Month: February 2014

Daily Inspiration 2-28-14

Daily Inspiration 2-28-14

“You’re too young 
to be so cynical.” 

 — Nick Campbell, played by Owen Wilson 
in the movie, The Internship 

Yeah! Cynicism should be an old-age disease, not available for young people, don’t you think? Yet, maybe you’ve heard young people express this attitude in your presence. Truly, it isn’t an age thing, but a choice in thinking–often a choice based on perceived reality all around them.

I am going to write several posts about the things that I have learned, or have been expressed so nicely by this wonderful movie called The Internship. As a sales manager for over 40 years, it is especially interesting and there are many lessons in this flick about sales, business, teams, psychology, turning things around and much more. So, I begin with this great comment from Nick.

It’s easy to be cynical. It is encouraged all day every day by the media and the so-called reality all around us. I mean, the shit is hitting the fan and it is just a matter of how close you are to the fan, right? It’s affecting everyone, right? It is the way it is, right? We got statistics to back it up, you know? You gotta pay attention to it and be real by living in the real world and none of that fantasy stuff, ya hear?

OK. That’s a way. But, is it working for anyone? Probably not. It’s not meant to. It’s meant not to. It’s like walking into a lighted room and turning on the dark switch.

In the case of the movie, a couple of older guys find a way to give some hope and a more positive outlook on the present and future which changes the results. Yet, it need not be older age, but there is value in looking for more hope; for looking for more love; for looking for a better answer; for looking for a way around or through. It has to start there. There must be at least an interest in considering something better. Cynicism is meant to be temporary, I think. Not permanent.

Hope Is A Universal Language. Reach Out. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Elvis Presley said it nicely: “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”

Daily Inspiration 2-27-14

Daily Inspiration 2-27-14

“Remain established in your calm center, 
and everything will take care of itself 
in miraculous ways far more wonderful 
than you could manipulate.” 

 — Alan Cohen 

People can be worried all around you. They can speculate on all the things that could go wrong. They can try to get an “agreement rant” going counting on like-minded people to bolster their position. Yet, if you as only one, will remain in your natural calm center, everything will take care of itself and may even surprise in delight at how that may come to fruition.

It is an amazing thing to operate from this calm center place. It is magical. It feels good inside and it feels good on the outside. It is power and authority without the ego labeling. It is peace and prosperity for everything is already done.

One last thing on this. It is not serious, or stubborn. It is joyful inside and out. The joy comes mainly, I think, as a result of the peaceful feeling surrounding it. It is pure and very interesting enjoyment.

Relax. Let Go. Smile. Reassure Others. It’s All Okay. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving yourself wherever you find yourself. Enjoy it.

Daily Inspiration 2-26-14

Daily Inspiration 2-26-14

“Grace needs you 
as much as you need it.” 

 — Alan Cohen 

Isn’t this an interesting concept? Grace needs you as much as you need Grace. I saw another quote from my favorite mentors of all my time, Abraham, and Esther Hicks: “You might say, “How do I know if I’m in a receiving mode or not?” And we say, you always feel good when you’re in a receiving mode. When someone offers you a compliment, do you receive it, or do you sort of just shrug it off? There’s something about believing that you must justify your existence through your effort or through your perseverance, through your struggle. And many of you just have not practiced the receiving mode.”

Practicing the receiving mode. . . There is a lot said in that short phrase. How many of us practice that? I know more of us practice giving compliments more than accepting them, giving things rather than receiving them, and so on. I know I was brought up with the noble notion that to give is better than to receive. In my lifetime-learned wisdom, I now see them as equal rather than one better or more important than another. Grace needs you as much as you need it. Receiving needs you as much as you need it. Giving needs you as much as you need it.

Something To Ponder Sincerely. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing joy to be a part of your life. I know spreading it is good, but receiving is just as good. I think it is even best, to begin with, that aspect.

Daily Inspiration 2-25-14

Daily Inspiration 2-25-14

“The deepest secret is that life 
 is not a process of discovery, 
 but a process of creation. 
You are not discovering yourself, 
but creating yourself anew. 

 Seek, therefore, 
not to find out Who You Are, 
but seek to determine 
Who You Want to Be.” 

 — Neale Donald Walsch 

I’ve heard myself and other people ask questions, such as, “what am I supposed to do?” or “Who am I supposed to be?” or “What is God’s Will for me?” or “I was born for something. What is it that is meant for me to accomplish?” and other such things. Sometimes we might think that everyone is perfect for something and then we feel that we haven’t found it yet, and don’t know what to do in order to find out.

I have come to agree with Neale in that I have found it works best for me to consider myself a creator and to create what I want next. There was a time when I did that and might have been disappointed in the results of how it came about, yet now I know that it all has worked out so perfectly and it is easy to see that from my 20/20 hindsight of today.

As a result, I have reinvented myself many times over. I love watching others be even more creative with their choices too. My step-son, Guy, is a world-traveling adventure seeker, filling his passport with stamps from so many places I would never even think of going. He is thrilled about finding out and talking with the locals and learning and doing strange and different things. I so admire him for that. At the same time, he’s a father and husband and they have worked out among the family how to make all that work. I’m impressed with their creativity, flexibility, and love of life.

It is amazing what we can create when we simply decide that we have the capacity and desire to do so. There are so many things to sample. No one need stay any longer than they choose, and can go back anytime as well.

How’s Your Creation Going? 

Spread Some Joy Today–Allow others to be what they will and think what they might without any insistence that they need to please you in any way. The joy of creation.

Daily Inspiration 2-24-14

“Why are you trying 
so hard to fit in, 
when you were born 
to stand out?” 

 — Oliver James 

In my later wisdom, I have developed a huge and loving respect for those who act out their true being–their unique-self. Oh, there’s a lot of people who try to be different, but as my mother did when she was young, this is often more to get attention than to express our inner unique personality.

It’s funny to me now (it never was when I was younger), how people try so hard to fit in and be like everyone else. The droopy pants is a perfect example and I am amazed at the longevity of that. In junior high and early high school (1963-65 for the date fans), it was all the rage for guys to wear “pegged-pants.” These were the forerunner of skinny jeans today, and we created them with a sewing machine.

Then they were so tight at the bottom that we had to wear nylon stockings and often use a shoe horn to get them over our heal. Then we would wear brogue shoes, which was especially freaky because our feet were size 11 or 12 typically. You just have to see how dorky this looks today as I am standing in the yearbook ad photo below trying to look like a customer wearing my green Levi’s, white socks, plaid shirt and those stupid shoes.

So, I can’t laugh too much at the droopy drawers young boys and young men wear today after what I wore then. Heck, I’m laughing right now looking at this and the hairspray hairdoos of 1966 and 1967.

Well, back to the subject at hand. . . I wasn’t letting my own personality out like I certainly could have, but I was trying to fit in and trying real hard I will have to admit. And now, I try so little in comparison. Now you get more of the real me, but never, ever will anyone get all of it probably, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

However, the more we let out and the more comfortable we get with ourselves and our own uniqueness, I think we not only serve ourselves so much better and are happier for it, but we serve others better too. Each of us in unique. We may have all come from the same source, but each is like a snowflake–the same and yet so very different.

Celebrate Your Uniqueness! Let More Of That Out. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Be yourself. I celebrate YOU!

Daily Inspiration 2-23-14

Daily Inspiration 2-23-14

“If we counted our blessings 
instead of our money, 
we would all be rich.” 

 — Linda Poindexter 

Consider this quote from Alan Cohen: “To recognize that you are bigger than any label you have been given is one of the greatest insights of a lifetime.” Money is one of those labels, and often we may give some of the labels in our lives far more importance than they really deserve.

He goes on to explain, “Take some time today to consider all of the limiting attributes you usually identify with: your name, age, address, job, income, house, friends, ethnic background, skin color, genetic makeup, religion, political views, and on and on.” This is just a very basic list of which another hundred could be added.

How about adding some of these: creator, enjoyer, living-in-the-moment, grateful for all that comes however it comes, lover, encourager, uplifter, lifelong learner, compassionate, respectful, allower, and blessing counter. I like these much better myself.

Becoming a blessing counter is a great place to start. Indeed, as we count our blessings, we are all rich. What a great thing to count, should we need to count anything at all.

One, Two, Three, Six, Ten, Twenty, Forty-Five. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–Can you think of a better way to expand your own joy than focusing on all of your many blessings? Once there, sharing is totally natural.

Daily Inspiration 2-22-14

Daily Inspiration 2-22-14

“The problem with taking offense 
is that it’s really hard 
 to figure out 
what to do with it
after you’re done using it. 

 Better to just leave it
on the table
and walk away. 
Umbrage untaken 
quietly disappears.” 

 — Seth Godin 

I saw this quote from Seth Godin this morning and I was amazed at how it hit me. I absolutely agree and I particularly love the line, “. . . what to do with it after you’re done using it.” We all must realize how true that is. We do use it. We take offense and then we make a case about it. We use it. We make it more than it could have ever been. But, after making such a big deal out of it, what do we do with it then? Does it just go away? Or does it linger? Does it become part of our psyche? Or, are we able to let loose of it completely after we’ve done the deed with it?

Based on my own experience, it never seems to go away entirely until and if we come to the point that we stop taking offense. When we allow instead, we have hope.

Besides, the whole idea of things that off-end-us means that we let a thought take control of our lives. It takes on a power of its own. It gets us off-kilter–off our mark. It takes us off where we want to be.

Maybe it’s time to find things that on-end-us. Things that inspire, enlighten, enliven us. Perhaps it’s time to let go of the idea of what might be wrong and consider all that is right. Maybe it’s time to align with the flow of the river of life rather than swim upstream against the current.

Or Not. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–because, after all, it is a personal choice. Why in the world would anyone choose not joy? Only those who know no joy. Share it so they know it.

Daily Inspiration 2-21-14

Daily Inspiration 2-21-14

“You just never know who in the crowd, 
standing beside you in line 
or passing you in the street, 
might be raised in spirit, 
or even lifted from despair, 
by the kindness in your glance 
or the comfort of your smile.” 

 “But they may never forget.” 

 — The Universe, a.k.a., Mike Dooley 

I have subscribed to Notes from the Universe from for a long time now, and some of these are so timely and I save the ones that sparkle in my spirit so that I can share its message with a mix of my own. This one is perfect to share today.

I would add to this quote by my friend and mentor, Mike Dooley, that not just a glance or a smile, and not just in person, but via phone, text, email, or any other communication that can touch another is equally good.

I have learned that when I think I want to call someone and give them a bit of love, I need to do it right now. You just never know what they are going through at that moment and the fact that they are on your mind is an indication to reach out. And, that door swings both ways.

I had two special phone calls today. One from a client and friend and the other from my business partner. They each made my day. The first was early this morning. I was up at 5:30am and this call came at 7:00am. He said he wanted to hear my voice and get charged up, but little did he know that the opposite happened. I was charged, he was charged up and it only cost us both a few minutes of fun talking. Thanks, Gary!

Then, later I was driving to take something to a client about 70 miles away and my business partner called me to say how much he enjoyed an email I sent to another client telling them what we’ve done so far. I don’t think he has ever done that before, but this time he was so upbeat and complimentary and I felt like I was driving on air. Thanks, Ryan!

Many times I reach out and touch someone, smile at someone, engage in light conversation with a stranger and who the heck knows what comes of that, but the lesson is how we feel not them. If it makes us feel good–really good, there is a very good possibility that they may feel even better.

I love how Mike Dooley says that they may be “raised in spirit, or even lifted from despair.” People deal with all sorts of issues. Some of them may weigh heavily on them, and the light touch we may give them, or the encouraging words, loving smile might just take them away from their troubles for even a brief moment. Maybe just long enough to remember that whatever they are dealing with is far larger in their mind than it is in reality.

Reach Out And Touch Someone! You Never Know Who You May Be An Uplifter To. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by paying attention to your inner voice suggesting to you people to share your joy with–or even allow them to give you joy! It’s a two-way street.

Daily Inspiration 2-20-14

Daily Inspiration 2-20-14

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” 

 — Common phrase 

I was talking with a sales manager friend today about a sales team that has some old dogs on it. In fact, they are past typical retirement age. We were talking about training and the company was hoping to get them to become motivated.

I started my sales management career with old dogs. In fact, I had just turned 25, and the youngest on my sales staff was 36 and the oldest was 64. Then along the way on my travels, I found other old dogs on the staff that I inherited, and I learned a lot about old dogs, motivation, and performance.

Here are some things I’ve learned about this subject:

Old dogs can learn new tricks. The key ingredient here is not capability or capacity, but desire. If they want to learn new tricks, they will learn as fast as any other age, although on certain things such as current technology they may be behind the curve a bit, but they will make up for it in the long run.

Trying to motivate old dogs or anyone else for that matter, is a waste of valuable time and energy. The only motivation that holds any value besides a short burst from fear is self-motivation. Motivation comes from within, not from without. I learned this valuable lesson early in my sales management career, and though I may have had temporary amnesia from time to time, I came to my senses soon enough. Any motivation that will be helpful will come from desire, not fear.

Old dogs will test the new guy in charge until they arrive at mutual respect and trust. I got better with the old dogs when I didn’t try to force feed them but developed a respect for the value they brought to the table, and the experience compounded over time.

Old dogs can be your best advocate. In time and with some of the above, old dogs can be your best advocate and help bring along others to the overall goal.

The new broom sweeps the cleanest. I never much liked this phrase which I learned from the wise old first dealer I worked for, but there is more than some truth to the phrase. There comes a time when if we are to move ahead at a reasonable pace, we need to lighten our load from the dead weight of people who refuse or are otherwise unwilling to change.

Holding on to people who are dragging the rest of the team or the organization down is counterproductive. Sure, they make some sales and have a bunch of accounts, but everyone is dying because there are so few new ones. Growth is life. Life is growth. We, our team, or our organization is growing or it is not. When it is not, this is a clue. Perhaps it is time for a change. I have been here and once we finally decide to pull the trigger, there seems to be a release of energy that feeds everyone positively, including the one who is leaving, because it is not doing them any good staying around either.

Some Old Dogs Never Quit Growing Until They Fall Over Dead. That’s My Personal Plan!

Spread Some Joy Today–Are you growing? Are you having more joy in your life than before? It’s okay to ask for more! There is a never-ending supply.

Daily Inspiration 2-19-14

Daily Inspiration 2-19-14

“There is nothing like getting started 
to bring a task down in size.” 

 — Albert K Strong 

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have these tasks that seem monumental when I look at them, and ever grander as I procrastinate all the more. My thinking is usually that I don’t want to get started until I’m ready to complete the task. I find all sorts of reasons to avoid getting started. I got a lot to do, it’s too big a project, and the list is long, yet every last one holds no real value. Then, I beat myself a bit about it and well, it’s not a pleasant sight.

Yet lately, I’ve tried a new tact. I begin. Yes, that is it. I begin. Once begun, the size of the project seems to get smaller, and the longer I work on it, obviously it gets smaller still. Sometimes you just have to dive in, get started, begin, and miraculously, the project not only seems doable, but potentially a success.

I just had two of these in the last week. Yes, they took time to complete; however, I decided that I would begin, and then I would do what I could and then tomorrow, I would begin again, do what I had time and energy for and then tomorrow, again, and just keep doing that until it was done.

Strangely, it took less time that I had imagined as I was in the starring role of Procrastinator. Yes, it was a big project, but in bite size chunks it got done with ease. If I got tired, or some other thing stole my attention, I would just come back later. And, success on both accounts was the end result.

The Big, The Bold, And The Piecemeal. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Plan for joy today. Plan for joy everyday. Don’t let anything get in your way today. Joy is yours.

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