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Daily Inspiration 4-30-12

Daily Inspiration 4-30-12

“I think where we differ dramatically, if I am
deciphering these past few
hours correctly, is that
on Uranus we seem to have a
reason for all our neuroses.
From what I can discern
from this brief session,
you have neurotics on
Earth, but I’ve yet to see
that their neuroses have
causes based in reality.”

— Dr Wayne Dyer, Gifts From

I must
realize with all truthfulness that all my anxieties and worry is not based in,
nor has it ever been based in reality, but fantasy of potential reality, most of
which, did not, nor has ever occurred. I say most of which, because some of it
has come about, and most likely by focusing on what I was thinking about. Julius
Caesar is noted as saying it well by saying, “as a rule, what is out of sight
disturbs men’s minds more seriously than what they see.” That has certainly been
the case with me.
I’ve grown aware and honest about these fantasies, I have given more and more
effort toward a more positive outlook on the potential future, but my focus on
the current reality has not been of much help. Indeed, sometimes it was as
Joseph Joubert said, “when one has too great a dread of what is impending, one
feels some relief when the trouble has come.” As much as I stated to myself and
the world, I drew much toward me while claiming innocence all the
all probably have troubles, though mostly I see my own, yet I also know from
study that this attention to troubles is a direct violation of my new awareness.
Maybe my Zen is slipping from time to time. I’m working on that. . .
of my favorite authors and philosphers says exactly what I need to

“Drag Your Thoughts Away From Your Troubles. . . By The Ears, By the Heels,
Or Any Other Way You Can Manage It.” — Mark

Spread Some Joy Today–What troubles?
Daily Inspiration 4-29-12

Daily Inspiration 4-29-12

“Applaud us when we run,
console us when we fall,
cheer us when we recover. . .”
— Edmund Burke

at the life I’ve lived thus far, this quote is exactly how I would teach my
children today (which wasn’t how I was brought up), except for one small missing
ingredient. That ingredient is to love us without condition.

new version:
us when we run,
us when we fall,
us when we recover,
us without condition.

One Can Never Go Wrong With Praise, Understanding And

Spread Some Joy Today–Put this into practical application daily!
Daily Inspiration 4-28-12

Daily Inspiration 4-28-12

“Change in all things is sweet.”

— Aristotle

from antiquity said this. . . and I’m thinking he was a smart fellow. Geez, what
if that statement were true today?

What Would Life Be Like?

Spread Some Joy Today–There’s only one thing we have true power over and
that is our choice of perspective. I guess it really could be sweet. . .
Daily Inspiration 4-27-12

Daily Inspiration 4-27-12

“Start where you are.
Distant fields always look
but opportunity lies right
where you are.
Take advantage of every
opportunity of service.”

— Robert Collier

you are open to opportunities, I find that I don’t need to seek them out.
Instead, they seem to seek me. Pretty much, I just pay attention as much as I
of those opportunities come from being of service to others. One never knows how
helping someone with what they are working on, or want will come back to you in
some way down the road. It may not come back from them, but someone else;
however, it will come back. It must.
is the same with kindness, especially this that is spur of the moment. Smiles
are that way too and those generally come back immediately!

Being Of Service Also Comes Back Multiplied. Just In Case It Means
Anything. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–When you give, you are giving from your abundance!
Daily Inspiration 4-26-12

Daily Inspiration 4-26-12

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions,
perhaps it is because he
hears a different drummer.
Let him step to the music
which he hears,
however measured or far

— Henry David

it is that we want that is not yet there, whomever we want to become that we are
not yet, all of this is well and good and cannot stop, for our wanting anew is
part of the creative process of life. However, there is one thing that some of
us haven’t done such a good job with, and that is accepting ourselves for what
we are and where we are and who we are right now. We must accept and appreciate
ourselves right now on the way to whatever we will be or have
fact, take joy in yourself for having gotten this far. Don’t compare yourself
with anyone else but seek to the be the most joyous you that you can
be–regardless of what you have or have not. Chill.

There Is No Such Thing As Normal. There Is Only

Spread Some Joy Today–Open a new book and get started. There is such joy
in learning something new.
Daily Inspiration 4-25-12

Daily Inspiration 4-25-12

“Everything is on the way, not in the way;
everything is instructive,
not obstructive.”

— John

read many books on a subject partly to know more about the subject, and partly
to have better ways to explain things. That is the case with this wonderful
quote from Dr. John Demartini. It is perfect! I’ve never heard it said better in
all my travels. I used to love that it’s not the destination, but the journey
that is important and I agree with that, but we all know those things that just
seem to get in our way and to say that “everything is on the way, not in the
way,” is so much more enlightening. Doesn’t it hit you that way too?

Everything Is On The Way. . . How Comforting. .

Spread Some Joy Today–Seek peace by letting go of whatever you are holding
on to.
Daily Inspiration 4-24-12

Daily Inspiration 4-24-12

“One of the reasons it has seemed so difficult
for a person to change his
habits, his personality,
or his way of life, has
been that heretofore nearly
all efforts at change have
been directed to the
circumference of the self,
so to speak,
rather than to the

— Maxwell

It has
been said, “so within, so without,” and yet when we want to change something
about ourselves, we can’t help but work on the outside. As an example, we want
to lose weight so we exercise, or eat less, or eat different things, or take
meal replacement therapy, or combinations of these things. All are in the
circumference. I believe that this is why if we were able to succeed by applying
the effort that it doesn’t last as we think it would because we haven’t done
anything to change the core.
is the core that appears to be the toughest challenge. The same is true with our
businesses, our worklife, anything and everything that we do. Working in our
business is far easier than working on our business. Working in the thing that
we think brings us our money is so much easier than becoming a money attractor
from within.
there’s no roadmap, or so it would seem. But there is. The problem with that is
that it is within and it is something that we can focus on and work with instead
of against, but we choose to focus on the circumference. We have to answer the
phone, deal with this issue and that, and interruptions–you know, the stuff of
life. Then, it’s the end of the day and we vow to change tomorrow and redouble
our efforts, maybe even write it down on a to-do list, then repeat the same
scenario throughout many years, even a lifetime.
is a proven fact that meditation helps us to get in touch with our inner selves,
yet so few of us devote so little time in that connection we so need.
Visualization is another such device and finding quiet time to visualize what we
want each day is at least as hard as the meditation.
some point, we hope that we will make a commitment to ourselves to heal
ourselves and love ourselves and devote a reasonable amount of time in our day
to ourselves and being in alignment and focus.
we do, we remember how easy it is to change, when we don’t, we remember just how
hard it is to change.

We Will Change When We Want To Enough

Spread Some Joy Today–Realize that within each of us is all the power and
direction that we need. All of it.
Daily Inspiration 4-23-12

Daily Inspiration 4-23-12

“One way to drive fear out of a relationship is to realize
that your partner’s values are the same as yours, that what
you care about is exactly what they care about. In my opinion,
that drives fear out and makes for a great partnership
whether it’s a corporate partnership or a marriage.”

— Steve Jobs

This idea from Steve Jobs demonstrates that we all need each other and when we find those with common values, a relationship can be mutually beneficial.

Another quote that adds to this idea is from Hermann Hesse, where he says that “our mission is to gain true discernment of the contraries, first as contraries, but then as poles of unity.” I just love that “discernment of the contraries” portion of the quote.

Often what appears to be contraries is after all, poles of unity. Truly, we all came from the same source and will return there.

There Is More In Common Than Not.

Spread Some Joy Today–Be extra kind to someone just for the joy of it.

Daily Inspiration 4-22-12

Daily Inspiration 4-22-12

“The key to your universe is that you can choose.”

— Carl Frederick

Today is Earth Day and many will focus on what is wrong about the climate and the deforestation and the ozone, and a long list of other perceived ailments. I say, why have a special day to do that? We have a tendency to do that every day.

So, today, let’s try something different. Let us bless this miraculous Earth, with its continuing abundance, and its variety of spectacular views, highs and lows of terrain, bountiful water, and much more.
Let us find all the things that we can think of that are wonderful about the Earth that we live on.

Let us put our focus on the wellness rather than the illness. It is far more in our own perceptions than anything else.

Let Us Focus On What Is Right And Good. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–If you focus on joy, you will see and have joy.

Daily Inspiration 4-21-12

Daily Inspiration 4-21-12

“I used to say, “I sure hope things will change.”
Then I learned that the only way things are going
to change for me is when I change.”

“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence
you get off on sometimes. What matters most
is getting off! You Cannot make progress
without making decisions.”

— Jim Rohn

I was talking with a friend and colleague tonight and we were talking about money issues and one thing came up about new radical opportunities for making big money in new creative enterprises on the Internet. I said something that was interesting and was mainly coming out of my mouth so that I could actually hear it with my ears and not just rattling around in my head via self-talk. Many times, it is more powerful that way.

Here’s essentially what I said with all sincerity: “I’m done chasing money. I’ve done that all my life. I don’t want the easy way of something for nothing, I want to build my company by providing a valuable service that helps our clients grow their business, to provide opportunities for employment to others, to feel proud about what I do and what value I bring to the marketplace, and to feel proud to turn it over to others down the road that I created something worthwhile.” In other words, I’m ready to let money chase me for a change.

I would like the company to grow quickly, but I’m also not in a hurry. I am wanting it to be well-built and thoughtfully designed. I want happy, long-term clients because we are like a partner to them with the service we provide. I am fully committed to these ideals because I’ve been wanting this all of my life and I made the decision a few years back to go down this path. I’m very pleased with what we have been able to accomplish in the time we have spent, and very grateful for it and for the challenge and the learning that comes from doing something you didn’t know how to do until you decided to do it anyway. I’m especially grateful for the decisions of the people we have added or attracted which seems kind of magical to me.

It is more about becoming and participating and organizing and sharing, than it is about money and rewards and retirement. I could care less about retirement. I’m having the time of my life now.

Money is just an idea; a medium of exchange; something of value for something of value. I’m not looking for a golden parachute, but to gaze fondly at all those beautiful buildings.

I’m So Glad My Ears Heard That Coming Out Of My Own Mouth.

Spread Some Joy Today–Consider your own passion!

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