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Daily Inspiration 4-30-15

“There is only a 
Source of Well-being– 
which you are allowing 
or not.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

Here’s the whole quote from Abraham, Esther Hicks:

“You have your hand on the switch. You are the allower or the resister. And your emotions tell you which you’re doing right now. It’s easy once you understand the formula: When you feel good, you’re allowing good. When you don’t feel good, you are not allowing good. We didn’t say, when you feel good you are allowing good, and when you feel bad you are allowing bad (although it may translate into your experience in that way). There is only a Source of Well-being–which you are allowing or not.”

It’s one thing to accept and understand the philosophy behind a teaching, and quite another to actually put it into practice; however, putting it into practice is what we all really want and the reason we even are open to learning. I believe that we have been doing so many things on auto-pilot seeing and experiencing and reacting to what comes after it has come into our lives, and what we really want is to understand a formula that helps us do things on purpose to achieve what we really want. So, practicing is the key to fully accepting our role as a deliberate creator.

I was in the office of a friend and client a few days ago and he shared something that he said he learned from these Daily Inspirations. He had received a phone call about doing some work and it was explained on the phone the cost and what was involved, and they wanted a written quote. So, that is more work, but he did it. Then the requesting party stated that they were surprised how high his cost was even though they had discussed it fully on the phone with no objection at that time.

My friend’s initial reaction was one of anger for doing the work of the quote and then being treated with this disdain (Of course, he was also feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the other work he’s been doing). So, he wrote a lengthy nasty note back to the prospect, then he paused, remembered the “pivoting” process from the Daily Inspiration. He turned and erased what he had just written, opened up to a new point of view, offered the prospect a coupon, thanking them for the opportunity, and they both felt so much better. My friend was excited to have remembered and put that pivoting lesson into practice because he could imagine what might have happened had he sent the email, and now by pivoting, it caused him to feel good instead of not good, and as a side benefit, the prospect felt good too.

You can tell by how you are feeling what the outcome is going to be with any activity or even any thought. By paying attention and noticing the negative emotion going on, the opportunity is then to realize that you would rather feel good, and then pivoting and choosing better feeling thoughts creates more pleasing actions, and the ultimate benefit is more pleasing results. And, it was all about wanting to feel good.

It’s Amazing What Comes From A Simple Desire And A Choice To Feel Good. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by making it your choice to see that which you want to see and to want to feel good all day long. Think of the joy you will spread with that.

Daily Inspiration 4-29-15

“I don’t need a vacation. 
I’m always on vacation now.” 
— Terry Minion 

Most of the time now, when I actually get dressed, I wear a Tommy Bahama shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes. That’s my uniform now. If I dress up, I will put on some slacks and wear a different flavor Tommy Bahama shirt, or I might try to be business-like and wear a logo shirt of my company of which I own many.

At the bank today, as I walked in, the girl teller said, “you look like you’re on vacation!” I said, “I am.” I said, “You know it is a really cool thing to just decide to be on vacation in my mind anytime I choose. I don’t have to go anywhere.” Tommy Bahama shirts aren’t cheap but compared to going on vacation to the islands, it’s a stupid bargain.

And I heard another person say that about how I was appearing to them. But, you know, as I thought about that a bit more, it seemed a bit profound to just go on vacation in your head regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. Dressing the part is cool, but, the dress isn’t required. Nor are the Mai-Tai’s with the little umbrellas in them. In fact, there aren’t any physical things required. It’s simply a mindset and a decision to focus on feeling that way.

Think about how you feel when you’re on vacation in the first few days. You’re probably relaxing, letting go of the cares and concerns about work, or about the home front, or any of the other cares we drag around with us. You’re focused on enjoying yourself (at least I sure hope you are!) and you’re choosing to think good thoughts because you are surrounded by interesting things and maybe even some new experiences.

You can do that in your mind, and enjoy it equally.

Pretend you’re on Maui, Hawaii on a beautiful beach north of Lahaina where the water is lapping gently on the almost white sand shore. You’re sitting in a low beach chair. The waiter just brought you your favorite drink with the pineapple chunk and obligatory umbrella. It’s a plastic glass. After all, we’re on the beach, no glass allowed. There’s a big umbrella over you giving you some shade, and some sun, and a little table you put your drink down on. You have your best swimsuit on and you’re in perfect shape. Your sunglasses help you be mysterious and sexy and cool. You put your hands down on the warm sand. You grab a handful of sand in each hand. If feels so good as you squeeze it and it filters out between your fingers. There is the faint but sure sound of a band playing in the near distance and you just happen to love the steel drum music along with the Hawaiian guitar sounds, and the faint rhythm of the drums. (I’m listening to Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar music as I write this) You are smelling the light sea breeze and thinking of what delectable joy awaits you for that special dinner you and your companion are going to delight in later, let alone what else may be in store. You’re thinking how rejuvenated you are feeling already. You wish it could last forever, with no cares about anything. Not money. Not work. Not family drama. Not anything. You’re on vacation right now. All of that other stuff will just have to wait. It simply isn’t important right now.

Well. . . There You Go! You’re On Vacation! You Can Multi-task, Right? Do it. Be On Vacation, And Do What You Normally Do, But With A New Attitude. And A New Style! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing your own thoughts. You want to feel good, right? Choose GOOD feeling thoughts!

Daily Inspiration 4-28-15

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge, 
or you’ll become a fool. 
Let your learning lead to action, 
and you can become wealthy. 
There’s nothing more pitiful 
than a guy who is smart and broke.” 
— Jim Rohn 

The idea behind yesterday’s post was profound to me. I am changing all the time and my view of the world becomes clearer and clearer.

The last paragraph in yesterday’s post is what I have learned and how I now feel, and the quote that I would have agreed with above by Jim Rohn, I no longer line up with.

I just finished an absolutely wonderful book about being an entrepreneur. The title is The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy. The book just came out and I devoured it with delight with very few exceptions. I loved his stories and learned much from his accumulated wisdom as an entrepreneur himself. I highly recommend it for anyone in business and especially for anyone contemplating going into business.

And, I’ve read a lot of these kinds of books, and in fact, I studied Jim Rohn for many years too. Darren Hardy, in the Final Word section of the book, just before the Jim Rohn quote above, said, “I warn you: Knowledge is not power. It’s potential power.” I’ve also seen it written in many different ways that it is our own goal and that of every person on the planet to seek to reach their potential. It’s as if when we die we are judged by how close we came to fulfilling our own God-given potential.

Screw that!

Except for those who want to go there on purpose. No problem then. We’re simply here to be alive, and to live we cannot escape making hundreds of choices every day. Whatever comes of that is the result of the choices alone, unless we or others around us add judgments to the outcome. It is what it is.

I think as I said yesterday, that a great and wonderful thing to do is to see the power each of us has to decide, to do or not do, to live. If we need or want information, great. If we choose to do nothing special (according to others) with our lives, that is a way of using our power. We each get to choose. There is no one, true way. There is no brass ring to grab. We just get to live and choose every single day. 

What I can do to be an encouragement and uplift others is simply and profoundly to love them as they are, appreciate their own inner power, and to allow them the dignity of accepting that they alone are qualified to choose for themselves. I can have an opinion of what I might do, and if they wanted to hear that, they may even accept some of that, but in the end, it will always be their choice.

When I look at others with unconditional love, which is allowing others to be and choose who they are and who they want to become, and what they may choose to do, I empower them. When I see or point out something they ‘should’ do, I dis-empower or make them less-than in my eyes. Should is one of those words that is best to let go of as if you’ve never known it before. It takes practice because it has been used on us most of our lives. Allow others their own dignity and inner power by loving them without condition.

My Potential Has Gone Missing. Has Anyone Seen My Potential? How Will I Succeed Without My Potential? Maybe I’m Not What I Could Be, But If I Could Just Find My Potential. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Feels better already. . . Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe. . .

Daily Inspiration 4-27-15

“There is nothing 
in a caterpillar 
that tells you 
it’s going to be a butterfly.” 
— Margaret Fuller 

I think it is pretty much impossible to know who will do what brilliant act, dent the universe, create the next big thing. Every single person has the potential to rise to as high status or status of accomplishment as anyone else. It really comes down only to what their own desires are, and many times those desires are unspoken, or not even recognized by those potentials.

Often enough, things seem to happen by mistake that leads on to something special. Indeed, there are hundreds of products that were “discovered” by accident, that went on to become household names and staples in our lives.

Other times, people grow into things. Just like a caterpillar grows into a butterfly, what started as something different rises to a new level.

If only we could look at each other with all the respect, dignity and confidence that we would look at anyone who has changed the world and put a significant dent in the universe. If only we could see that potential in our children, or children’s children, and every child we see, without trying to make them see it, but by simply having assured confidence in their own internal power to decide to use or not to decide to use it.

Celebrate The Butterfly In Everyone You Meet. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving people for who they choose to be regardless of what we might think they could be.

Daily Inspiration 4-26-15

“Real love stories 
never have endings.” 
— Richard Bach 

Once I realized this fact, I immediately dropped all the baggage I was carrying around. It was the source of my freedom. . . and joy.

Consider all those that you have loved in your life. If it was love, to begin with, it is love now.

Besides, All There Really Is, Is Love. The Rest Is Just A Story We Made Up. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting your love flow freely.

Daily Inspiration 4-25-15

“It doesn’t matter
where the information comes from. 
It only matters 
how you feel about it after receiving it.” 
— Albert K. Strong 

Sometimes we get caught up in the source of information rather than the information itself. Jesus proclaimed the same things in his own homeland as in other parts of the world, yet in his homeland they did not listen because of the source. “Who was He to speak this information? We’ve known Him all His life and He is nothing special.”

Fear, disbelief from familiarity, focusing on the source and not the information, can all lead to missing the value of the information. It might even be the other way around, as with famous people like movie stars and rock stars, where we focus on the source, and only because of the source would we even consider the information. In other words, if they say it, it must be true!

There’s a better way in all of this. Focus on the information and pay attention to how you feel about it. But don’t look for the truth or the lie. That matters little. Look only to see if it resonates within you in a positive way or a negative way. Do you feel good reading or hearing it, or do you feel bad about it, fearful of it? How you feel about it determines two things: One, whether you will know it as truth to you or not, and Two, whether you even allow it in at this time. You might not be ready to hear it and then at another time, you will.

My best advice to myself is to open up when it resonates. Roll around in it, splash it over me, stir it up a bit, feel all the bits of it. Some parts may resonate and some parts not? No problem. I accept the parts that resonate with me and leave the rest for another time or a not-ever time. If I feel bad, fearful, distrustful, disbelieving, or any of a bunch of other negative emotions, I just let it be and move on.

We’ve been learning all of our lives. In that process, we’ve often picked up the views of others and accepted them in ourselves. It may be totally misinformation, yet right now it is affecting us in what we let in or don’t let in. It’s okay. As we find things that will resonate with us, we might even realize that we’ve heard this before a long time ago and at that time we rejected it. But, now it resonates. Everything in its own time. Everything unfolds perfectly.

They say to follow your heart. Well, that’s the same thing as opening up to what resonates with you.

It’s sort of funny that not too many years ago, I would not have allowed in the things that I now teach fluidly. Yet that is perfect. The timing wasn’t right, but it came around again, and this time it was perfect. I celebrate that perfection.

I Celebrate That Which Resonates Or Is In-Tune With Me At This Time. I Feel The Alignment Of It. 

Spread Some Joy Today–because feeling good has become so important to you that you seek it every minute of every day, and because it resonates with you so clearly, you cannot help but share it with others in your demeanor, body language, and speech.

Daily Inspiration 4-24-15

“If you want to lose wait, 
begin by reducing 
the size of your “But. . .” 
— Alan Cohen 

This post ties perfectly with yesterday, and I’ll begin with a quote from Abraham, Ester Hicks from a workshop in Napa CA on February 27th, 1997:

“If you had one goal, and that was to feel good, you would never again need to hear another word from anyone. You would live successfully and happily and in a way of fulfilling your life’s purpose ever after.”

This whole idea has radically changed my life, and as you might recall from yesterday, I realized that I was feeling negative emotions and paid attention so that I could use that as perfect guidance to move from that to feeling good. I did some things that aided in that process, but the main point is that I used my emotions as guidance to move toward what I know I want, and let go of what I know I don’t want.

And, people say, “But. . . it’s true, or, But, this is the way it is, or, But, these things actually happened, or, But this is reality, or, But, I’m supposed to feel bad when this happens, or, But, they need to _______, or, But, it’s not my fault, or, But, fill in the blank.”

Each of these objections leads to no change at all. They simply stay where they are at. And, don’t get me wrong, that is okay if you know what you are doing. If you really want to feel bad, that is a personal choice, and who am I to take you away from your personal or professional pain? Keep it if you will. However, should you not really want to keep it, then getting your “But” out of there would be beneficial.

Decide If You Will: There Is Nothing More Important Or Beneficial Than Choosing To Feel Good. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing it on purpose.

Daily Inspiration 4-23-15

“Is the world you are looking at see-worthy?” 
— Alan Cohen 

Yesterday was a fascinating day. I got up feeling “off.” As I moved through my morning, I felt more off. As I was recognizing the negative feeling within me, I wanted to feel better. So I began trying to find better feeling thoughts, yet this off-feeling was persistent. So, I sat down, put my headphones on and played my 15-minute morning meditation CD. Then, I did another, then another.

I was feeling better, but still not where I wanted to be. Now I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with physical possessions around me, so I took a short nap escaping the thoughts for a few minutes. Sometimes I just need to chill for a bit and let go of that rope, so to speak, and taking a nap often helps to let it go.

As I persisted on wanting to feel good, I began looking for things around me to appreciate. I put on some favorite music that helps me feel good and that helped too. Then I began appreciating sound and how I respond to certain sounds positively.

This caused me to think about one of my favorite sounds in the whole world: A spring afternoon and listening to the birds chirping. I could enjoy that for hours. There is nothing quite like it.

This caused me to think about the courtyard right outside my office and how nice it is all messy with leaves and such. The birdbath where I can watch all different sizes and types of birds pause for a drink, or splash around bathing themselves.

Then I looked around at the stuff in my house that was previously bothering me and my thoughts of being overwhelmed by it all, but now I was seeing it differently. I was seeing all manner of things and remembering when I bought them or how I acquired them, and how special they were at that time. I began appreciating them all over again, and that if I wanted to, I could let them go at any time and that it would be okay.

Then I…well, I don’t want to make this too long. Let’s just say that I turned myself around and I began to feel good again. I began feeling appreciative. I began feeling valuable. I began to feel whole again. I kept finding more things to see that helped me to feel these improved feelings. My world became see-worthy again.

Here’s a great bit from Abraham, Esther Hicks on this subject:

“As you hold to your intention to look for evidence of Well-Being and thriving and success and happiness, you will tune yourself to the vibrations of those things–and so those kinds of good-feeling experiences will dominate your life. Today, no matter where I am going, no matter what I am doing, it is my dominant intent to look for what I am wanting to see.” 

“You cannot be in a place other than where you are right now, but you do have the power to begin to express your perspective about where you are in increasingly better ways. And as you do that consciously and deliberately, you will see the evidence of the power of your focus on every subject to which you turn your attention.”

“As you make the decision that you want to feel good and you consciously look for positive aspects within the subjects that you are involved in every day, and as you deliberately identify and focus upon what you do want regarding these subjects, you will set yourself upon a path of Eternal unfolding satisfaction and joy.” 

Help Your World To Be See-Worthy By Telling A Different Story. Tell It The Way You Want It To Be. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by creating joy for yourself through appreciation.

Daily Inspiration 4-22-15

“Why freelancers [or, we] 
get so frustrated at clients 
who won’t pay enough, 
argue for low prices, 
are really difficult, 
don’t pay on time? 

I think it starts
with the way we behave.” 
— Seth Godin 

I’ve been a Seth Godin fan for a long time now. I’ve read most of his books, and get his almost daily emails. Today, he offered an online course for a silly bargain, so I immediately bought it. It is called the Freelance Course, but you don’t have to be a freelancer to benefit from it. In fact, I think every salesperson can benefit from taking this course. [Here’s the link to the class: Specially priced Freelance Class ]

I completed it in just a few hours, and it was quite valuable to me. There are 87 very short segments. On number 28, this message reached out and grabbed me to get my attention. Immediately I saw some wonderful insights for anyone in sales, which is pretty much everyone on the planet.

After the quote above, he begins asking some questions. He asked, “the last time you did a brochure, did you do it yourself or did you hire a very expensive freelance designer to do it? And, when you hired that designer, did you insist on paying that person early, in advance, because you know their cash flow is tough? And, there are photos in your brochure. Did you go online to a cheap stock photo service, or download something for free? Or did you hire a professional photographer because, hey! It’s worth it? Do you have any music on your hard drive that you didn’t pay for?”

Aren’t these wonderfully insightful questions?

I used to teach my salespeople that if you’re going to sell new cars and you never buy one, you are shortchanging your future. Most auto salespeople think they’re so knowledgeable about the market and would never buy a new car because of the immediate depreciation. That’s not a negative, but it is a fact. It has to be a fact because now it would no longer be new.

However, there is a much larger picture to consider. If you’ve never bought a new car, then you’ve never had the experience of buying a new car and owning a brand new car. It is a very special experience. It isn’t about the money or the depreciation. It’s about the experience. It is magical.

I practiced what I preached and I have bought many new cars over the years. I know for a fact what it feels like to buy and own a new car. When I became an auto salesperson in September of 1972, within less than 8 months, I bought my very first new car. It was a 1973 Chevy Malibu SS 2-door coupe with swivel bucket seats. I bought around ten new cars over the years. Each was uniquely special.

Zig Ziglar taught the same thing. Speaking from experience has great value to the prospect and they can see if you mean it or not.

Seth Godin goes on to say, “We’re telling ourselves a story about what kind of work is worth paying for. When you were busy talking to the client, and you’re saying to yourself, “why don’t they value my work? Can’t they see how hard I worked at it?” There’s a voice in the back of your head that says, “you know what? I’d be doing the same thing.” Because over the years, people choose which path to go down.”

He adds this at the end: “. . . if someone’s already walking around with a world view, a story in their head about what to expect from this interaction we’re about to have, you’re not going to be able to change it.”

We need to be real. If we believe that we only would buy really late model, low mileage vehicles so that we don’t experience the initial depreciation, we are also missing the unique experience of the brand new car. When we expect others to buy what we sell, but we aren’t willing to buy it ourselves, we short change our future.

Speaking From Experience Holds High Value. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by being honest with yourself.

Daily Inspiration 4-21-15

“They say that nobody is perfect. 
Then they tell you practice makes perfect. 
I wish they’d make up their minds.” 
— Wilt Chamberlain 

As a manager who has had the distinct opportunity to hire many people over the years, I agree with this interesting and oh, so accurate quote:

“The closest to perfection a person ever comes is when he fills out a job application form.” — Stanley J Randall

Even more so, that applies to almost every resume I’ve ever seen. I never hire based on a resume! Never.

So, I was thinking about perfection. Nobody’s perfect is a very common quip. It is more often than not used as a shield against other people’s fault-finding. I thought about that phrase, nobody’s perfect. Maybe it’s true. Maybe nobody is perfect.

Yet if that were true, what is all this striving for perfection stuff that is going on all over the planet? Practice?

Then, I thought, well. . . if nobody’s perfect, maybe everybody is perfect. But, then people are always finding fault, especially the outside-looking-in crowd. Bodies come in all sizes, shapes, and so on and so on.

Some say that we will never be perfect, or that there was only one perfect person and he died 2,000 years ago.

All this stuff about perfection is just stuff. It just doesn’t matter. We’re all perfect, or we’re all not perfect, or we will never be perfect, or we all could be perfect if we worked at it hard enough. It’s all simply perspective. Who’s looking, who’s interested, who’s opinion is it? What is their criterion? Who are they to judge? What does it all mean, anyway?

That is all so much work and such a cauldron of stress. Let it go. Let go of the rope. Perfect? Not Perfect? Who cares. Just live. Enjoy yourself. Play with the kids or the dog or cat. Watch a funny movie. Kick back. Have a cocktail. Or herb tea. Eat something delicious. Smell the air. Feel your body. Have more sex. Laugh at work. Sing in the shower. Enjoy yourself, or better said, INjoy yourself.

Find some joy. If there was anything other than love that was perfect, it is being in joy.

Love A Little. Love A Lot. Allow Your Inner Light To Shine Brightly. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Yes. Spread it all over yourself. Roll around in it. Slide down the hill on it. Let it melt on your body. Rock n’ Roll in it.

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