Month: April 2013

Daily Inspiration 4-30-13

Daily Inspiration 4-30-13

“Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied

at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around

doing nothing, it’s when you’ve had everything

to do and you’ve done it.”

— Margaret Thatcher

Doing nothing is not something I endeavor to do; however there are many days when I feel that I haven’t accomplished a darn thing worthwhile. I feel that even when it wasn’t my intention to accomplish anything significant.

What is more important and to the point of this quote is that I agree that it is those days when I FEEL like I have accomplished much that I feel the most satisfaction with. Even though a person with real control, can have that feeling anytime they like, I have most often had to wait for it to come.

Another thing I learned from this thought is that the days that gave me the most satisfaction was when I was involved with interacting with other people. Whether it was giving a sales presentation, a talk, sharing some insights with one or more–in any case, I was interacting with one or more people in the vast majority of instances.

When is it that you have really felt great about your day? Any similarities?

It’s Amazing How Often Others Are Involved In My Best Days.

Spread Some Joy Today–Find some interactivity with others today. One on one, or one on many. It’s all good.

Daily Inspiration 4-29-13

Daily Inspiration 4-29-13

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

If flowers are the laughter, the trees are the dancers. It is amazing how everything is so alive around me when I pay attention. Though I may look as if I am paying attention, I am often not even here at all. I’m off thinking about this and that, going over scenarios, possibilities, and more. As I am thinking of other things, I am no longer in the present, but in the past and the future. If I hadn’t mastered driving to the point that I can do it without thinking much, I wouldn’t be able to drive at all.

The first step to master any change is first awareness. I am aware that I am not paying attention. I can then become aware of my surroundings and notice these things rather than be off in thoughtland somewhere.

In the last few months, I have paid more attention whether I am present or not, and it is especially easy to notice when I am driving. Today, I noticed that I was in thought several times and each time I repeated to myself a phrase I borrowed from Jim Rohn: “Wherever you are, be there.” After I said this phrase to myself, I immediately came back to the present for a short time. Today it happened many times and that phrase helped me return every time.

As I returned to the present, I saw the most interesting things around me, such as, scenery I had never seen though I’d been on this drive countless times. I am finding this process very valuable.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Spread Some Joy Today–Wherever you find yourself today, try to be there.

Daily Inspiration 4-28-13

Daily Inspiration 4-28-13

“Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anthony Robbins could have said this, and has in many different ways.

Essentially, the only way to change is to change your thoughts. As you change your thoughts you change your feelings and your feelings tell you whether you are on the right track or now.

There are two ways to do that. One is to actually just change your thoughts. The other, as Anthony Robbins has taught is to change your state. A sudden release of emotional energy like a scream, running around the track at full speed, and more are examples of changing your state. Ultimately, of course, this takes you to new thoughts.

Theory is good. Action is often far better. Either way gets you there. Although one is quicker than the other a lot of the time. Guess which one?

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGHHHHH! Oh, Hello! Didn’t See You Standing There. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–You don’t have to cross the border to change your state.

Daily Inspiration 4-27-13

Daily Inspiration 4-27-13

“Not knowing and yet doing

is infinitely better than

knowing and not doing.”

— Albert K Strong

When I don’t know what to do and yet I find a way to act anyway, it is somewhat likely that I will stumble on to something worthwhile, but when I know what to do and either procrastinate doing, or choose deliberately to not do what I know I need to do, that is a fight at the core of my being.

I’ve learned enough from serious study to know what to do in a wide range of life tasks, and yet I do not do anywhere near as much as I could do. In some aspects, I procrastinate until tomorrow offers another today and then I procrastinate some more.

One of the biggest procrastinations is something I have referred to many times, but today I was watching an Abraham-Hicks video on YouTube and Esther Hicks spoke these words that rang a chord so that I could not let it go by unnoticed. She said, “If you can wake up every morning and think the thoughts that you want to think, then nothing can keep you from anything. But, if you’re waking up and your thoughts are contained by the manifestation, then you can’t move from where you are.”

How many of you visualize? Think the thoughts that you really want to think? See things the way you want them to be? Find ways to appreciate where you are right now as you desire something else? I would answer those poorly. And, I know better. I truly do. It is this that I am referring to in my procrastination. Yes, the sign on my wall says, What is MY job and How is GODS job, and yet I don’t do my job very well and I somehow expect that God will come through anyway. Not very realistic, or even fair.

As Esther says in paraphrase, as I pay all my attention to what is already created, or that which is the current reality and this that is all around me, I cannot move from where I am, or at least, not very dang far. But, if I will only do MY job of knowing what I want, thinking the thoughts I WANT to think, visualizing the life I want to be a part of, and more, then I have a very good chance of moving toward it, or rather, it becoming me.

I’m so tired of this procrastination on this subject and I am redoubling my commitment to following through immediately. I’ll keep you posted as to the progress of this important change.

I Have Always Had The Power, Yet Often Have Not Accepted It. The Time Is NOW.

Spread Some Joy Today–Feel your own power to create as the Creator that you are.

Daily Inspiration 4-26-13

Daily Inspiration 4-26-13


I need somebody.


Not just anybody.


You know I need someone.


— John Lennon and Paul McCartney

The song’s first verse continues, “when I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody’s help in any way. But now these days are gone, I’m not so self-assured, now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors.” I just love the last part of that verse: “now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors.”

I have a lot going on in my life and I also see so much all around me where we can all use some help and yet we seem to act like we are so much younger and not needing anyone’s help. I think the truth is that we all need help in a variety of ways throughout our lives. Realizing and accepting that can be transforming.

We help businesses grow and we find people to help our business grow. I am constantly considering help and how my company or I can benefit from it. And, it is true, that sometimes for a range of reasons I resist reaching out, and stop looking, and as a result become stuck.

What gets me loose again is the decision to reach out, to stop resisting, and to risk the emotion. I know it is the ego that gets me into the ‘I don’t need help’ space, but I ultimately have all the power I need over the ego by stepping away and seeing what is going on from a global point of view.

We really need each other more than we think. Not only that, but we benefit so much from sharing with each other that it enriches our lives and adds layers of satisfaction previously unavailable.

Help Is Close At Hand In Every Moment Ready.

Spread Some Joy Today–Here’s another way: You reach out and help someone, offer to help someone, without them asking for help. They might say, “Yes! Thank you!”

Daily Inspiration 4-25-13

Daily Inspiration 4-25-13

“Nothing can bring you peace

but yourself.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

It should be obvious from the last several posts that I am spending a bit of wonderful time with the wisdom, awareness and insight of Ralph Waldo Emerson. He continues to amaze me more all the time.

Yesterday I talked about some ways to adopt that will help avoid getting down about things, whatever they may be. We seem to have this natural egotistic tendency to make problems so much larger than they really are. In fact, we make them problems when they really are not. Instead, they are just experiences.

I mentioned that you can go do something, go somewhere, watch an uplifting movie and more, and I failed to mention something that I think is ultra important. That is that we have this tendency to transfer our mental anguish solution on some future event; such as, a vacation, going on retreat, getting out of Dodge, going to Europe, waiting for the weekend, waiting for the ______. That’s all smoke and mirrors.

Truth is, none of that is needed. All that is needed is to open your eyes anew to what is going on around you, out the window, the feeling of the breeze on your body, your hair, the sound of the birds, the whir of the machine, the gleam in an eye, the smile on some lips, a loving thought, something you appreciate.

Don’t get me wrong. It is lovely to get away, to go on a trip, take a vacation and such, but the need to go and do something, plan something, is not what is needed to let go of the burden you’re carrying. It is only a new look and a different point of view. It is a new feeling of peace that comes from laying down the rope, letting go of holding on, allowing yourself to just experience what is true and real in the very moment right now this second, and then the next and the next and so on. Be amazed. Be encouraged. Be enlightened. Be refreshed, Be alive. Experience the now.

Whatever Problems That Remain Will Be There When You Get Back. This, Of Course, Assumes That You Will Want To Come Back. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Breathe deeply and slowly. Close your eyes for a bit, then reopen them to a brand new view of reality.

Daily Inspiration 4-24-13

Daily Inspiration 4-24-13

“Nothing external to you

has any power over you.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Struggle. It’s trained into us that we are required to struggle. We say things like, “we must power through it, no pain, no gain, we will overcome,” and such. We are taught to focus on the problem until it is solved. Sometimes we are instructed that to solve the problem, we must focus on the solution. There is some small kind of results in all of that, but not the satisfaction generally that we imagined.

For most of my life I believed that stuff. Now, I notice that I always feel crappy when I am struggling, trying so hard to power through, giving it my full attention to try to overcome, and I’ve never been very fond of pain. In fact, that’s all a pain, don’t you agree?

There is a far better way. There are lots of ways to say it, and here are a few.

Get out of the way. Often we are just in there mucking things up. We are in our own way thwarting the achievement we are desiring. We so often assign things far more power than they deserve. We make things so damn important when they are not very important at all in the scheme of things. That’s all part of being in our own way.

I like how Mike Dooley states it when he says that you have to avoid the curs-ed “how.” We get so focused on how to solve the problem or situation, and we get so hung up on how to solve it that we are messing up the results. I’ve talked about the sign still on my wall prominently displayed that I need to remind me of what my job is in life. It says, What is my job. How is Gods job. It is my job to know what I want, and it is not my job to know how to get it. I can certainly play with that if I want to, and the key part of that phrase is to “play with it.” As soon as it becomes more important than playing with it, the struggle is on.

Another favorite mentor is Eckhart Tolle. He is all about focusing on not only the present, but more importantly, BEING present. Another way to say that is being very observant of what is going on around you. Trees dancing in the wind, kindnesses people show each other that we don’t see when we are all tensed up, and more. Again, we are taking our attention away from problem solving, problem focusing, solution focusing, and as he says, all those things are in the past and future anyway, where you can do nothing about them. There is only the present.

But back to the beginning. Nothing external to me has any power over me EXCEPT that which I choose to give it. To remember that we are always in control, whether things are going well or going poorly is great to remember. The best way I’ve found to get past the rough spots is by being present, releasing any kind of worry thoughts, not projecting into the future, or analyzing the past–just being present and paying attention to that that is going on around me and being alive without the struggle. The struggle will always be there if I ever want it bad enough to go back to it.

Often when we just “chill” we will find that problems often will evaporate or become solved without our struggle. And, that is the best part. The struggle is not a requirement. In fact, you may find as I have that it is actually a poor choice.

“Every Wall Is A Door.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spread Some Joy Today–Lighten up. Take a break. Go for a ride. Go see an uplifting movie. Sit and watch people go by. Get into the country. Pamper yourself. Recognize God is constantly surrounding and touching you. Seek joy first and foremost.

Daily Inspiration 4-23-13

Daily Inspiration 4-23-13

“Make your own Bible.

Select and collect all the words

and sentences that in all your readings

have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Having been very involved with church for good period of time, I’ve heard many church leaders claim that the word of God is only in the Bible and the Bible is the only word of God. I’ve heard many say that to take bits and pieces out for your own convenience is tantamount to blasphemy at the extreme and shortsightedness at the least of concerns. Some say, take it all or take none of it.

I, on the other hand, feel more like Ralph Waldo Emerson and that it is okay, and not only okay, but actually preferred and empowering to take what resonates with you and leave the rest. The only thing that I would add to that is that to take what resonates with you from any source would be in your best interests. Gather it all, enjoy the flavor, taste the spices, delight in the goodness, the texture and the sound of hearing your own voice say it.

Make your own collection. I know that I have and it has made all the difference. If I had to take the whole or none, I would take none.

I think the key is what “resonates with you.” If something resonates with you that is a very powerful connection. It is the kind of connection that people sometimes spend their lives looking for and often fail to recognize it as it is. I do believe that the “secrets” of life are so much easier and more fundamental that we would have them appear. Simplicity is the focus and something that resonates with you is always going to be something so simple that you just didn’t recognize it the first time or first few times around.

No Matter What, You Get To Choose Everything. If You Didn’t Choose It, It Is Not You And Doesn’t Mean Anything. Whatever Resonates Is What You Would Choose.

Spread Some Joy Today–Pay the most attention to that which resonates with you alone.

Daily Inspiration 4-22-13

Daily Inspiration 4-22-13

“You’re a perfect example.”

— Albert K Strong

I saw another quote by Catherine Aird that talks about being an example. She said, “If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.” That’s a bit harsh perhaps, but the truth is that we are all examples. In fact, we are each a perfect example.

The question begs to be asked though, what are we a perfect example of? Whatever we do, whomever we are, how we behave, how we respond or react, when and how we demonstrate love, forgiveness, joy, anger, all of these add up to make our own unique perfect example.

What Are You A Perfect Example Of?

Spread Some Joy Today–“People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him.” — Pearl Bailey

Daily Inspiration 4-21-13

Daily Inspiration 4-21-13

“If absolute power corrupts absolutely,

does absolute powerlessness make you pure?”

— Harry Shearer

I had some thoughts on powerlessness that came to me today. It was this: “Your feelings of powerlessness automatically gives others more power over you rather than less as is somehow mistakenly hoped for. It is only in reasserting your own sense of power that allows others to give it back.”

Ever know someone who exhibits and/or complains about feeling powerless? I can bet that what I just said from that thought today is true. It is interesting that the more we feel less, that the more others get more than they actually wanted. And, conversely, the more we feel more or adequate or wholly worthy, the less others take or want.

I think if we analyze our own feelings, we may decide to come to terms with how poorly they serve us in life other than to bring attention to the need for a change, a decision, some action on a previously unfulfilled decision and more.

Here’s To Allowing Ourselves To Be Whole Rather Than Delegating Our Pieces.

Spread Some Joy Today–Love is the only answer and starting at home base first.

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