Month: January 2013

Daily Inspiration 1-31-13

Daily Inspiration 1-31-13

“Not everyone can say,

“I love you.”

But they all do.

What a world. . .”

— The Universe

(a.k.a. Mike Dooley: Tut. . . A Note from the Universe)

I’ve been getting weekday daily inspirational notes from Mike Dooley (, a.k.a. the Universe for 3 or 4 years now and some of them just jump off the page at me. This one reminds me of some people I know and have known in my travels, who just cannot seem to utter the words, “I love you.” And, I understand. It’s one of those things that if you’re not brought up to say these things aloud to others, that you just don’t know how to do it. But, fear not. I have wise advice:

Do it anyway. Practice. Do it once. Then do it again. Then again, and again, and again, and pretty soon, you’ll be an expert at saying those three little words. Now, don’t be a dweeb about it by doing it only to family and spouses and children and all those that are so near. No. Say it to people outside that safe inner circle. Be bold!

Hey, the hardest one is that if you’re a guy, saying it to another guy. That takes raw courage. It’s the kind of courage that the Lone Ranger had to have, and Dick Tracy, and John Wayne and all those old heroes. But, of course, you’re much stronger than those, right? Go for it. I tell you this–it feels good and it feels right after you get it going through your lips and into the open air. It’s only while it is inside that there is any issue with it, so get it out as soon as you find a good opportunity.

When is a good opportunity? When it’s daylight. When it is a weekday. When it is a weekend. While you are breathing. Those are all great times. Any day of the week, month of the year, or even time of the day. They all work.

You can take the easy way with a another guy. Say, I love you, man. See, if you add the man part, that makes it more manly and more okay. But, here’s one that always works wonderfully for me–and I’ve shared it before, so here it is: Have I told you I loved you lately? I even use it on my wife, and she will be honest and say, “no.” So, then I get to say, “I love you!”

What’s The Worst Thing That Could Happen? Heck, They Might Even Say It To You! Try And Find Out.

Spread Some Joy Today–Do it TODAY.

Daily Inspiration 1-30-13

Daily Inspiration 1-30-13

“Worry is not a form of love.”

— Alan Cohen

The radio and TV version of the Jewish mother is all about the worry. There isn’t any single worry, there are always multiple worries, and it is her job to worry, so she is in charge. It is also a given from my own experience that to worry about someone is to love them, for if we didn’t worry about them, it would be as if we didn’t care.

If any of that makes sense to you, I think it is time to let it go. Worry is purely and simply fear. To fear is to worry. To worry is to fear. And where fear is, love is not interested in going. Many even pray for God or whatever they pray to will take charge and look over one and keep them from evil and all that is fear as well, but potentially there is someone or some deity that will absolve your fears. Good luck with that.

All of this is like taking a negative, giving it some more negative energy and then hoping with no confidence that it turns magically into a positive.

A better thought to consider is to begin with a positive. Believe in well-being, that things always work out perfectly, that the other knows what they need and I don’t need to be concerned. A better thought is to trust; to love; to care for; to celebrate.

When I was a teenager I remember the girls thinking that jealousy was a positive emotion and that to be jealous was to love or to care, but that is the same as worry.

If we are to believe in God, the Creator, the All-Mighty–to really believe–and then to not trust, that is to not really believe, but to hope instead. It is far better to believe it will be just fine than to worry about anything at all. Worry will never help achieve a positive result.

The Worrier Creates A Debris Field. Be A Lover Instead.

Spread Some Joy Today–How many do you share your heart and passion with? Add one.

Daily Inspiration 1-29-13

Daily Inspiration 1-29-13

“When you hire someone

who is bad at their job,

and you hang on to them,

it makes you bad at yours,

no matter how skilled

you think you are

at what you do.”

— Terry Minion

Business owners often just don’t pay attention to what the experience is like when people do business with them.

I revisited a business today that I had written off, but my wife wanted to go there to see a specific person. It is a dentist that I used to go to all the time and I refuse to go back myself. The main front gal is so bad at her job in my opinion that it is laughable. I really have no idea how good she is or isn’t at the tasks like filing, or the common things that go on, but she is terrible at customer interaction, bad at insurance issues and more. And this is extremely rare of me, but I sent the doctor a letter about it giving details and he never said a word to me about it.

So today, I came up with this quote and it is right on. You run a business and hire someone who chases business away and then you keep holding on to them? Bad business all around.

I’ve done it myself, though I shouldn’t admit it. In past dealings as a sales manager, I’ve hung on to people who were failing at what they did. When people are not improving, and you’re giving it your all, there is a time when it is not only appropriate to throw in the towel, but beneficial to them and you. Telling exactly when that is will be the only challenge.

I will add one thing to this. I have found that moving someone in house to a different position will often change a bad situation to a really good one. Sometimes we either misplace people or they misplace themselves. The front person for the dentist is badly misplaced in my opinion.

Find The Best People You Can For Your Business. It Makes A Difference.

Spread Some Joy Today–Buy someone a present and give it or send it to them as a surprise. You don’t have to spend much money. It is a gift of love.

Daily Inspiration 1-28-13

Daily Inspiration 1-28-13

“Effective communication

is 20% what you know

and 80% how you feel

about what you know.”

— Jim Rohn

I have come to believe that the real power of knowledge; that is, to really know your subject, is not in knowing, but in how it develops passion within to find a powerful way to express that knowledge and to make it said in a way that strikes a chord of agreement or acknowledgement within.

It Is The Difference Between Learning To Pass A Test, And Starting A Movement.

Spread Some Joy Today–What have you given away of late? It is a perfect expression of abundance.

Daily Inspiration 1-27-13

Daily Inspiration 1-27-13

“Silent Gratitude

isn’t much use to anyone.”

— G. B. Stern

I disagree with this quote, and yet, I get the point and it is a point worth making. I do think that silent gratitude is very powerful and I think it is most powerful for our own well being and peace, and expressed gratitude is so powerful that it is beyond measure. It shares that sacred space with love, enthusiasm and encouragement.

I want to tell people in a variety of ways how much I appreciate them or appreciate what they have done for me as well as for others. I respect and admire their partnership in my own creative experience, so letting them know that is such a natural thing. Yet, so often we think that it won’t matter, or we think we will bother them, or some other silly excuse. I have found that the truth is that they love hearing it, love receiving it, though it is certainly possible they are not used to receiving it.

It can be done as simply as a nod of the head or thumbs up unspoken, or as bold and wildly creative as walking up to them and telling them to their face! I like that way myself, though I wasn’t always that bold and had to practice for a time. Now, I do it all the time. I want people to know how special they are and how much I appreciate them. Sometimes they think they are just “doing their job,” but a well done job should be recognized–more so for the person doing the job than for the job done.

Reach Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Tell People How Much You Appreciate Them!

Spread Some Joy Today–How many have left a tip for the maid during a hotel stay with a little thank you note?

Daily Inspiration 1-26-13

Daily Inspiration 1-26-13

“The voyage of discovery

is not in seeking new landscapes

but in having new eyes.”

— Marcel Proust

This week has been pure joy for myself and my main partner, Ryan. We spent several days with a major truck manufacturer and did some presentations of Commercial Truck Success materials based on the book published last year.

I got to speak to a room full of dealer principals and general managers about running a successful and profitable commercial truck operation. I kept it simple, but it was packed with great ideas. I could not have asked for a better opportunity for me to share my passion and experience with a group that have the power to make decisions and changes that would create so much success rather than the lack of it I often see.

I had the opportunity speak and answer questions for a little over two hours and began with this: “My agenda today is to teach and share ideas and experiences. My goal is to inspire you to action.” Of course, I can’t make them act, but I do have the passion and knowledge and a simplified way to say it so that it should be inspirational. I gave it my best shot. It will be interesting to see what happens.

As the quote above show: “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Many times we are trying to convince others by creating new landscapes when what we really need to do is open their eyes to a new or different view or way of looking at things they already know about or do. Often, we may not be able to see the forest for the trees because we are so busy complicating things. So I try to simplify them instead.

We do this with all of our website company Trend Setter Package clients as well. Here’s a good question for you in your business: What can I do to simplify my approach, or my business, or my presentation, and such for my clients? What can I do to help them have new eyes; to see a different picture to help them and to help me? How can I tie what they are already successful with to what I think will help them grow their business with a new view?

It Is How You See Things That Matters Most.

Spread Some Joy Today–If you really love a product or service, send the head person a letter or post it on their facebook page. Even if you think it won’t matter. It surely will.

Daily Inspiration 1-25-13

Daily Inspiration 1-25-13

“Too often we underestimate
the power of a touch, a smile,

a kind word, a listening ear,
an honest compliment,
or the smallest

act of caring,

all of which have the potential
to turn a life around.”

— Leo Buscaglia

How about hardly ever?

That would be way cool.

I Have The Power and An Abundance To Give!

Spread Some Joy Today–Smile at everyone you see today, offer a kind word to all that you can.
Your day will be a joy!

Daily Inspiration 1-24-13

Daily Inspiration 1-24-13

“Every new beginning comes

some other beginning’s end.”


— Seneca

A few days ago, I watched a video on the Motor Trend channel on YouTube where someone was asking the top people in the company and car testers all several questions. One of them was, “how did you ever get this job?” The answers were interesting.

Almost all came from a round about way as if looking back on it that it would show a trail through the forest going here and there and all around. You might even look at that and think how lucky there were.

I’m sure all of us have interesting stories about how we ended up doing what we do and being where we are now, and I would love to hear every single one of them. I think it is absolutely fascinating how one thing ends, whether abruptly or slowly, purposefully, or by coincidence, and another begins and it sure seems in retrospect that the next thing is superior in some way to the previous.

I was watching Moneyball, one of my favorite movies again the other day and in the early part where Brad Pitt as Billy Beane is asking the young consultant who he was and what was changed. In the car garage, Peter Brand played by Jonah Hill (dang he did such a great job in this film) told Billy that it was a really good thing that he lost his star player who was earning over 7 million a year, and that this situation opened up all kinds of interesting possibilities.

I love that phrase: It opens all kinds of interesting possibilities.

This is exactly how it is and we might even consider accepting endings as opening all kinds of interesting possibilities for all of us.

Sure Beats All That Worrying.

Spread Some Joy Today–When you send a check to a company for their services, include a thank you note. Here’s a good one: I really appreciate your service. Thank you for all you do.

Daily Inspiration 1-23-13

Daily Inspiration 1-23-13

“Once social change begins,

it cannot be reversed.”

— Cesar Chavez


I thought of a couple things right off when I saw this short quote. The first was back in the day when people believed the world was flat. Can you imagine? Instead of a globe in class, they must have had a plate. But once, the movement of the round earth began, it was going to win eventually. There are always those who hang on and resist, but they either let go or eventually die.

Then I thought about smoking, and especially cigarettes. This is one of those crazy, stupid things I did for 38 years, and I saw the social climate of cigarette smoking change so much that to look back on it now is sort of funny. Even if I decided to start up again after 11 years off, it will never go back to the way it was when I first began.

In my early twenties, smoking was so prominent. You could smoke anywhere, even on airplanes. We smoked in the car dealership I worked at, and at one store, salesman smoked at their desks with customers sitting there. I can’t even imagine that today. Restaurants catered to smokers, and later even had their own sections. Bars and nightclubs were a given. I know as I drive around I see the local bars have people go outside to smoke. Cigarettes and drink go so well together that I imagine that is a challenge for bar owners.

Still the environment changed over time to the point now today in early 2013, I see so little smoking where ever I go. I have no idea about the statistics of how much less cigarettes are consumed in the U.S., but based on looking around and sniffing the air, it has got to be so much less. There used to be about 25 feet of cigarette racks in the grocery store, and now it is down to about 2 feet, and I wonder why they even bother with that.

It’s interesting to watch something that was so accepted, then tolerated, then resented, then legislated, then socially changed. Sometimes it takes a long time, as this one has, but there’s no going back.

Change Is Part Of Life. We Even Change As A Whole.

Spread Some Joy Today–Now is always a good time to send a thank you note or card. Heck, be bold and send along a little gift. Watch what happens.

Daily Inspriation 1-22-13

Daily Inspriation 1-22-13

“When you stop expecting

people to be perfect,

you can like them

for who they are.”

— Donald Miller

As we become frustrated because we expect things and want things to be a certain way and then they are not, we are disappointed in people and even disillusioned when they fall from grace or become something different than you pictured them to be.

I loved looking here and there (I rarely view the news), at the Lance Armstrong affair, I see the frustration, disappointment and disillusionment that a lot of people express about that whole thing. We expected something else. And we found out that he was not only human, but subject to illusions of himself and what he was doing. Yet, nothing is all bad, and in fact all of that aspect of things is just judgment. It’s not really him, it is all about us.

Then, I saw another bit today and scanned it briefly. I saw tidbits of the Oprah Winfrey interview and I was impressed that he now openly admits to everything, but frankly, none of this changes my opinion of Lance. I didn’t plug into any of it except to think he was out there living his dream, made some choices with consequences, as all choices contain, and now he’s living a different dream. It is our own feelings, judgments, frustrations, disappointments that rule us, not the actual events. I’m sure we all have things we’ve done we’re not proud of.

But, this isn’t really about Lance. It’s about how we put people on pedestals and then expect them to be perfect, or above all the rest. That is where it all comes from. It is our own view that we see others through.

And, here’s something more: Consider the quote above with my slight modification. “When you stop expecting yourself to be perfect, you can like yourself for who you are.”

Humans Are Just That. Everything Else Is From Our Own Perspective–Which Includes Ourselves. Judge Not.

Spread Some Joy Today–Make a list of people you’ve put on a pedestal, or have been disappointed in when they fell off. Then allow each one to be as they are without any insistence that they live up to your expectations.

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