Month: December 2012

Daily Inspiration 12-31-12

Daily Inspiration 12-31-12

“Earth is a place

where ideas take form

so you can discover

which ones are true.”


— Alan Cohen

Phrases from my earlier life:

My step father used to believe firmly that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and so we move around a lot when I was young. It never seemed green enough to him.

My grandmother used to believe that time heals all wounds. As I watched and waited, it didn’t seem that anything changed.

My mother used to say that tomorrow will be a better day. It was always coming tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the new year, but even more than this, it is tomorrow; it is the future. Tomorrow will always be in the future where nothing whatsoever can or will be done. Whatever there is to do can only be done right here and right now.

I used to make such plans of what I was going to do and how much better things were going to be in the new year, the new month, the new week, the new day, the new hour. That’s all they could ever be in the future–plans. Even today, it is hard to resist the romance and charm of the New Year, the countdown, the brief looking back to the past year and looking forward to what magic will happen in the new time.

I found that none of that matters one iota. It is only what we decide to do and then actually do right here and right now. Tomorrow actually never comes. It will be today and this moment as it always is and always will be.

What Will You Do Right Now To Make Things The Way You Want Them?

Spread Some Joy Today–Act on your plans now. There’s no benefit in waiting.

Daily Inspiration 12-30-12

Daily Inspiration 12-30-12

“There are hundreds of paths up the mountain,

all leading to the same place, so it doesn’t


which path you take. The only person

wasting time

is the one who runs around

the mountain,

telling everyone

that his or her path is wrong.”

— Hindu Proverb

The Internet is my business now and our company manages over 150 facebook pages and much, much more online. So, I am on facebook, even in my own personal facebook a reasonable amount of time (less than you might imagine!). I peruse the home page and see other people’s posts for 3 to 5 pages and like some, make positive comments on some and then I’m out. I see these comments that make me want to slap people and wake them up, but I calm myself and move on without any action. Normally.

However, today, I swam upstream with a few comments that were based mostly in anger and self-righteousness, trying to impart a dinky bit of wisdom using some kind but pointed remarks. The results were entirely predictable. I got flak and explanations that didn’t hold any more water than the original argument. I swam a bit more. I’m on thin ice, I know, but you had to have been there. Then, I became conscious again and saw the folly of my ways.

All that nonsense today, reminded me of the quote above. I was going to use this most powerful quote in another way, but this is as good as any to inject the idea that all we have are opinions. Yours, mine, theirs–all opinions. Some claim to stand on beliefs, but that is just thoughts we continue to think over and over again. There are hundreds of ways to get to the top of the mountain; to the end of the earth; to nirvana; to heaven; or wherever, and they are all as good as any. Some make sense to us, some don’t. It doesn’t matter except for one thing that I have found, and that is whichever one makes us feel the best, is the best for us. That’s about it.

Next Time I Feel Like Swimming Against The Current, I Want To Remember This Talk. . . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Joy comes from uplifting and encouraging rather than questioning and lecturing. That’s normally where I’m at and it is a great place to be. Don’t you agree?

Daily Inspiration 12-29-12

Daily Inspiration 12-29-12

“It’s good to have an end
to journey towards; 
but it is the journey 
that matters in the end.” 

 — Ursula Le Guin 

Often I find that it is all to easy to focus on a goal, or some time in the future that an event is going to happen and so on, as I unconsciously pay little attention to the life I am living at this moment. I don’t do it on purpose, but I just seem to get caught by the romance of the end or the goal.

It can even be such things as Christmas day and all the expectations of that day and the massive preparations that are beyond reason much of the time. As I think about what I will need then, or what else I can do then, all in preparation, whether mentally or physically, the days pass and then it is finally here. . . 

What about the last 5 weeks? What happened to that? It certainly wasn’t lived as fully as it could be since I was only there part of the time.

Moments Used Well Can Be Moments Enjoyed and Appreciated As The Goals Come And Go. 

Spread Some Joy Today–A quick note, a short phone call, a brief visit is all it takes to make a joyous difference for someone.

Daily Inspiration 12-28-12

Daily Inspiration 12-28-12

“Change comes more from

managing the journey

than from

announcing the destination.”

— William Bridges

I’ve seen a lot of quotes and other written advice about successful goal setting which states that you should tell the world (or, at least those in earshot) what your goals are and they will supposedly help you to attain them. I assume that means peer pressure, or trying to avoid the I-told-you-so friends talk by actually, somehow, following through to success.

I say BS to that! Truly, in my own experience, telling others what you are going to do is a complete and total waste of time and energy. I know this from having failed to succeed, and then I’ve got to hear the crap from those I told. This, of course, assumes they even care that much.

No. I say, tell no one! Not one! Not your spouse! Not your brother! Not your sister! Not any. None. Nada. Instead, let them see when you actually do it; when you succeed. The naked truth is that no one is interested in what you’re going to do. Henry Ford said it well: “You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” But, you can on what you actually do!

The moral? Go and do. Run, jump, move about and do that thing that you have passion to do. Become that person you want to become. Do it. Then, and only then, if you still feel like telling someone, tell them what you were going to do, and while you’re at it, tell them, oh, by the way, I already did it.

Thank You For Your Support! I Couldn’t Have Done It Without Your Help. . . NOT!

Spread Some Joy Today–Let only kind words and praise move through your lips this day.

Daily Inspiration 12-27-12

Daily Inspiration 12-27-12

“A decision is made with the brain.

A commitment is made with the heart.

Therefore, a commitment is much deeper

and more binding than a decision.”

— Nido Qubein

We’re just a few days away from that traditional time when we make those resolutions of change–especially those things that we should do, and that is also generally those things that are not very appealing, and so we don’t really want to do them, but we think we should. Of course, everyone knows by now that probably a teeny fraction of all resolutions get action after the end of January. The rest have faded into the woodwork somewhere.

That’s because we are using our brain to make a decision. After being a smoker for so many years, I made thousands of decisions about quitting, and it was something I knew I should do and also didn’t want to do, so I didn’t. It generally didn’t even last the first hour of the first day. Weak and wimpy, but entirely predictable.

And, I also know the aspect of choosing with my heart and making a commitment, and the real difference is that it isn’t because I should do it, or someone else thinks I should, but because I want to do it. That becomes the commitment, and that is what it took to lay the cigs down after 38 years. It was easy when I got to that place, and when I hear people say it’s hard, I know they haven’t got to the heart stage.

Whatever it is that we want to change, by using our heart and making a commitment, we cannot fail to do what we truly want to do. It is always a choice and it is always our own to make.

Save The Resolutions. Just Have A Great Time. If You Really Want To Change, Then Change. It’s Easy When You Use Your Heart.

Spread Some Joy Today–Cook a special dinner on an off day and use the good china. Make it special just because you can. Treat yourself special.

Daily Inspiration 12-26-12

Daily Inspiration 12-26-12

“Are you a thermometer or a thermostat?
A thermometer only reflects
the temperature of its environment,
adjusting to the situation.
But a thermostat initiates action
to change the temperature
in it environment.”
— Nido Qubein

This is a wonderful quote to keep around and look at once in a while. Are we actively changing our environment or is our environment a reflection of our indifference?

I don’t mean indifference to be a bad word, I actually think it is pretty descriptive of going along with things, being a thermometer, and it is neither good or bad. It is what it is. But, making a difference is more like being a thermostat rather than a thermometer. So, it is good I think to check that from time to time and see which we are based on how we are affecting any kind of change.

I’ll give you an example that just came to my mind from many years ago. I was working at a dealership as a sales manager and the general manager wanted this product to be sold in the finance office. After familiarizing myself with it and testing it a bit, it was what I felt was an inferior product. I suggested in a meeting that this was not matching with the quality image of the dealership and that it would be better to find a superior product instead.

Standing up like that takes courage or craziness and I happen to have both, but what it really demonstrates is not being a thermometer, and instead being a thermostat. Sometimes being a thermostat means taking a risk, but in my opinion, it is certainly a risk worth taking in order to make a difference.

How Are My Values And Actions Lining Up?

Spread Some Joy Today–Pretend that it is Christmas the rest of the year. Spiritually.

Daily Inspiration 12-25-12

Daily Inspiration 12-25-12

“Improve relationships with others

by assuming that they can hear

everything you say about them.”

— Stephen R Covey

The above quote is probably the single best relationship advice that exists. It would only be good that I consider it more often.

Merry Christmas to all of you who read this. I am blessed to have you be a part.

Take Joy. It’s A Fitting Command. It’s ACTIVE!

Spread Some Joy Today–Love the one you’re with.

Daily Inspiration 12-24-12

Daily Inspiration 12-24-12

“Making believe you know

will get you farther

than making believe you don’t know.”

— Alan Cohen

I like this quote and I want to add one thing to it so that it works much better. So, here’s the new quote: “Making believe you know will get you farther than making believe you don’t know; however, admitting you don’t know is among the most powerful tools for your progress, and far better than making believe.”

One of the things that has the capacity to change the world is admitting you don’t know. “I don’t know how to do that,” is a powerful statement. It says that you are open to learning; to instruction; to be guided.

In our Commercial Truck Success business, it is dealers, or especially their trusted managers who make believe they know what they are doing that gets them into trouble. The ego is a powerful impediment to effective progress sometimes. When we let go of the ego long enough to say that we are not sure and that we don’t know and even that we want some assistance, we find a world previously unknown to us.

This is not to say that pretending to know can’t be helpful. It can. But there is a point where we all know that we are over our heads and the outcome is not going according to plan. That’s as good a place as any to stop and make a different decision.

Buying A Map, Or Asking Directions Is A Good Practice.

Spread Some Joy Today–Find a way to encourage someone today.

Daily Inspiration 12-23-12

Daily Inspiration 12-23-12

“You become what you criticize.

You become what you adore.

Whatever you focus on

grows in your experience.”

— Alan Cohen

Tonight I watched a movie that had me crying with joy at the end. There isn’t a better movie for me than that. I’ve given up the end of the world and the misfit saviors, never had much interest in horror, but I have always been and still am a sucker for romantic comedies, and good hearted drama.

The movie I watched tonight was made this year and called People Like Us, and it’s based on a true story; although, the fact something actually happened or not doesn’t mean more than if it is pure fiction. A good story is a good story. This is a great story of a boy turned man who had a part time father and no real relationship, finding out after the father dies that he has a sister he was completely unaware of. How that all plays out is interesting and the ending is pretty dang awesome.

Any movie that moves my emotion like that is a powerful thing. That includes YouTube videos I’ve seen as well. The world is so full of joyous entertainment, along with plenty of that other stuff that many enjoy. I celebrate the entertainers; those who have a passion for a story they want to tell and find a way to get it out there. I applaud their desire, passion and most of all–their follow through.

That reminds me of one of my favorite current day mentors, Seth Godin. In a recent email he asks, “What are you waiting for?” He goes on to say, “I’m genuinely, rhetorically curious. What, exactly, are you insisting will happen before you start shipping your art? Write it down. Write down what has to happen before you can make and ship your ruckus. Being clear about what you’re waiting for makes it far more likely that your art will happen and far less likely that you’re merely stalling.”

Great Advice. My Thanks Go Out To All The Shippers!

Spread Some Joy Today–Ship some of your art.

Daily Inspiration 12-22-12

Daily Inspiration 12-22-12

“At least three times every day

take a moment and ask yourself

what is really important.

Have the wisdom and the courage

to build your life around your answer.”

— Lee Jampolsky

I ran across this quote earlier this month and it has stuck in my head. It is such a great idea and though I have a tendency to give this kind of idea more lip service than participation, I’ve been thinking about it almost every day.

Today, I just acted on it. It was interesting and fun. What was really important isn’t what I might normally do, yet it begs to be listed as important. But, today, I just went with the flow. When something came up that I would normally reject in order to do what I normally do, the quote came back to me and I found myself changing my mind. No. This is what is important right this minute. Nothing else. I’ll do that. And I did it. Felt great too!

If you want to, write this quote above down and look at it for a while here and there. You may find yourself considering it’s valuable question more often. And, who knows? Then, one day, you might act on it. Or, maybe you already do.

Choose A Great Day, Just Because You Can! In Fact, You’re The ONLY ONE Who Can.

Spread Some Joy Today–Today is a wonderful day for a few impromptu random acts of kindness, don’t you think?

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