Month: October 2013

Daily Inspiration 10-31-13

Daily Inspiration 10-31-13

“There’s always a spot for the best in the market.”

— Seth Godin

Seth Godin, marketing expert and leader says there is room at the top. He began with the quote above: “There’s always a spot for the best in the market. Not the most expensive, but the one that most ideally suits the needs of those that care.” He goes on to say, “It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of mediocre, of discount, of close and cheap. But if you’re the best, among the people who care to find and talk about the best, no market is too crowded.” He finishes this up with this statement: “The hard part is figuring out what ‘best’ means.”

There is a line in this that might escape attention, but it clearly caught mine. It is this phrase, “of those that care.” The more complete quote was, “Not the most expensive, but the one that most ideally suits the needs of those that care.” Believe it or not, and if you’re in business, I bet you believe it, but there are a number of people who don’t care. Trying to sell them or keep them sold is often a challenge. Hence, the best strategy I’ve found is not to place much attention below that line. The people who care are going to know. They feel it. They understand. They may not remember everything, but they feel comfortable and confident in your hands. And, for a business owner and for the client as well, that is perfection.

I lead an Internet business called Upward Trend and my objective has always been to be the best by providing value far beyond the relatively small cost for our services. I think we have succeeded in this and the clients who ‘care’ see it as well. I like doing business with people who intend the same kind of philosophy, and I do.

I’ve often said that I don’t believe in competition. I see people take shots, try to move clients from us to them and so on. The ones that care won’t be going any time soon. Besides, I’m not scared. We worked up to this place, but if someone wanted to start from scratch and copy it, they would have to be crazy. Just saying. . .

There’s Always Room. Just Focus On The Value And The Service.

Spread Some Joy Today–Do you remember what it is like to skip? It’s just silly enough to see adults doing it to make it more fun than it was as a kid. Try it. You’ll see.

Daily Inspiration 10-30-13

Daily Inspiration 10-30-13

“What would you be doing differently

if you had faith in your choices?”

— Alan Cohen

There is nothing in language quite as powerful as a really good question. It may cause us to ponder, consider, examine, and perhaps result in change. It could be just enough contrast to see a light shining through that may lead us exactly where we meant to be all along. There is artistry in certain questions.

I Thought This One Was Interesting. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–When was the last time you skipped while going somewhere on foot? It’s fun!

Daily Inspiration 10-29-13

“It was only a sunny smile,

and little it cost in the giving,

but like morning light

it scattered the night

and made the day worth living.”

— F Scott Fitzgerald

It is the simple things and the pleasant simple things like a smile that makes the day worthwhile. It’s true, isn’t it. Can you imagine days on end without seeing a smile on someone’s face, or feeling it on your own?

I Could Enjoy That Smile All Day Long . . .

Spread Some Joy Today–What an easy way to spread some joy!

Daily Inspiration 10-28-13

Daily Inspiration 10-28-13

“You don’t see other people as they are.

You see your idea of who they are.”

— Alan Cohen

This quote is simple enough and I’m sure that we all sort of get that, but yet we don’t. Other people probably have a similar list of idiosyncrasies that we do, except they may not be the same. They have their likes and dislikes as we do, but they may be totally different likes and dislikes. When we think of all that is going on in our own lives, we can imagine that there is a lot going on in other peoples lives, although those many things may be similar or different.

If we can appreciate the depth and complications of our own lives, we may very well give more slack to our view of other people and what they have to deal with. It is one way to define compassion. We appreciate and respect that depth that we know in ourselves in others and we’re totally okay with whatever the differences may be.

Knowing all that is going on in our own lives, I’ll bet that you really appreciate kindness when it comes your way from another, and because of that and how you feel in receiving it, the best way to repay such love is by your own kindness to others.

“I Will Be Generous With My Love Today. I Will Sprinkle Compliments And Uplifting Words Everywhere I Go. I Will Do This Knowing That My Words Are Like Seeds And When They Fall On Fertile Soil, A Reflection Of Those Seeds Will Grow Into Something Greater.” — Steve Maraboli

Spread Some Joy Today–Great idea!

Daily Inspiration 10-27-13

Daily Inspiration 10-27-13

“The cure for boredom is curiosity.

There is no cure for curiosity.”

— Dorothy Parker

Tell me I’m not the only one on the earth who focuses in on how many times people push the street crossing button. I’ll be stopped at a light and watching someone at the crosswalk who is pressing the button to get the light to cross safely. The curious part is how many times pushing that button is optimal.

I see some press once and let life come as it will. These are the bold and they are also the few. I see some who press about once each second until the light changes. These are the worried, the unsure, the insecure. They hope that by pressing so often, it is a guarantee that there will be no malfunction to keep them waiting for another light change. Who wants that?

Then I see some who press several times–beep, beep, beep, beep. Then they wait a short burst, then, beep, beep, beep, they go again. This was like the couple with the child today. They were riding bicycles and the child was on an extension of the father’s bike (I’m assuming it was the father), then the second bike was the female partner. He beeped, four or five times, then looked forward in anticipation, then reached back again and beeped four or five more times, then again forward in anticipation. Then once more, beep, beep, beep, beep, and finally the light changed and they were on their way.

Who knows what the optimal number is, the frequency; that is, the timing, and then timing of the whole event. Did they get there late or were they at the optimal time? Who knows if these city things work or don’t work? There must have been a time for the multi-pushers when the thing didn’t work according to plan. Or maybe, a friend told them that they had to press the button numerous times or it wouldn’t work right.

Who knows?

What is your crosswalk button pushing theory?

It’s amazing the time I burn with such interesting curiosity. . .

Impatient Are We?

Spread Some Joy Today–Press once and trust. Who knows? It could work. . .

Daily Inspiration 10-26-13

Daily Inspiration 10-26-13

“There are three kinds of men.

The ones that learn by readin’.

The few who learn by observation.

The rest of them have to

pee on the electric fence for themselves.”

— Will Rogers

I love my library, my Kindle, my audiobook library. . .

It keeps me safe and out of harms way.

The Learning Is The Key, However It Is Done.

Spread Some Joy Today–Find some laughter today and share it with anyone near you.

Daily Inspiration 10-25-13

Daily Inspiration 10-25-13

“Being happy is the cornerstone

of all that you are!

Nothing is more important

than that you feel good!

And you have absolute control

about that because you can choose

the thought that makes you worry

or the thought that makes you happy;

the things that thrill you,

or the things that worry you.

You have the choice in every moment.”

— Abraham, Esther Hicks

I’m so into practicing this year. I don’t know why I didn’t practice more often in years past, but the past is gone, so I practice now. I said during the last week or so that in my day planner, at the top of my to-do list is two words: Enjoy Myself! And, I have to tell you that in practicing this and putting my main focus of my day on this, I am absolutely amazed at the results. I AM enjoying myself. I am having a good time, and I am loving every second of it!

It’s funny how simple things can be. We have such a tendency to complicate everything, but the really powerful changes are simple. No ten step, twelve step program. Don’t have to write a 300 page book to explain it. No, it is so simple it can be explained in one phrase: Make it your daily goal, at the top of your list, to simply enjoy yourself. It would never make a best seller on the New York Times list because it is too darn short.

I am finding with practice that even things that I previously committed to that I might rather not actually do, by just focusing on enjoying myself that I actually follow through and enjoy the process. There is something silly about that. Could it actually work that well? Absolutely.

I challenge you to try it for a week and find out for yourself. If you use a day planner (electronic or paper) or you are a list maker, put at the top of your list, Enjoy Myself! Don’t forget the exclamation point. It means with enthusiasm! If you aren’t a list maker or use a day planner, take out a piece of paper and write that on it and tape it to your bathroom mirror so you see it when you get up.

Go ahead. I predict that you will also be amazed.

If I Had Only ONE Goal, It Would Be To Enjoy Myself.

Spread Some Joy Today–by enjoying yourself. Or maybe it should be Injoying Yourself!

Daily Inspiration 10-24-13

Daily Inspiration 10-24-13

“All of your past is gone,

except for the blessing it has left you.”

— A Course in Miracles

When I was a teenager, I had a girlfriend that I loved. We dated for a few short years, and she lived over an hour’s drive from where I lived, so I didn’t see her as often as I might have had she lived closer.

She was sort of my first real love and we would write each other in between visits. She had such beautiful handwriting and was a very good writer. At some point, the relationship came to a close. She wrote me a letter that I will never forget. In the letter, she wrote that “Love is like a snail. It comes and it goes, and it leaves a silvery trail.”

That phrase has stuck with me all these years, and it became a foundation that I built my own personal philosophy of love on–at least, that’s how I see it now looking back. It resonated with me completely in the part of the silvery trail. Love doesn’t really come and go, it always is. It is just that in can feel like it comes and goes, such as being in love and then out of love. That’s not true either. I think it is just our focus of attention changes and there can be a lot of reasons. We change. Others change. The world changes. Yet, my foundation became the idea that love never dies; that it is always alive, although we change.

This foundation has given me such joy all my life since. If I had chosen the philosophy of my parents, who were divorced twice by the time I was 16, it would be that you fall in love, then learn to tolerate, then learn to dislike, then hate, then divorce and then do it all over again. They were terrible examples, or rather, contrast to my choosing a more peaceful and loving way. In this respect, it is as the quote at the top says, “all of your past is gone, except for the blessing it has left you.” The blessing left me was the contrast for me to choose differently.

My Love Never Dies, Nor Does It Decrease Ever. I Rejoice In That.

Spread Some Joy Today–How do you view love? Does it bring you joy throughout?

Daily Inspiration 10-23-13

Daily Inspiration 10-23-13

“Don’t find customers for your products,

find products for your customers.”

— Seth Godin

Today will be simple. Consider the quote above and I think, perhaps you will find it as perfectly stated as it could possibly be, and a far better approach to business.

The Point Of View Is So Important. The Cart Before The Horse?

Spread Some Joy Today–Today is joy day. Spread thick and often.

Daily Inspiration 10-22-13

Daily Inspiration 10-22-13

“Do what brings you life.”

— Alan Cohen

I was watching and listening to a talk with Alan Cohen, one of my favorite authors, and effectively, one of my favorite teachers. I highly recommend his books and I especially love the simplicity of how he makes such sense. He uncomplicates what others have a tendency to complicate.

In this talk, he said, “do what brings you life,” as something to place major focus on and have as a guide for everything that we do. He goes on to say, “Joy is not situational, it’s attitudinal. There are two ways to change your experience. You can change your environment, or you can change your mind.”

Of course there are a lot of times when changing our environment is not an option at the moment. He goes on to say, “sometimes you can change your environment, but always you can change your mind.” In other words, we have total control over only one thing: how we choose to think or perceive things.

But, here’s the best part. He says, “Quit resisting. When your doing something and you’re grinding against it, that’s what fatigues you.” You know how when things are going on and you’re making choices and going through your day, and then you just get so tired? It’s the resistance. It’s pushing through; it’s toughing it out; it’s trying so hard to change the environment when it is not ready to be changed.

He adds, “Our real power is in ease, not strain. It’s the opposite of trying. It’s allowing.” I have a visual and philosophical reference that I use in my own mind about life being a river and I put my boat in the stream and so often think that by rowing harder and harder upstream that I will achieve what I want. Somehow, I think that all I want is upstream. I have to work to make a living. I have to make money. I have to this and I have to that and if I don’t work hard then I will be poor and on and on the ego goes with the story.

I have learned from Abraham and Esther Hicks and Alan Cohen that what I want is truly downstream not upstream. As I learn to allow instead of try, as I learn to relax instead of strain, as I learn to accept rather than fight, I find joy. I find it with ease, for it is not to be found in strain.

From the simple philosophical teaching of Alan Cohen, this is a good one to write down, put on your wall, desk, mirror, or other place that you will see it to be a daily reminder: “Do what brings you life!”

Go With The Flow.

Spread Some Joy Today–Do several things today that nurture you and that give you joy. Spread some joy on yourself today.

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