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Daily Inspiration 5-31-12

Daily Inspiration 5-31-12

“Don’t lower your
expectations to meet your performance.
Raise your level of
performance to meet your expectations.
Expect the best of
and then do what is
necessary to make it a reality.”

— Ralph

always challenging myself to improve; to do well; better; the best I can given
the parameters, and I feel that way about everything that I do. However, I am
certainly not a perfectionist, as I do have a tendency to say, “okay, that’s
good for now.”
known many who beat it to death trying to excel. I don’t think it need be that
hard. I love Teddy Roosevelt’s famous phrase to “do what you can, with what you
have, where you are.” Tomorrow is another day and I’ll go and do what I can with
what I have, where I am then too. And that will be good enough. . . for
interesting is how everything constantly gets improvement with that
was talking yesterday to some people and considering how we operated and what we
did four short years ago compared to today. It is an amazing transformation. It
will also be the same kind of comparison four years from now because there is
constant growth.
of my favorite sayings comes from one of my mentors, Tony Robbins. He calls it
CANi, which stands for Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. There are so many
ways to improve, to see what can be done, to explore creativity and innovation
on a regular basis.
hear some business people talk about when the times get better, they will be
better. When times are good, they will be happy. When business improves, life
will be good again. I have a hard time with that. I think that there is no way
to happiness. Happiness is the way. More business doesn’t create
other thing I hear a lot is that when times get better, they will grow their
business again. There are so many ways to grow a business that don’t have
anything to do with more business. It comes back to CANi and doing what you can
with what you have, where you are NOW.
go of all the “if come maybe” stuff. There is so much to do right now. There is
no future in reality. Everything is right now.

Happiness Is Not Pursued. It Is Allowed.

Spread Some Joy Today–Allow yourself. Grant yourself permission to be
happy today. It’s always been as simple as your choice. Choose it now.
Daily Inspiration 5-30-12

Daily Inspiration 5-30-12

“I rate enthusiasm even above professional

— Edward

is a interesting word–no, not just interesting, but fascinating! I used to
think it was like jumping up and down with energy, sort of like when you’ve
rested your body really well and had something you wanted to do and you bound
out of bed and bound down the road and exude joy in your movement. It can be
that, and I’ve felt that, but it isn’t very reliable. In fact, it is hard to
come by.
enthusiasm up in the dictionary provides some of the fascination to the word.
It’s origin is approximately 1570-80 according to and means
essentially equivalent to God within or inspired by God. It also means absorbing
or controlling possession of the mind by any interest or pursuit; lively
interest. And, to be enthusiastic is to be full of or characterized by
a bit complicated, but I get the concept. To make it easier, I think it means to
be in love with what you do, regardless of what that is; to live alive and on
purpose; and to feel the presence of God or the God force or whatever you may
choose to call that connection that we all know is within us. Esther Hicks would
call it an alignment with all that we have become and who we really are. Eckhart
Tolle would call it the power of NOW, or being present now. The great management
master, John C Maxwell might call it being injoy. And they would all be right.
That wasn’t really making it easier, was it?
here’s easy: Loving Life This Moment and Loving Your Life This Moment. I like to
string moments together and so it can last for days. It has lasted all day
today, and yesterday. I might as well keep going. Yet, it’s not about making it
last longer, it is just enjoying, or rather, injoying it this moment. Injoying
the moment. In the moment.
how is that done reliably? By being willing to let go and let God within, by
letting go of what was and what may be and only considering what is. Where ever
you find yourself, be there. In every single instance that I do this, I am

Enthusiasm Is An Outward Expression Of

Spread Some Joy Today–Injoy your day. You’ll know it when it happens.
Daily Inspiration 5-29-12

Daily Inspiration 5-29-12

“Intuition is a spiritual faculty
and does not
but simply points the

— Florence Scovel

my post touched a chord with several people who responded to it. Thank you for
your comments. Today, I am going to talk a bit about my Memorial Day as a follow
I will begin with the fact that I have been an avid student of the Law of
Attraction and other natural laws for several years and I am constantly learning
to let go and let God, so to speak in my travels. As I let go, I receive
intuition, and that has always been the case, but in the past I rarely acted on
it. For the last several years, I’ve truly challenged myself to go with it
and see what comes.
worked as a sales manager at a car dealership for several years and one of my
previous salesmen has been on my mind several times in the last couple of weeks. I don’t
know why, and I’m learning to not be concerned about that anymore. I stopped
being an employee of that car dealership in 1997, and I know this salesman died
right around 2008.
to the present, I had this desire to go to the closest National Cemetery for
Memorial Day, as I saw a blurb about it and thought it would be good to go since
I have never done that. So, I went with it. It was a great event, a
beautiful cemetery that first began in 2007. After the event, I decided to walk
part of the grounds. Even though it is a relatively new National cemetery, there
are well over 10,000 soldiers buried there. So, you know it’s coming, right? I
walked three or four rows reading their names in my head acknowledging them, and
I found this:
wasn’t expecting it and I didn’t know where he was buried or even if he was. So,
I was thinking about his guy I hadn’t seen in years and has been dead since 2008
and I am led to his tombstone. Out of over 10,000, I went right over to his.
Wow. That’s incredible.
Block was a very special guy. I met him long before I hired him at the car
dealership. He used to own two men’s stores, one in Fairfield and the other in
Napa. He was what they now call morbid obese back then, When I hired him at the
dealership, he was about one third his previous size. He found that he had
diabetes and he became an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. He walked everywhere.
He was kind and generous and fun to be around. He took what he did seriously and
was most serious about giving excellent service. He lost toes and other portions
of his feet to the disease, but he just bought special shoes and kept
mentored others about diabetes and gave talks and was especially focused on
youth and obesity and what that can lead to since he knew from experience. He
was selfless in desire to serve others and help them avoid his pain and
suffering. I loved Jerry Block. He had such a large heart, and besides that, he
was a great employee.
I saw Jerry today, and I thought, this was why I came here today even though I
enjoyed myself and was touched by the moving ceremony, much as the man whose
back I thought said it well surrounded by many hundreds of people:
a couple of hours at the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery, I drove on to the
State Capitol at Sacramento. Right across the street from the front of the
Capitol is the Fallen Peace Officer Memorial under a huge oak tree. Here are a
couple shots of it and my dad’s name on one of the plates.
Ralph Minion was my dad and he
worked with another officer above his name, William D Huckaby. A few years ago,
I arranged to go to the Highway Patrol Academy in West Sacramento, CA and got to
see where my dad trained. They have a big quad area with a fountain in the
middle and fallen CHP officers names are on small brass plates around the top of
the fountain and recruits are supposed to polish those names periodically to
remember that what they do is a dangerous job. I also got to see the graduation
plaques for my dad and my uncle Durward in the CHP dayroom.
Last, we went to Mare Island
which used to be a major shipyard building submarines and many other types of
ships. They have a very old cemetery there though it is very small in
comparison. All in all, a wonderful day of rememberence and enjoyment at the
same time.

Let Your Intuition Be The Guide It Is Meant To

Spread Some Joy Today–Have a good time today. There just is not much more
important that feeling good. Enjoy yourself and those around you, including
Daily Inspiration 5-28-12

Daily Inspiration 5-28-12

“Spirit, that made those heroes dare
To die, and leave their
children free,
Bid Time and Nature gently
The shaft we raise to them
and thee.”

— Ralph Waldo

Today is a day of remembrance of
those fallen while serving the United States Armed Forces. There are so many. It
helps to remember someone or a few that we may have known, and I am thinking of
them today while I do something I’ve never done before: attending a Memorial Day
event at a National Cemetery.
This holiday began as Decoration
Day right after the Civil War. For all of my life it has meant very little. I
almost always worked during it because of the Memorial Day Saleobrations. Now I
choose to celebrate what I will and when.
I’ve served in the military too
and my father, Ralph Minion, is a fallen hero to me. He served in the US Army Air Corps before
it was called the Air Force during the end of World War II. He survived the war,
and got married and had a family with three children. I was the eldest, a
baby-boomer born in 1949.
He joined another uniformed service organization in
1955 called the California Highway Patrol, following his brother who joined in
1948. He rode Harley-Davidson’s in places like East Los Angeles. In January of
1964, he was killed on that motorcycle while on duty.
Though this day is traditionally
for fallen service people, after visiting the National Cemetery Ceremony and
paying respects to the hundreds of thousands, I am remembering my personal
fallen hero today by visiting a memorial at the State Capitol in Sacramento with
his name and a lot of other fallen heroes all around the state.

Honor Your Fallen Heroes Today–Better Yet, Honor Your LIVE Heroes

Spread Some Joy Today–Pay attention to people who matter in your life.
Daily Inspiration 5-27-12

Daily Inspiration 5-27-12

“For everything you want to sell,
there is someone out
who wants to buy
For everything you want to
there is someone
who needs to sell
The universe
in perfect
balance and timing.

— Alan

seen many things that I thought might just be unsalable. And, I was wrong.
Everything is saleable, and you may not know where the buyer will come from, but
there is a buyer out there who will pay the price and be happy with the
are really pricey, but you couldn’t sell me one for ten cents. I could care
less, and even though the scrap would be worth major dollars, I would have no
interest in even dealing with it. Yet, put a battleship up for sale and there
will be plenty of buyers.
have an eBay store and had a very rare item–so rare in fact that I couldn’t
find anything quite like it online anywhere in the world. It was two small
binders with individual data sheets on tanks around the world. I paid $2 for it,
had it listed for about two and a half years and it finally sold to someone in
Spain for $750 plus shipping which was my asking price. I had several offers,
but I knew someone was out there somewhere who would understand that $750 was a
bargain deal.
been in the auto business for a long time, I heard all kinds of people,
including many in the auto business tell me that certain things were sale proof.
There is no such thing. I even challenged a dealer one time on a dealer trade
where they wanted something I had to give me the morphodite vehicle on their
lot–that unit that was sale proof and that they couldn’t get rid of. He took me
up on it. He was right, it was odd; however, I challenged my staff and it was
sold in two weeks at a nice profit. And, I had a lot of fun doing
also seen things that I thought would never sell and I found myself very wrong.
Now, I try to remember that beauty, value and worth are all in the eyes, mind
and heart of each individual, and for every thing there is someone who wants to
sell and someone who wants to buy.

Just Realize How Many Hundreds Of Millions Of Things Are Bought And Sold
Daily In This World.

Spread Some Joy Today–When you support another’s cause, you support them.
Daily Inspiration 5-26-12

Daily Inspiration 5-26-12

“Why struggle to convince someone
of something they’re not
ready to hear?”

— Alan

starting in sales in 1972 and becoming a sales manager in 1975 and working in
those capacities in one way or another all this time, I’ve learned that
salespeople in general are always looking for ways to close sales. That’s what
they always seem to want to know more about–at least on the surface.
learned a lot of different sales closes, such as the Ben Franklin close, the
feel, felt, found method, when you ask a closing question, SHUT UP!, and many
more. I even tried most of them on one or more occasions. The best one is when
you ask a closing question, shut up, but that leads me away from the
the point? None of them work when someone is not ready to hear it, or buy it.
They aren’t magic and they just don’t do what the promoters say they will. If
you find the rare prospect that is just trying to blow you off because they have
a hard time making decisions, some of these might work, but still a relatively
small percentage of the time.
also a consumer and so I know that none of these closes would work on me either
if I wasn’t ready to hear it, or buy it.
questions is a whole different animal. Questions are good. If a prospect is
asking questions, they are interested to some degree and closes are not
necessary, just answer their questions or concerns. This really isn’t rocket
science. Take the time to understand their concerns. Try to put yourself in
their position. Some people are just afraid. They’re afraid to make a mistake,
to make a bad choice, or that they don’t know what they’re doing and have little
confidence in themselves. Those are all things we as salespeople can
do something with.
someone who isn’t ready to hear? Until they are ready to hear, there isn’t much
close a pretty high percentage of the people we do a presentation to in our
business; however, it is pretty easy to see which ones aren’t ready to hear. We
can tell by the statements they make, and the LACK of questions they ask. It
comes out in how they compare us to other vendors. We might swim a stroke or two
with them, but we’ve learned to stop swimming very quickly and excuse ourselves
for another day.
thing every one in sales needs to learn is to ALWAYS keep moving. There are
plenty who ARE interested. There are PLENTY who will. Accept the ones that
aren’t ready to hear and keep your sanity and confidence in tact.

Focus On The Plenty Who Will Rather Than The Few Who

Spread Some Joy Today–How often do you thank people for anything? Good
Daily Inspiration 5-25-12

Daily Inspiration 5-25-12

“The moment you have in your heart
this extraordinary thing
called love
and feel the depth, the
the ecstacy of it, you will
that for you the world is

— J

have come to just love people. Customers, strangers, pretty much every one that
I see. I don’t even have to talk with them, actually meet them even. Those that
I have some kind of relationship, whether it is a client, associate or friend, I
love even more because I can interact with them, share thoughts, ideas,
Some people
are harder to love if there is such a thing as it being harder to love. I think
the only reason is that they resist, don’t know how to relax and let others in.
They have walls up and it is only a small circle that may get through the
that are open to returning the love that I put out, is a spectacular thing, and
such a pleasure to experience that my eyes well up and I have a joyous
outpouring of energy and love. And, it goes both ways and that is the value of
letting go of resistance and having doorways through the walls.
also find it better to let them talk about two to one to me. So, to help that
along, I ask questions, and then let them answer.
experienced a lot of that today and it was glorious. Had such a great

Relax And Let Yourself Out Of The Cage!

Spread Some Joy Today–Fear says: They more they know about me, the more
fear I have because I am an open target. Love says: They more they know about
me, the more opportunity they have to love me, and visa versa.
Daily Inspiration 5-24-12

Daily Inspiration 5-24-12

“EVERYTHING is always and completely
subject to
personal interpretation.”

— Albert K

was looking at some quotes under the heading of Achievement. At the beginning,
it states this: “We achieve to the degree that we overcome the negative.
Achievers are willing to pay the price of achievement. They sacrifice, struggle,
work on, perhaps alone, weary, and discouraged, and yet at each step overcome
the negative. Overcoming the negative is the price of achievement–the price of
here are a few of the quotes on the next couple of pages:
are no gains without pains.” — Benjamin Franklin
is no success without hardship.” — Sophocles
pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no

William Penn
“The world
is so constructed, that if you wish to enjoy its pleasures, you must also endure
its pains. Whether you like it or not, you cannot have one without the

Swami Brahmananda
greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” — Jean Baptiste
battle of life is, in most cases, fought uphill; and to win it without a
struggle were perhaps to win it without honour. If there were no difficulties
there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be
nothing to be achieved.”

Samuel Smiles
even the Bible has it going on:
him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also
overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. — Revelation
here’s my quote:
you believe, so it will be unto you.” I’m sure I robbed that from someone smart
and sophisticated. Heck, that’s in the Bible too. And all these quotes and
hundreds more like them I’ve heard all my life, and it’s no dang wonder that
people are timid about going for it, as they have so much pain, anxiety,
struggle, endurance, and more. It’s all uphill to get to the downhill. Based on
that, the downhill better be pretty darn good!
I stopped believing that stuff and guess what? It isn’t a struggle except in
your own mind. It isn’t uphill except in your own mind. There are no thorns
except in your own mind. No gall or cross either. There is no honor in the
struggle or the overcomement except in your own mind. There is no pain or
hardship except in your own mind.
of these things are subject to your own interpretation just as all of these
quotes were their interpretation (or maybe they didn’t want you to know how easy
it was so they didn’t have to share. . .).
heard one of those really famous songwriters say, “hey, I wrote that song in 5
minutes and it was the easiest song I ever wrote and look at it now!” There are
millions of quotes just like that because they believe it is easy. They are
having fun with it instead of taking it SO DAMN SERIOUS!
know what else?
get to choose. . .

Where Did I Put That Easy Button. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Give someone some encouragement. In fact, give them
a bunch of it. Lavish it on them, like hot maple syrup on a stack of fresh
buttermilk pancakes. Let it drizzle over the sides. Lift up the cakes and pour
some in there too. Who’s counting calories?
Daily Inspiration 5-23-12

Daily Inspiration 5-23-12

“I just do not hang around
anybody that
I don’t want to be with.
Period. For me, that’s
been a blessing, and I can
stay positive.
I hang around people who
are happy,
who are growing, who want
to learn,
who don’t mind saying sorry
or thank you. . .
and having a fun

— John Assaraf

all probably know some of those people who complain about almost everything in
their lives, along with the news about what is going on with others and so on.
They are in that wicked game of playing victim, persecutor and rescuer,
switching roles at will and depending on who they are talking with and whether
or not they will participate by playing along with them.
one or more of those people are relatives, co-workers, even a boss or
supervisor. Some may not be easy to escape from depending on who they are in
your life; however, the key for our own survival, growth and well-being is to
spend zero or as little time with these toxic folks as possible.
Canfield says it well in this way: “Think about it. I’m sure you know people who
only have to walk into the room to totally drain you of energy. I refer to these
people as psychic vampires. They literally suck the life energy right out of
you. Stop spending time with them.” He says, “make a conscious effort to
surround yourself with positive, nourishing, and uplifting people–people who
believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams, and applaud you
victories. Surround yourself with possibility thinkers, idealists, and
know, it’s funny. I have very few of these negative people in my life lately. If
I meet one and they start their routine, I’m excusing myself and moving away
quickly, even mid-sentence. It works. They find people who are willing to help
them with their game, and I am on to more positive, uplifting

We Always Get To Choose What Influences Us.

Spread Some Joy Today–Think of someone and how special they are until you
are feeling such a feeling of love, then let it go. They will know it, even at a
great distance.
Daily Inspiration 5-22-12

Daily Inspiration 5-22-12

“For things to change,
you’ve got to

— Jim

was talking with a friend a day or two ago. He used to suffer with severe back
problems and he was overweight which only added to that issue. He tried so many
external things and even surgery, then rather than seeking any more change from
without, he made a firm decision to change within, and that changed everything
for him.
lost a lot of weight, worked out regularly and strengthened his core stomach and
lower back. He stands differently now. He is fit. He is in shape. He has a flat
stomach. He looks 10 years younger though he is 10 years older. It is an amazing
transformation. He exudes confidence and strength and he is an inspiration for
those who would like to consider taking charge of their bodies.
has been over a year, maybe two since his change, and it is common for people to
lose a lot of weight and then to gradually gain it back. I’ve done it, I’ve seen
many do it. So, I asked him how he has continued to do it when so many others
have gone back. His answer was telling. He said, “I remember what it was like
before. I don’t ever want to forget it.” He went on to say that “I am only one
Big Mac away from going back to the way it was.” I told him that I totally
related to that because I quit smoking 10 years ago in April and I’m still only
one cigarette away from going back there. I also told him that I totally related
to his first answer about remembering what it was like. I remember the
coughing so it keeps me on the path.
asked him how often he goes to the gym and he said that he went every day for a
time, and now averages about 4 days a week. His routine of going to the gym is
so much a part of his life now that it is his new life. Whereas before, maybe he
was on the couch with the remote, and now he is at the gym.
is the embodiment of Jim Rohn’s message. For things to change, you are the one
that needs to change. It isn’t the thing or the circumstance or the environment
or the situation. Those are all external indications of an inward thought
pattern. The real change must be us. Once we change, all the rest will change
along with it. He has a whole new lifestyle now, and it is a healthy style that
radiates from him for all to see.

“As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.”
— The Emerald Tablet, circa 3000 BC

Spread Some Joy Today–Send someone a thank you just because.
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