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Daily Inspiration 12-31-14

Daily Inspiration 12-31-14

“It’s Wednesday. 
I’m alive. 
I am breathing. 
God has given me another today. 
I am thankful. 
I am blessed. 
God is Good. 

 Just for today. . . 
I will look for joy in all things. 
I will enjoy what is beautiful. 
I will listen. 
I will learn. 
I will believe.” 
— Lori Homeyer 

Hmmmm. Coincidentally, it IS Wednesday and it happens to be the last day of December of the year 2014.

I hope that you find a few moments to celebrate the year that has just come to an end. I have a good sized list so I am very grateful for all of the wonderful things, the increased knowledge and awareness, and my own personal growth and expansion. My business grew, my life took on new meaning, and my love grew exponentially. And, even as I celebrate this year into the accumulation of years, I see a bright and exciting future ahead for 2015. I am eager to experience all that will be and become more of the deliberate creator I’ve come to be. It is pure joy in action.

I share Lori’s sentiments above. I will look for joy in all things. I am thankful. I am celebrating my life more than I ever have in my entire history. I sincerely hope that you join with me in celebrating yours.

Happy Old Year! Happy New Year!

Spread Some Joy Today–by releasing any resistance that you have today. As resistance is released, your natural state of joy is exposed for all to see, including you!

Daily Inspiration 12-30-14

Daily Inspiration 12-30-14

“Creativeness often consists of merely
turning up what is already there. 
Did you know 
that right and left shoes 
were thought up only 
a little more than a century ago?” 
— Bernice Fitz-Gibbon 

As appalling as this sounds to me, after some basic searching, it seems to be true about producing right and left shoes. There is also a shoe museum called the Bata Shoe Museum in West Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition, the first sneakers were made in America in 1916 and were not called sneakers until much later. They were called Keds. I can remember as a kid going to the shoe store to get some Keds. I had no idea.

The first lady’s boot was designed for Queen Victoria in 1840, and in Europe, it wasn’t until the eighteenth century that women’s shoes were different from men’s. There’s a lot about shoes that I had made assumptions about.

What’s interesting to me is how much time went by with so little improvements in common things. Transportation is another subject that boggles the mind in how long it took to move faster than walking or running or riding on horseback.

Some years ago I read an absolutely fascinating book by Stephen Ambrose titled, Nothing Like It In The World about the building of the first Transcontinental Railroad in America. I am revisiting this in the audio version as we speak and it reminds me of all this and how things were so slow to change.

Yet, here is the other interesting part: Once they began to change, they morphed quickly into better and better versions and then into other things. Considering the long past, it was a very short time from the invention of, and introduction to, America of the idea of the train and locomotives. Once here, they began a steady improvement and expansion that was nothing short of amazing.

The world moves faster all the time. If you’ve studied any history before 1900, you found that the world changed so radically after 1900, and even more as time went on. The airplane, then air transportation is a perfect example along with the electric light, appliances, computers, and so much more.

The Internet is not old, it is a youngster. Yet it has changed all of our lives quite dramatically. I remember using the first computers at work in the car business and they didn’t even have hard drives. Then when hard drives came out they were 1 MB, 5 MB, and such. As programs became better, they needed more space and more speed and the expansion race was on. Now I have more than 1 GB just for my email. I also remember modems and how new they were, but so slow. Transferring 1 MB would have taken more than a day. Now it takes a second or less. Crazy differences in speed.

As the world gets faster and faster, we take more and more for granted. We even get upset with the slowness of things because we’ve sped up faster than the technology, or at least the operator sense of the technology. In other words, we become impatient so quickly, whereas in the past we didn’t have those issues or the stress from that impatience.

I watched a movie last night where the female dance coach said to the male dancer about to go into a contest: Breathe! It is wonderful advice for us all. Let us pause now and then, breathe, feel for some peace as we absorb and celebrate ever more and faster changes in our future days.

The Pause That Refreshes. Breathe! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by practicing your patience and enjoying the journey wherever you are moving to and from.

Daily Inspiration 12-29-14

Daily Inspiration 12-29-14

“Everything you are against weakens you. 
Everything you are for empowers you.” 
— Wayne Dyer 

It’s easy to make a decision that the world needs fixing, but it doesn’t. It’s easy to see things that are going on somewhere in the world that you don’t like or hate or disgust you, but that doesn’t mean the world is broken. In fact, if you look for just a little while, you will find plenty to push against; things that you are opposed to, that you may judge as being wrong or bad. But, that is simply a choice of focus.

I went to the grocery store today for some fresh produce and a number of other things. There is a plethora of food in the grocery store. But they also sell poison. In fact, they have plenty of poison for sale. Today I ignored the poison and bought the food, but I felt no need to push against the poison or to tell the store manager to remove it so I could shop in peace. I just had no interest in it.

There were thousands of things in the store that I did not want. There are thousands of things in the store that I probably will never, ever want, and yet I go to the store in comfort knowing that I can choose what I want and freely leave the rest for others to choose if they desire. Next time, I may choose other things, but I have no need to push against anything that I’m not interested in having or using or eating.

If there is something that we feel a strong desire to try to change for whatever reason, we have the option of focusing on that change to take care of it. In other words, by focusing on the solution and not the problem. If I see a problem and I want to solve it, I will never solve it by focusing on the problem. I must focus on a solution.

The contrast of differences is all around us all the time. Pushing against anything unwanted will never change the thing. But, focusing on what we are for and doing what we are inspired to do in that vein, empowers us to make a difference.

Here’s To Your Own Empowerment. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by deciding that at least for today, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Today is Free From Worry Day.

Daily Inspiration 12-28-14

Daily Inspiration 12-28-14

“Your task is not to seek for love, 
but merely to seek and find 
all the barriers within yourself 
that you have built against it.” 
— Rumi 

With my increased awareness, I am finding that my joy and love is far more in letting go, or the releasing of my own resistance, than in trying to make it happen. I now believe that joy and love, or well being is our true natural state and that we have built all sorts of barriers that keep it under control and under wrap, almost as if we are trying to protect it.

Most of it comes from growing up and learning from those around us, and even within our families for so many of us. We see how people respond to us and when they are nice and when they are not and when they like us and when they do not and so on. We learn as we go, and in the absence of being taught how to let go of resistance, to accept that others may choose and that we may choose ourselves, we build walls and dig trenches and otherwise learn to fit in or be left out.

All of that learning then becomes habitual, and it is ongoing throughout our lives. This is true in our own brain and the self-talk that we are constantly listening to.

As I have become more aware of that self-talk, I find myself wanting so much to shut it off and the only way I can find is to focus on this moment, because the self-talk is about the past mainly, and predicting the future based on the past. Also, many of those thoughts, scenarios, and ramblings are so odd how they just pop in from many years ago.

I was walking the dog yesterday, and into my head pops a scenario from 2009 when I was doing a full-time consulting project with a truck dealer. As this played for only a few moments, I began defending myself on some decisions that I made as if the owner was calling me on them. He wasn’t, but my ego was directing this and planning for the worst and desperately trying to overcome that in advance. As I said, it was only a few moments, and as I realized what was happening in my mind, I immediately focused on the trees around me, the blue sky, and came back to the present.

I now find myself doing this all the time. I cannot shut off the ego, and trying to change the thought from negative to positive is a lot of work, so releasing the resistance–and it is resistance because you can feel the tenseness in your body–is my goal and the path of least resistance or the easiest way is changing my focus to something around me in the now that is pleasant to look at.

This is also why my desk that I spend a lot of time at is facing a large window. I can look up at any moment and see the sky, trees, and other pleasant views and come back to the now at will. It doesn’t take effort. It is much more a sense of letting go which is the opposite of effort.

I Am So Empowered Knowing All I Really Need Is To Put Down The Rope. Just Let Go. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by looking around for things that please you and focus on them for a few moments. Then, find some more, and more. What a wonderful day it will be for you.

Daily Inspiration 12-27-14

Daily Inspiration 12-27-14

“Criticism begins as a choice, 
and some make it a career.” 
— Albert K Strong 

Criticism is simply a choice, to begin with. I don’t like this. Then it can often turn into a fault finding mission. Of course, when you’re looking for faults, they appear. The more you look, the more you find. It’s the Law of Attraction at work.

As we find these faults, we categorize and label them so that we can keep score and keep track. This is bad, this is really bad, this is disgusting, this is unfathomable, this is horrific, this is . . . and it goes on.

This can become such a habit that we don’t even realize it is happening, or how we sound when we write it out or speak our criticisms out loud. Just listen to people talking, open facebook, twitter, YouTube, go to work, in your kitchen. It sort of becomes natural to do this, but it is anything but natural.

Some of this criticism or finding of fault, blaming, labeling, is relatively benign, and sometimes it becomes a career, a mission, a self-righteous purpose, a crusade. It is the length of time doing it and the depth of the feeling that makes the difference.

Yet, let me bring this back to the basics again. It is simply an observation and a choice. You see something you do not like and that is perfect. This world could not work without the contrast with which to make choices. However, rather than focusing on the things you don’t like about that, you may choose the real reason the contrast is there: to help you make a decision to choose what you do like and focus your attention there.

We all know it’s true that the more you focus on the fault, the more you will find. We often do not pay attention to the fact that the opposite is true as well: the more you focus on what you want, what is good, what is desirable, what is pleasing to you, the more you will find. The real question then is this simple: do you want to feel bad, or do you want to feel good.

We know that when we focus on the faults, we can become enraged, angry, upset, disappointed, discouraged, frustrated, and more, and none of those feel good. So why do we persist in doing it? Habit. We see others around us doing it, we see it in the newspaper, on the radio, on TV, on YouTube, and Facebook and, well, it is hard to avoid.

At the same time, when we turn and focus on what is pleasing to us, what we want, what we like, we feel good. We may feel love, appreciation, joy, enthusiasm, optimism, passion, and all of those feel very good. When we decide that it is important that we feel good, we can then allow all our emotions to guide us to better choices of focus, and enjoy our lives far more while the rest of the world may choose as it will.

We Have The Ultimate Power: It Is Purely Our Own Choosing That Directs Our Lives. 

Spread Some Joy Today–How are you feeling? Joy feels good.

Daily Inspiration 12-26-14

Daily Inspiration 12-26-14

“My dog is worried about the economy
because Alpo is up to 99 cents a can. 
That’s almost $7.00 in dog money.” 
— Joe Weinstein 

Not really. . . but the reason I went with this funny quote is that I never, ever see my dog worry about the economy. He doesn’t worry about getting fed. He doesn’t worry about getting love. He doesn’t worry about calories or getting fat, or losing weight. He doesn’t worry about the news. In fact, he doesn’t read the paper or watch the news, or use the Internet. He just doesn’t worry at all.

He is eager. He’s eager to play. He’s eager to go for a walk. He’s eager to go for a ride. He’s excited and eager to get his food when he decides he’s hungry.

He doesn’t stress over things or circumstance. If I’m taking too long to get ready for a walk, he simply lays on the floor and looks at me curiously, or if he tires of that, he takes a quick nap. After he eats, he takes a nap. When he’s bored, he takes a nap. His solution for any kind of potential stress is taking a nap. Works for me too when I do it.

He’s content to walk down the same path every day, yet eager to see a new one. He seems to find lingering scents to spend many moments regardless of the terrain, although he is infinitely more interested in other dogs have been down this path in the recent past.

Dogs bark at him from behind fences and he doesn’t seem to give a rip about that. Some sound big and mean and certainly loud, and he goes on as if it was nothing at all. He shivers when it’s 67 degrees, but it can be 40 degrees and if he is on a walk, he’s not paying any attention to shivers (Charlie is a little toy Chihuahua).

He never gets tired or bored with love touching, caressing, petting, pampering. I think he could fall asleep with soft caresses and wake up wanting more. Hmmm. Sounds good to me. . .

He gives me love by just looking at me working from across the room. He’s always encouraging me to exercise, with him of course, and he dotes on my presence.

Maybe some of these things would be good for we humans to emulate and incorporate. No stress? Seems like a wonderful idea! No worries? Seems unheard of yet potentially life-changing. Always eager? There’s nothing like fresh enthusiasm! Patient? I don’t know any humans who couldn’t benefit from more of that! Always open to being loved? Why the heck not? Always present and always exuding love? Eckhart Tolle would be proud (well, no, he wouldn’t ever be proud, would he?).

It’s Amazing What We Can Learn When We Pay Attention. Even From Our Friendly Animals. 

Spread Some Joy Today–It’s the second largest shopping day of the year. I hope you find some joy there too.

Daily Inspiration 12-25-14

Daily Inspiration 12-25-14

“Our world has many superheros. 
But they have the worst 
 of all superpowers: invisibility.” 

— Mundano 

I was compelled to share this TED video with you today. It spoke to me in a number of ways. It is about seeing a larger picture and at the same time seeing much detail. It is about expanding ourselves in an unexpected and yet very grand way. It is about giving others a voice. It is about helping others to build self-esteem. It is about fun and joy and color and humor. It is about how a need gets taken care of without us even noticing it. It is about entrepreneurship, being of value, being creative and resourceful. It is about a bit of life magic in the normally mundane. It is about passion and love.

It is about one person who has an idea that is different from what he normally does and this idea expands and expands and becomes even more. Then the idea is shared and expanded more until it becomes something that is spread around the world and is shared so that others can join and participate. It all began with a simple idea. . .

In Brazil, “catadores” collect junk and recyclables. But while they provide a vital service that benefits all, they are nearly invisible as they roam the streets. Enter graffiti artist Mundano, a TED Fellow. In a spirited talk, he describes his project “Pimp My Carroça,” which has transformed these heroic workers’ carts into things of beauty and infused them with a sense of humor. It’s a movement that is going global.

(See video transcript here.)  Check out the website at
Looking At The Common With An Uncommon Eye. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by thinking of some ways you can share your value.
Daily Inspiration 12-24-14

Daily Inspiration 12-24-14

“As we grow older, 
our Christmas lists get shorter, 
because the things we want 
can’t be bought.” 

I must be really old because my list is nonexistent. In things, that is. In those things that can’t be bought, I am a picture of wide open arms.

For the last few days, you may have noticed that I gave some focus on the idea of abundance. Although there is an abundance of things at the mall and on the Internet, it is those non-things that hold more meaning to each of us and that includes people of every age.

W. Clement Stone was an early mentor of mine. He founded the Success Magazine at the beginning of the last century, was a self-starter and huge business success, and shared his positive beliefs with the world through books and in other ways. Here is a wonderful quote from him that is worthy of sharing:

“Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You and you alone can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving.”

May The Gifts That Only You Can Give Bring You The Abundance You Rightly Deserve. 

Spread Some Joy Today–because you can and as you do so, you will be swept along in all its glory.

Daily Inspiration 12-23-14

Daily Inspiration 12-23-14

“When I think about creating abundance, 
it’s not about creating a life of luxury 
for everybody on this planet; 
it’s about creating a life of possibility. 
It is about taking that which was scarce 
and making it abundant.” 
— Peter Diamandis, 
founder, and CEO of the X-Prize Foundation 

We are all natural choosers. If everything we wanted and needed was just given us at will without our even asking, there would be no value and no life either. Trying to change the world so that everyone has luxury would kill the world. When people decide on their own, or with some inspiration from others that they want luxury, they will find it.

As natural choosers, we all have talent and abilities and even more important than this, we all have the capacity. I would call that capacity an abundance. We all have an abundance of possibilities within us along with an abundance of capacity to respond to that as we focus our intent from our desire.

The value of a teacher to me is to inspire within me the desire that is inborn and allow that desire to see just enough light down the tunnel that it piques interest and intent. “Words don’t teach. Life experience teaches,” as Abraham often says, but words do have the power to inspire should someone be nearby hearing them, or reading them. With even the smallest amount of inspiration as a seed, what then becomes a life experience or movement toward that experience is the holy grail of return for the teacher, and the joy of student and teacher.

People rise to the occasion from places of the utmost despair and challenge. We never know the depth and breadth of the power within inspired people. Take a candidate who may not be the image of the perfect candidate and give them the opportunity and just enough inspiration, and it is amazing what they can do. Everyone responds in their own time, and if we don’t give up on them; if we stick with them and out of love stand near and ready to serve, their spark will ignite a grand display that continually extends their possibilities.

Here’s To Everyone’s Own Unique Possibilities! It May Not Feel Like A Gift, But It Is A Gift. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Enjoy a few moments of awe and wonder today. It will change your entire day for the best.

Daily Inspiration 12-22-14

Daily Inspiration 12-22-14

“Abundance is not something we acquire. 
It is something we tune into.” 
— Wayne Dyer 

If I had no resistance to abundance in certain areas of my life, it would be the most natural thing to have abundance. After all, I have abundance in several areas of my life, and though I want it in all of my life, I seem to have pockets of resistance holding it away from me.

It is often beliefs that we may have held on to, sometimes for most of our lives. Many are so old and from childhood. I know this is true about money and so I have this resistance to abundance in this area. I have only recently realized this, and I no longer want it, so the path then is simply to release the resistance and accept and receive the abundance that I know is there for me.

There are some tools to help release resistance, and many of them are just plain fun. It should never be work to release resistance. In Esther & Jerry Hicks book, Ask and It Is Given, there are a wonderful series of processes in the second part of the book. The one I want to share with you today is called The Prosperity Game. It is a powerful tool in releasing resistance surrounding the idea of money.

If you have an iPhone, there is an app in the iTunes store for $1.99. It’s a stupid bargain. If you don’t have an iPhone, then you can do it manually. Here’s how it works:

You start off receiving $1,000 income on day one and every day thereafter, the income rises by $1,000. So day two is $2,000, day three $3,000 and so on. The idea is to spend the money each day on whatever you want. You could use an old checking account where you have checks left over, or a program like Quicken, or just on plain paper. Again, the goal is knowing that you have more coming tomorrow, so feel free and totally at ease spending what you have today. Spend it any way you like for whatever your heart desires.

It could be to buy something for yourself, give a gift, pay off a bill, help a charity or whatever you can imagine. The key is to imagine and feel how it feels to spend the money and feel how it feels to have it coming in so regularly. On day 50, you will be receiving $50,000 that day. On day 300, you will receive $300,000. If you continue for one year, you will have received and spent $66 million.

So, I’m having such a blast with this. I’m on day 55 tomorrow so I will receive $55,000 to spend. I’ve learned several things about me that surprise me some and delight me as well. I am amazed at how little I have spent on myself. I have done so many things for other people and organizations that are of interest to me. I’ve done magnanimous things here and there, and it has helped me to realize some things that I had let go of that are still important to me.

I began tithing on day five or six and increased it to double tithing about day 15. That is the first money spent each day. The app keeps a record of what you spent money on but not the amounts or the dates, but if you do it manually, you can see that if it matters to you.

This whole thing has become a joy and I can feel that it is changing my attitude about money and abundance in particular. You will also find as I have that it starts to become challenging to spend all the money. That’s good. Part of the value of this is exercising our imagination. If I can’t seem to think of something right away, I just close the app and come back later. It’s supposed to be fun.

Abundance Is A Game, And Available To All. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Leave your stress in the shower and allow your day to soar.

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