Month: February 2015

Daily Inspiration 2-28-15

“Try not to react merely in the moment. 
Pull back from the situation. 
Take a wider view. 
Compose yourself.” 

— Epictetus 

Yesterday, I received an email from a new client. He had a complaint about some blog posts that went to his facebook pages. He said there were grammar errors and he wanted us to be better than this.

I responded right away that I would look into it immediately and discuss it with his assigned blogger who has a lot of experience in the field this customer serves.

There were some minor errors in grammar and in spelling, mostly from an article that we got from somewhere else. In the past I would react in my mind, and maybe even verbally with my business partner or something. Not now. Something has changed.

I used to justify things, explain reasons and such to try to seemingly make it less our fault, take it personally, and now I accept full and complete responsibility. After all, it was our company who made the posts. But, it isn’t about blame, whether the client is blaming us or we are blaming ourselves. It is more an accepting of our role and focusing on our desire to be as good as we can be and no less.

I talked with the blogger, softened the initial communication from the client, discussed some strategies, and decided on the solutions. The changes were made within a very short time.

I then responded to the client that the corrections had been made, and at the end of the note, I said this: “I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. You have made us a better company by doing so.” And, it is true.

I used to see complaints as blame. I used to see problems as problems. I used to get upset from either, and now I almost get excited instead. I certainly treat them differently than before. I see them as positive things to help me see more clearly, be better at what I and my company does, serve our clients better and more effectively.

At the same time, there are a few people that just want to spread their own version of their unhappy state, and who have learned that complaining is a good way to do this. Well, they don’t bother me at all because I can see what is behind the complaint. These I handle individually and sometimes by just ignoring them.

If a complaint speaks to an issue that requires attention, I love it because we grow. If it comes from an unhappy point of view, I try to sooth them if I can, or I flip it to my younger, calmer, wiser, more politically correct business partner. He’s a master at it. I learn from him every day.

I tell him that I do that because he is really good at dealing with people who are upset. It has been said that I am sometimes, to say it kindly, blunt and to the point. My partner calls that, “doing a Minion on them, or Minionizing them.” Then we laugh. He’s right, of course, and I am getting better. . .

“When Something Happens, The Only Thing In Your Power Is Your Attitude Toward It; You Can Either Accept It Or Resent It.” — Epictetus 

Spread Some Joy Today–by finding good-feeling thoughts throughout the day.

Daily Inspiration 2-27-15

“Tension, in the long run, 
is a more dangerous force 
than any feud known to man.” 

— Criss Jami 

Steven Pressfield said, “Resistance is not a peripheral opponent. Resistance arises from within. It is self-generated and self-perpetuated. Resistance is the enemy within.” He takes it just a step further by saying, “Resistance by definition is self-sabotage.”

When I read these three quotes again, I think they are downers. Yet, when I look around me in the world, I see it is the norm, except for one very huge difference. In the world, things and situations are randomly happening to people and it is the world against them, or at least they see that in others, that it is the world, fate, evil, deranged people, unnatural disasters going on all around us. Now that’s a downer to me!

What is more real for most everyone on the planet is tension. Tension is another word for resistance, or it can also be a way of describing the feeling of resistance. It feels like tension. And, tension is another way of describing how it feels playing tug-o-war, and there are so many levels of tension from just holding on to the rope to pulling with all your might. Generally, regardless of the level of tension, you are feeling negative emotion, and that emotion grows stronger with the degree of tension, from mild irritation to depression and powerlessness.

I’ve had varying degrees of tension throughout my life, as have you. What matters most is how long we hold on to it and how hard we are pulling or resisting. Often they are short encounters and then we’re on to the next sometime later. It’s simply contrast which is part of every life in one way or another. I’ve watched up close and personal how tension can cause all manner of illness, let alone unhappiness. I’ve also felt that within myself.

Today, I still feel tension. I think it is unavoidable. It is all caught up in our thinking. However, the saving grace for me today is that I am aware. I am aware that this tension, resistance, and resulting negative emotion is created inside me and does not come from the outside. It doesn’t attack. I create it–100% of it. That was such a huge step when I got to that place of accepting responsibility for my own pain.

Then, I learned how to deal with it. Since it is inevitable, by my awareness of it and acceptance that I created it, I can learn from it. It is guidance. Talk about taking a lemon and making lemonade–this tension is guiding me to know what I don’t want, what is not serving me, and I have learned that where I focus, the Law of Attraction will bring me more of, so unless I want more of that, the only real solution is to release the tension. Let go of the rope. Let go of the resistance. Relax. Refresh myself. Take a breather. Unwind. Stop taking everything so seriously. Even as I type these lines, I find relief in my chest, a relaxing of my muscles, because typing these thoughts caused tension within me.

So yesterday, I was out walking little Charlie. It was 74 degrees with a very light breeze. It is as perfect a day as I have ever enjoyed. I look at the big blue sky and I feel relief. I look at all the trees and I feel relief. I smell the air and I feel relief. I watch Charlie sniffing and finding a great smell to linger on and I feel relief. It is a four lane city street with a 35 mph speed limit and some people seem in such a hurry that they race by at much higher speeds and I feel tension.

Here I am in the midst of tension and relief at the same time in the same place! I’m fascinated by that. I hear the motors roar through those loud exhaust systems, and I smell the exhaust and it is not the most pleasant smell around. I feel tension. I think about the speed limit and see many driving way past it and I feel tension. Why do I feel tension? Because of what I am thinking about. I know this is the cause. I’ve learned it; although, I pretty much always knew it. So, I change my thought. I think that it is not my issue how fast they want to go. I cannot create in them. They can only create in their own lives. Since I cannot do anything about it physically, I will just let them do as they wish (allow) and continue to enjoy my walk.

I look back at the big sky, the blossoms on the vine, the cement of the sidewalk, the wood of the fence, Charlie sniffing at another great spot, the air flowing over my body, the smell of the air, the chirping of birds, a plane overhead, the sound of tennis balls being whacked and sharp sound of tennis shoes stopping quickly at the health club. I think of these things, taking notice, focusing, and I am back in paradise. With the world of people doing whatever they do without me messing it up for them, or trying to be the right of their wrong, I choose to focus on releasing my tension. I choose. I choose to release my tension. I choose to release my tension. I choose to let go of being the judge. I choose to let go of what I do not want to see. I choose to let go of any and all resistance. I choose relief. I choose letting go of the rope. I choose relief. I choose joy. I choose.

I Choose. . . . Always, Every Time, Without Exception. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeking relief from your own tension moment by moment every day. Other people will call you happy. You know how it’s done.

Daily Inspiration 2-26-15

“Acceptance means events 
 can make it through you
without resistance.” 

— Michael Singer 

Yesterday I talked about letting go as I was describing emotional health in a sales person. Of course, it is true for every person on the planet. But, when it comes to things that we deem important, like money, many people hang on tighter. To them, the struggle, the resistance is worth it. I want my money! They tricked me. They stole from me. They overcharged me. It’s not right! I loaned them money and they stiffed me. On and on it will go with that resistance. Some might think that this is not resistance, and they would be incorrect. It certainly is resistance.

When I was growing up, I experienced a lot of financial trauma from my parents and step parents, and others. I wanted a different path and I did that for the most part, like when I was in my twenties and I co-signed a loan for my sister and brother in-law. When they defaulted, I took it over. I wasn’t thrilled with it, but I knew what I was getting myself into. For most of my life I’ve accepted responsibility that way.

Later in life, I had financial troubles of my own in different spots in my travels. I ended up defaulting on others. So, I understand how these things can happen. I can relate, we might say.

With all my studying, and then going into my own business, I decided that I would not have a collection department, nor would I turn anything over to a collection company, nor would I spend very much time trying to collect money owed us. That is all a whole bunch of resistance. It isn’t worth hanging on to.

We have had a number of clients leave our services leaving a balance, and sometimes a significant one based on what we charge for our monthly service. Yet, since we charge for the month up front, if we allow it to go further into the future, that is our own decision. Certainly, they owe the money. That’s not even up as a question. We let them know where they stand, and we always try to work it out so that it is as easy as it can be to get caught up. We’ve gone way out of our way to work with people because we care about our clients.

Still, some just ignore us. When I feel that I am swimming upstream so to speak, I tell the bookkeeper to write it off, and I send the client a kind note thanking them for their business and that their debt has been erased. We even have some clients where I believe so much in what they are trying to do that I have been known to donate our services for an extended period hoping that it might make a difference for them to get back on their feet. Once I release the money, I have my joy back. If I decide to continue without payment, I have my joy back. I love my clients. Every one of them. I don’t want this issue of money to change my feeling.

I can relate where they may be at, and it is all my own doing to continue services without payment over whatever period of time. We could use the money, but more important than this is that we cannot afford the resistance that comes from extended collections. I just let it go and move on to something I can build on. Moving forward is what keeps us growing, so I avoid the rear view mirror. 

Some might say, well, that is small numbers probably, but what I sell is large numbers and I couldn’t let that go. Not true. It’s a choice. And, it really doesn’t matter the numbers big or small, not really. It’s all resistance. We know what we are getting into in business when we do what we do, so we are in the mix, but like a post a few days ago about being in the car and being angry at some driver doing something crazy, it doesn’t matter what they think of us, what matters is what we think about them. If we are upset, that is on us, not them. As I said, I love my clients even after they leave, so the only way for me to keep my feeling there, I have to let go of the rest. It matters more what I think of them in that way than what they think of me or my company.

Now this “no resistance” theory that I practice now doesn’t just apply to business. It covers a wide area of life. Consider what you’re holding on to hoping for a change, wishing for it to be different, focused on the pain of it, the unfairness of it, and that story just gets worse the more it is told. All of it is resistance, and all of that resistance keeps us from moving forward, so we get stuck in the past. What’s worse is that we’re focused on what we don’t want in lieu of the beneficial focus of keeping our thoughts on where we are going, why we want things, and much more.

I wouldn’t sue anyone for anything. Abraham said it well at a Buffalo, NY workshop on September 27th, 2000: “In most lawsuits, most people just use each other as their excuse to disconnect from the Stream. And then they just suffer until the one who is the least disconnected wins the lawsuit. But it is still an exercise in disconnecting from Source Energy that we think is never worth the price of the reward, no matter how great the reward of a lawsuit is.” 

They said something similar in 1998 at a workshop in San Diego: “If you decide to make someone the enemy and you’re pushing very hard against them, you don’t affect them at all, but you disconnect yourself from the Stream. If someone cheats you, they cannot diminish your experience. They only diminish their experience. You cannot be diminished by someone cheating you unless you get all upset about being cheated and push against them and use that as your excuse to disconnect from the Stream [of Well-Being; our connection to Source Energy, or God].”

Here’s To Your Own Letting Go Of Resistance, And To Your Emotional Well-Being. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by recognizing when you are tense, frustrated, not feeling good, and finding the way back to your joy by letting go. Release it all. Now, go spread that joy!

Daily Inspiration 2-25-15

“Persistence wears down resistance.” 
— William J. Federer 

Really? Persistence to me is more like dedication, as in, I’m dedicating myself to getting this thing done. Trying to wear down resistance simply indicates a very long and arduous journey toward what you do not want. Resistance is focusing on what you do not want and then trying to use nothing but action to turn it into something you do want. What a waste of time and energy this would be.

Since I’ve dealt with salespeople most of my life, including the fact that I started on that path in 1972, I have experienced it myself and have seen plenty of others try to overcome resistance, power through, make it happen. You can tell that they are doing something they do not want to do and then trying through action and determination to succeed at the strange and interesting task of making a sale.

After so many years of watching, even teaching this idea, I’ve come to realize that I wasn’t really helping anyone with that approach. I used to use this famous quote from President Calvin Coolidge: “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” That quote always reminds me of the quote from Yoda in Star Wars: “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”

What I’ve learned in the most recent years more fully is that success is less about action and more about focus. It is less about activity and more about attitude. It is less about doing and more about preparation. It is less about holding on, and more about letting go. In other words, if it is a struggle, persistence may move the needle a bit, but it won’t get the job done, nor will there be much of any satisfaction in it. The best way to say it is that we need to love what we do and do it with joy; that is, without resistance, for when we are trying hard to do that which is full of resistance, we are focused on overcoming what we do not want. What a hard row to hoe that is. It’s like trying to hoe through stone instead of dirt.

What Calvin Coolidge could have said would be this: “Let us focus our thoughts and energy on what we want to achieve. Let us find all the positive aspects of it and talk about that, think about that, and build momentum. As we use our thoughts and energies in this manner, we cannot lose. It is our focus and good feeling thoughts about what we are doing that will always come through.”

Now I try to teach salespeople to get happy and to focus on what they want. I want them to find ways to make it fun and to simply enjoy themselves. Sales is all about relationships: building them and nurturing them and maintaining them. It is about liking and loving people. It is about seeing how you can solve some of their problems with your product and/or services. It is about the sheer joy of learning about other people, their interests, their issues, their joys, and their wants or needs. It is about finding new friends, and we can always use more friends. It is about sharing. It is about caring. And if it isn’t done because you want to do this, it won’t last very long.

I want them to focus on what they want, why they want it and not so much about how they will get it, and for sure and for certain, I want them to stay focused there and not give any attention at all to what has not yet happened. When they focus on the fact that they only have 4 units out and their minimum expected is 8, focusing there will pretty much guarantee that 8 will not happen, because they are focusing on what they do not want, or rather, the lack of what they want. They are focused then on not being there yet and that only leads to more of not being there.

So, you might think this is all about salespeople today. It is about everything we do in life. It is about our relationships with our family, friends, co-workers, the world. It is about our dreams and how they can become a reality. It is about allowing things to come about rather than making them move. It is about letting go rather than holding on.

Resistance always comes with negative emotion. When you pay attention and notice that feeling and feel that tightness, tenseness, and the struggle as if you’re having a tug-o-war with something or someone, this is time to let go. Just drop the rope and let go. When it is a struggle, that is resistance, and this makes life hard. It creates illness. It creates all manner of negative things in our lives. When we let go and focus on what we want and why we want it without any attention to how we are going to get it, and then allow it into our lives, it flows and it feels good. Then the actions we take will come with far better results.

Struggle Or Joy? Hmmmm. . . .

Spread Some Joy Today–by focusing on what you want and enjoying yourself in the process.

Daily Inspiration 2-24-15

“The path of least resistance 
is the path of the loser.” 
— H. G. Wells 

Now here’s a guy who loves to struggle. Struggle with this, struggle with that; in fact, the greater the struggle, the greater the reward? Hmmm. Sounds fishy to me. Although this whole idea of overcoming through struggling seems like it was invented by a macho man. Resistance makes me stronger. The more I fight, the stronger I get. Well, everyone has an opinion and a belief, and I will have to let that one be his or theirs.

I think that there isn’t anything wrong with the easy way in every endeavor. Easy money. Easy love. Easy peasy. The life of ease. The opposite of dis-ease. I rather like skipping through rather than cutting my way through.

There is so much resistance going on in most lives, including my own, so I’m going to spend the next several days talking about the various ways we resist without even realizing it.

Abraham, Esther Hicks describes what I’ve come to know this way: “Your natural state is one of wellness, one of absolute health, one of the perfect bodily conditions–and if you are experiencing anything other than that, it is only because the balance of thought within you is toward the lack of what you want instead of what you do want.”

They continue, “Resistance is caused by focusing upon the lack of what is wanted. . . . Allowing is caused by focusing up what is wanted. . . . Resistance is caused by the thought that doesn’t match the perspective of your Source. . . . Allowing is experienced when your current thoughts do match the perspective of your Source.”

Resistance can be big and affect life or death, or it can just be something that irritates you. The most interesting part is that if we focus on the resistance which is an accepted norm, we will create more resistance and more of what we do not want. Once we get to a point where we realize what is going on there, we get to choose how we will respond, how we will feel, and that determines how everything works out or doesn’t work out.

On the very simple end of this stick is something like I was noticing this afternoon driving home from an appointment. There seemed to be a number of very anxious people to get through four lanes of traffic by zigging and zagging, creating a bit of danger here and there at 70 miles per hour, concerned only about their own desire to get there. Usually, the far left lane is called the fast lane, but these people make their own choices. It seems so silly to me like the rabbit in Alice In Wonderland, so I am laughing.

Then, exiting the freeway and now on a two-lane city street with a 35 mph speed limit, a pickup truck speeds around me at a much higher speed and then slips in front of me seemingly to scream at me that I’m going way too slow by going close to the speed limit. But they get behind the guy that was in front of me and so now it becomes a race of who will get to the stoplight the fastest. So, that made me start laughing. Who can get to the red light the fastest? Is that success? Interesting. . . . and that seems like such a silly zero-sum game, so I laugh some more.

There were a number of other situations in my rearview mirror. I see people seeing how close to my rear bumper they can get without actually hitting me. Of course, they are clueless about my own intentions. I might jam on the brakes for a chipmunk or something and get whiplash and, well. . . I don’t want to go there. That is just more resistance. So, I start laughing again.

Now, in the recent past, I would internally, if not externally, want to give them the finger, or at the very least be talking about how close they are and what idiots they are and I wish they would get off my ass, or I would ask them if they can smell it yet, and well. . . you may have had similar thoughts, or maybe you’re more evolved. All of that is resistance. I know it because I am feeling negative emotion.

Today, I take the path of least resistance (sound familiar?) and just laugh and have fun and enjoy the choices they make. I see them upset and allow them to feel any way they choose. I might even become enlightened and wish them well and that their evening will be so much better than their day has obviously gone. Or, sometimes, I just immediately pull over to the other lane and let them go by.

We All Have Our Way. Sometimes, We All Need A Little More Love. By The Way, Love Is THE Path Of Least Resistance. In Fact, It Is The Place Where Resistance Cannot Exist.

Spread Some Joy Today–by not caring who gets to the stoplight first. Heck, you don’t even have to play the game. . .

Daily Inspiration 2-23-15

“The current opinion 
 that others hold regarding you 
 has far more to with 
how they are feeling.” 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

Abraham continues, “There is perhaps no greater waste of time and effort than that of trying to influence the way other people see you because what they see has very little to do with their object of attention and everything to do with the vantage point from which they are looking.” 

I thought it was sort of natural based on the way I grew up that when people were angry at me, that means that I did something that caused them to be angry and their response was appropriate and it was all my fault. Even when it didn’t seem like I should have been at fault, I accepted their opinion of my actions or lack of action that caused them unhappiness. They blamed me, and I accepted it and took the punishment. Sometimes angry yelling was the punishment, sometimes it was more. 

Consequently, I grew up learning to try so hard to please my parents and teachers and authority figures so that I didn’t have the pain of the punishment, whether verbal or physical. I tried hard to please and went way out of my way to do extra things to bring positive attention to myself, rather than negative attention.

I carried much of that way into adulthood, but thankfully, I began to learn how to hear without accepting, and let it bounce off as if I had a secret shield.

Abraham advises, “If you will release all concern about how others feel about you, and focus only upon how you feel about them, you will unearth your core understanding of who-you-really-are, and you will discover what true freedom really is. . . True freedom is found in the absence of resistance. . . True freedom is the discovery of maintaining unconditional love.”

For the majority of my life, when someone would find fault with me or lash out in anger toward me, I would cower and then I would fight back. This caused as much or more pain than taking the abuse. As I began to pay attention to what I was getting out of it, I could see so clearly that fighting back was pointless. Most often, it served to extend the conflict. I began to learn to respect myself a little bit more and to see if I could take it without losing it on my end. As I worked on this, I made progress. 

In very recent years, I mostly overcame it by not taking it personally, realizing that it was not me, it was the other and how they were feeling, then I could look at them with love and hear a different message than the one I was hearing before. I began to practice loving them without any condition, just accepting them as they were with understanding and desire for them to feel better. I have Abraham to thank for the majority of the guidance there to help me see a more loving way.

Love Is Always The Answer. Funny How That Works. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by simply enjoying yourself today. No worries, mate.

Daily Inspiration 2-22-15

“We don’t need to change who we are. 
We just need to awaken to who we are.” 

— Alan Cohen 

Real world examples of how the Law of Attraction works always fascinate me. Some people don’t believe in the Law of Attraction and all that mumbo-jumbo new age stuff, but it simply doesn’t care or mind. It doesn’t require us to believe. Believing only helps us make use of it rather than having it work in our lives unknowingly.

I got my every-two weeks haircut today, and I’ve been going to this lady for many, many years. We were chatting briefly today and she said that, “those people don’t come around anymore.” I said, “you no longer attract them because you have changed.”

Sometime back, (who remembers dates?) she used to tell me about rude clients to see what I thought of it. These people would wait until the last minute and then expect her to fit them into her schedule. She has plenty of clients and she was booked that day and this lady was very upset about her not squeezing her in. This wasn’t the first episode with her, and so she asked me what I thought. I said, “her lack of planning doesn’t create an emergency for you. Fair treatment is expected on both sides.” I said that she needed to respect herself enough to not allow a client to push her around like that, and at the same time, stop feeling guilty about it, that it is not your problem. It’s hers.

So today’s realization that, “Oh, those people don’t come around anymore,” was powerful. She was attracting them before, partly because of how she felt about herself, but the bigger part was her pushing against those people in not wanting them to be rude. But the Law of Attraction doesn’t recognize no. Whatever you give thought to and give focus to by talking about it, complaining and so on attracts that or the equivalent of it. The way to change it is to let go of it, don’t think about it, and focus on better feeling thoughts.

When she was feeling guilty, she is creating what she does not want, and when she is feeling good, she is creating what she does want. By respecting herself enough to realize that that lady’s anger is not her problem and that she doesn’t have any need to respond, nor accept her rudeness, she is moving up the emotional scale. On Abraham-Hick’s emotional scale, guilt is the second to the lowest, and that’s how powerful that negative emotion is. As she moved up the scale feeling better and better about the situation and herself, she created a new set point of attraction.

This is how we take a lemon and make lemonade. It is how we rid ourselves of complainers and attract uplifters. It is how we attract better clients. It is how we enjoy our lives more.

By taking charge, giving ourselves the love we deserve, and not plugging into other people’s emotions, we create more of the life that we want. We cannot create in another person’s life. We can only create in ours. Abraham adds this: “You can’t rid the world of things that bother you. You’ve got to rid your Vibration of things that bother you. And when you rid your Vibration of things that bother you–no things that bother you can come.” 

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Yourself! Love Yourself! Those People Won’t Come Around Anymore. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing your own love and joy into yourself first.

Daily Inspiration 2-21-15

“Experiment to discover 
how little you need.” 

— Alan Cohen 

Good day to you! I expect that most people would look at the quote above and think about money or things, or possessions. I know for sure that looking at it with those eyes, it is as accurate as it can be. We can all do fine with less money, and less things. Sometimes we may paint ourselves into a corner so to speak with debt or setting a level of our needs where going below that is unthinkable to us, but they are not really needs. In reality, we need very little.

I could talk about discovering how little I have come to need from the perspective of money and things; however, this quote struck a different chord in me. To me it is giving everyone permission to do, to become, to rise.

Let’s say that you want to own your own business. How much do you really need to get started? How much do you really need to stay in business and grow? I can answer this in one word: desire. If you want to do it, you can do it. Desire has the capacity to get you started, and it also has the capacity to keep you going providing you keep your focus on the desire, or wanting, and avoid entirely any doubts, negative input from others or within yourself. How do I know this? I have lived it, experienced it, and am still at it having the time of my life.

How about a sales person? How much do they need? Not so much. Although, just as going into business, they must have desire. Strong desire helps. In sales, we might talk to a number of people and the majority that day, or even all of them that day, may say no. They don’t want or need your products or services. If that sales person will focus on the desire, rather than the reality of today’s results and feeling poorly about them, tomorrow can be an even brighter day, because in the process of experimenting and discovering, we learn and grow if we will only look upon the days activities in that way. This makes us better, smarter, more sensitive for tomorrow.

How about a young person starting out in the working world. We come again to the one word: desire. Do I want to do this? Do I really want to do this? Or, do I feel that I should do this, or someone else thinks I should do this, or need to do this? Experiment and discover how little you need. You don’t need much to get started, but you need desire. Without it, you are poor and helpless at the moment. You can change anytime you want, then go again.

I think that a great way to look at all of these scenarios and many more is to think like you’re going into business; to think like an entrepreneur; like a manager of yourself in charge of all of your own creations. You don’t need much to create. Even a lack of desire creates. The question is not even what is created, but whether that is okay with you or not. In other words, how you feel about it. Do you feel good? Then you’re spot on and ready for more growth and discovery. Feel not so good, or maybe even angry? Then, you are creating more of what you already have.

There is no standing still. Change is happening all the time. We are either changing into something different, or we are changing into more of the same. We are changing for the better or for the status quo. We can tell by how we feel if we are paying attention to our own internal guidance system.

How much do you need to reach out? How much do you need to stay in love? How much do you need to have a happy life? How much do you need to fully enjoy today? How much do you need to dream? How much do you really need? Not so much.

Desire Is A Little Thing That Rules The Entire World, Or Rather, Each Of Our Entire Worlds. We Each Create Our Own. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by sending someone some love and joyful thoughts. By text, email, card, billboard. The method matters little. It is the message and even more important, it is the thought. You could even just have the thought and not let them know in any other way, and even with that, you will make a difference to them.

Daily Inspiration 2-20-15

“Freedom is not given to us by anyone; 
we have to cultivate it ourselves. 
It is a daily practice.” 
— Thich Nhat Hanh 

I think it is often true that we just do whatever we do day after day with little or no intention about our doing, and at the same time, there may be little thought if any as to why we do what we do.

Oh sure, it’s easy enough to say I go to work to earn the money to live a comfortable life. But is that the whole of it? Is that the whole reason? Or, is there more? Or, are we sometimes trading our freedom for the sake of that.

When was the last time you stopped working for a few hours and went to see a movie, or went window shopping, or went to a park and chilled? The refreshment from something like this can boost your morale, creativity, and outlook. There is freedom in this. Freedom comes from our choosing and it also comes from our choices.

Wayne Dyer is famous for saying, “our intention creates our reality.” It’s just five words, and I think that phrase is very accurate. Are we doing what we intend? A better way to say it may be, are we doing what we do on purpose? With purpose?

Do you absolutely love what you do? Do you get up every morning and can’t wait to enjoy another day on planet Earth? If not, then knowing why you do what you do can be a very powerful tool toward that, or toward something more to your liking. And, I mean a better answer than to ‘make a living.’ You could use your Book of Positive Aspects and write out all the reasons that you do what you do–all the benefits, all the ways it helps you enjoy your life, how it benefits your family, contributes to the economy, all the things you like or love about what you do, and more.

Freedom is our choice. It comes from our intentions, and by intending, we are creating our lives deliberately. In other words, the more often we are taking the short time that it might take to intend what we want to see, experience, be, do or have, the more that will not only become true and be in our reality, the more we will enjoy ourselves, our minutes, hours, and years. There are so many ways to choose our freedom every single day. Another way to say it is in every day and every segment of every day to decide what we want and to focus our attention there rather than follow our habitual patterns.

Abraham & Esther Hicks has a great way to do this and I have it up on my wall in my office: “Today, no matter where I’m going, no matter what I’m doing, no matter who I’m doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for and find things that feel good when I see them, when I hear them, when I smell them, when I taste them, when I touch them. It is my dominant intent to solicit, experience, and exaggerate and talk about and revel in, the best of what I see around me here and now.” 

This is not really like work. It isn’t hard to do. It simply requires giving thought to what you want today, for the next few hours, during this meeting, when you walk in the door after work, and more. The only way to get better at it and more consistent at it is to practice it, which is the same thing as doing it on purpose. Make that an intention. When I do this, I feel more freedom. I feel more alive. I feel more in the present. I feel more joy, and I get better results while enjoying myself more. I’ve become excited about what Abraham calls Segment Intending, and what Wayne Dyer calls the Power of Intention. 

Happy Choosing Your Freedom Day! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by intending it.

Daily Inspiration 2-19-15

“You never help others
when you allow yourself 
to be a sounding board 
for their complaints.” 

— Abraham, Esther Hicks

Commiseration with another or their commiseration with you will only draw more of the subject to the party. I used to do this a lot. I would listen to people’s complaints, agree with their emotional conclusions about things; the inappropriateness, and acknowledge the random emotional pain inflicted by another for an unknowable reason.

Then, for some reason, I began to feel uncomfortable when others were complaining of their lives, while I still complained about my own. People didn’t listen so much to mine either, so I would just go over and over it in my mind. And, finally, at some point, I realized that my own complaining had no value, so I chose to stop for the most part, by not totally.

Now, I avoid it at all costs because I know the detrimental value of focusing there. I also know the detrimental value of being a sounding board for others. I am now in alignment with Abraham’s partial quote above. Here is the full quote:

“You never help others when you allow yourself to be a sounding board for their complaints. Seeing them as you know they want to be is the most valuable thing you can do for them. Sometimes that means removing yourself from their vicinity because when you are near them, it is difficult not to notice their complaints. You might say to them, “I’ve learned the power of my attention and thought, and so as I hear you speaking of what I know you don’t want, I must tell you that I must remove myself, for I don’t want to contribute to your miscreating.” Try to distract them from their complaints; try to help them focus upon some positive aspects. . . do you best to imagine their recovery.

You will know when you are of value to anyone when you are able to think about the person and feel good at the same time. When you love others without worry, you are an advantage to them. When you enjoy them, you help them. When you expect them to succeed, you help them. In other words, when you see them as your own Inner Being sees them, then and only then is your association with them to their advantage.” 

Quite often though, we may instead be feeling sorry for them, thinking we are softening their pain by discussing the problems with them. If our focus is on something other than their own upliftment, by seeing them as they really want to be, we only add to their problems while we think we are giving them love. It is not only not helpful, but it also isn’t really loving.

Next time you see someone, or hear someone telling you or others what is going wrong in their lives, mentally, if not verbally, lift them up, help get them to focus on what is right in their lives, what is going well, finding better feeling thoughts for themselves, and then you can really be of value.

I try to do this all the time now, and although I may not be successful all the time, I am so far beyond the place I once was, and I find that I have been helpful to many. I am grateful for learning these insights. I’m certain it has changed my life for the better more than anyone else’s.

Being Of Real Service Means Uplifting Others. 

Spread Some Joy Today–because joy always feels good in the giving as well as in the receiving.

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