could never do any wrong. As if I’m the most handsome man on the planet. Adored.

It delights me every single time and every single moment I see it. I bought the photo on, and she looks a lot like Annette Bening. Maybe that’s part of it. I’ve always loved watching her in the movies she’s been in. Whatever it is, I cannot say exactly, but I know exactly how I feel when I look at it. That’s all that matters to me. 

Here’s a photo of a note I shared a long time ago of a note I stuck on the inside door of a kitchen cupboard for my wife to see when I went on a trip about 12-14 years ago. It is still there. I just checked. Amazing. When I went on that trip, I stuck many of them all over the house, and this one has survived, but it demonstrates how a little message of a reminder like this can have the power to move our hearts and minds and reminds us that we are loved.

When was the last time you really felt adored? That is such a delightful and yet powerful feeling. I hope you feel it often–every day even. If not, please do as I have and find something that reminds you of that feeling so that you can feel it too every time you look at the photo, note, letter, whatever. You absolutely deserve to feel it, and it is totally okay to post reminders to yourself to help you along.

Don’t wait for someone else to bring you this feeling. You can feel it in your imagination, in your body and mind right now. You could post notes all over your house to remind yourself, or remind your spouse or your kids or other family members too. Love is meant to be shared, as I am sharing with you now. It is multiplied when it is shared.

Remind Yourself: You Are Adored. You Are Loved. You Are Valued And Valuable. You Matter. You Make A Difference Just By Being Alive. You Are Blessed. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by spreading the word through your feeling.

Daily Inspiration 8-27-15

“What you think of me 
is none of my business.” 
— Wayne Dyer 

So, someone is looking at me and they don’t like what they see, don’t approve of what I am doing, or how I live, or any other facet of me. I say you have three basic choices. Close your eyes, turn your head or change your mind.

Close your eyes. Stop looking if it bothers you. Turn your head. Go look at something else. Change your mind. Enjoy the view. Let it help you.

Well, if you’re ever in a place where you think people are looking at you with criticism in their view, then these three options will apply nicely. But, I don’t think that’s what Wayne was saying.

I think Wayne was saying that there’s nothing really that I can do about what you think or act, but it absolutely is about what I think and how I choose to act. In other words, I can only really focus on what I have control of, and that is me. What others choose to think or do is totally up to them.

And So It Is. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Rejoice in your own power.

Daily Inspiration 8-26-15

“Agreement feels good, 
yet there is something
about disagreement too. 
Of course, it depends entirely 
on your current point of view.” 
— Albert K. Strong 

A couple nights ago, I watched a movie from 2007, Starting Out in the Evening. On a 5-star scale, I rated it a 3. Of course, the co-star was delightful on the eyes, but other than this, there was one scene that is memorable to me. I think it was memorable because I could relate to it so much. I’ve been there many times.

The grown daughter was in love with a guy and they had broken up once and were now together again. They broke up because there was a fundamental disagreement in their future of being together. She wanted children, and he didn’t want anything to do with that. They both felt strongly about that, so they went their separate ways.

The scene takes place in a line outside a movie theater. She is excited and chatting about the movie she wants to see again, and she is wanting him to feel the same way. He’s not feeling it. She tries to change his mind because she so wants him to feel the same way as she does and she wants him to enjoy the movie as much as she does. Agreement feels good.

But, she can tell that he is not into it at all and is basically killing his own desires to attempt to satisfy her, and yet, it is obvious he is struggling with that. I think because they had history and that major disagreement, she softens her insistence that he join her, and suggests that he see the movie at the same theater that she knows he really wants to see. He’s immediately elated. She can tell she made a great decision and will learn to be okay with it. They buy a ticket each to two different movies. End scene.

How many times in your relationships has something like this happened? Perhaps you suffered through without expressing your own desires. Perhaps you led the other into the pit of something they do not want to do just because you think it should be done together.

I was married twice. Once for 16 years and the last for 26 years. I’ve had hundreds of situations like this in my own experience. I guess that’s how I could relate to it so much. What usually did not happen in the earlier times for me was agreeing to disagree. Because it is marriage, we think we should compromise whenever necessary. In other words, pretend to agree. In later times in the last marriage, I made my desires more clearly and with love, held on to some independent decision making and activity.

It is nice to agree but to think that any two people, married or not, could agree all the time on everything is silliness. It will never happen. Why? Because we are individuals coming together to share–but not to dominate. Compromise is okay as long as both are in agreement on the compromise, but compromise for the sake of saying we’re in agreement is more silliness.

There is something special about disagreement if you can allow that thought to entertain. Consider this regarding the above movie scene. They go to their separate movies, and later they go to dinner and ask each other questions about their movie experience, such as, “What did you like about that movie?”, “What was your favorite part?”, “Were there things that you could relate to in the movie that mirrors or suggest things about your own life?”, “Who were your favorite characters?”, “Why?”, “How was the acting. . . the direction. . . the scenery and costumes…?”

As we stand in disagreement, and as we have interest in the other’s point of view, we can learn much more about each other and enjoy each other so much more than if we simply compromised and did the “right” thing. Often, in my own experience, the thing to do is the “healthy” thing by allowing disagreement and even finding agreement within it.

I Have Learned How To Agree To Disagree And Be Good With It. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing yourself to feel good.

Daily Inspiration 8-25-15

“My happiness depends on me, 
so you’re off the hook.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

This is one of the most appropriate things to learn, accept, and live that I can think of. It only took me a lifetime to get it and live it. Here’s the whole quote: “Tell everyone you know: “My happiness depends on me, so you’re off the hook.” And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they’re doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel–and then, you’ll love them all. Because the only reason you don’t love them is because you’re using them as your excuse to not feel good.” 

Of course, that applies to those I am around the most, like spouses, coworkers, friends, neighbors, but, it applies equally to those on the other side of the planet who perhaps have different ways of doing things, different ideas, different lifestyles. It applies to the goings-on of the world too. Politics, silly laws, outdated methods, lifestyle choices, and the entire boatload of fearful thoughts.

My happiness depends on me, so they’re off the hook. I choose to be happy or not, and I allow no other, nor circumstance, nor event, nor idea to interfere with my own desire to feel good.

What a great marriage vow. What a great partnership vow. What a great classroom vow. What a great congressional vow. What a great vow for all of humanity. I am responsible for my own happiness. I do not look to you to make me happy or not. I choose. I choose to enjoy you or not. When I choose to enjoy, my happiness is enhanced. When I choose not to enjoy, I take my happiness with me and allow you to your own affairs and your own thoughts.

I feel strongly about this. I choose my own happiness. That is why I am happy most of the time. It is because I have learned that the only way to be happy most of the time is to not require any other to give me happiness. Happiness is mine to give myself, and as I am happy, I attract happy people. As I am happy, I may lift a small burden from another for a moment or two. As I am happy, others may see that their happiness, just like mine, is dependent only on our own personal choice.

I Am Responsible For The Way I Feel. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing to be happy yourself.

Daily Inspiration 8-24-15

“The action of walking away 
does not hold enough power 
to compensate for the 
attraction power of your thoughts.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

Abraham, Esther Hicks in their wonderful book, The Vortex, Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships shares some critically flawed premises that so many of us live by, such as “Flawed Premise #11: If I leave an unwanted situation, I will find what I am looking for.”

I don’t know about you, but how many times I have left a job, left a relationship, left a situation that wasn’t working out for me in hopes of finding something way better, has happened often. Yet, more often than not, I found myself in the same sort of circumstances, situations that I left.

They explain: “Whatever you are giving your attention to is offering a Vibrational frequency, and your attention to it for an extended period of time causes that same frequency to be active within you. It is important to remember that when a Vibration is active within you, taking the physical action of walking away from it will not prevent it from being present in your experience. In clearer terms, the action of walking away does not hold enough power to compensate for the attraction power of your thoughts.

By the time you come to the point of using strong labels such as oppressive or overbearing to describe someone you are working with, you have undoubtedly been observing unwanted conditions for some time, which means that you have been practicing a pattern of thought and a pattern of resistant Vibration, and that means your point of attraction now is quite strong. So even if you take the physical steps to remove yourself from the situation by quitting your job and finding another–or by asking to be removed from the specific department of this supervisor and moving to another–wherever you go, you will be taking yourself with you.” 

This is a great example of how we think our actions supersede our thought patterns. It is that ‘make it happen’ sort of attitude, but the key phrase to always remember is that wherever you go, you will be taking yourself with you. And, your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs have all the real power, so until those are changed, any physical change will just be geography.

They suggest that “the better solution you are asking for is this: Try to make peace with where you are,” and see the value, or the benefit of the contrast you are experiencing, which is leading you to desire a change. “If your life has caused you to ask for an improved situation–no matter what it is–and you are no longer offering chronic thought-Vibrations that are opposite of your desire, your desire must come to you. But you cannot continue to keep alive within your Vibrational patterns of what you do not want and receive what you do want. That defies the Law of Attraction.” 

In other words, I must change my thoughts first by imagining the improvement, appreciating the contrast that caused the desire, making peace with where I am now and have been as I now turn my focus to where I want to be and what I now want. In this case, I won’t be complaining about what is wrong, but more like being thankful for that contrast leading me to know what I really want. I will focus on what is or has been good, as I seek to improve my situation and enjoy more of what I want.

Complaining About What Was Is Like Dragging An Anchor Around Wherever You Go. That’s A Lot Of Resistance. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Let go of what is not the way you want, and instead, turn and focus on what you want. There is plenty of joy in that.

Daily Inspiration 8-23-15

“The power you give others
belongs to you. 
Take it back 
 and take yourself 
where you would go.” 
— Alan Cohen 

There’s a common phrase, “Don’t shoot the messenger,” meaning that it’s not the messenger’s fault if the message isn’t what you would like it to be. He’s not in control. Then there’s another less common phrase asking which we are paying homage or attention to–the message or the messenger?

Some may be afraid to hear a message based on the messenger who brought it to them. At the same time, some would completely reject the message because it isn’t coming from what they term a reputable source. Or, some will accept anything that comes from a source they feel aligned with or believe in.

Here’s where we let go of our power. All of this is some sort of fear. It is often trained beliefs that come from home, religion, or elsewhere. And in all, we are giving our rightful power to them, to it, whatever it may or they may be.

We come cable-ready with our own internal guidance system. When we accept the power that we naturally have rather than delegating it to others or things outside of ourselves, there is no need to fear. We can discern anything within ourselves. We will know that it is in vibrational proximity of our inner knowing, or not. We are the ultimate discerning station, and it is perfectly accurate for us every single time that we hold on to our own power to use for ourselves.

Does the message resonate; that is, is it in harmony with our inner knowing, our source within, our inner being, or does it not resonate. You could say it either feels good to us, or it feels bad to us. There is no one on Earth who can do this for us as accurately as we can for ourselves. Make up your own mind, but don’t reject the message or the messenger out of hand. When we do that, our power is given away.

Accept And Rejoice In Your Discerning Prowess. 

Spread Some Joy Today–as you find it within yourself.

Daily Inspiration 8-22-15

“Abundance is more than just money.” 
— Bashar 

Bashar has shared the best definition of abundance that I have found so far. I love it.

“Abundance: the ability to do what you need and want to do when you want to do it. Period! That is all abundance is. If it comes in a number of different ways, what do you care?–as long as you still have the ability to do what you want when you want to do it. Keep in mind that abundance is a general idea, whereas money is a tool.” 

“Abundance will always express itself along the path of least resistance, just like electricity. When you broaden your definition of what you think abundance is, then you will allow all the different ways it could come to you, to come to you.” 

In what ways do you already have abundance? Count the ways. Elaborate. Expand it. Enhance it. Accept it. Love it. Have joy in it. Relish it. Adore it. Praise it. Be thankful for it. Feel confident in it. Allow it fully. Be it.

As we focus on the abundance that we already have. . . As we focus on the blessings we already have. . . As we focus on the goodness that already exists in our lives. . . As we focus there, we attract more to love, more joy, more to praise, more to be thankful for, more to relish and enjoy, more to allow, and our abundance expands.

Allow More Of Your Abundance To Flow Through You. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by acknowledging the joy you already have.

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