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Daily Inspiration 9-30-12

Daily Inspiration 9-30-12

“Problems are just exaggerated situations,
most of which do not yet exist.”

— Albert K Strong  

Life has a way of giving you what you need, not necessarily what you want,
or at least it may appear that way. Sometimes these needed things come
in the form of lessons, enlightenment, maybe even pushing me off the
edge into some sort of decision and action.

have enough to fit in a 9″x12″ envelope, but all you have to put it in
is a number 10 envelope? Or, as it is often said, you have 20 lbs of
stuff and only a 5 lb bag. Well, you get the idea. What is the most
common response or reaction to this situation? It’s called being
overwhelmed. It’s more than you can deal with even though God said (or
at least someone said that about God) He wouldn’t give you more than you
can handle.
I was thinking about that today. I certainly have enough for a 9″x12″
envelope and I can so relate to the number 10 part not being enough, yet
what can one do with that situation? Being overwhelmed is the same as
being paralyzed, so that won’t work. Thinking happy thoughts doesn’t
seem to do it either.
I thought that it is just the way I am viewing it that causes that
whole problem scenario to develop. If I view these issues as problems, I
am creating a scenario, or a short mental movie of the possible
ramifications, which in this movie are assured to be unpleasant.  
led me to consider why these things are problems to begin with. They
are just things, or situations, or circumstances. If I wasn’t attached
to them emotionally, they wouldn’t have any power. It would just be what
is, even as obvious as that seems. Sort of like the air is and the
ground is and they clouds are and the wind blows and such. It is only
the energy I assign to it that causes what is to be a problem. And, it
is only my calculating how many problems I don’t have immediate
solutions for that creates that thing called being overwhelmed.   



Problem Solved. There Isn’t A Problem. 


Spread Some Joy Today–Never say, ‘how are you?’ again. Try, ‘are you rocking your world today?’ Way better!
Daily Inspiration 9-29-12

Daily Inspiration 9-29-12

“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
in any direction you choose.
You’re on your own,

and you know what you know.
And you are the guy
who’ll decide where to go.”

— Dr Seuss  

have often found myself wanting to help; to help someone else from a
place that doesn’t appear to me in their best interests. I’ve often
wanted to help so much that it affected me negatively. Some people call
that caring, and I call it manipulation.
I have found mainly through the hard knocks of many trials at being a
helper is that I need to be a lover instead. But, not the kind of lover
that is often tied to this arrangement. I have never heard or read any
one say it better than Dr Wayne Dyer. He said that “love is the ability
and willingness to allow those that you care about to be what they
choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.”
Jesus said it so much shorter and beautifully as well when He said to
“love your enemies.”
all the years of trying to help others more than they wanted to help
themselves, I’ve learned to do that just for a very little while, then
let them, or rather, allow them to do as they choose for themselves and
not to insist or expect that they do anything that would satisfy me, or
that I expect. Just love them where they are and what they’ve chosen,
even when they claim to not have chosen the circumstances they are in,
or if they blame external parties for their situation. It’s interesting
that when I stand back and really watch, it is absolutely obvious that
it is a personal choice for them.
have a big heart and want to help but it isn’t very effective at
achieving that objective–or at least, the way that I would want to see
it be effective. I’ve tried that in business as well, and the best thing
that I can do is just to love them where they are and not do anything
more than that (after my initial heartfelt efforts, of course).
don’t see it as resignation, or abandonment, or not being
compassionate. Instead, I see it as healthy for both of us. If I were to
remain disappointed in their choices, it wouldn’t really be love.
Unconditional love seems hard at first, but once I truly understood the
concept of it and was willing to stand on that and be good with it, all
that changed. . . for the better.


I Would Love To Have The Same Love In Return For My Own Choices. . . And Consequences. 


Spread Some Joy Today–Now it makes more sense to love yourself FIRST.
Daily Inspiration 9-28-12

Daily Inspiration 9-28-12

“Resumes are

— Jason Fried & David
Heinemeier Hansson
from the book

I first turned the page and read this heading on page 210 of REWORK, I screamed
to myself, ‘YES!’ Having been in a position to interview and hire a lot of
people over a lot of years, I hated resumes and gave them almost no notice. I
always thought they were a joke. Like people actually do all that stuff they put
in there and do it in that manner? Right. And, oh by the way. . . they’re
looking for work!

and David go on after the heading to say, “We all know resumes are a joke.
They’re exaggerations. They’re filled with “action verbs” that don’t mean
anything. They list job titles and responsibilities that are vaguely accurate at
best. And there’s no way to verify most of what’s on there. The whole thing is a
farce.” That is said so well and I am in total agreement.
remember people telling me that I had to have a resume and I think I made one
once, but no one paid attention to it either. There is a whole industry built
around writing resumes, choosing the right paper, fonts and layout. Heck, in the
movie Legally Blond, Reese Witherspoon had the perfect, scented resume. . . and
pink if I remember correctly.
worse than a resume to me is employers who seek them, want to see them, or
heaven forbid, make decisions based on them. Just talk to them. It’s pretty
simple stuff. At least you might be able to pick out the BS from the facts a
little bit because it’s pretty certain it’s almost all BS on the
only have I never hired anyone from a resume, I’ve had a few positions in my
time and not once was I hired from a resume, nor even an application. What a

Nothing Beats Talking Face To Face.

Spread Some Joy Today–Send out a Thank You card to someone you’re in
appreciation of. What a treat it is to get one. Make sure it’s in your own
Daily Inspiration 9-27-12

Daily Inspiration 9-27-12

“Effective leadership is not about
making speeches
or being liked;
leadership is defined by
results not attributes.”

— Peter F

quote is funny when I read it among a hundred quotes about leadership from a
variety of authors. It’s funny because it jumps out at me and demands my
are so many quotes on leadership and the vast majority of them are focused on
the attributes, whereas, Mr Drucker says it the way it really is: there has to
be measurable performance.
a sales manager for so long, I’ve hired a lot of salespeople who were really
nice. They could strike up a conversation and keep the prospects interest and
they would get along like the best of friends, but there was one problem that
was too hard to ignore. It was that they could seem to learn how to close the
sale. They would talk up a storm, but the prospect would run out of time and be
on their way without the product or service.
can be that way too. I’ve seen managers in my travels who just can’t seem to get
the job done. They might be able to perform on their own, but management is all
about getting things done through others. I am always mindful to remind myself
of that basic fact so that I don’t forget what the real job is.
can be a complicated affair, but I agree that effective leadership is getting

Ready, Aim, Lead!

Spread Some Joy Today–Enjoy the weather today–regardless of what it is.
Really enjoy it.
Daily Inspiration 9-26-2

Daily Inspiration 9-26-2

“No man will make a great leader
who wants to do it all
or to get all the credit
for doing it.”

— Andrew Carnegie

I’m around other managers high ranking and lower ranking, I pay attention as
much as I can in how they handle affairs–particularly, small affairs. It is
fascinating to me, and quite illuminating.
small affairs I mean whether they take your call or not, how they schedule their
time, whether they are approachable or not, how calm or impatient they are,
whether their focus is on you while you are in front of them or whether they are
elsewhere mentally, if they take calls while you are there, whether they allow
interruptions during a meeting, and so on.
been in management since 1975, I am fully aware of how much there is to do and
how busy one can get, but it is the ones that are so busy they haven’t time for
the truly important things that miss the target as far as I’m concerned. I mean
those who have no time to discuss an idea, a potential benefit, considering it
instead an interruption to the massive list of tasks, meetings, messages and so
met many managers who won’t go to lunch because they are so damn important and
need to be near the center of things. Yet, lunch is one of the best places to
make deals, learn new ideas, develop relationships, exchange important
information and so much more. In fact, I think taking someone to lunch is one of
the most important things to do as a manager. There is nothing like sharing food
with someone away from the telephones and paging systems and other interruptions
to get seriously important things done.
Carnegie said it another way that is a little more clear: “The secret of success
lies not in doing your own work, but in recognizing the right man to do it.”
That comes down to the most dreaded of tasks for most managers: delegation and
potential loss of authority. Yet, it is the thing that moves the needle, for it
will never move very far by the manager doing all his own work. I know. I’ve
tried. And, I still find myself struggle some with delegation even when I know
it is the best scenario. The reasons for holding on I would suggest are quite
meaningless, really. The true task of a good manager is a constant learning and
the active practicing of letting go.
letting go, expansion is possible and likely. By holding on, we become the
manager that all those who work for dread: the controller. I don’t care how good
a manager you are, you cannot possibly control enough to expand to your
potential by operating in that manner. It will only be through finding the right
people and empowering them that expansion is possible, and in so doing one will
find a far more rewarding management career. And, it is only through delegation
that you will have the time and patience to get out of the office and get the
really important things done.

Take Someone To Lunch. Or Breakfast. Or Dinner. Get Out Of The Office. Go
Make A Deal. Hear A New Idea. Enjoy!

Spread Some Joy Today–Let go of your need to be important.
Daily Inspiration 9-25-12

Daily Inspiration 9-25-12

“Admiration, praise, and appreciation of another
must not be at the expense
of ourselves.”

— Albert K

we can celebrate people and their accomplishments without putting them on a
pedestal, or ourselves in a pit, what a beautiful, empowered, and joyful place
this is.
always been easy to see famous people, or people with a certain authority,
title, or position as greater than myself. Things might go through my mind such
as, ‘they can do that because they are great, and I will never be able to do
that,’ or, ‘they were in the right place at the right time,’ or, ‘they got all
the breaks and went to Harvard, and I didn’t have any such luck,’ and so on.
It’s easy to put people on a pedestal and it is also easy and somewhat typical
for us to see ourselves as so much less than that, thereby putting ourselves so
far below in a pit.
happy to praise them, lift them up, but when it is at the expense of our own
self-worth or worthiness, it is damaging to both parties because we are not
giving them the true joy we feel, but some odd sort of worship, and we are
feeling less than them, or lacking at the same time. Yet, that is often how I
felt about all those many people who were cooler, more popular, seemed to
succeed without trying, and more. Fortunately, I’ve learned how to let most all
that go and am feeling so much more alive as a result.
when I see someone doing so well, I am in awe of their skill and ability without
taking anything from myself in the process. Because of that, I find that my joy
for them is far exceeding what it ever was in the past. At the same time, I am
uplifted in myself because deep down, we are all connected and I’ve come to
realize that I am actually part of the whole instead of being outside looking
this, I have risen above my ego so to speak. Another way to say it is that I
follow my bliss. It seems to me I’ve heard that somewhere. . . and it is so
applicable (thanks Joseph Campbell). As I focus on that, I find more and more
bliss. Whereas in the past I thought there was a limited storehouse, I have now
found a truly unlimited supply.

Bon Appetit.

Spread Some Joy Today–Relax, you’re soaking in it. . .
Daily Inspiration 9-24-12

Daily Inspiration 9-24-12

“People think they’re going to start out
in an industry, work for a
little while,
and find instant
They want the
but they don’t want to go
out and chop the wood.”

— Brandon

I just
started another book I just heard about, ordered and received by Brandon Steiner
called, You Gotta Have Balls – How a Kid from Brooklyn Started from Scratch,
Bought Yankee Stadium, and Created a Sports Empire. I haven’t even gotten very
far into the book and it is loaded with gems like the quote above. This quote
came about as a result of remembering a woman that came up to talk to him
after he spoke at an event. She shared her story of how she and another started
a business and had a lot of great ideas, but she didn’t understand why their
ideas weren’t working. They expected results so much faster and it was
frustrating for her. He said that he sees the same kind of thing all the
time–they want the fire, but don’t want to go out and get the wood.
goes on to say, “no matter what business you’re in, it takes many years to
establish a business, build a reputation for yourself, and achieve success.”
Then, he makes it more plain: “If you think you can enter and succeed in a new
industry in only a year or two–you gotta wise up. Because it’s just not going
to happen.”
making it in today’s world market he says, “while I don’t think it’s more
difficult to “make it” today than it was 25 years ago, I do think it’s more
confusing. We read about young tycoons at start-ups like Zappos and LinkedIn,
and we get lost in euphoria when we learn how their companies were instantly
valued in the billions, after being around for only a couple of years. We’re so
starstruck that we fail to consider all the work leading up to those
in the Introduction, he says, “throughout this book, I discuss various habits
and traits necessary to be successful. But I can tell you right now that the
number one requirement, by far, is commitment.
that might be depressing or encrouaging depending on where your head is at, but
I’m sure there are plenty more uncut diamonds of wisdom in this wonderfully
written book. Check it out if you’ve a mind to.

“You Have To Wake Up Every Morning And Look In The Mirror And See Someone
Who’s Committed To Whatever Your Trade Is. You Have To Find Leadership In
Yourself.” — Brandon Steiner

Spread Some Joy Today–Check your excuses at the door. This is a no-excuses
Daily Inspiration 9-23-12

Daily Inspiration 9-23-12

“Don’t regret where you’ve been
if you like where you

— Brandon

soon as I saw this quote, I loved it instantly. It is sage advice. If we like
where we are, there’s no point in criticizing anything that went before because
it all added up layer up layer to what is now here. Even if there was pain
before, it was all for the accumulation of the current now. If that is a good
place then everything that went before is what got us here.

Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You.

Spread Some Joy Today–Focus on the positive aspects in your life today.
Daily Inspiration 9-22-12

Daily Inspiration 9-22-12

“Human beings have the remarkable
ability to turn nothing
into something.
They can turn weeds into
and pennies into

— Jim

you haven’t had the chance, I highly recommend studying Jim Rohn. He was a
master in philosophy and a master of language. Master is too tough a word I
think. He was an artist in philosophy and language. He had a unique style and
measured delivery and all with his trademark humor.
began studying Jim after I first heard him speak on a cassette tape someone gave
me in 1980. I think I’ve read all his books and listened to most of his audio
programs. I used to have several, but I loaned them to people and now I have
none, but I do have some of his books on my shelf. Yet, I think I could recite
much of his stuff from memory. I used to listen to them over and over again
years back, and they are with me today as much as ever.
if you haven’t had the chance, I highly recommend getting his audio, The
Challenge To Succeed, and reading his book, The Seasons of Life which is very
short, or The Five Major Pieces To the Life Puzzle which is also short. If you
have time and energy left, get his book, Leading an Inspired Life. I predict you
will be blessed by them. There are so many famous and not so famous people
who grew up studying Jim Rohn. You can see all of his products at
the quote above, this is an example of the artistry of language I mentioned. It
is all about another great word, enterprise. He speaks of enterprise in such a
beautiful and inspiring way in this quote. It is also accurate.

“Enterprise Is The Hope Of Our Future.” – Jim

Spread Some Joy Today–Begin to remember your remarkable ability. . . blow
the dust off and remember. . .
Daily Inspiration 9-21-12

Daily Inspiration 9-21-12

“As I grow older,
I pay less attention to
what men say.
I just watch what they

— Andrew

all of the leaders in business I’ve studied or read, Andrew Carnegie tops the
list. There are numerous reasons I feel that way, and the above quote is one of
them. I’ve used this quote several times. It is a favorite of mine. It is a
favorite for two reasons: One, I have learned to do the same thing with others,
and two, it inspires me to be a person who does instead of just talking about
what I’m going to do or what I have already done.
reason he inspires me is that he was relatively poor, came to the United States
as a boy and did so well for himself that he was one of the richest men in the
world, then took that wealth in the latter part of his life and gave most of
it away to great causes.
reason is that he is the person who inspired and encouraged Napoleon Hill to
study success and to write about it in what became one of the most published
books on the planet still today, Think and Grow Rich.
was a doer and a leader of men and industry.
inspiration is a reminder for me to shut up and get on with it. You know the
drill. . . I’m going to write a book someday, I’m going to do this, I’m going to
do that, Wouldn’t it be great if I. . . and so on. I can just picture Andy
sitting in his chair with his cigar watching and smiling to see what I’m going
to actually begin doing and then follow through and complete. His statement is a
powerful reminder to me.
also hear many others saying what they are going to do and I say, ‘wonderful!’
or some other encouragement, then I wait and see what happens.

If All The Things That Were Going To Be Done Actually Got Done, The World
Would Be A Very Different Place.

Spread Some Joy Today–do something!
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