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Daily Inspiration 4-30-14

Daily Inspiration 4-30-14

“If you are losing your peace 
in your quest for peace, 
you are not on the road to peace. 
The road to peace is peace.” 

 — Alan Cohen 

When I saw this quote, I was amazed. Such simplicity, yet so profound. It makes perfect sense and though I have felt that I know this and have known it, it still felt like a new bit of wisdom.

Consider removing the word peace and making it a blank underline that we can write something else in. How about these?

If you are losing well being in your quest for well being, you are not on the road to well being. The road to well being is well being.

If you are losing patience in your quest for patience, you are not on the road to patience. The road to patience is patience.

If you are losing love in your quest for love, you are not on the road to love. The road to love is love.

If you are losing compassion in your quest for compassion, you are not on the road to compassion. The road to compassion is compassion.

If you are losing _____________ in your quest for ______________, you are not on the road to ___________. The road to ____________ is ____________.

Matching Our Attitude With Our Desires Is Worthy Of Awareness And Alignment. 

Spread Some Joy Today–The road to joy is JOY!

Daily Inspiration 4-29-14

Daily Inspiration 4-29-14

“Anything worth doing 
is worth doing poorly 
until you learn to do it well.” 

 — Zig Ziglar 

If it weren’t for this appropriate quote, I would still be back in grade school. I have an extremely long list of things I was willing to try and willing to do poorly at until I could learn to do them better.

I’ve started businesses that I knew very little about. I’ve started new positions at jobs that I had no experience and little knowledge of. In fact, almost all of them were this way. Guess what? I got better. I succeeded. Or, I changed something to make it work. It’s just the way it is.

Thank goodness.

“Life Is A Helluva Lot More Fun If You Say Yes Rather Than No.” — Richard Branson 

Spread Some Joy Today–Break the rules. Have a great time all day long today.

Daily Inspiration 4-28-14

Daily Inspiration 4-28-14

“The most difficult work many professionals do
is getting someone else to agree with their point of view. 
The second most difficult work professionals do 
is developing a point of view in the first place.” 

— Seth Godin 

A brilliant quote from the marketing master, Seth Godin. Of course, getting others to buy in, believe in, or otherwise accept our point of view is a great goal. And the goal is only complete when they take some kind of action.

These might actually be reversed in need, although are correct in the way we want things to happen. And, it is true that we often may want things to happen without much going on from us. Who wouldn’t want that?

I was talking with someone about commercial truck inventory today and how many keep ordering the same things over and over without any strategy whatsoever other than they stock x-number of units total. That would be like a grocery store only being concerned about the number of items and not having a strategy for the mix, quality, brands, selling habits, traditional sales patterns, and more. You know they do. I’m sure they have it down so that they don’t miss things very often. Yet commercial truck dealers haven’t got a strategy very often. How could they? They don’t keep track, so where would they get the information for an improved strategy?

Of course, this applies to every kind of business or enterprise, for-profit and non-profit. Each needs to have a strategy in order to learn how to change, to grow, to improve. This will also require some kind of statistics. We need not drive ourselves crazy with them, but we should at least have some worthy information to help us make better and better decisions as we move forward.

Otherwise, we just keep doing the same things and getting the same results.

“In The End, It Is Important To Remember That We Cannot Become What We Need To Be, By Remaining What We Are.” — Max DePree

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeing how many things you can appreciate and enjoy today. There is so much going on and we just don’t pay much attention a good part of the time. Pay attention today.

Daily Inspiration 4-27-14

Daily Inspiration 4-27-14

“If you want to build a ship, 
 don’t herd people together to collect wood 
 and don’t assign them tasks and work 
but rather, teach them to long
the endless immensity of the sea.” 

— Antonine de Saint-Exupery 

While teaching philosophy and global objectives is worthy, it only affects a certain percentage of people the way it is intended.

I attended a training session today for some “disadvantaged youth.” I’m not sure I agree they are disadvantaged, but there were a number of professional people on the panel each giving a bit of history of their career lives and much more in hopes of widening their knowledge and encouraging the sharpening of their goals. All are in high school and about ready to move into the working world.

There was a lot of philosophy from personal stories presented and it was enlightening to me to hear all of them and appreciate their positions and see a bit of their path to whom they have become today. It will be interesting to see if any of the young people were convinced of anything, yet it created in me an appreciation of what many others have gone through, where they started and how they have overcome the odds.

Here was the closing end of my remarks. See if any of it resonates with you thinking about young adults: 

Throughout my life, I encountered resistance, some from others, but much of it from myself. I used to call them problems. Sometimes it was called drama. As I grew, I began to call them challenges. And, now, I call it contrast. Still, the one thing that stands out is the fact that all of them were helpful though I may not have had eyes to see that immediately. The contrast has caused within me a desire for something else, something more, and I made new choices, or course corrections which has led me quite perfectly to where I am today. 

Here’s some of the best advice I can give from my own experience:

1. Be willing to try and fail. Take chances. Change the word work to play.
2. Never fear losing your job. Have confidence in your ability and abilities. Change is a given. Be the best you can be.
3. Always be looking ahead, while enjoying the present fully. Discovery is meaningful and valuable.
4. Invest and reinvest in yourself throughout your life. Become more every day.
5. Be a life-long learner. Educate yourself. Leaders are readers!
6. Do what you love, and love what you do. Follow your heart and passion. Be your own counsel.
7. Develop and expand constantly an attitude of gratitude and appreciation.
8. Learn to express yourself and your value. You are worthy and important.
9. Give willingly and openly. Become a generous person.
10. Enjoy yourself. Seek joy. Decide on purpose every single day.

Remember, the American Dream is not about money, things and position. It is, and always was, about freedom–freedom of choice, freedom to move, freedom of speech, freedom to grow. And, it has nothing to do with where you start because everyone starts somewhere. There is no way. There is your way, my way, and their way. Everyone has a way. You and you alone are in charge of your choices, decisions, and actions. You are worthy. You are loved, and you matter.

Words Don’t Teach, Yet We Often Hope They Will.

Spread Some Joy Today–by appreciating whomever you are around today.

Daily Inspiration 4-26-14

Daily Inspiration 4-26-14

“Be at peace
with all your choices. 
They all serve you.” 

— Alan Cohen 

I love this quote because I have found it to be so true. A good part of my life I was so concerned about making the “right” choice and not making the “wrong” choice. The truth for me now is that it is simply a choice. Every choice will have results of some kind and every result will have an effect. Labeling them right or wrong or otherwise doesn’t help at all. In fact, doing that is counterproductive.

About 25 years ago, I wrote a piece called Choices. It was about 150 pages of choices I had made in my life and the results of each choice. Along with that was a lot of detail about how I felt about each choice and each result. It was fascinating to write it in order to understand this idea of choices and results. Back then, I was still labeling and lamenting certain choices. Today, I find that to be not only a waste of valuable time but taking me off the path.

My Choices Are Perfect For Me Now.

Spread Some Joy Today–Choose joy today. Start by releasing any interest in worry.

Daily Inspiration 4-25-14

Daily Inspiration 4-25-14

“Your people are a direct reflection of you. 
They watch you. They follow you. 
 They measure you. They listen to you. 
If you want them to be dedicated to you, 
you have to be dedicated to them.” 

 — Jeffrey Gitomer 

This is just one tidbit from a wealth of insight by Jeffrey Gitomer in his wonderful book, Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Book of Leadership – The 12.5 Strengths of responsible, reliable, remarkable leaders that create results, rewards, and resilience. It is a perfect book that is easy to read, easy to review, and easy to share. Here are a few more tidbits you might enjoy:

“Manage yourself. . . Lead Others.” There is a definite difference between a manager and a leader and it is also true that a leader can be a manager, but mentally it is best to choose one. I choose leader.

“It’s not morale; it’s attitude. Many leaders look at it backward. They say, “We have a morale problem.” Morale is not a problem. Morale is a symptom.”

“Are you a leader or a coach? YES!”

“To be a great leader of people–inspire them to follow you, not your rules.”

I have had management positions most of my life, but my goal has always been to be a good leader. I feel that I have done that for the most part, and yet I am always learning more.

“Not All Readers Are Leaders, But All Leaders Are Readers.” — Harry S Truman

Spread Some Joy Today–by knowing how to create joy in yourself, do it on purpose, and do it as often as possible.

Daily Inspiration 4-24-14

Daily Inspiration 4-24-14

“Complacency is 
a disease of familiarity, 
which is compounded 
by boredom.” 

 — Albert K Strong 

Wallace D Wattles had some perfect advice when he said that, “you can advance only by more than filling your present place.” I don’t know if you have ever read his book written in 1911 titled, The Science of Getting Rich, or not, and if you have not, I highly recommend it because it is a wealth of excellent ideas. You can advance only by more than filling your present place is just one, yet it is such a powerful statement.

If you’re a person who is managing people, you must have seen the likes of the quote I began with about complacency. And, I’m sure it must also make sense how the rest of that quote speaks the truth. When you tie that together with the Wallace D Wattles quote about more than filling your place, it is easy to see how people get into positions and then settle into a routine, or a rut, depending on the point of view.

As a manager, you can’t really motivate anyone. They have to motivate themselves. But, a manager has a huge amount of influence when it comes to familiarity and boredom. And, a manager can inject enthusiasm into an organization, along with a new, or renewed sense of purpose. Of course, this would require that the manager motivate him or herself to their original task of more than filling their present place.

It is often easier to think of replacing those complacent ones, especially if they are longer in the tooth. I recall the first auto dealer I worked for who was a wise man. He had this phrase, “the new broom sweeps the cleanest.” He was Irish to the core, and it wasn’t until over 35 years later that I found where that idea came from. It is an old Irish saying that says, “A new broom sweeps clean, but the old broom knows the corners.” 

As people near or pass typical retirement age, as managers, we need to think about how the organization will continue into the future and continue to grow. It is probably good at this point to begin bringing in new people without necessarily replacing the old. It is true that if the older ones are complacent and nothing is done about it, they will negatively affect the newer ones. I’ve seen that happen. However, it need not be that way. If you consider the full Irish saying quote and have the brooms work together, that floor could be spotless.

Yet underlying all of this is something else that Wallace D Wattles said so well. It is this:

“The Very Best Thing You Can Do For The Whole World (including your organization and yourself!) Is To Make The Most Of Yourself.” [Parenthesis mine] 

Spread Some Joy Today–“To become enthusiastic, act enthusiastically.” — Frank Bettger

Daily Inspiration 4-23-14

Daily Inspiration 4-23-14

“I can’t imagine anything worse 
than being required to have fun.” 

— Scott Westerfeld 

Yes. Just imagine being required to have fun. What a heavy load to bear. Can you imagine going to work and being required to have fun? It’s ridiculous, don’t you think?


I tell you this. I am having so much more fun now in what I do than I’ve ever experienced before. It’s been building and building and I have no idea when it will taper off. In fact, I don’t really expect that any time soon.

I even do silly things, just to experience it. I make my office into a vacation resort area. Whatever. It’s all just a whole bunch of fun. I have fun driving to visit clients, going for a leisurely walk. It really doesn’t matter what I’m doing anymore. I find a way to thoroughly enjoy myself.

One of history’s richest men, Andrew Carnegie said this: “There is little success where there is little laughter.” I have to agree.

Life Is Short. Have Some Fun. You Get To Choose. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by raising someone’s spirits. There’s nothing so wonderful.

Daily Inspiration 4-22-14

Daily Inspiration 4-22-14

“What is powerful 
is when what you say 
is just the tip of the iceberg 
of what you know.” 

— Jim Rohn 

In preparation for a training consulting job and another of speaking to some teenagers who are just beginning to consider careers and jobs, I’ve had a lot of things that I’ve learned running through my brain. As a sales manager in one form or another since 1975 and my observation of people in sales positions wherever I’ve traveled, that gets mixed into all that I know on the subject of influence and sales.

Of all that I have learned and taught for so long, I can bring down to one short sentence my entire philosophy of doing well in sales, management, or any other endeavor. Here it is:

Be the best you can be.

I didn’t say THE best. I said the best YOU can be. Not the best anyone could be, but only and exclusively the best that you can be. Whatever that is.

I deal with and have dealt with a lot with auto & truck salespeople. One thing that I noticed that is common with far too many is their lack of sincere interest in wanting to be the best they could be. They just want to get through it without too much effort from them. Many of them didn’t survive long with that philosophy.

When it comes to learning a job or career, the very first thing on my list of expectations and instruction is to know what you’re selling. And, I mean know it so well that you seem like an expert on the product or service. This is the foundation of doing well. I see 20+ year veterans who can’t give a walkaround presentation on a vehicle. That amazes me. But, there was an old phrase I learned long ago that says, “he had 20 years of experience–one year, repeated twenty times.”

Jim Rohn said on a set of tapes once that you don’t need to talk about but 5 or 6 things to sell a car. And, he’s right. The more you talk about in numbers of things, the more the prospect can be confused. However, you have to know which 5 or 6 things to talk about from the 250 things you know. If you don’t know the 250 things, you are very limited in your influence.

I recommend to every person doing any job, and especially in sales, to know your product and service as an expert in it. When you know all that about your product and service, what you say will be the tip of the iceberg of what you know, and just as with an iceberg, you can only see about 10% of what it really is in size, people will get that feeling from you, and have confidence in you, sensing the depth of your knowledge.

“Lack Of Homework Shows Up In The Marketplace As Well As In The Classroom.” — Jim Rohn

Spread Some Joy Today–“Sometimes I just think funny thoughts!” — from the movie, Arthur. It is a great philosophy.

Daily Inspiration 4-21-14

Daily Inspiration 4-21-14

Mrs. Travers to Ralph, the Chauffeur: 
“Nobody walks. . .” 
Ralph to Mrs. Travers: 
“A leisurely stroll is a gift.” 

— From the movie, Saving Mr. Banks 

Ain’t it the truth! It is very much a gift–a gift to ourselves. There is little that would be as pleasant as a leisurely stroll. Don’t you agree?

I loved this movie, just watching it for the first time this weekend on DVD. Such an interesting and challenging history to the making of one film.

Out of the entire movie, this quote above washed over me like a wave. I think it is interesting how that works.

Have An Awesome Day Today! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by doing something that brings you joy!

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